tagInterracial LoveBlackmailed Husband-Seduced Wife

Blackmailed Husband-Seduced Wife


My name is Richard and I work for a large brokerage firm in Atlanta, Georgia. I am the chief financial officer and make very good money. No matter what they paid me, I would still be in debt. I have a bad habit. I gamble. I not only gamble. I lose. I should have been putting money away for retirement, but we are in debt up to our eyes. I have been working here for the last 10 years and am a very trusted employee. Thank God, I had enough sense to put the house and car in my wife's name. A little about me. I am 46, 5' 10" and about 180. I consider myself in pretty good shape.

I place my bets with a black employee, named Ron, who works in the accounting department. He makes me look small in size. He is 6' 3", about my age, and would weigh in at 240. He looks like all muscle. I have been dreading the day he asks me to pay up. He has been letting my bets slide, and now I'm into him for about 50,000. I don't even like to think about what he will do, when he gets tired of covering my losses. His bosses want their money now, not tomorrow. I cannot figure out why he pays my losses.

The only time, he was ever in my office, was last week. I placed a bet, and last night, my team lost. The debt is now up to 60,000. There was a strange thing happened, when he saw the picture of my wife. I always have her picture on the desk. I know he was going to give me a time limit on what I owe, but when he saw her photo, he seemed to change his mind. He never said anything about her. He just got a funny look in his eyes.

My wife Linda is the area co-ordinater for the anti-abortion league. She mostly arranges demonstrations at abortion clinics, and doctor’s homes. Actually, her group is a pain in the ass. She is 100% against abortion, in any shape, form, or fashion. She is 35, 5' 2" and petite. She was a beauty pageant winner while in college. She still has her good looks and is sexy as hell. She is temporarily out of a job. They closed the last abortion clinic in this area, and she is awaiting them to assign her another place. Even though, she would work away from home, the job allows her to take time off. We have been separated before, and never had a problem. I trust her completely. Believe it, or not, she was a virgin when we got married. I am the only man she has ever been with, though many have tried.

It was after 4pm, on a Friday afternoon. My secretary had left for the day. All of a sudden the door burst open, and there stood Ron. Oh My God, I thought, here it comes! Now what do I do? I don’t have his money, and no way of getting it.

He never said a word, until he had walked over, grabbed me around the neck and jerked me over my desk. My face was about six inches from his nose.

“You got my money, you piece of shit? I’m not waiting one more minute. Either, start counting out my money, or I’m going to break your arms and legs, Then I’ll disappear for six months and come back and break them again. You hear me you worthless bastard?”

He shoved me back into my chair so hard, the chair slammed up against the wall. For a moment, I was groggy. I thought, he’s going to kill me, and there’s not a thing I can do about it. God, what do I do? How do I get out of this?

“There is a way out, if you do exactly what I say” Exactly, what I say!” “Do you understand?”

All I could do was shake my head, yes.

“You are going to write me a check for $60,000.00. You are going to write it on a company check, and it is going to be drawn from your business account.”

“I can’t do that. That’s stealing. They will fire me, maybe prosecute!”

“The books won’t be audited again for another month. I’ll hold the check, and return it to you, if you do exactly as I say. Do you understand?”

“NO, I won’t do it”

He grabbed an arm and started to twist. “I’ll break this one right now, just so you will know I am serious!”

“I’ll do it. I’ll do it”, I screamed. “But why are you holding it for a month? What is it you want me to do?”

“Sit back down and relax. Let me tell you a story. About a year ago, I was married to a beautiful woman. By accident, she got pregnant. Our doctor had told her she could not have a baby. Having a baby would probably kill her. We went to an abortion clinic to terminate the birth. Our appointment for the abortion was right on the borderline of whether she had waited too long, or not. Another couple of days, and they would not abort the fetus. Guess who was picketing the clinic. Guess who prevented us from getting her abortion. The clinic stayed closed for a week. Four months ago, my wife and baby died. Your darling, precious wife killed her, as sure as if she had put a gun to her head, and pulled the trigger. I want satisfaction! I want revenge! And I’m going to have it, if I have to kill you and her, both.”

“How do you want revenge, Are you going to kill her? What are you going to do? How does this check come into everything? Are you going to hurt us?”

“Shut your stupid mouth for a minute, and I will tell you! I am going to live with you for a month. I am going to seduce your wife, and get her pregnant. She is going to deliver my son. I am going to do this, with or without your assistance.”

“NO! No! She would never go along with that! I am the only man she has ever been with. She would never let another man into her bed. Besides, she doesn’t like blacks, She says you are all animals. Getting your women pregnant every year, and then wanting abortions.”

“You let me worry about getting into her bed. You just tell her that I am a big client from New York, and your boss wants me to stay at your home, instead of a motel. You know, like a family thing. Make me comfortable and happy. At the end of a month, I tear up the check and you owe me nothing. You still have your job and reputation, and your arms and legs are still in working order. You don’t do this, and you will wish you were a dead man a thousand times over. You Got That?”

“What if she doesn’t let you seduce her? What if she will have nothing to do with you? Are you going to rape her, anyway?”

“No rape, no forcing, no pain. I only want the opportunity to seduce her, and she will give me permission to fuck her. She will beg me to fuck her, not once, but many times. You have no choice in the matter. You can help or hinder. It’s up to you.”

“Okay, I’ll tell her you are our guest for the next month. You are so confident you can fuck her, and I’m just as confident that you can’t. This will be an easy way to get out of debt with you.”

“Tell her tonight. Tell her that I will be over in the morning. You have to work tomorrow, but I don’t. This will give me a chance to talk to her, and see what kind of challenge, she is going to be. No screw ups! You fuck this up, and you’ll never fuck up anything else!”

“Alright, I’ll go along with everything. Something you missed, if by some wild chance, however unlikely, you fuck her, and she gets pregnant, what happens to the child? I’m not raising a black bastard.”

“I don’t want no whitey raising my son. I’ll take him, and neither you or her will ever see either of us again.”

“I’ll tell her tonight, and tell her you will be by about 10 in the morning. Is that okay?”

“That’s good. See you tomorrow night, when you get home from work. I’ll be on your sofa watching your TV. Oh, I almost forgot a little condition; you might want to know about. When she is primed to be fucked, I want you to watch how a real man handles a woman.” You won’t have to be in the room, but I want you someplace, where you can see and hear her beg for my cock. We wouldn’t want to have any misunderstandings, would we?”

“You win. I can’t argue anymore. You know you have me exactly where you want me. You know there is nothing I can do.”

“WHAT! WHAT! You want a black man to live in this house for the next month? Are you crazy? Have you lost what little brains you had? NO Way, Jose! You can forget it. Get him a motel. Let someone else take care of him. I’m not having an animal living in my house! Why? Why did you agree to this?

“If you will settle down, I will tell you. He is a very important client, and will mean millions for the firm. By doing this, I will get a hefty bonus. You know we can use the money. Since you have been out of work, we are just barely making ends meet. We need the money! It is only for one month. He will be gone most of each day, and I will be home in the evening. You will seldom be alone with him.”

“When is he going to be here?”

“Tomorrow morning, about 10.”

“TOMORROW? YOU ALREADY AGREED, WITHOUT ASKING ME? Okay, let me calm down. If he’s coming tomorrow, you meet him, and I will go shopping for the day.”

“I won’t be here. I have to work all day tomorrow.”

“OH NO YOU DON’T! You just told me, I wouldn’t be spending time alone with him and on the very first day, I will be alone with him all day? I hate you! You know that? I hate you. Why did you put me in this position?”

“I’m sorry darling. I love you, and would not do this, if we weren’t is such bad need of money.”

“Oh shut up! You don’t know what love is.”

Promptly at 10 am, the doorbell rang. Linda answered the door and there stood a tall, muscular black man. He wasn’t bad looking, considering he was black. He was dressed in a tee shirt and spandex shorts, and was carrying a suitcase. He held out his big hand, and said, hello, I’m Ron. Linda felt foolish not wanting to shake his hand. His big hand engulfed her small dainty fingers. It was then that she looked down and saw the outline of what looked like a roll of sausage, between his legs. Her mouth dropped open in amazement. That couldn’t be his dick! But, what was it? Why would he put something in his shorts? Could it possibly be real? Maybe, they really are animals! Horses! She looked back up at his face, but he seemed to be looking over her shoulder at the house. Thank God, he hadn’t seen her looking at that monster!

She got him settled into the guest room, and the next couple of hours were spent in small talk. He was actually very easy to talk to, if you ignored his color. He was still wearing those shorts, and whenever he wasn’t looking, she kept glancing at the lump in them. She had never had any desire to see another man besides her husband, but now, she was curious to see if he was real. She wanted to know if any man could be that big, and she would never believe it, unless she actually saw it with her own eyes. After a couple of glasses of wine, she was beginning to enjoy their discussion. When he said, he wanted to take a shower, she showed him the bath, and told him where to find whatever he needed. In about 10 minutes, he was yelling, Linda, I can’t find the towels.

“Oh, Oh, the towels are still in the dryer from yesterday. Richard and I used the last two clean ones this morning. “I’ll bring them right up.” I yelled. I was carrying the towels upstairs, and as I got to the top of the stairs, I was looking directly into the bathroom. The door was open! Where was he? As I stepped inside the bathroom door, he stepped out of the shower. Stark naked! I couldn’t keep my eyes from looking between his legs. It was real!! I have never even imagined anything that big. How in God’s name could a woman take that inside her? Maybe, black women were larger than white women. I looked up and he was smiling at me.

“I’ve seen you looking at this all day. Would you like to touch him for a moment? You could watch him grow to his full size.”

My hand made a move toward him, but I jerked it back. “No, I don’t want to touch you, and you should cover yourself.” I closed the door behind me and ran down the stairs. I could hear him laughing. I was so embarrassed! He knew I wanted to touch and feel him. He knew I was fascinated with the size of his monster dick. I have always felt that blacks were below my station. I have seldom even spoken to one. What has happened to me in one day? For one thing, I had never imagined the size of their manhood. I hadn’t thought about it at all, and now I have been trying to glimpse one all day, then after seeing it, almost put my fingers around it.

My husband has a respectable six inches, and has always been able to satisfy me. Now, I keep thinking of a twelve inch dick, that is more than twice as big around than his. Would it fit into me? What’s wrong with me? Was it the wine? I’m not like this.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. Ron took a nap and then watched TV. I puttered around outside, trying to stay away from him. Richard came home a little after six. He came into the kitchen and asked how my day had been. I said okay. What was I supposed to say? Was I supposed to tell him I had been dreaming of a big, black dick all afternoon? I joined the men, after doing the dishes. They were laying back on the sofa, with their legs on the coffee table. Richard was still wearing long pants, but Ron had on a pair of boxers. When Ron crossed his legs, the head of his dick was visible from the bottom of his shorts. I was sitting across from them, and couldn’t help, but look. Richard caught me once, and looked to see what I was looking at. He knew I kept glancing at Ron’s crotch. Richard just looked at me, but never said a word. I don’t think he cared! What is going on here?

Monday morning, Richard went off early to work. Ron said he had a meeting at noon, and was just going to lay around and relax until then. He was wearing silk pajama bottoms, and no top. Naturally, he never wore underwear. I don’t believe he had any! Whenever he walked, his massive dick could be seen swinging back and forth. He set down on the sofa next to me, and casually took my hand into his. He brought my hand over his crotch and lowered it onto his dick. I was paralyzed! I didn’t know what to do. I could feel him through his pajamas. It was moving! Getting bigger! Oh My God! It was sticking straight up out of his pj’s. It must have been 12 or 14 inches long. It looked like a big charcoaled log! He removed his hand, but I couldn’t remove mine. I was moving my fingers around, and over it. My fingers wouldn’t even go half-way around it.

“Move your fingers up and down the shaft”, he whispered.

It’s like my fingers had a mind of their own. They were separated from the rest of my body. I stroked up and down as best as I could. It was too big for him to get much feeling from only my small hand.

“Use your other hand, too” he said.

I reached over with my other hand and stroking him was much easier. I was mesmerized by the feel and size of him.

He reached over and put his hand on the back of my head. He was pushing my head toward his black dick! My lips were touching the head!

“Open your mouth and kiss it,” he urged.

I couldn’t! I couldn’t take that thing into my mouth! I didn’t even like doing that for Richard. He had my mouth pressed against the head, and struggling was useless. He was too strong! I opened my mouth, just to lick it for a minute. It was smooth and not bad at all. I slowly tried to get the head into my mouth. My mouth was stretched wide, as the head went inside. I just held it there, and licked the head. My hands were still stroking the shaft. He must have been really excited, for I felt his dick stiffen, and get bigger, if that is possible. All of a sudden, his hand was on the back of my head and pushing me forward. Then, his dick started to spurt gobs of cum into my mouth and down my throat. He was drowning me! I was drowning in cum and couldn’t get away! I had to swallow, and swallow, still, I couldn’t swallow fast enough! It ran out of my mouth and down onto my hands. I thought he would never stop! It never tasted bad, as I imagined it would. Actually, I kind of enjoyed making a dick that size cum. It was a feeling of power! I licked all the cum from my lips, and brought my fingers into my mouth. I cleaned them too. I was in a daze. Sort of detached from reality.

“Was that the first time you ever drank a black man’s cum?” he asked.

“What? What did you say?”

“I said, was that the first time you ever swallowed a black man’s cum?”

“Oh God, Oh My God!!” I jumped up and ran for the bathroom. I grabbed the mouthwash and washed out my mouth. I could still taste him! I hurriedly brushed my teeth, including my tongue, and all around inside my mouth. I could still taste him! The taste was in the back of my throat and in my nose! Oh God, I actually let a black animal cum inside my mouth. What was I going to do? Act like it never happened? Pretend I couldn’t help myself? Tell myself, that he forced me? Well, it was over, and would never happen again! A little voice inside my head, seemed to deny that. I was so upset, I took a valium and went to my room to lie down for awhile. Maybe he will leave, go somewhere. Anywhere! As long as I don’t have to face him!

In the bedroom, I could tell my panties were soaking wet. I was wearing a strapless sundress, with a flared bottom. I removed my panties, but didn’t seem to have the energy to put on another pair. What did it matter? After all, I was in my bedroom, in my bed. I needed to sleep awhile and maybe it would clear my mind. Put my thoughts in on order, so to speak. I was emotionally exhausted. The last thing I remember before drifting off into a sound sleep, was the memory of how soft the head of his dick had been.

Ron waited for half an hour before going upstairs. He wanted to taste that white pussy, and had no intention of waiting another day! Going to her room, he gently pushed open the door. Linda was lying on her back, sound asleep. He tiptoed next to the bed and slowly raised the hem of her dress. She wasn’t wearing panties! Her neatly trimmed pubic mound was just asking for his attention. From the foot of the bed, he inched his head and shoulders between her legs. He gently raised her hips, and put his arms under them. His mouth was only inches from her dripping wet pussy. He could smell her excitement. He touched her clitoris with his tongue, and slowly rotated it around and around. Then, he looked at her face to see if she had awakened. She had a smile on her face, but was still sound asleep. I wonder if she’s dreaming about me and my long tongue, he thought. It didn’t seem she was going to awaken, and this was the perfect opportunity to do some serious pussy eating. He stuck his long, thick tongue inside her wet pussy and licked up all the juices, he could reach. She was starting to moan in her sleep. After fucking her with his tongue, he went back to her love bud. Now, she was moaning constantly, and was becoming louder. He looked again, but she still had that smile on her face, and was evidently asleep. He gave his full attention to her pussy, licking, sucking, and fucking her with his tongue.

I was having such an erotic dream. Richard was eating me, but as never before. His tongue was bigger, and now much more exciting. He was reaching places and doing things, he had never done before. Why had he waited, to let me know how well he could eat pussy? Oh God, it felt so good! I was going to cum! He had never made me cum this way before. I had never really liked him doing this, but from now on, he was going to do it every night! Oh…, Oh…, I’m cumming! So good..so good.

When she started cumming, I almost cum myself. Another couple of minutes, and I eased her legs back down, slid off the foot of the bed, and put her dress back in place. I closed the door, as I left the room. I wonder what she is going to think when she wakes up. Will she remember, or believe it was just a dream. The next item on the agenda, is to get my cock into that tight hole. I’ll work on that tomorrow. After all, I still have 27 days!

When I woke up, it was almost time for Richard to come home. I rushed downstairs to start supper. Ron had gone outside, somewhere. I was glad of that. I didn’t know what to say to him. I felt so refreshed, relaxed, almost as if I had climaxed. The dream!!! I climaxed in my sleep! I haven’t done that since I was in college. Strange though, I was dreaming of Richard, but it never felt like him. He doesn’t have that kind of experience. Looking out the window, I saw Ron coming toward the back door. He was licking on an ice cream cone. His tongue! That’s the tongue that was licking me! It was no dream, or was it? Did I only imagine it was Richard, but with Ron’s tongue? Did he really eat me, while I was sleeping? Do I want to know?

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