tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmail of a Pristine Wife

Blackmail of a Pristine Wife


It is another day at the office, pretty mundane crap as usual. My calendar is riddled with a number of meetings here and there. I think about the bullshit of meetings and how more often than not they are just time for one or two people to push their agenda on other people. The meetings all are recurring meetings except one, which happens to be my first meeting of the day. It is with a new employee, Amanda, and her boss. She is taking over the Insurance pilot program for our client loyalty program. I have worked with her boss on this program for the past two years, so I'm not so worried about it changing much.

As I enter the meeting room, I see a sweet little thing sitting in a chair. The chair seems to engulf her petite frame. She is about 5'3", maybe 106 lbs, pale skin like a porcelain doll, bright blue eyes with long eye lashes, pouty lips with bright red lipstick, and short honey blond hair with strawberry blond highlights. I feel a tingling in my groin and know I need to relax and try to minimize my eye contact with her and try not to stare at her. Damn she is hot! My mind began conjuring images of her on the meeting table crawling towards me with nothing on but a sexy smile. Something in my head snaps and reminds me that I'm in my place of business, STOP! Luckily, the meeting is very brief, we introduced ourselves, and Craig made the transition of the project from himself to Amanda. We shook hands and gave each other a brief smile and then left.

As I was walking to my cube I remembered in my flustered state of mind that I didn't give Amanda a copy of last year's program materials. So I walked over to her department and as I turned into her cube...I noticed her checking her Yahoo e-mail, which isn't a bad thing. However, what I saw in the e-mail was...in the middle of her computer screen was the pic of a big black guy with some of his dick stuck in a coke bottle with a caption that said "Have a coke and smile!" She turned beet red when she saw me standing there looking at her screen. She immediately closed the window.

"One of my friends sent me that, I didn't know what the pic was until I opened it and then I saw you standing there."

I just smiled and said, "That's okay, my friends sometimes send me crazy stuff. You know we should go to lunch today and I will forget that I ever saw that." I could tell by her hesitation that she didn't want to go to lunch with me. So I leaned over and whispered to her,

"It would be a shame if IT got a tip that a new employee was looking at pornographic materials at work. I promise I'll be good."

"OK, what time." She paused and added, "You know opening this pic was just an innocent accident. I can't believe you are blackmailing me into going to lunch with you."

"Meet me at my cube at 11:30."

11:30 didn't come soon enough. She and I hopped in my car and went down to a local restaurant that has big separators between each booth. I asked the waiter for a corner booth in the back...as we would be talking business and needed the privacy. I slipped him a $10 bill. I started the conversation by telling Amanda how just seeing her that morning made my blood course through my body and made my groin tingle.

"We are leaving, NOW!" she said as she slide over and got out of the booth.

"If you want to leave now, I'm gonna have my friend in IT report your internet use and porn image to his director."

"What do you want...you know I'm married...(pause)...happily married!" as she reluctantly got back into the booth.

"I'm just looking for some friendship, respect, and a piece of your sweet ass." I could tell she didn't like the way I was talking to her...but it made me feel even more in control. Little did she know that I'd already promised my friend in IT that he would get to use her sweet little mouth as his cum receptacle, after I had her, of course. I instructed her,

"Sit next to me" patting the booth next to my thigh. She got out of the booth again, but this time she sat next to me. I could smell her sweet honey blonde hair with her sitting close to me. I pulled her closer to me and placed my hand on her thigh. I felt her flinch at my touch...so I patted her upper thigh.

"Just relax...what we do is strictly between you, me and no one else. It will be our little secret just like the pic I saw on your computer." Then I began rubbing her thigh and moved my hand up her little black skirt.

I could feel the change in her body temp as I rubbed the inner part of her thighs, I tried to move my hand to her crotch but her legs were to close to each other...but I could still tell that her pussy was radiating some real heat.

"Spread those legs...now!"I leaned over to her, she did...and I moved my hand down to her hot pussy. I used my thumb to move her panties to the side as I began to rub my fingers on her clit. WOW was she wet! It surprised me because she had pretended that she was not interested.

"Your body wants this, so you need to go with it."i whispered in her ear. She looked into my eyes, for the first time, I could see her resistance fading.

"But I am married...and I've never cheated on my husband. I don't want to do this. Really"

Leaning close to her lips, "Your eyes are beautiful; I am gonna look into them as I fuck you later....and as for your husband, he doesn't need to know." Right then I stuck a finger deep into her pussy and she gasped.

"My cock is gonna be deep inside of you soon." She leaned over and kissed me on the lips and I slipped my tongue into her hot little mouth. I thought of how nice it would feel to have those lips wrapped around my cock, and her hot little tongue licking my balls and her swallowing my thick cum.

"Do you suck your husband's cock?"


"Do you swallow his cum?"

"No, that is gross...it makes me gag!"

"Well, you are gonna learn to swallow! And like it." At that moment the waiter appeared with our food.

I pulled my pussy soaked hand up from her under her skirt stuck my glistening fingers in my mouth and tasted her sweet and tart juice.

"mmmm, now that is some good stuff." I fed her the meal; she kept insisting that she was not a child and that she could feed herself. I told her, "I will feed you and you will let me feed you." She eventually stopped resisting. By the end of our lunch she was definitely more comfortable, she asked me if I had a girlfriend, I told her I did...but that we have an open relationship. We do, but my girlfriend usually picks my lovers at a local swinger party we attend on occasion.

I asked the waiter to bring the desert tray and as he was showing her the tray I slipped my hand back under the table cloth and moved her hand to my crotch.

"Do you want any of this Babe?" I felt her hand close around my cock.

"No thanks, I've had enough." I could tell she was ready for what was gonna happen next because she turned her head and looked into my eyes and leaned in to kiss me. It was hot and wet, her tongue darting in my mouth. She had lost her inhibitions. When the waiter left, I told her,

"I knew you were a dirty little slut, I gonna give you your dessert shortly." I kissed her again and stuck my hand back under her skirt to feel her panties soaking wet and the seat damp.

We got out of the booth and walked to the door. Just before we got to the exit, I pulled her into the men's bathroom and locked the door. I roughly hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties down to her ankles. Like a rag doll, I forcefully turned her around and bent her over.

"Grab your ankles...look between your legs...I want you to see my big Latino cock going into your sweet little white pussy!" I unzipped my pants and pulled my massive cock out. I rubbed the tip of it on her wet pussy and pushed the tip into her.

God! She was tight. I remembered how her pussy grabbed my fingers earlier. I pushed half of my dick into her...I heard her gasp and her head jerked upward.

"Keep looking at my thick brown cock stretching your pink pussy lips...do you like the way your pussy is grabbing onto my cock...watch it...it is gonna disappear inside of you." She tilted her head back down and was watching. I pushed again and it went all the way to the bottom of her womanhood.

"Please don't cum inside of me...my husband and I are trying to have a baby." her voice whimpering

"No problem, I'll be glad to help you guys out." I laughed a little, cause I knew I was gonna send this fertile bitch home with a pussy full of my potent sperm. I stroked long and deep into her tight little pussy. I kept feeling her body tighten and move away from me as I would hit the inner parts of her body, I had to fight off the urge to spray her insides. I felt her pussy convulsing on my cock, she almost fell as her legs weakened...I had to lift her up by her tummy and chest as I continued to stroke deep into her spasming body. Her pussy was milking my cock for it's cum, her insides flooded with her own cum. It was nature's way of telling me, your sperm now has a river of fluid to swim up and find her egg. I couldn't resist the urge to cum any longer so I grabbed her hips harder and plunged my cock deep into her as I started to cum. I felt her body tense up as she felt my hot cum flood her insides.

"I asked you NOT to cum inside me...GOD DAMN YOU! What if I get pregnant?"

"Baby, you WILL get pregnant...it will be me or your husband getting you pregnant. I'd bet on me being the father, if I were you, cause we are gonna do this every day, til I tell you it is over."

"No we aren't! This was a one-time deal...you can tell IT if you want...I don't care." I told her, "Well, if you want me to I will, but you should know I'm gonna tell your husband that we did it and I will sure as hell tell him you asked me to cum inside of you as well."

"You are a DICK! So what?...you are gonna make me do this forever?!"

"Nope, just for as long as I want to use your body...and by the way you owe Todd in IT a blowjob, since he has your dirty pic saved and told me he will send it to his director if you don't give it up to him." She shook her head and started to reach for some paper towels to clean herself up.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm cleaning up! What does it look like?!"

"I am the only one that gets cleaned up...get over here and lick me clean."

"Hell NO! It is cold and I told you I don't like the taste of cum" I grabbed her and forced her onto her knees.

"Well, next time you better clean me up right after we are done." Then I pushed her head into my crotch. She licked our juices off of my cock and balls. I got a hard on again as she was finishing and as she was pulling away to stand up.

"Now you gotta suck me off, since you got me hard again." I forced her mouth onto my cock. I palmed the back of her head and used it like a basketball on my cock. I felt her gag a couple times. I told her to get ready for my cum...I could feel it welling up in my balls. She looked at me with tears in her eyes from gagging.

She mumbled (with my cock in her mouth)..."Please don't cum in my mouth" Her eyes begging me not to humiliate her. It sent me over the edge...and my cum flooded her mouth...it was dripping from the sides of her mouth and onto the dirty bathroom floor. I pulled her mouth off my cock.

"Swallow! Swallow NOW you dirty slut!" She closed her mouth and swallowed it all. She gagged again and acted as if she might throw up...but she didn't. She then wiped the excess from her mouth and went for a towel again...

"NO...lick your hand. That was a treat for you...not for a towel." I stood her up and then pulled her panties up to cover her dripping pussy. Seeing her pussy lips hanging open and glistening with our mixed juices made me feel proud, this little married slut took my cum in her mouth and her pussy. I bet her husband would not be so proud of his trophy wife, if he saw her in action with a big Hispanic stud or saw a child coming out of her womb with black hair and an olive complexion.

"I'm gonna clean up when I get back to the office."

"I don't care, your panties are still gonna be wet and even if you clean up...my big load is gonna ooze out of you all day long and tonight when your having dinner with your husband...so you'll remember how good you got fucked!" I could tell she was thinking about going home with a cum-filled pussy, her mind racing to thoughts of her husband smelling the sex on her.

"Let's go. It's time to go back to the office."

As we were driving back I told her that Todd was coming to lunch with us tomorrow and we were going to his apartment...which is only about 2 miles from the office. She just gave me a blank stare and then a quick little smile.

"If you want to have your husband's baby, you better start having sex with him every night. Otherwise, your gonna be carrying our bastard child in your little belly. I know you want to be a good wife and pristine woman, but your body reacted naturally and it wanted my big thick cock stretching it out and filling it with cum. I will respect you at work and I will not mistreat you at work...but when we go to lunch and when we go out for drinks after work (which we WILL do on occasion)...I am gonna make you my slut and share you with whomever I want to share you with. In fact, we are gonna meet after work tonight just for a few minutes. Meet me in the SW corner spot on the 4th level. I want to give you something."

We did meet that night, she rode me cowgirl style in my back seat. Luckily my windows are tinted black so we couldn't be seen. I pulled her blouse up and sucked on her small pink nipples. I like little titties, especially pink nipples, but I didn't want her to know I liked them...

"Damn when are you gonna get a tit job?! These things are so little I hope don't bite your breast bone."

"I know they are little...I'm sorry...I don't know what happened!" She then grabbed my head and cradled it as she rocked up and down on my fat cock. Her hair bouncing around her head as she enjoyed my cock deep in her womanhood. The aftermath of our lunch session was still very evident in her pussy. I could feel the mixture of our baby batter in her as my cock slid in and out of her. I could tell that she was still holding back a little, but she came three times this time, before I shot another load into her.

I saw the white cum being pushed out around the base of my dick as it overflowed from the combination of the lunch load and this load. She leaned over and kissed me on my forehead.

"Damn that was good, you know you are the only other guy that has made me cum more than once. I think my body likes your cock more than I want it to."

"I knew your body liked mine when I felt your panties soaked at lunch. Your body will yearn for my cock with time...it will miss my cock so much you will want to sneak away on a weekend day to get filled with my cock and cum. You will also begin to crave my cum coating your throat." I felt our juices oozing down my nuts and I knew she had my cum in every nook and cranny of her little pussy.

"Time for you to clean me up." As our bodies separated her pussy made the sound of a suction cup being removed. She leaned over and immediately cleaned up my shiny cock with her sweet little mouth, which she would kiss her husband with in about an hour.

"You know I don't like this!"

"I know! But you are gonna do it until I tell you that you don't have to do it anymore. Oh yeah, don't forget lunch with me and Todd is tomorrow at 11:30. Wear your period panties and a skirt. You will need the period panties because you will be full of my cum again and a thong will not keep our juices from leaving a wet spot on your skirt or your chair."

I told her I wanted her to invite me and my girlfriend over for a cookout at her and Ray's place. I didn't tell her this but I plan on having my girlfriend, Dee, give her husband, a blow job and possibly some of her sweet tight pussy since I'm fucking his wife.

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