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Blackmailed Pretty Wife


I was sitting in my office in a small Scandinavian town and it was a nice lazy sunny Thursday morning at the end of June. Like everybody else, I was looking forward to a four week summer holiday, which began at noon on Friday. Then I got the mail and shit hit the fan. No business mail today and the only mail was an anonymous letter, which read:

"Dear friend, the cruel truth is that you are one of the last ones in town to know that Peter Jensen has fucked your wife at a bar backroom. He is so proud of getting her tipsy and laid that he is bragging about what he have done and what he is going to do during your two week Bornholm holiday. He will be your neighbor there because it was he who via a fellow-worker arranged your wife to rent the holiday house in the same village where he has rented one. His cousin works at a hotel between the village and city and he demands Carolina going alone for shopping and on her way have a 'fucking stop' with him at his cousin's room during the drive to the city. The cousin is promised to fuck Carolina for the rent of his room. Peter has bragged to make a nasty video of him doing it all her holes, which he promised to show for his friends and at her job. Dear husband, Please STOP IT! A real friend."

I took me at least a half hour to be able to begin thinking with a clear mind again. Peter was married to a cousin of one of my friends, a bragging asshole that I never had liked. We had met at some parties now and then and he had never made any secret of that he had fucked Carolina, my spouse since six years, before she and I met. Carolina and I had never invited him any of our parties though he and Carolina worked at the same bank but at different offices, as far I knew.

When Carolina booked the holiday house she told me she had got the tip from a female fellow worker at the bank who had booked the house but her husband could not take these two weeks of from his job. Carolina had got the holiday house for a bargain so we accepted. If I had known that even this Peter was going to same place at the same time as us, it had not been any Bornholm holiday that year. Bornholm is a small Danish island in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Germany, much closer to Sweden than to the Danish mainland. It is famous as a tourist spot with nice beaches, holiday villages and for it's many fish restaurants. Not much hot nightlife so it is popular among families and retired people.

However, this story began six years ago when my "dream girl" Linda dumped me in favor for a rich daddy's spoiled son. Linda is the only child in a rich family, a real "family girl" who is almost perfect in most matters. A real beauty, well educated and bright minded. She was a perfect girl to marry and settle down with after my "wild years". I did my best to be a her "dream boy" and everything seemed to be OK except that her parents didn't like me at all. They regarded me as a gigolo and always told me that they wanted something better for their daughter and therefore they did everything they could do to get Linda dump me and at last they succeed. At a dinner for their business friends Linda had been seated next to a handsome son of one of their new business acquaintances and that well speaking wealthy womanizer had made such an impression on her that she accepted his invitation to a weekend in Paris, dumped me and went away with him. To her parent's great pleasure she moved into his apartment soon after they returned after their extended one week long week-end.

I met Carolina at a dance. She was quite opposite to Linda. Carolina was as real "party girl" with a reputation of "good fuck" who used to dump boyfriends at least once a month. In fact it was Carolina who took the first step and asked me for a dance. She told me that she knew about how Linda had dumped me and that Linda was a silly cow in her opinion. Then when I told her that she was much prettier than Linda and, as a joke, asked her to comfort me and she laughing told me, "Yes, of course" I got flattered. We danced several tunes, even the last one and ended up in my apartment for a nightcap and necking.

Of course, we both wanted to do the same thing and when Carolina told me that she regretted to say that she had a rule which says "no sex during the first date" I suggested the "Canadian University Code of Honor" an ancient English code remaining from the colonial days when Canada was a vast wilderness where people in love had only a few chances to meet before the marriage. Of course nobody in England knows about such code but I told her it is still in use in some remote area university in the exotic far away land Canada. Carolina accepted the terms with a sweet smile and probably understood that it was pure mumbo-jumbo but it gave both of us what we wanted. Who cares that nobody in Canada has ever heard about such code because it is my own invention. However, it had worked on Linda and now I got bingo with Carolina. We simply regarded our first night as our sixth date and I promised to be faithful and date her at least six times if she wanted. Who can blame a lady who demands six dates before spreading her legs? Never mind how the dates are counted.

Linda had been the "dream girl" in many ways but sex wasn't her best ability. When she dumped me we still were at missionary positions in a dark room. Carolina was quite different; she really enjoyed sex during the whole night. She began sucking me stone hard and then riding me getting two orgasms before I couldn't resist letting it go. Then she sucked me hard again and wanted a long lasting missionary fuck. She got what she wanted and even a wild fuck in doggy style. When we woke up at noon, Linda was forgotten and I was happy to have six dates to go with Carolina. When we had our six dates and had fucked as minks during every date, Carolina demanded that due to all the fucking we still were on point one and had six dates to go and I had no objections. To my great surprise and pleasure she was faithful to me and I didn't care about her earlier reputation as a wild party girl. I was now in love with her and we really had fun together. She spent more time at my place than at her own and I had begun to get a hope of living together with her in a larger apartment.

But one evening she came to me with tears in her eyes and asked me, "Is it true that you are going to dump me and go back to her?"

"Back to who?"

"Linda has dumped her rich boyfriend and will take you back and marry you. She is rich and can give you everything you want and I don't have nothing."

"Linda is not going to marry me? Never. Of course you have something to give me Carolina, your love. I love you and no Linda can take me away from you. She is history."

"I love you too and want to move in here and live with you."

Linda rang me but I told her that she had made her choice and I had done mine in which she wasn't included. She understood. Even her father rang me and told me that he and his wife understood that Linda did a big mistake when she left me and I should be regarded as a member of their family if I went back to Linda. I told him I was sorry for Linda but I was already taken.

Carolina and I got a nice apartment, got engaged and she got pregnant. Carolina was now a perfect spouse and when we had got two kids in two years she was a great mother to them. When the youngest kid was two years old Carolina got a temporary job at a bank. She did it very well and soon got both a real job and a promotion. Then one of her male semi-bosses had heard rumors of her past wild days and began to sex harass her. He got fired and she got his job and a nice salary. Now we could afford to buy a nice house and everything was fine until I got the letter.

When the shit had hit the fan I had rang a few calls and even met a few people who knew Peter and got the same information from several different sources who had heard Peter's bragging about what he had done and what nasty things he was going to do with Carolina.

I did my military service in the navy. The cold war was over and no need for much border patrols at the sea so we spent most of the time at the base. We were six guys from the same minesweeper who became very close friends and opened an illegal gambling business. We did booking for horse races, bought and sold shares from the famous Spanish lottery "El Gordo" which kept us busy and gave us some profit, which we "invested" on "wine, women and song" and had fun doing it. We six were from different parts of the country, had different professions and interests and promised to have regular reunions and help each other's if any of us got problems. If Peter had kept his mouth shut and been satisfied with what he had got or taken at the bar it had been an affair for Carolina and me to solve. But by bragging about pimping her to his cousin and forcing her to participate in a video he had humiliated me much more than a man could take. Now I had got serious problems and therefore rang two of the ex navy guys and both said OK to my suggestions.

The weather forecasts promised nice weather at the southern Baltic Sea and I decided to spend the two weeks at Bornholm we had paid in advance. Didn't mention anything to Carolina when I got home. Even she and the children looked forward to the lazy days at the beach.

Even the Friday was quite at the job. My navy pals rang me and told me that everything was under control and wished me a pleasant holiday. I went home at noon and we began packing for the trip. Carolina was as usual. When she was sleeping I went up and took her cell phone from her purse. No clues in it, everything deleted, no messages, no text messages and no incoming call numbers. I put it down in a bag with my clothes.

Saturday morning before we left for our holiday Carolina was searching for her cell phone almost in panic so I told her, "You don't need it, I have mine and we are going to be together the whole time there."

She gave me a strange look and replied, "But I'll feel safer if I have a phone when I'm going for shopping or something."

"The family is always going together."

Now she had a confused look in her face but she gave up her searching and we drove away towards the south Swedish town Ystad, the main port for the ferries to Bornholm and the fastest connection from all Scandinavian countries. I knew that Peter had got tickets to the fast catamaran but it was sold out when I booked for us so we had to take the slower ferry. It didn't matter because it was an advantage not to have to see that asshole onboard the ferry.

When we had been on the road for about a half hour and I was sure that even Peter and his family was on the road I rang his cell phone. It was his wife Margret who took the call, "Hi it's Maggie"

"Hi Maggie, it's Kenneth Anderson, Carolina's husband. Even we are going to the same resort at Bornholm but I regret to say that I have bad news for you."

"Hi Ken, what's the matter?"

"Your asshole husband has fucked Carolina, and have bragged about blackmailing her to participate in porn video together with his pervert cousin who works in Bornholm. I'll castrate that damn bastard if I'll see him close Carolina there. May I speak to the asshole?"


"Hi asshole, I know what you've done to Carolina and what you've planned to do with her on Bornholm. I'll whip the shit of you when we are back home and until then, if I see you close to any member of my family at Bornholm, I'll crash your balls without any warning."

I hope they got a "pleasant journey" in Peter's car. In our car Carolina had began crying with her face in an ash gray color. I told her, "I know everything about that Peter and you planned to go alone for shopping and stop for fucking at his cousin's room at the hotel where he works. Did you know that your dear Peter had plans for you in threesome with his cousin and a hardcore video of the pervert cousin fucking you? Wasn't therefore your cell phone was so important for you?"

"Of my God it's not what you think. I'm sorry and can explain everything."

"I already know everything. That asshole has been bragging about his new video with his damn pervert cousin fucking you in all holes and promised lot of people to show it to them. Your fellow workers and bosses at the bank will probably get their own copies because that damn rat can't accept that you have been much more successful than he."

"Please let me explain, it's not what you think."

"Enough of that subject for time being. I want us be together during the whole holiday and you to keep away from that asshole. We'll have a serious talk when we are back home again but until then let's enjoy our holiday."


"No, not now."

We didn't say anything to each others until were sitting in the cafeteria on the ferry and even then we were more interested about the children than each other's.

When we arrived to the holiday resort I noted that Peter's new Mercedes parked outside a house about 500 meters from us with several houses between which was OK and I didn't see him at all during the rest of the Saturday or the whole Sunday. But there was a text message in Carolina's cell phone, which read:

"What's wrong? Why have you told the wimp about us? I must see you my love. You can't escape from me. P."

I didn't bother to reply because I had seen the note on the supermarket message board when we were shopping at Saturday afternoon:

"Horny 28 year old blond wife with impotent husband want cheer up my holiday with advanced sex. I'll be at XXX Holiday Resort during the two first weeks of July. You virile generous man who want share my interests please call xxxxxxxx or xxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxx Maggie."

I knew that those adverts printed both in Danish and German was spread over the whole island. I think and hope Peter's and Maggie's cell phones got hot. The third number was for their home phone, which probably was switched to Peter's cell phone during the holiday,

Carolina woke me up at 4 o'clock at the Monday morning and thought there were a fire at somewhere in the resort as she had heard an alarm for several minutes. I went out and walked around the house without seeing anything unusual so I went to bed again.

At 9 in the morning when we were eating breakfast the local police came in to us and asked questions if we had seen anything unusual during the night. I told them the truth that Caroline had heard something she thought was a fire alarm and woke me up and I went around the house without seeing any fire or smoke. Then the police told me that a car owned by a Peter Jensen had got all tires stabbed, all glass smashed, the hood and all doors dented and "GO HOME" written on it's both sides. Their neighbor and Peter's wife had seen three men run away. He gave us a card and asked us to phone them if found out something.

He didn't ask me anything about Carolina's fucking with Peter or "Maggie's advertising" and as I didn't knew anything about those things, I had no reason to mention it.

Later, back home some friends told me that Peter and Maggie had told the police that I knew about Peter and Caroline and therefore I was the main suspect. But as the police could see in their cell phones that the sex calls had began more than one hour before my ferry arrived to the island and both Maggie and their neighbor had seen three men run away, I could not have done any of those things. Of course I didn't rang or connected any local people except at shops and restaurants on the island during my stay there.

Peter's Mercedes was first taken to the local Mercedes service and the taken home. There was a Toyota outside his house during Monday but at Tuesday it was gone and we didn't see it again. Later when I rang home to Carolina's brother who took care of our house during the holiday he told me that Peter and Maggie was at home because there was some serious water damage in their house. I can't say I was sorry for that.

During the first days on the island Carolina had been silent as a zombie but when we had got rid of Peter, she began to beam up with joy to the usual jolly Carolina again and became "a perfect dream wife". Her intentions were to show me that she was such a good spouse that a sane man didn't want to dump her when we got back home.

She really worked hard to be good in every way, even in the bed. When the children was sleeping she used to lick me stone hard and play with the dickhead with the tip of her tongue before she climbed on me and let her wet but still tight pussy slowly sink over the hard pole to give me as great sex as we had when we first met.

One night she rolled a condom on my hard cock and begged me to be the first and only man to fuck her cherry ass, which she had lubricated with olive oil. Not my main interest but after all it was better that I did it that than those perverts who had planned to do it. She got on her all four with her bottoms slowly shaking in fear for the expected pain. I did my best to be as careful as possible and began to enter her very slowly. She was very tight and it wasn't easy to get in. I could only push in small bit a time and stop as soon as her muffled groans of pain increased. However, after a while I was in her and began to fuck her slowly and even began a gentle stroking of her hard clit and went on with that till she got an orgasm witch got her to began shaking in such frenzy that I had to let my load go.

It was only the second back door sex for me. My first experience was at a wild bachelor party before I met Carolina when the hired stripper had a lottery with her three holes. The groom won the anal act but refused to do it so I saved him and offered to do it instead of him and with the stripper's experience it had been a quick affair. I had not did any serious attempts to do it with Carolina because she had told me that such a demand of an, in her opinion, perverted act could get serious problems in our relation. But now in her efforts to save our relation she had skipped all her limits and did everything she could to please me though I didn't demand anything extra or had mentioned our problems with a word. I only did my best to be the usual "good guy" during the whole holiday.

Carolina mentioned that she had found the condoms in the small shop at the resort reception the same day and got a plan to give me a surprise. It wasn't as bad as she had feared but she preferred our average sex much better. But she would not have any objections if I wanted it again sometimes in the future. What could I say?

Our pleasant two weeks on a sunny island went fast and on the way home I noted that Carolina got more and more silent and when we had unloaded the car and the children got sleeping she began to cry. We sat down in the living room and I asked her, "Why?"

"It was a terrible mistake, the worst one I ever done. I'm sorry and will never do that again if you forgive me. I beg you."

"Let's talk first. When?"

"After I been his temporary boss for a week"


"Peter and the three girls wanted to thank me for good co-operation with a drink at the nearby bar after the work at Friday afternoon. The girls left after a drink but Peter and I stayed talking about old times. You know that Peter and I were together for a while before I met you. However, he had good connections at that bar and fixed a bottle of Champagne served in a in some kind of a 'chambre separe' a small private semi dark room with only a sofa and a table. At first he was very charming but then he began necking. I must confess that to the beginning I didn't much resistance. Of course I did serious attempts to resist when the necking became more intensive but my attempts was obviously not strong enough because after a while he had me down on the sofa and succeeded to pull down my pantyhose and forced a finger into my pussy and when he had got me wet, he soon penetrated me. I swear that I didn't feel anything else than pain and humiliation. I did my best to resist him and regret that I didn't scream for help. I've never before felt such remorse and never before been so humiliated as when Peter said with a devilish smile on his face, 'From now on I can fuck you when I want and next time you'll be naked'."

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