tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailed Teachers Ch. 02

Blackmailed Teachers Ch. 02



Another Thursday night in the sleepy village finds Julie, Pam and Louise all visiting at Headmistress Maureen's house for their weekly naughty 'Ladies night', their fantasy escape into the world of erotic stories and subtle role playing.

Youngest of the group, elfin brunette Louise, dressed in her customary naughty school girl outfit, was in the middle of a very sultry reading of a story from Literotica about an older woman who sexually dominates a younger couple when the doorbell rang.

Louise broke off from reading and looked at Maureen puzzled, not really knowing what to do. In all the Thursday evenings they had been holding their little get-togethers no one had ever visited Maureen's house before. Maureen was a stand-offish person and other than these three colleagues enjoyed her own company and her own imagination far more than that of other people. Maureen, however, was not ruffled and motioned for Louise to sit and strode purposefully from the room, closing the door firmly behind her. The other three women were certain Maureen would deal with whoever was there quickly and efficiently, she was just that type of woman.

"She's so masterful, isn't she?" giggled Louise to the other two.

Julie nodded and added.

"Yeah and she really comes into her own when she has to take charge of a situation."

Indeed Maureen did, the Headmistress at the school where the other three worked in various capacities was just in her fifties, a striking woman with jet black hair and a very buxom figure and held herself with great deportment and importance. She was as Julie noted, always in command of a situation.

Which made it all the more disconcerting when Maureen returned to the room with a puzzled, if not concerned look on her face and a plastic supermarket bag in her hand. The other three looked at her for an explanation.

"I found this hanging on my door handle. No one to be seen anywhere. Evidently whoever left it had taken off before I got there. Most strange."

"What's in it?" asked Pam.

"That's just what I'm going to find out!"

She opened the bag and pulled out a large brown envelope and a video tape. With every passing second each of the women got more and more worried. Maureen used an ornate envelope opener to tear the top of the envelope and she reached in and looked at the sheet and her face went immediately white and she sat down. The other three just looked at her in confusion.

"Oh dear."

In Maureen's hands were a series of photographs and scans. The one on top of the pile was designed for, and gave maximum impact. It clearly showed Louise (dressed as a naughty schoolgirl) bent over Maureen's knee and being spanked while Julie and Pam watched on. It was clearly the four of them though any ambiguity was removed in the following pictures which were of all of them in various stages of their evening. It was hardly the most damning of evidence by themselves, after all none of the women showed much skin other than Louise's lovely bottom. But still the effect was like ice down their backs. Clearly somebody knew about their evening get togethers. They did not want to put the tape in Maureen's old style video unit but they all knew they must. And when they did and saw what was on it there could be no doubt -- they were going to be blackmailed.

The film was of them in the room from the previous week, it captured both picture and sound perfectly. Of Louise being soundly spanked by Maureen while the other two looked on. Of Julie reading out a kinky, taboo story from Literotica while the others listened intently, of Pam handing out and discussing pornographic pictures that went with the story. Really, for four women all employed in a secondary school in some capacity it was quite controversial stuff despite containing no sexual interaction physically. They watched the tape in dismayed silence which was only broken, apologetically by Maureen after a few moments.

"Ah, there's a note!"

Maureen read the note in her hands in stunned silence before reading it out loud to the others in a trembling, unsure voice that far removed from her normal on.

"I know what you all do on a Thursday night. As you can see I have plenty of pictures and footage. Do not look for the camera, if you do then all this will go straight to the school authorities, the PTA and the local press. I don't want money from you, just power. From now on your Thursday night meetings are going to be dictated by me and you are going to do a lot more than just read those stories and show the pictures, believe me. If you go to the police or try to discover who I am I will immediately hand over my pictures and films. The choice is yours to make, but you will make it tonight. If you all are willing to comply with my demands then you will each remove your knickers that you are currently wearing, place them inside the bag the pictures and tape came in and hang it on the door handle where you found this. Failure to do this within 30 minutes will see my evidence sent to the local rag and the school board. Don't try anything stupid I am both watching and listening. After you hang the bag up retreat to your living room, wait ten minutes and there will be another instruction for you, if you try to look I will know and will follow through on my threat."

The company of woman sat in stunned silence as Maureen finished the note before breaking into a loud, uncontrolled babble as each tried to shout what to do and ask a hundred questions. It was hopeless. Finally, Maureen regained some of her composure and got the quietened down to listen to her.

"Well ladies, it seems we are at a disadvantage and have a rather unsavoury decision to make. If it were only myself involved I would force this man's (it must be a man!) hand and call his bluff. But it is not just myself and I am fully aware that each of you have husbands as well as your jobs to consider. But if my experience tells me anything if we do as he asks tonight then we are giving him carte blanche for the future and we shall face the intolerable blackmail until this creature bores of us. Well what do we do?"

They all spoke again at once but Maureen quietened them down and one by one they had their thoughts.

Pam: "We have to do it, maybe that's all he wants -- our knickers, God knows, maybe he gets off on sniffing them. We do it then never speak of this again."

Louise: "Oh God, oh god, oh god. If my Alistair (her prudish husband) finds out he'll kill me! My parents will die of shame. I'll lose my job! I'll never work again. Oh god. Oh god!"

Julie: "I think we have to do what he says Maureen, we've all got too much to lose to call his bluff, even you. The Board will remove you in a heartbeat over this type of controversy, you know it."

So it was agreed they would all comply with the blackmailers demands. Julie looked at her watch they had ten minutes to do what he wanted.

"Well, if we're going to do this I guess we'd better get going."

With that Julie took the lead and reached under her knee length secretary skirt and, after some rummaging about, pulled down and stepped out of a pair of bright pink ladies pants. They were by no means dainty and had a very obvious dark, wet patch at the front of them. As Julie rolled her skirt back into place and held up her pants she tried to explain.

"Well I was getting pretty damp until that bloody bag arrived."

The others seemed emboldened by Julie's move and soon they were sitting down busying themselves with removing their own underwear, the atmosphere heavy with unspoken tension. Maureen was wearing an old fashioned pair of large 'granny' style panties, while Pam was wearing quite the girlie pair of frilly white knickers, Louise, of course removed her white cotton schoolgirl style pants. Soon four pairs of worn panties were lying on Maureen's coffee table and four pairs of eyes looked hard at them, trying desperately not to ne aroused by the situation but not quite succeeding.

"Right then, lets give the pervert what he wants shall we?" said Maureen and she got up, picked up the panties one at a time and dropped them into the bag and headed out to the door with it. She returned in seconds and sat on her sofa beside Louise and all four women sank into a deep silence.

They were worried, that was for sure. Worried about what was going to happen next, worried about their employers, family and friends finding out what they all did together on these nights. But they were also acutely aware that all of them were wearing skirts and all of them had no underwear on, Julie had not been the only one whose panties had been wet, just the only one whose were so visibly wet.

They also looked nervously around the room, aware that somewhere there was a video camera trained on them, watching them and recording them and as per the blackmailers instructions they could do nothing about it.

After ten long minutes during which nary a word was spoken between the four of them Maureen pushed herself to her feet and went to the door, she returned with just a letter.

"Well. They're gone and this was left, let's see what he wants now" she read it out loud but rather understandably her voice faded away somewhat as she continued.

"You have made the right decision ladies, this offering has bought my silence for this week. You will all be here as usual for next Thursday evening to see if you are willing to buy it next week. In the meantime, for my amusement and because the Headmistress in your midst described me, rather unfairly, as a pervert, you will do one last thing for me tonight. I want to see you bent over Louise's knee, your skirt hiked up and the other women allowed to spank you fifteen times. And girls if I'm not convinced you're spanking Maureen as hard as you possibly can then the deals off. I'll be watching!"

Maureen finished reading the note and looked up. For a woman used to being in complete command of any situation she suddenly looked lost.

"He's up there listening and laughing at us, using us as his playthings, the bastard!" swore Julie looking concerned at her friend and boss.

"Be that as it may, we shall have to obey him I fear, come, let's get this over with shall we?"

With that Maureen leaned down and moved on top of Louise's thighs and knees, pulling her skirt up as she went down and leaving Louise looking at her white backside. For a moment she was totally at a loss.

"Well? What are you waiting for Miss Milne? Get spanking and let's get this embarrassment over with as quickly as possible, and you'd better make it as hard as you can like he says, let's not antagonise him shall we."

Louise was blushing like crazy, this was such a role reversal she enjoyed being bent over her bosses knee and treated like a naughty school girl and being told to do it back was totally alien to her. Her first blow was a weak, timid affair and all three of the other women hissed after it at her.

"Christ Louise give it more than that! You heard what he said if he thought we weren't doing it hard enough!"

Louise looked like she would burst into tears but managed to nod and delivered her second, this time much harder slap with her palm to Maureen's backside. Julie and Pam nodded encouragingly and she set to dishing out the requisite number of spanks. Each sharply delivered blow made the Headmistress's ass cheeks glow a little redder and despite themselves and the situation Louise, Pam and Julie were all rather enjoying the fact that for once it was Maureen taking the punishment.

After Louise's fifteen spanks Pam came up and cracked down her fifteen in short order, secretly enjoying spanking her Headmistress and by the time it was Julie turn Maureen's bottom was bright red and not a little warm from the feel of palm on cheek.

When it was over Maureen was quite out of breath and though she daren't admit it to the others was turned on at being so ruthlessly spanked by them. She very matter-of-factly got up off Louise's knee and brushed her skirt flat and addressed them as if nothing had happened.

"Well ladies, I think we should call it a night there, I'm sure we've all learned a valuable lesson tonight."

The other murmured their assent although all of them had their own thoughts and worries on their blackmail and on the prospects of going home with no knickers on.

Not so far away their blackmailer was thinking of what fun he could have with them next week....

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