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Blackmailed Housewife


The day had been like any other Monday for Kimberley Cole. The pretty blonde, 36 year old wife and mother of two had just finished dropping eight year old daughter Laura and eighteen year old son, Zack, off at their respective schools. She pulled the key from the ignition of her 4 x 4 BMW as it idled in the drive of her gorgeous suburban house. She stopped a moment to sort her curly blonde hair as she gazed in the mirror before getting out into the morning sun and heading indoors to start on her Monday chore of doing the washing and ironing for the family.

She had entered the house and tidied away some errant shopping before she entered the spacious living room before she was even aware of the figure that sat, hooded and brooding on her sofa. She had walked pretty much all the way in before she noticed him so it wasn't a case that she could just back out and call the police. Besides just as she stared at the figure he looked up and Kimberley recognised him as Curtis, a boy her son had been hanging about with for a few weeks now.

"Curtis? Is that you? What on earth are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school?"

There was a palpable concern in Kimberly's voice, if not outright fear that she tried to hide under cover of annoyance. But instantly she knew something was very wrong here. The teenager looked up, his head still surrounded by that damned hood and stared insolently at this woman, whose house he had invaded. The stare was meant as a challenge, as an assertion of his position and when it was accompanied by him pulling an object from his pocket and dropping it hard on the glass coffee table it made Kimberley nearly jump out of her skin. When she recovered enough to demand again what it was he wanted and what it was he had just nearly broken her table with he smiled as he heard the tremor in her voice.

"That, Mrs Cole is the knife used in the stabbing of that old guy in Park Avenue last week."

Kimberley paused for a moment as her mind went back to watching the TV news report on the incident where a pensioner was mugged and stabbed by a gang of youths, he was going to be OK but it had been an incident that had flamed local passions against this so-called youth mob culture and she and her husband had castigated the culprits and demanded they faced harsh justice if ever caught.

"S-So? Where did you get that from C-Curtis? Why bring it here?" she was scared now, the boy had a gleam in his eye that she did not like one bit, she was already considering inching towards the door.

Again he smiled.

"I brought it here Mrs. Cole because it has your sons fingerprints all over it, and I thought you'd like to know that."

"What!? Zack had nothing to do with the attack! What are you going on about?"

Her angry reaction was exactly what Curtis had desired, she was no longer looking to flee the living room, rather she wanted to stay and argue with him.

"Yeah? That right Mrs Cole? Funny the knife has only his prints on it then, isn't it? Funny how if the cops were to be tipped off they'd find the old man's wallet in Zack's locker at school, isn't it? Funny how I got this footage that puts him at the scene in the gang."

With that he flipped on the Cole's TV and played a DVD he had burned, it was grainy footage taken off his mobile phone but it was clearly Zack and he was in a group of kids that swarmed forward. Curtis paused the picture on the clearest shot of her son and Kimberley collapsed onto the sofa her hand to her mouth, in shock.

"What do you want? What is this? Please don't tell the police? Please my Zack wouldn't do this. Not Zack!"

Curtis stood up, he was tall and even at a distance towered over the pretty housewife. He picked up the bag with the knife in it and slipped it back into his jacket pocket.

"Whether your son would do it or not there's plenty evidence that he did do it and unless you get over here on your hands and knees bitch and start sucking on my cock the police are going to get every last bit of it!"

Kimberley reeled back against the back of the sofa, she had not expected that. The shock of learning about what her son had been up to (she didn't believe Curtis that he had actually done it but she could not deny the footage she had just watched) had knocked her for a loop and now for this coloured teenager to make this demand she was totally thrown by it. Her mind raced as she thought about the terrible repercussions this could have on Zack and his future. She could not allow him to be exposed, yet she was loathe to degrade herself like this to this piece of blackmailing shit.

"Please Curtis, why? Why do this? I thought Zack was your friend. You don't want to do this. Why?"

The black teenager sat down and just pointed to the bulge in his trousers.

"Oh yes I fucking do bitch! Now get over here and suck me or your little boy's going to be in a world of trouble. And why? Because his Daddy, your fucking husband, is a racist asshole of a PE teacher. He thought it was great to embarrass me and my friends in class. Thought he could get away with humiliating the black kid. Well he's going to pay and so are his family. NOW GET OVER HERE YOU FUCKING BITCH AND START BLOWING ME! I WILL NOT TELL YOU AGAIN!"

His voice was urgent and demanding and threatening and Kimberley almost involuntarily dropped to her knees of the sofa and crawled over towards the teenager. His eyes looked at her mockingly loving every minute of the older, white woman's capitulation. It was true Mr Cole was a real bastard of a teacher but seeing his lovely blonde wife crawling towards his cock more than made up for it. Kimberley was busy excusing herself for doing this mentally based on saving her son, in truth her mind was in a spin and she was now acting purely in instinct. Squeezing around the coffee table she arrived at his feet and knelt before him, making one last, hopeless plea with her eyes, imploring him to stop this. He just pointed at the protrusion at his crotch. Gulping the housewife undid her son's friend's zipper and released a rather large, black cock. It was certainly bigger than her husbands five inches. She looked at it for a few moments, almost hypnotised.

"Bigger than your old man's Mrs Cole?"

She nodded hoping to appease him, but there was truth in her eyes she couldn't hide.

"Ha! I knew that old bastard was packing squat! The cunt was probably jealous of me and my thang!"

Pleased or not he still wanted a blow job and put his hands on her hair and pushed her face towards his throbbing dick. She balked for a moment, she hated oral sex and had only given it to her husband once, and vowed never again, the taste and the smell appalling and just the act of it she had found humiliating so she had vowed never to do it again, but here, she had little choice, not if she wanted to save Zack. Reluctant or not, she knew what she had to do and lowered her lips onto the thick tip of his member. She recoiled slightly at the touch of the slimy pre-cum gathering there but forced herself to try and ignore it and pressed further down his shaft, hoping a quick blow job was all this teenage blackmailer wanted. But she was holding back, her lips barely touching cock, her tongue actively trying to avoid contact and Curtis was not at all happy with her efforts thus far.

"What the fuck bitch?! That the best you can do? No fucking chance, get deeper than that!" and with that Curtis pushed his hands further onto Kimberley's head and forced his cock much deeper into her mouth.

When its tip touched against the back of her throat she involuntarily gagged on it and her head wanted to jump up but his strong hands kept her in place and forced her to deep throat him, much to his pleasure. She struggled to take his full length and wanted to be sick when she felt his wiry pubic hairs tickling at her nose and cheeks as she got right to the base of his cock. He urged her to use her tongue more so that his balls could get some treatment too. This was vile for the housewife, she closed her eyes and thought of her son as she continue to blow this asshole, hating the manly, musky smell of him and the horrible taste that seemed to pervade her mouth now and the sticky trails of saliva that fell from her lips as she continued to work his foreskin far faster and harder than she wished. And then, after some twenty minutes of sucking and licking and gagging he finally came. Kimberley could feel his cum almost boil up in his balls and he held her mouth on his cock as it spurted forth inside her, she could feel the hot jets splashing against the back of his throat, coating it in warm, thick, sticky cum. She wanted to be sick once again as she felt it slowly slide down the back of her throat into her stomach. But at least, finally her ordeal was over. He released her head and she rocked back on her heels, her eyes near to tearing up and looked at him as she slid his spent cock back into his pants.

But before she could say anything Curtis had stretched his legs out and placed them on top of her coffee table and picked up the morning newspaper and flicked to the sport and as Kimberley struggled to swallow the last of his cum he casually switched on their TV and turned to a music channel and turned to her and said.

"Make me a sandwich or something bitch, I'm kinda hungry after that."

The asshole just sat there nonchalantly as Kimberley tried to pull herself together after all that he had revealed to her and all that she had done and tried to make him some food. One roast beef and mustard sandwich later (which may or may not have been tinged with the taste of her tears) and Curtis grabbed the plate from her and wolfed the sandwich down without any note of thanks. Kimberley just sat perched on the opposite sofa trying not to look directly at him and silently praying he would finish up and just leave. But she was going to be sorely disappointed, once he had finished the sandwich he dumped the plate beside him on the sofa, let out a loud belch and addressed Mrs. Cole.

"You know you got a fine body there Mrs Cole, if you don't mind me saying. Certainly too fine for that dickhead of a husband (she was going to remonstrate at that but thought better of it) of yours. Think I want to take a better look at it. What say you head upstairs and disrobe so I can get a closer inspection?"

Kimberley's skin literally crawled at his lurid suggestion and the sleazy way he posed it like an offer when they both knew fine well it was an instruction cum threat. The same threat of revelation of Zack hung over her and though she tried to talk to her young blackmailer it was as pointless as before. Less than five minutes later she was heading upstairs with explicit instructions to strip off and lay on her and her husband's marital bed "spread eagle" so Curtis could "get a look at her goods". He had said he would give her only a couple of minutes and as she staggered up the stairs she did not even consider what he might be up to downstairs. She moved into the master bedroom and stood for a long moment staring at her reflection in her long dressing mirror. She wiped at her face and summoned up the courage to do this, she had to, for Zack's sake.

Her flowery blouse was the first thing to go, reluctantly, then she took off her plain white bra and dropped it to the carpet, on another day she would have been proud of her firm, toned stomach and her still firm 34c breasts. But not today. She stepped out of her long skirt and then from her white pants to stand before the mirror naked and could barely look at what she would be showing Curtis (and no doubt giving him free access to), her smooth legs, the thin stripe of blonde wispy hair at their top. What on earth was she doing?

But even as she looked at herself self consciously in the mirror she heard the heavy thud of his feet at the bottom of the staircase. She gave a nervous yelp and hurried over to lie on the bed as instructed and reluctantly spread her legs apart to give Curtis a hell of an eyeful when he entered the bedroom. He took his time, deliberately making Mrs Cole wait and wonder. But when he did eventually make the landing and glanced through the doorway he got a hell of a sight- the pretty housewife was spread eagled on the bed as instructed and had a great figure. Somewhat bizarrely Curtis was eating a banana as he entered the bedroom and had a bunch in his other hand, he had lifted it from their fruit bowl downstairs. He swung them as he walked up the side of the bed and took in the naked housewife spread out for his enjoyment.

"Nice. Roll over so I can get a good look at that ass."

Kimberley cringed as she obeyed his command, rolling over onto her front and displaying her finely toned ass for his inspection. She felt the clammy touch of his hands on her ass, feeling it, smoothing it then playfully spanking it and telling her to roll back onto her front. He had finished his banana and casually tossed it into the wastepaper bin before breaking another one off the bunch and handing it to her. Surprised she shook her head.

"No. No thank you, I'm not hungry."

He laughed and pushed the fruit back into her palm.

"No, you ain't eating it you're going to play with it. It isn't going in your mouth, I want to watch you stick it in another hole altogether!"

Kimberley was repulsed and told him so and said she would never do that but all it took was a shake of the bagged evidence in Curtis's jacket to reminder her of the stakes she was playing for and have her tentatively rubbing the long, yellow fruit across the front of her pussy. She kept that up for a couple of minutes before he got tired of waiting and demanded she stick the banana inside her, the rubbing at her clit had at least made her wet so the tip slide inside her and in no time at all it was buried half inside her and half sticking, obscenely out. Curtis laughed but one glance at his crotch told Kimberley that his cock had recovered from her earlier blow job and she could well imagine that it would not just be that banana that would be penetrating her today.

"Yeah! That's it Mrs Cole fuck yourself with it, work it! Slide it in and out, get it nice and wet for something bigger!"

Her white cheeks flushed with something between embarrassment and arousal as she did as he instructed and fucked herself with the banana and even worse once he had got his kicks watching her do that he instructed her to lick her own pussy juices right off the banana when it was pulled from her cunt.

Kimberley had resigned herself to doing whatever her young blackmailer wanted, such was her mother love for her son and the extent that she would go to protect him – if it meant discomfort and humiliation for her then so be it and she was certain that as bad as things had been so far that day they were about to get a whole lot worse. Finished with the banana for now Curtis took it from her and laid it on the dressing table and instructed her to get off the bed, onto her knees and to help him 'strip off'. He needed no help, his shirt and hoodie were already cast aside to reveal his muscular torso and arms but it gave him a real thrill to have his teacher's hot wife on her knees unbuckling his belt. And once it was unbuckled she reluctantly unzipped his jeans and pulled them to his feet. The bulge in his boxers was unmissable but as Kimberley made to hook her fingers into the waistband of his shorts he stopped her.

"No. No hands. I want you to just use your mouth to remove them."

Kimberley looked up into his mocking eyes with disgust and disdain but her refusal died on her lips and she found herself locking her teeth around the front waistband of his boxer shorts, his dick prodding her in the throat behind the cotton.

"Better get a move on, don't want your old man coming back and finding us like this do you? Can't imagine what he'd think?"

She lowered her head and the shorts came slowly down, revealing inch after inch of that thick, long cock she had sucked earlier until it sprung clear of the elastic and poked her in the eye, much to Curtis's amusement. He reached down and jostled his ball bag.

"Balls could do with a suck Mrs Cole, get them nice and primed for what's to come."

Now this Kimberley had never done before, yes she had given her husband oral sex once (before they were married, certainly never after!) and she had not enjoyed it but something as perverse as sucking this bastards balls? And yet she knew she was bound to do it and with a look on her face that would sour milk she leaned forward and took his big, hairy, heavy black balls into her mouth and began to suck and lick them. It was a strange sensation, not nice certainly but maybe that was more to do with the very idea of what she was doing rather than the actual act itself. Indeed had his balls been smooth it may even have been a mite relaxing but they weren't and his wiry pubic hair continually reminded her of the depravity she was sinking to. She sucked his balls and licked them, trying to block out the musky smell but failing miserably until her demanded that she get up and lie face down on the bed, her own marital bed. She felt so exposed, even more so than when lying, legs akimbo waiting for him earlier. She felt the bed shake as he got onto it behind her and quivered as his strong hands prised her thighs apart and he knelt between them, behind her.

"Please, at least wear protection, at least..."

Her words stopped dead as she felt the wet, warm of Curtis's penis, coated in pre-cum, press against her pussy lips then push its way inside her. She opened her mouth in shock but hardly made a noise as the younger man behind her slid his long, thick, slick cock deep within her. Kimberley had never had sex like this, 'doggy style' and was not used to a cock of this size and girth and besides that on her front like this it seemed to go even deeper. She was embarrassed to find that her own pussy was wet enough to allow him easy entry and while it made things painless for her it did make her wonder if somewhere deep down she wanted this. Even as she contemplated this his rough hands reached around her and grabbed her boobs and squeezed them and pawed them as he built up a steady pattern of deeper slow, penetrating thrusts that each ended with his balls slapping noisily against her backside.

Curtis grunted like a wild animal as he steadily fucked his former teacher's wife from behind, it gave him such a feeling of power to treat her like this and do this to her and he hoped that she was turned on too but did not really care if she was or wasn't. Yeah, her thought, if that racist Mr. Cole could just see him now as he relentlessly ploughed his cute wife with his big, black cock, he bet she had never had sex quite like this before. His hands strayed away from her breasts and he gave Mrs Cole's ass a few playful spanks before reaching forward and grabbing her long blonde hair and using it to help pull him even deeper with each pumping stroke. He was overwhelmed with this sensation, not just the sex but the power and revenge, it was all such an aphrodisiac to him and despite his best efforts he knew he would not hold out too long before flooding her womb with his seed.

Kimberley was in shock and did not even contemplate that he would cum inside her until she felt his body wracked by spasms then tense up then a warm feeling spurt against her pussy walls and she wanted to cry with frustration, firstly because he had violated like this but also because she wanted to cum also and had not been this close to climaxing for literally years. But it was not to be and her assailant was already getting off the bed and starting to get dressed, part of her wanted to beg him to finish her off but that was quickly silenced by the moral, principled side of her and glared at the youth getting dressed.

"Is that enough? Are you happy now? Is my son safe?"

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