tagBDSMBlackmailed Ch. 01

Blackmailed Ch. 01


"Hey Blaize? Mr. B wants to see you in his office right away. It's just through those wooden doors." Elsie not so quietly whispered.

Blaize McPherson was the new girl at the law firm and she was one of the most hated. At 23 she was the youngest and most attractive employee with her long curly hair and curvy figure. She was every bit as smart as she was attractive and the other women hated it. Blaize tentatively looked up at the smug face of the bottle blonde named Elsie. Elsie was the blonde bombshell of the office- she was just as venomous and feisty as a pit viper.

'Oh how these bitches would love to see me get nailed for something big right about now.' Blaize thought as she nodded in acknowledgement. She had only been working at the firm for less than 3 weeks and hadn't messed anything up - nothing worthy of being summoned by Mr. B at least. Blaize stood and shakily took a quick sip of coffee before grabbing her notepad and pen and made her way to Mr. B's office. Her 4 inch red stilettos made little clicking noises against the tiles, almost in time with her increasing heart rate. Mr. Nicholas Bonaparte was the owner of the law firm. He was young, ridiculously rich and smarter than any man Blaize had ever met. He had a dimple in his right cheek that could only be seen when he smiled. But not any ordinary smile - a real smile. A smile that reached his sharp gray eyes.

"See ya- wouldn't wanna be ya." Elsie's voice cut through Blaize's thoughts bringing her back to the present.

Blaize took a deep breath and pushed the heavy oak doors of Mr. B's office open.

"Hi Mr. B, Elsie said that you -"

'Sit. Now.' Two words spoken in such a harsh tone that Blaize could never imagine would come from such a kind man. Blaize stumbled towards one of the chairs Mr. B had gestured at and sat down abruptly.

"Miss McPherson, I built this company from the ground up and I take immense pride in ensuring that it remains unscathed by defamation and scandal. When I hired you I thought that you were one of the smartest women I had encountered. I believed that you were witty and well poised, and that you would never endanger the face of the firm. So imagine my shock and disappointment when this was hand delivered by a courier." Mr B leaned over his desk and dropped a plain manila folder onto her lap.

'I'm so sorry sir. I don't know what you're talking about. I've behaved well, I haven't -'

"Stop talking and open the damn folder!" Mr. B said sharply, his gray eyes glinting with anger.

'Yes sir.' Blaize opened the folder and felt her heart drop into her stomach as she looked down at the picture in front of her.

There she was in black and white kneeling on the floor of an empty room. She was naked minus the dark collar that adorned her neck and the nipple clamps that swung from her perky C cup boobs which were forced forward by her hands which were handcuffed behind her. In her mouth she held a leash that was attached to the collar which had the word, 'sex slave' stamped in white. She remembered the picture well. It was taken roughly two years ago by her old Master, Alec. Blaize swallowed and flipped to the next picture, willing an explanation to come to her. A close up of her ass greeted her. On her right ass cheek was a bruise in the shape of a handprint. She had naively mouthed off to Alec who had ensured that she wouldn't sit comfortably for days. She glanced up at Mr. B and flipped again. Another picture of her face stared up at her- a black light pic. Alec had used his jizz to write the words ' fuck toy' on her naked chest, then came on her face during one of their daily face fucking sessions. This picture had been a huge hit on his blog. It had also been one hell of an arousing day. Blaize could feel herself getting turned on as the memories of the days with her Master came back to her.

"Mr. B, I...I am so, so embarrassed. This is mortifying. These are from college and they were taken by a man that I was...involved with. I never knew they would be leaked. Please Mr. B, I am so, so, so sorry."

Blaize looked up to find Mr. B sitting on the edge of his desk directly in front of her. She glanced at the bulge at his zipper where he was obviously hard. Mr. B reached forward and cupped her chin with his right hand, forcing her to stare into his eyes - chocolate brown against steel gray. The abruptness of the action made Blaize's breath quicken and her nipples began to harden in arousal. The right side of her lower lip disappeared into her mouth as she nervously gnawed on it. In that moment she found his mouth pressed roughly against hers. Hungry. Dominant. Blaize shut her eyes and forgot who she was kissing, responding with a desperate longing. Mr. B's fingers deftly undid her chiffon blouse and pulled it free of her pencil skirt. He roughly grabbed her hands and pinned them behind her, securing her wrists with the silk tie he had removed from his neck when she was examining the photos. The predicament of her position suddenly dawned on her and her eyes snapped open.

"Mr. B, what are you-?"

'Shhhh...' He quieted her with another long, hard kiss. His hands went back to work, running all over her smooth body. She wasn't a size zero like the majority of New York City. She had soft breasts, wide hips and an ass that could hardly be contained. His hands quickly, skillfully popped her breasts over the cups of her lace adorned bra where they stood perky and at perfect height for his mouth. Two silver nipple rings gleamed at him. 'Oh the fun that will be had' he thought mischievously before pulling her left nipple into his mouth enticing a tortured groan from Blaize's throat. He sucked lightly before quickly nibbling on the tip of her nipple and moved onto the other.

Without warning Mr. B yanked Blaize off of the chair until she was standing with his right knee between her legs. He took a moment to look at the beautiful sight in front of him. Her eyes were glazed in a mixture of lust and confusion. The sleeves of her thin blouse had fallen off of her shoulders and remained gathered at her bound wrists. Her nipples presented themselves to him in little brown peaks, barely hidden by her waterfall of chocolate curls. He inwardly groaned impatiently. He felt as though his dick would burst if he didn't bend her over his desk right away.

'Patience is a beautiful thing.' He reminded himself as he thought of the other, much larger plans he had for the beautiful brunette in front of him.

Mr. B kissed her again, his tongue meeting hers. His left hand rubbing and squeezing her ass until she cried out; the right found its way between her legs where her arousal was fully noticeable. Her tiny thong was soaked through, making it easy for him to find her clit and begin his assault. Her senses were on overload- he was gentle but so firm, and Blaize hadn't been touched like this in years. She hadn't been with a man that commanded the room or her body like Nicholas Bonaparte did since...Alec? Blaize released a moan as Mr. B picked up the pace on circling her clit. She could feel the intensity of her orgasm building. She was half naked in her boss' office while she let him maul her. It was so wrong but it felt so right- she needed to cum and she was so close to doing so...until therubbing abruptly stopped.

'What the-?'

Mr. B quietly turned Blaize and pulled her naked ass to his crotch, making her feel his raging boner. He had trapped her knees over his and pulled his legs apart until she was spread to his liking. Bitter from having her orgasm taken away, Blaise tried her best to rub her golden ass on Mr. B's pants clad boner. ' I'm going to make him fuck me. He can't start this and not continue! Two can play at that game' She thought deviously. Her bound hands reached under her where she massaged his balls and continued to grind her ass into his crotch.

"Oh I don't think so, pet. You're not in charge here." He whispered, stilling her gyrations by wrapping one around her upper body and resuming his assault on her clit with the other.

His right hand furiously rubbed her clit through her soaked thong while his left quickly squeezed her nipples in random frequencies. His mouth found her neck, licking and sucking until she was on the brink of her orgasm.

'Oh...I...don't stop...Mr. B!'

Mr. B wrapped his hand around her neck, cutting off half of her air supply. "Say that you're my fuck toy and you may cum." he growled in her ear.

"PleaseMr.B, I'myourfucktoy I'myourfuckt-ohhh!!" the sound of Blaize's orgasm drowned out of the sound of the camera chronicling Blaize's current state.

Patience, is really such a beautiful thing. Mr. B looked up at the camera man who had just snuck into his office and smirked.

"Blaize deary, if you can, please look up and greet the man who's been so gracious as to photograph this little event. The event that will start a wonderful relationship between you and I. I believe you know him."

'What? I need to get dressed!' Her voice was still thick with euphoria as she tried to get dressed, forgetting that her hands were tied.

"There are some banging pictures here! This is my favorite!" The photographer walked over and showed me a still of Blaize lost in her orgasm - her face was clearly visible and showed her in a very questionable predicament, the only two requirements he gave the photographer.

"Oh I like that! What do you think, pet?" Mr. B showed the camera to Blaize who instantly felt the blood leave her face. "I'm going to give you two options. You will do what you screamed you would and be my little toy while you still worked here or you can quit and hope these photos don't find their way to your next employer."

Blaize stopped trying to coax her nipples back into her bra and pull her skirt down from around her waist. How did she end up in this position? How did Nick even get those pictures in the first place? And who the hell is the photographer?! Blaize slowly turned to face Mr. B, undoubtably giving the stranger a good look at her ass. Her eyes fell to the floor as she hung her head in submission. She had rent and bills to pay and she made a really great salary right out of school. Could she handle leaving the firm? Would Mr. B forward the photos to her next employer?

"I would like to be yours sir." Her voice was nothing more than a whisper.

"FANTASTIC!" Mr. B boomed. "Now say thank you to our wonderful photographer as well as the man who is the reason why you're in this little predicament - I believe you remember your old Master, Alec? Well darling, now, you have two masters! Now, you have exactly 2 minutes to get yourself cleaned up, make sure you thank your masters for being used and get back to work. I still need the debrief on the new P&S case and I'm expecting you at my house by 6:30 so I suggest you make it out before 5pm traffic. Alec will be joining us for dinner so make sure you dress appropriately."

Alec stifled a snicker as he looked at the shocked face of his old slave. She was a remarkable creature - full of defiance and sass. She was rarely ever shocked into silence...or submission. She looked around, catching his gaze, and the look of triumph was almost enough to make her resign right then and there. She and Alec left things on not the best of terms, so who knew what horrors awaited her. Blaize mumbled a low ' yes sir ' and wriggled out of her silk bonds which had finally come loose. She let realization of the situation wash over her as she slowly cleaned herself up.

"I said 2 minutes. You still haven't thanked us for using you or acknowledging your old Master. I think we'll add 10 to your weekly punishment. Your method of punishment will vary so be very careful."

'Yes sir. I am sorry Master. Thank you. Thank you both. Excuse me." She said quickly and curtly, buttoning her blouse as she headed for the door. She would adhere to their wishes but she'll do it on her terms..at least until she got those pictures back.

"No. Take off your bra and panties and then you are dismissed." Alec smugly commanded.

'But, sir, my blouse is see through...and my nipples are pierced. And if I bend over in this skirt, you can see if I'm wearing underwear or not.'

"5 more for hesitating on a command!" Mr. B's voice came sharp and loud. "You know the girls have been complaining about the heat, I'll lower the AC and I forbid you to cover yourself."

'Yes sir.' Blaize quickly removed her bra and panties, placing them on the top of Alec's camera bag. The pale yellow chiffon did little to hide the outline of her areolas and only teased her nipples into little peaks once more.

"6:30. Don't forget. You have two masters now."

Two masters. Two masters. TWO masters? Twice the commands, twice the punishment, twice the pleasing. Blaize's pussy clenched as she thought back to being collared by Alec, how he would turn her brown ass a bright shade of pink before hammering into her, how he always teased her orgasms out of her. Two masters. Blaize stumbled to her cubicle and let herself get lost in the fantasy of what the evening might bring.


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