tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBlackmail Ch. 09

Blackmail Ch. 09


It was not until Mary was in the shower the following morning that she suddenly realized that she had not heard from her tormentor: in fact, not since she had left the office two days ago. Had the calls finished? She hoped in some ways that they had, but then again it had shown her a new side to herself: a new found confidence and a new found excitement. She had been through a lot since that first day that she was made to strip in front of the window. It had been an eye opening journey for her from that first time in the window, to working naked at an Erotic Fair, and being publicly fucked before an audience in a studio of a Porno Film Company.

She gently rubbed her hand over her pussy still feeling the effects of Jerome's work. She had felt sorry for Bob last night as she had still been feeling too tender to allow Bob the pleasure of her body; well, her pussy at least.

She had managed to satisfy him successfully with her hands and mouth and other less painful parts. As she stood under the spray, she was not sure if she were looking forward to her last day at the exhibition or not.

As things turned out, it all worked out well. She did the morning stint with Gina, and then worked for Body Art. She explained about her tender condition and they agreed to go a little easier on her. At the end they gave her a small but expensive present of a pack of the stimulation cream as a thank you gift.

Her final session with Exotic Creations worked out well, too. She only had to display things there, and she was pleased when she received a surprise parcel from Miranda, the owner of Erotic Creations, of a selection of items from their range as a thank you gift.

With only two hours left before the show closed, she finally decide to call in at Magnus Productions. She wanted to say good-bye to everyone, but particularly to Jerome. Even feeling as she did, she knew she would not be able to resist the offer of anther show if they asked her. But as it turned out, Jerome had been called away to the main studio to do some emergency filming. The director did say she was still very welcome to join them, but she declined his offer. "Maybe another day," she said with a smile.

Before the show closed, Jerry thanked her and Gina for all their help and presented them both with a cheque for their good work. It was something she wasn't expecting, so all in all, it had been an interesting and rewarding three days.

"You did well out of that," Bob said when he saw the gifts and the size of the cheque as she packed her bags and extra items in the car,

"Well, I worked hard for it," she said with a grin.

Bob agreed and they chatted happily about the three days as they drove home. Bob seemed interested in everything she had gone through and wanted to know all the intimate details.

It was getting late before they arrived back at her place. She was not too sorry in some ways when Bob said he would have to get straight off. He had been away for two nights and did have a wife at home who might not be pleased if he spent another night away.

They kissed their good-byes in the car. He thanked her for a wonderful weekend of pleasure and said they would most likely see each other at work the following day. It was nice to get back to the peace and quiet of her own place.

She dropped the bags and gifts in the bedroom, and poured herself a large glass of cold white wine from the fridge.

She sat back on the sofa relaxing, sipping the wine, thinking over what had happened, everything she had gone through. Never in a lifetime would she have thought that she would have done what she had done over that weekend. It almost felt unreal now she was back in her own home. Her thoughts were shattered by her mobile ringing, the one he used. She picked it up, and flicked it open.

"Hello, there," said a now familiar voice. "The weekend went very well. You surpassed my wildest dreams."

"You were there?" she asked, surprised.

"Yes, I spent a couple of days looking around, catching up on you."

My God, she thought to herself! He had been there, but there had been hundreds there. How could she have spotted one person, a person she only knew by his voice?

"I really enjoyed your performance with that black guy."

She gasped; he had actually been that close to her.

"I never imagined you would have gone so far so quickly, from sex in private to sex in public, in a few short weeks, but you seemed to be enjoying yourself."

Mary smiled to herself. How right he was.

"Well, I've called with some news for you. Not sure if it will be good or bad; depends on how you feel about yourself. I have one last assignment for you. When that is completed, you are free from me."

Mary was at first elated by the thought. It would be over at last, but then suddenly she wondered if she really wanted it to be over. She guessed she had in some ways almost become a submissive bending to the warped will of a master. She was not sure if she wanted it to finish.

"Your last assignment will be on Friday evening. I discovered when I was looking into you that you did some dancing as a girl. Is that right?"

"I did dancing classes until I was sixteen."

"Good. I hoped my information was correct. It's just that you will be dancing on your next assignment. Well, dancing and stripping, actually. I guess with four days to work on it you could come up with a reasonable routine.

I've arranged for someone to help you. You'll be hearing from them."

Mary did not quite know what to say. "Well, I guess I could come up with something. It's not something I've ever done before, but with someone to give me a few ideas and pointers it should be alright."

"Okay, I know you will cope very well. I've acquired some costumes in your size. I will get them sent over by courier. You should take tomorrow off. Call in; say you are not feeling well. You have had a busy and exhausting weekend. I'm sure it will be okay with your bosses. Oh, and by the way, if you do get a copy of the film from Magnus, I would like a copy myself. I'm sure they will have no objections." Then he rang off.

She closed the phone and dropped it beside her. Just who was this guy who knew every detail about her past and present? He was certainly an accomplished stalker. She had never before felt that anyone special was watching her every move.

Mary didn't realize just how tired she was, and after a long shower, she slept like a log. She was awakened suddenly next morning by the door bell. She slipped on a robe and went to answer it. A guy in a UPS uniform stood there with a large box in his hands.

"Package for you to sign for, Miss. Sorry if I got you up," he said looking at her attire.

She smiled. "I was just having an extra hour." She signed for the box and took it into the kitchen. She needed a coffee, but first she had to ring work. They seemed very understanding and told her to get well and be back as soon as she felt well enough.

She switched on the coffee, and while it heated up, she inspected the box. She found it contained three outfits, all sparkly and very well made, complete with Velcro fastenings. These were the real thing, made for easy removal.

She made herself a coffee and read the note that came with the outfits. All it said was for her to try them on and pick out two that she would like to perform in as she would be doing two spots. It also said that she would be contacted by someone who would help her with her routines. She smiled. This was certainly going to be an interesting assignment, but she noticed that the only thing the note did not say was where she was going to perform. She guessed that information would be coming later.

She ate a leisurely breakfast, then went into her bedroom and tried on the outfits one by one. As she expected, they were all very revealing, but they all fit her very well. She guessed that they had actually been made for her. She had to admit that she looked exciting in all of them, and she also discovered that there were five pieces to each outfit: a g-string, bra, pants, and two outer items.

She didn't know which to choose at the moment, but she had four days to decide that. It was about eleven that morning when the mobile rang again. She expected to hear his voice, but it was a woman. "Are you Annabelle?" she asked.

She hesitated for a moment and then realized that she must have been given her other name. "Yes, who's this?"

"My name is Crystal. I'm a dancer. I've been instructed to give you lessons. Can you come to my studio this afternoon?"

Mary assured her that she could and arranged to be there at two p.m..

"I understand you have your own costumes. Could you bring them along as well?"

Mary assured her that she would. Crystal gave her the address and directions, and said she would see her at two. Mary found the place easily. The directions she had given her were clear, and she pulled up in front of a large converted warehouse building that had obviously been divided up into smaller units. A sign on the wall above one doorway introduced Crystal's Dance Studio: exotic and belly dancing a specialty.

She picked up her bag of costumes from the car and pressed the buzzer. A pleasant voice instructed her to come up and the door clicked open. She walked up a flight of stairs and into a small reception room. A pretty brunette who looked as though she should have still been in school smiled up at her. "Are you Annabelle?" she inquired. Mary nodded. "You can go straight through; Crystal's waiting for you."

Crystal turned out to be a blousy blond in her mid forties. She was wearing a long colorful Chinese robe. She looked up when Mary entered. "I guess you are Annabelle?" she inquired.

Mary nodded.

"You require some training with regards to stripping? You ever done any before?"

Mary shook her head. "No, not stripping. I did a wet t-shirt show a couple of weeks ago where I finished up naked."

Crystal grinned. "Well, at least you've experienced being naked in public."

Mary smiled to herself and decided not to say anything about the weekend.

"I hear what you are doing on Friday is a bit more up market then a wet t-shirt bash."

"You know what I'm doing?" Mary inquired.

Crystal shook her head. "No, nor really, but the guy who phoned would say only that it was an up market event so they want something special. You know, a class act. What dancing have you done before? Any?"

Mary explained she'd done ballet and tap and some modern dance.

"Well, that should stand you in good stead.

Surprising how many we get here wanting to get into the stripping game who have no sense of rhythm at all,"

Mary smiled.

"Well, let's get down to work. If you've got to learn two routines by Friday, we have no time to lose. You will be doing two spots, an average of nine minute pre spot. That takes in the usual three parts to each strip so you will need six pieces of music. We can decide on that later when I see you dance. I have a guy who will make up a disc for you to take with you."

She went over to a sound desk and set up some music. "Okay," she said as the music came on, "just dance around to this and let me see how you go."

Mary felt a little self conscious at first as she moved around the room. It was a long time since she had danced, but it was one of those skills you don't forget, and she had always enjoyed dancing. Crystal nodded appreciatively. "Yes, I can see you can dance," she called out. "Well, that's the first barrier over." She turned off the music.

They sat down on the floor and Crystal went through the routine with her. "You just break each session up into three parts: part one the dance is suggestive of course, then part two the strip, and the final part, the show where you will be naked."

Crystal got up from the floor. "I'll go through a routine for you to show you what we are looking for, and then we will begin to work on yours."

Mary sat and watched as Crystal switched on the music again. She slipped off the Chinese robe, and under it she was wearing a dance costume. As soon as she started to dance, Mary could see she was good. She drifted around the room parting her costume displaying her long legs and using her hands to show off her body. When the music changed, she began her strip routine, removing each piece of her costume slowly and teasingly before she allowed her bra to fall away. Poising coyly at the last moment before removing her G-string, she stood there for a moment completely naked waiting for the music to change to a more bouncy number. Then she moved around doing more acrobatic moves that displayed every intimate part of her body. She finished the act with a flourish, laying spread eagle on the floor.

Mary applauded politely as Crystal stood up and came over. "You are very good. Were you a stripper?"

Crystal nodded. "Yes, for quite a few years. I started when I was sixteen. I was big for my age so I got away with it and managed to get work until I was in my late thirties. Then things began to droop quicker than I could get them fixed," she said with a grin, lifting one breast with her hand. "Then I decided to pack it in and become a teacher so here I am."

"You still have a nice body," Mary said, looking her up and down.

Crystal smiled. "But it's an old body. Now they want to look a firm young body like yours."

Mary felt herself blushing slightly.

"Okay," Crystal said, as she slipped her robe back on. "Get into one of your costumes and let me see you do a routine."

As there seemed no place to change, Mary started to undress where she was. She saw Crystal watching her as she slipped out of her clothes.

When she was naked, Crystal stopped her. "Let's have a look at you," she said. Mary turned and faced her. Crystal nodded. "You have a wonderful body. You will do well in this game. Okay, put an outfit on."

When she was ready, Crystal put on the music again and watched as Mary tried to copy her routine. When she was done, Crystal nodded. "You were good; just a few rough edges, but we'll soon smooth those out. You need to be a bit slicker getting out of the costume. Always give the Velcro a sharp tug." By the time they had worked on it several times, it was beginning to come together, and Mary was quite pleased with her progress. She felt let down when Crystal at last called a halt.

"Go home, get a good shower, get some rest, and I'll see you tomorrow night, six o'clock".

When she left the dance studio, Mary was feeling quite proud of herself. She had accomplished quite a lot.

When she got back to work the next day, things were quite busy. It was the national AGM on Saturday and everything had to be prepared for that. Bob called in during the morning and asked her what was new. She told him about the strip tease and he smiled.

"You know where it is?" he asked. "I wouldn't mind coming along to see that."

She shook her head and smiled. "Haven't you had enough of seeing me naked? I was naked all weekend."

He grinned. "Ill never get too much of seeing you in your birthday suit."

She grinned and told him that she had no idea where she was performing, but she expected more details before Friday

After work, she worked with Crystal for two hours on both Tuesday and Wednesday, and by Wednesday, she had gotten the two routines cracked. Crystal was pleased with her. They had gotten her disc sorted and everything was just about ready, but she still had not heard where she was performing.

"Well, it's been nice working with you," Crystal said as Mary was about to leave. "Fancy a glass of wine before you go to celebrate?" Crystal asked.

Mary nodded. "That would be nice."

Crystal went out and came back with a bottle of white wine and two glasses. She poured out a glass each and passed one to Mary. "To your success where ever it maybe," she said holding up her glass. They sipped the wine. "Are you sure you are okay about everything?" Crystal asked.

Mary nodded. "As much as I can be. I know you say that I'm okay, but I would have liked to have had some sort of dress rehearsal before the real thing."

Crystal grinned. "You mean undress rehearsal."

Mary laughed and nodded her head.

Crystal thought for a moment, sipping on her wine. "I might be able to help you with that if that's what you really want. From eight to nine tomorrow night I teach a group of male show dancers. There are usually about a dozen of them. I'm sure they would like to see you perform, and their feed back as guys and professionals would be good for you."

Mary nodded her head slowly. Performing in front of guys who knew something about dancing was certainly a good idea. Performing in front of guys full stop was a great idea, and she looked at Crystal who nodded. "Okay, I'll fix that up for you. Be here by eight forty-five, just before we finish."

It was Thursday and still no information had arrived about the venue for the Friday night event. Mary got into work early as she wanted to be away as early as possible to get herself ready for the evening performance with Crystal and the guys at the dance studio. Luckily, most of the work for Saturdays AGM had been completed, and it was only a matter of putting everything together, a job Fran, her secretary, could easily do.

She managed to get a hair appointment during her lunch break, and got out of the office just after four o'clock. Back at her apartment, she spoilt herself with a long soak in the bath before she prepared a light meal. She packed her costumes and some extra make up into a small hold all, and was ready to leave the house just after eight.

She was feeling elated as she drove down the now darkened streets. She was excited about exposing herself again to strangers. It had become like a drug to her; she wanted to feel the excitement again and again. It was totally strange to her as it was completely against her nature and upbringing. But the last few weeks had opened her eyes to a new experience, and at the moment she just could not get enough of it.

When she arrived, there were several cars parked outside the studio. She guessed they belonged to the dancers whom Crystal was training. She parked up, and picking up her bag, locked the car and went over and rang the intercom.

Crystal answered. "Is that you, Annabelle?" she said. When Mary answered it was, the door clicked and she pushed it open.

Her legs were beginning to shake a little, and there were butterflies in her stomach as she made her way up the stairs. This was all part of the experience of taking on the unknown. She could hear music and hear Crystal's voice as she pushed open the door to the studio. Inside, a dozen guys were following a dance routine led by Crystal. She smiled and waved when she saw Mary at the door.

Mary stepped inside and found herself a chair and watched the class. All the guys were good dancers, and all were quite young. She guessed maybe late teens to mid to late twenties. She could see them glancing over in her direction. She wondered if Crystal had said anything, or was she keeping it as a surprise? When the music finished, she called for them to take five, and she came over to Mary, wiping her face on a sweat towel.

"That looks like hard work," Mary commented.

Crystal nodded. She sat down with a sigh of relief on a seat beside Mary,

The guys were all standing together toweling down and drinking from water bottles, several looking in her direction. A couple smiled.

"Will they do as an audience?" Crystal inquired with a grin.

Mary smiled. "I think they will do very well. Do they know what I'm here for?"

Crystal shook her head. "No, I've just told them that I have something special for them to judge. So if you want to go into the office and change, we will be ready in about fifteen minutes."

Mary made her way to the office. She slipped out of her clothes. She caught sight of herself in the mirror and smiled. It felt good to be naked again. She caressed her breasts, feeling her nipples rise to the occasion. In the studio, she could hear Crystal calling out moves to the dance music. Soon she would be out there, slowly stripping off her clothes in front of those twelve attractive young guys. She felt a warm sensation between her thighs and ran her fingers over her pussy. She could already feel the slight moistness as she parted her lips with a finger.

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