Blackmailed Couple Ch. 13-15


When it was finished, she kissed me deeply, reassuring me even further that she truly loves me with all of her heart. We cleaned up and drove out together to pick up the kids.

Chapter Fifteen:

The Party.

In bed that night, she went on to explain more of what she knew about the party, which wasn't really much. Anna had planned to take the kids to her mom's on Friday night after work, and then we were to expect Him to show up at our house to take us to the party; we were to expect to be gone all night.

The week went by without incident, at least none that I was aware of. My wife indicated on Thursday that she'd spoken to Him a couple of times as he wanted to verify that we were still available for Him on Friday.

Friday night came too quickly, in my opinion. I'd pretty much settled into the groove of 'daily life', and now it was time for things to progress again.

I was as nervous as could be that evening as Anna ran the kids over to her mom's. Her excitement and anxiety was visible when she showed back up. I'd showered and dressed casually in Dockers and a Polo; she hurried up to shower and dress, stating that we needed to be ready when He arrived. His plan was to be there by 7PM.

By 6:50, I'd had a couple of drinks and was feeling the anxiety leave me; Anna was still putting on her makeup when the doorbell rang.

I let Him in, unable to make eye contact. I hadn't realized how strongly I was feeling so much lower than Him until I answered the door and heard his strong and confident voice. My eyes immediately averted lower, and I let him pass by to walk confidently into the living room. He questioned immediately where Anna was, and I let him know that she was almost ready.

"Well good, good. That will give you and I a chance to talk before we leave. Eddie, I need you kneeling in the middle of the floor while we talk."

My face reddened visibly, but I was already past the point of being able to refuse Him, even in our own home. "Eddie, you remember our talk the other day at the hotel."

I nodded yes.

"Good, then I expect no refusals out of you during all of this." He squatted lower to be at my eye level, but still exuded pure dominance over me in his stance. His voice was softer, but cut through me with solid control. "Eddie, I expect you to help encourage Anna to submit to this fully. It's going to be a challenge for you; there will be others there, and they will know. Everything. Either one or both of you may falter; but Eddie, you don't have the choice to falter. This means it will require you to help coax her along, and to provide your support. You love her, and you need to make sure that she knows that won't change, no matter what happens. Do you understand this, Eddie?"

His words sank in to me, and I knew that I had no choice in this; I also knew that she wanted this...and a part of me did too. My voice was soft, humbled when I spoke. "Yes, I understand. I'll make sure she knows that I love her...that this is going to be ok."

"Good boy, Eddie. Trust me, this is going to be a night you won't ever forget. It's going to impact both of you, deeply; just keep your mind open, and never forget your love for your wife." With that he stood up. "I'm going to go check on our lovely Anna. You just wait right there, on your knees, obediently."

He led her back down, and I looked up from my obviously subservient position to see Him walking toward me with his arm wrapped tightly around her waist. It struck me how beautiful she was, and it hit like a brick to see her walking with another man like that. She'd applied her makeup strongly, looking immaculate. He had a solid smile on his face, one that declared "look what I have". I felt so low, kneeling in the middle of the floor, her seeing me so submissive like that in front of him.

"You see Anna? He's going to do just fine tonight. You watch...your husband is going to be a perfect submissive, right alongside his sexy little wife, aren't you Eddie."

As always, my face burned....but I answered yes.

"You want to see your wife submit, don't you Eddie."

He was pushing me, knowing that he had the control. Again, I answered yes, but it was so soft and subdued that the sound of my own submission shamed me.

To nobody in particular, he stated "And she is going to submit in so many lewd ways." He chuckled, and then announced that it was time to get going.

He drove a Mercedes; I hadn't known that. Even that added to my feeling of being "the lesser". She was to ride up front with him, and I was in the back. Before pulling out of the driveway, each of us was handed a set of headphones with individual tape players. We were to listen to our tapes for the extent of the drive; each of us were handed a blindfold as well. I was glad that the Mercedes had darkened windows; it was still light out, and it made my face burn to imagine being seen driving along like that.

We were also given 2 sets of unlabeled tapes, with instructions to change them out after the first ended. I sat back comfortably and began to listen as we took off. My tape was professionally done; the first consisted of a woman who spent some time explaining some of the basics of BDSM, and then she led into some mind control aspects. The mind control aspects focused on hypnosis, with a lot of repetition; she went over and over how I was submissive, how I was to focus on my role as the lesser. Her voice was smooth, even monotone at times. I found myself almost dozing, yet strongly aroused at her seductive way of reminding me that I was to always submit to the One over me. There were times that she focused on hypnotizing me; I've never been a strong believer in hypnosis, but for all I knew I was hypnotized. I was so relaxed, and by the time the first tape ended, I felt a sense of contentment (if it could be called that) at being lower than those who had power.

The second tape was a male; a strong but subtle voice. He picked up pretty much where the woman left off, explaining to me that it was my role to be submissive, even to the point of knowing that those who had authority over me could see, handle, and use my wife. He focused strongly on cuckoldry, and he rolled into the mind control aspect as well, taking the time to focus on putting me under. He made it clear to me, over and over, that I had no choice anymore over the way the Dominant controlled my wife, as well as myself. This was the way it should be, and it was necessary in my life. Listening to this for such a long time, I didn't recognize how soft my mind had become. It was becoming a part of who I was, and it was etched into my mind permanently, almost like a scarring. His words planted so many seeds in my mind, painting images of how submissive couples needed to exist; how we were there to serve, and that over time we would be mentally marked, as well as physically marked by our Owner. Our love was strong, clearly, but our submission needed to be complete by giving up so completely to our Master. Our submission needed to override all of our old thoughts of morality.

By the time the tape ended, my mind was completely subdued. He knew when my tape ended from the 'click' of the tape stopping. He reached back to take the headphones and player from me. "Eddie, Anna's tape is still playing, but it will be over soon. We're almost there. For now, I want you to open your pants and stroke your penis a little while; I can see that you're hard, just make sure you don't cum."

I didn't even question it; I opened my slacks and pulled it out. It just felt right to be doing that, despite the lewdness of it all.

Later I learned that Anna's tape had been similar, but had actually been custom made to reflect our real life situation. She listened to all male voices, explaining to her that this was natural for her, that it was necessary for her own fulfillment as well as for mine. They focused on making her acknowledge in her own mind that she was a slut, there to serve as a slut; the intent was to make her understand that 'slut' was not a bad term, that it wasn't part of the common way of thinking. A slut was a good thing for her, to know that she was to spread her legs at the command of her Master, no matter what she might have thought in the past. The past way of thinking was wrong, and she was just now falling into the role in which she was meant to be. A slut's goal is to serve her Master, to seek to always please Him, even when it meant to humble and break down the man she loved, her husband. There were parts in the tape that mentioned me by name, telling her that I was among the types of husbands who need this, who thrive on knowing their wife will obey and eagerly please a stronger Man of authority. It's the way things are meant to be, and only in that way would we be able to find our fulfillment as a loving couple.

As I stroked myself slowly, I heard her last tape end, and heard Him talking to her. His voice was softer, yet still authoritative. From his words to her, telling her to spread her legs for him, I knew he was touching her intimately. I also knew that she was soaked, from listening to the tapes; he stated as much.

I felt the car pull into a drive, one that turned out to be a long winding drive. As he pulled into the drive, he instructed me to put my 'penis' away now; and we were both to take off our blindfolds.

It was dark out now, so my eyes were able to adjust well. I could see the house we were approaching; it was more like a mansion. The reality of how rich these folks must be made me even more self-conscious of my own position, just reaffirming my sensation that I was not on their level. I suspected that we were 'late' because there were a lot of cars parked all around; enough that I didn't even try to count. He stopped the car a little ways from the house; he got out and came around to open the door for my wife, and he also opened the back door to let me out. We stood there for a moment, and he took a moment to instruct us.

"I want both of you to be courteous when we go in, but know your place. Just stay with me, and follow my lead." He led us up to the door; I held Anna's hand as we followed him up.

We were let in by an older woman, but she was well dressed. She was the wife of the man who was hosting the party. She greeted him warmly, and smiled at each of us as we were introduced; she shook each of our hands, but I couldn't get over the notion that her smile was a 'knowing' smile. The home was beautiful inside, and we were led into a main 'hall' where most of the people were. I saw a lot of well-dressed couples, almost all were older than us; all were mingling, most with drinks in their hands talking amongst themselves. As we entered, nearly all of them took the time to view the 'new arrivals'. Again, the 'knowing' smile seemed to be on nearly every face. My stomach was churning, and my legs began to feel like rubber. I continued to hold onto Anna's hand, and I could sense the tension in her as well.

We were introduced around, nothing really out of the ordinary in the introductions. We met the host, an older man who seemed quite strong and powerful in his own right. After greeting each of us, he turned back to Mark.

"Mark, I know that Linda is around here somewhere..." he paused to look around, then spotted who he was looking for. "Ah, there she is. Why don't you have her take Eddie upstairs to 'freshen up' after your long drive. You can take Anna up whenever you're ready yourself."

As he led us in the direction of Linda, he spoke in a low voice to us. "Eddie, Linda is a Domme, and I expect you to follow her instructions and to be respectful to her."

I'd broken out in a bit of a cold sweat; Anna and I exchanged nervous glances, but neither of us said anything.

Linda was a tall woman, maybe in her early 40s. She was attractive, and had a friendly but cool air about her. Mark introduced both of us to her, and she seemed to already know that she was to take me upstairs.

I looked back at my wife, trepidation at leaving the woman I love. We were separated now, and I felt a sense of no turning back now. Linda took me to a private bedroom upstairs and closed the door behind us. "Eddie, you and your wife make a lovely couple. How long have you been married?"

Her small talk seemed to have the desired effect of putting me at ease, at least a little. "Thank you," I responded. "We've been married just a little over a year now." I answered.

"Ah, I see. It's nice to have such a lovely couple brought in to our fold here." She sat down on the bed, showing how at ease she was while I continued standing there in the room. "And how long has Mark been...utilizing your wife, Eddie?" her tone was slightly condescending, humored at how uncomfortable I was.

My eyes went down, having a hard time making eye contact with her at the mention of her knowledge. "Um... it's been a few weeks now."

She smiled. "I see. Mmm...such a fresh young couple. Nice. Eddie, I know you've had a long drive out here. I'd like for you to go into the restroom, do whatever you need to do, and take a nice warm shower. Take your time, but don't dawdle too much. Set all of your clothing, and even your watch outside the door; but definitely keep your ring on." That thought brought back to me the reality of what was happening to me, to us. "When you're done, come back out here, naked. I want you to stand right where you are now, with your hands clasped behind your neck and your legs slightly spread. That's a position for inspection, Eddie. And I want your eyes down. Do you understand me?"

My eyes were already down and my face heated up with blushing. "Yes." My response was subdued.

She stood and approached me closely; she reached up to lift my face toward hers to make eye contact....her voice was soft, but firm. "Eddie, I know that you are new to this, but understand that a proper response is going to be required from here on out. You refer to those over you with respect."

I understood her, and looked back into her eyes with a new-found submission. "Yes Ma'am."

"Mmm, good boy. Now go do as I've told you."

Humbly, I went to the restroom and stripped of everything, setting everything outside the door. I used the toilet and then took a hot shower, cleaning thoroughly knowing that she was going to see me like this. It probably only took me 10-15 minutes, and I focused on working up my courage as I towel dried. Finally I took a deep breath and walked out to stand as I'd been told.

Without looking at her, I could see that Linda had changed. She appeared to have on a black leather outfit....the kind of thing one would expect from a Domme. Standing there like that before her, I felt embarrassed that I was starting to get aroused.

She approached me, walking around me. I could feel her eyes on every inch of my bare skin. "Nice Eddie, you did well." She reached down to lightly cup my balls, and her hand passed very lightly over my hardening cock. I could hear the smile in her face as she commented on my arousal. "Seems you like this; that's a sign of a true submissive, Eddie."

I stood there, looking down, tongue-tied.

"Now. What we need to do is make you presentable as a submissive for the events of the night." She held up a small leather device in her hand. "This is something to keep your little cock in check tonight." She knelt down on one knee, taking her time adjusting leather straps around my balls; whatever this was, it was pulling my balls down noticeably, and then it continued to wrap around the base of my cock tightly. My arousal was now turning into a throbbing rage, and I wondered if this was going to keep me like this all night. From the bed she retrieved more items; there were leather cuffs that she attached to my wrists and ankles, and a leather 'harness' that she buckled on to my chest from behind my back. She then put a couple of ornate but small clamps on my nipples. At first it didn't hurt as I'd expected, but then a warmth began to spread through my chest and I realized I was going to be very aware of their presence. Lastly she brought forward a thick leather collar that she buckled around my throat almost reverently.

Standing back, she took her time taking in the visual that I presented. "Yes, this looks good. Eddie, you look like a full-fledged slave now. Your new Master will be very pleased." A chuckle escaped her lips. "And your dear wife....won't she be surprised at the transformation. But of course.....she's undergoing a transformation even now. Maybe we should go join the party to see if she's ready yet. For all I know, she's already down there giving the members a wonderful sight to take in."

I was aching inside, from my own humiliation and from the thought of my wife looking like this in front of all of these people as well. God, what had I gotten into?! Linda attached a leash to my collar and instructed me to follow her with my hands clasped behind my back. I had no time to think of resisting as she led me out the door to the noise of the crowd below.


Anna watched as her husband was led off by another woman. That alone set into her feelings of jealousy that pushed her to the limit. She wanted to stop it, having no idea what was to come. But before the feelings had time to foster, Mark took her by the arm in his fist and led her over to a small group of men who'd been sitting off to the side watching them with smiles. She could tell they'd been talking about her, and with the way she was 'brought' over to them she felt the feelings of being an object overwhelm her. One of the men stood up to shake Mark's hand. He was an older man as well, well built and very tan.

"Mark, I have to congratulate you. So this is the little one that you've been talking about."

Mark let out a proud chuckle. "Yes, Dave, this is Anna, my new little pet. I'll introduce you to her husband later, after he's had time to 'adjust'. Anna, I want you to meet my good friend Dave."

Humbly, she held out her hand to shake his; he took her hand and used his other hand to hold her arm by the elbow, keeping her from being able to pull back. He looked her over, not hiding his attempt to appraise her beauty. "My, my... she is indeed a beauty, better in person than the pictures."

She had to wonder if he was referring to the blackmail photos, but she already knew he'd seen her in every way.

Mark and Dave stood there making small talk for a while, and she stood there obediently by his side feeling extremely uncomfortable. Looking around, she could see that every group was stealing looks at her; self-conscious, she turned her attention back to the floor in front of her, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone.

After a while she realized the conversation had turned back to her. Mark was indicating that things were going to spin up soon. "So I need to take this pretty young wife upstairs and get her prepared for the evening. We'll be back down soon."

With that, he put his arm around her waist and guided her up the staircase to a bedroom at the far end of a long hallway. Entering the room, he turned his attention to her fully, his eyes commanding her attention.

"It's been a long trip, and I want you to use the facilities before we go back down." His hand took hers, and he led her to the bathroom. There he stopped at the door and leaned against the frame. "I need you to strip off everything that you have, right now."

She hesitated, feeling confused and uncomfortable; that seemed to spark a new strength out of him.

"Anna. Have you forgotten your place?" His words were hard and commanding. "Have you forgotten that you are here to obey? Do what I tell you, and do it instantly; I will not ask strip!"

His power made her legs weak, and she began taking off her clothing. She stood there naked, and he took a moment to look her over. "Yes, good girl. My good naked little slut. Now, go in to the bathroom, and relieve yourself."

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