tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmail of a Pristine Wife Ch. 03

Blackmail of a Pristine Wife Ch. 03


Amanda heard the beat getting louder as she approached the hotel door. As she got to the door she realized the loud 'thump, thump, thump...thump, thump, thump' was not the music from the room...it was her heart beating so hard it was causing her to hear and feel it in her whole body. She took a deep breathe and then felt Todd's hand on her shoulder.

"So you've never even been to a strip club?! Well, just sit back and watch...I'll tell everyone that you are my girlfriend and you'll be cool."

Amanda still felt nervous about being here, but she was interested in seeing a woman strip. She never told Ray about how she likes to admire her own body in the mirror from time to time and caress her own shape. She loved her own body, if she could make an improvement it would be to get bigger breasts. She knew they didn't have teh money for implants.

Just then a guy with curly red hair and sunglasses opened the door. Todd gave him a some kind of ghetto handshake like she'd seen in movies and then he invited them both in. She scanned the room and saw that there were only 4 guys there (including Todd)...the other two guys were sitting at table playing cards. They looked up but didn't look to interested in her.

One guy at the table said, "Hey, you can get ready in the bathroom!" As he pointed to the other side of the room.

Todd said very loudly, "Hey man, this is my girlfriend...she's not the fucking stripper!"

The guy stared down Todd as if he wanted to jump up and fight, but after a slight hesitation... "My bad dude...I thought she was the stripper." "Sorry sweetie, My name is Greg, this is Charlie, and you met Red at the door...you can join us if you want."

She looked at Todd, he gave her a nod. She and Todd had talked on the drive over about how he'd watch out for her. She knew Todd wanted to get laid and since she had not been out much he'd make sure she had fun but not too much fun, after all she is married.

"Are we betting anything here? Or is it just for fun?" Amanda asked.

Charlie, a short built asian guy said, "If you win a hand everyone drinks and then you pick someone to take a shot of Cuervo."

"Ok. But can I drink butterscotch snaps as my shot instead of tequila?"

Red responded, "Sweetie, if you can find butterscotch snaps in here go for it...but this is a working man's home...not a fucking hip-hop be-bop night club"

"Fuck Todd, where did you meet Princess Buttercup here!"

"Ok, I'll drink tequila...I was just asking!" She had tequila only one time before tonight and she puked all through the night that time.


"Fuck! I can't believe I am taking another shot of tequila! You guys are cheating" This was Amanda's sixth shot. She was on a roll when they first started the game. She had won about 4 hands in a row a few times and had doled out the shots to the guys evenly. The guys were cheating...they had been swapping cards under the table to get her drunk.

This shot went down easy...a lot easier than the first two shots. She had to go to the bathroom. She stood up and politely excused herself.

"Yes maam, Princess Buttercup!" exclaimed the guys...as they laughed.

As she turned she felt the floor moving. Shit, I hope I don't fall and embarrass myself, she thought. She had been so enthralled in the game that she hadn't been paying attention to the people arriving for the bachelor party. She tried to count them, but they kept moving around...she counted 10 guys and then gave up...as she got into the bathroom she slammed the door shut and sat down.


She was still pissing when the door flew open.

"What da fuck! Bitch, I don't work wit hoes I don know! Who da fuck hired ya! I bet it was dat skinny dick mutha-fucka Todd"

Amanda looked up and looked at a short but very curvy brunette. Her vision was still blurry and but she could tell this woman had the type of tits that she dreamed about.

"I'm sorry, I'm Amanda...I just came here with Todd to see you dance!"

"Ok bitch! Well, I'ze Lori...but don't let my white skin fool ya...I growed up in da hood an I fights like a hood rat, I'll stab yo bitch ass in da eye wit a pencil if yo stank ass try messin with my money! Do ya feel me Bitch!"

"I am not trying to take your money...I have money." "Can you help me up? And please don't call me a bitch...I'm not being mean to you"

"I guezz bitch...i mean...Aa-Man-daaa. So ya like seeing uda bitches strip...you'za kinky white gurl!"

Amanda felt Lori's plump tits against her face as she helped her up. She liked how Lori acted, she was soooo soft on the outside, but tough as nails on the inside.

Lori looked at Amanda wobbling, "Damn gurl, You'ze fucked up like a mutha fucka! You need to watch yo self. One o dem horny white boys gonna tap that ass if ya don't check yo self."

"Well, I have a little secret...I'm married and I've had sex with two guys in the past two days...so there I'm not as stuffy as I look!"

"Damn you'ze a real skank! Well, you iz kinda cute...I might use you in my show tonight!"

"I am not a lesbian" her words kind slurred together....so she said it again more slowly.

"Keep tellin yo self dat gurl...we'll just see about dat!"


Amanda was sitting on the leg rest in front of Red when the show started...the room wasn't spinning as badly anymore but she still knew she was fucked up...she looked for Todd. He was passed out in a chair near the card table. Red was real nice. He had his hands on her hips as they watched the show. He was a big guy...'country strong' was how her Ray would have described him.

Lori was hot, her routine was not what Amanda had expected...She had a bag of toys and she played with them...IN FRONT OF THE GUYS! Lori even shot a ping pong ball out of her pussy...she'd never seen anything like that in her life.

Amanda felt her pussy tingling...she was wet, she got extremely aroused watching Lori fuck herself with the black vibrator. Somethign about the contrast in colors sent her head reeling. Amanda's wetness began to distract her from the show and she began to move around a little on the leg rest.

Red leaned over and said, "You enjoying the show?"

"Yeah, but I'm real wet" fuck did she say that out loud! She definitely had way too much to drink.

"You can join her if you want to." as he pushed her by her hips off of the leg rest.

"Lori with a dildo still inside of her, froze and said, "Hell NO! Dat bitch aint'join'en my show! Not fo free! If ya'll white boyz wanna see some freaky shit...you betta throw in anotha hunsky!"

Five or six twenty dollar bills flew by Lori. "OK boyz, no touchin...unless ya'll wanna put sum mo cash in herre afta da show"

Lori pulled Amanda to the floor and laid her on her back. She proceeded to pull Amanda's jean skirt up. Amanda was more distracted by all the cheering and the number of eyes staring at her...were the fuck is Todd, he was supposed to be watching me. She didn't realize what was happening until she felt a hot tongue on her bald pussy.

"Oh yeah!" she grabbed Lori's head and pulled it into her pussy...everything else disappeared and she felt herself cumming. She was on a cloud and Lori's angelic tongue was in her sweet hole. No one had ever made her come so fast...damn now she knew why women like other women so much.

She was still glowing in the aftermath of her orgasm as she felt Lori's dripping pussy being lowered onto her mouth.

"Now you'ze gonna suck my hot juicy pussy! You'ze boyz like dis shit?! Hell yeah, suck on my sweet white pussy...ya stank ass ho!"

Amanda was licking as if she had not eaten before the party, she liked the pungent odor of Lori's pussy. lori's pussy was frothy from the earlier play with the dildo. Even though her tastebuds were a little numb from drinking she could still taste the hint of rubber on Lori's pussy.

Then she felt Lori's tongue in her again and this made her lick faster and harder.

She felt Lori tense up and then start bucking her hips into her mouth. Suddenly her mouth was flooded with fluid, She heard Lori yelling, "FUUUUCK YEEEEAH BITCH! I jus squirted my juice in yo mouth...bet you neva seen a woman do dat either."

The guys were going wild...Laughing and giving each other high fives. "Damn that was fucking awesome!" "Look at that girl she looks like she got hit in the face with a water balloon!"

Red hopped up and said, so how much to touch as he flipped in a fifty. Lori could tell Amanda was in a daze, "fo fit-ty you'ze get the stank ho...one fuck...and fo twenty she blows ya."

Amanda realized what was happening as she felt Red between her legs. "Ughh," luckily she was wet. His huge country cock slid right in. She looked over at Lori who was taking money from guys who had formed somewhat of a line.

Amanda was starting to come down from her buzz when she felt Red's cock pulsing inside of her...instinctively she started cumming as well. Fuck, he didn't have a condom on...she could feel his seed inside of her. Red kissed her on the cheek , "Todd is one lucky guy...and so is your husband!"

How did he know she was married! Just then she felt a tall black man grab her by her hair and shove his cock in her mouth. She didn't see his face just his groin and big hands...she only had half of his cock in her mouth...but it was still hitting her gag reflex...her eyes were tearing up.

Then she felt another dick at the entrance of her pussy, and then it was deep in her. She started sucking harder on the black cock in her throat and thought...I hope he pulls out and doesn't cum in my mouth. Then as if the black stud was reading her mind..."O yeah baby, swallow that sweet juice." His dick throbing as he came more than Mike had cum in her mouth. She swallowed some of it but the rest of it streamed down her cheeks with her tears. She turned to look at the man fucking her but his head was facing up "OH Fuck! She is tight guys!" then he unloaded his jizz deep inside of her. She felt the mixture of his cum with Red's cum dripping down her ass. Two more guys pulled her up...she was thinking...damn, finally some guys that are gonna take me away from this place. They moved her to the couch and propped her up on her hands and knees.

A tall blond guy who she thought looked like Thor slid his cock into her pussy. Charlie! The nice asian guy she met ealier...stuck his cock in her mouth...he smiled at her and she smiled back...as best she could with his short but fat cock in her.

She was beginning to enjoy this...she had stopped counting how many times she had cum...but she came every time one of the guys came in her. Thor grabbed her hips hard, she thought he's gonna leave bruises for sure. He was hammering her dripping pussy...as her pussy began to spasm again. "AHHHHH! Yeah Fuck me Thor! Harder!" The guys all started cheering and chanting "THOR! THOR! THOR!" she started cumming again and then Thor stopped moving...he had pulled his cock halfway out of her and started squirting his cum into her already filled pussy...then he pulled ihs cock out and let the rest of his cum spill onto her ass. Ray never came on her...it felt good.

Charlie pushed Thor, "PETE get the fuck out of the way, I'm cumming inside of her too!" Pete backed away, Amanda watched all the guys in line gave him a high five.

Charlie grabbed Amanda's hair and pulled her head back...he slammed his cock into her gaping hole and fucked her hard. "Fuck me Charlie! I want your cum in me...NOOOOWWWWW!" She started cumming again and then she felt the insides of her pussy being splattered with more man juice.

Charlie was still cumming when he heard Todd's voice.


Lori grabbed Todd, "Uh...here's yo cut Todd!" as she handed him a stack of cash.


Amanda doesn't really remember how many men came in her that night. But her pussy never felt as loose after sex...before that night!

As she was being dropped off at her sister's house Todd handed her a $20. Todd's wad of cash was pretty impressive...he must have made about $300.

"What's this for?"

"To get a box of douches, you better go take care of that tonight."

"But I'm not a whore! I just drank too much!"

"Now I know why Mike told me I needed to take you with me tonight! You are funny and made us some money. I owe him half of this...he told me I could make some money off of you." He leaned over to kiss her and then remembered waking up to see her as the entertainment for the gang of guys. He pulled the door handle for her and pushed the door open. "I had a ball, and know you had fun!" he chuckled.

She smirked at him and said, "Why didn't you tell me that they all knew i am married."

"Well,Princess Buttery-pussy. I told them you enjoyed be secretive and that you like multiple guys...so i told Lori that if she could work you up, I'd give her an extra $200."

As Amanda walked to her door she felt cum leaking down her leg...she reached down and wiped it up and rubbed her hand against her skirt. Fuck! I am glad I have a douche in the bathroom. It was under the sink by the "Street walker" costume that Mike had bought for her for the Office Halloween party.

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