tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailed Teachers Ch. 03

Blackmailed Teachers Ch. 03


All four of the women being blackmailed for their actions at their weekly fantasy escapism evening were made even more aware of their tenuous predicament in the week after their blackmailer announced himself. And as all the things that happened were at their place of work, the school where they were employed in different capacities, it seemed evident the blackmailer must have some connection to it. But who, or even what was he? A teacher? A pupil? The janitor? Suddenly the four women found themselves looking at every male in the place with new found suspicion and every comment suddenly had a second, double meaning. They were getting paranoid.

Pam was the first to encounter the threat of exposure. As a second year class trooped into Mrs Davie's (Pam) French class they were not to know they would witness the next part in the blackmailers plan to demonstrate the power he held over the ladies. About ten minutes into the class, once the children had settled Pam turned on her class tape recorder for an exercise, but rather than a French radio radio weather report it was Pam's own voice that came from the speaker.

"Mmmm. That's it bitch, I'm getting wetter now, you are good at licking pussy if little else!"

It was her recital of an erotic story from Literotica taped weeks earlier by the blackmailer apparently. Pam recognised her voice and the words immediately and sprang towards the tape to shut it off before more was said. The small, buxom blonde teacher blushed fiercely but recovered well. The tape had distorted her voice slightly and she immediately rounded on the agog, tittering class.

"Right! Who has done this! Come on who was it! Own up! No one going to own up to taping this and planting it in my machine? Right I'll just take this to the Head mistress, let's see what she thinks of your pranks. Until I get back read quietly from your books page 128!"

She ejected the cassette and marched along to Maureen's office convincing herself as she went that no one would have been able to recognise her voice. She explained what had happened to Maureen and both women realised it was a message from their tormentor of the previous week, a neat little threat and show of power, somehow the Headmistress calmed Pam down and sent her back to her, by now chaotic, classroom.

But Pam was not alone in receiving a message.

The next day Julie, who worked as Maureen's secretary, arrived to find her pink panties which she had been forced to give up to the unseen blackmailer the previous Thursday evening returned to her in a rather unusual fashion. She came into work at Eight as usual to find her panties draped across her computer's keyboard. She recognised them immediately and snatched them up before anyone else in the office noticed them. Only to discover that her hand was covered in a horrible, sticky slime. She looked at the sticky mess on her pants and it dawned on her that it looked awfully like a load of cum splashed on her pants. The rotten bastard had only wanked himself off into her panties then put them on her computer. She dropped them disgusted into her bin before realising the cleaners would find them and having to fish them out again. It was an incident that upset her and Maureen had to calm her down when she came in.

Maureen's message was rather more subtle but no less effective. A folded note left in her pigeon hole outside her office written in black marker pen and asking if her bottom still stung from last Thursday. Last to get the message was Louise Milne, the youngest of the quartet and a newly qualified teacher. She got quite the surprise on the Thursday morning to find ten lines written across her blackboard saying "Mrs Milne likes to dress as a naughty schoolgirl". Even though she had it rubbed off long before any children were in her class she was so paranoid that the lines were still visible that she wiped the board down before every class that day.

So they knew it was someone that had to do with school that was doing this to them when they gathered rather reluctantly at Maureen's house for their Thursday evening session later that day after work was finished.

This was the first of their Thursday night meetings where they knew they were being blackmailed and monitored and recorded and as such they were not the happy bunch they normally were. And this week nobody had brought a print off of an erotic story to their tastes from Literotica or any matching pictures. All four women sat in Maureen's living room in relative silence waiting and their wait was not to be long. As five minutes after the last of them (Louise, for once not in her requisite school girl uniform) arrived the doorbell rang and Maureen rose from her chair to collect a parcel from her doorstep. Again there was no sign of their blackmailer.

Composing herself she read the note taped to the parcel.

"Good evening Ladies, I trust you all received my messages at work this week. There will be no more they were merely a reminder of what I can do if any of you chose to not obey my demands. I am sure you will. Inside tonight's parcel are three boxes numbered 1 to 3. You will open them in sequence and do what my instructions are with each to the letter. Failure to obey will see my recordings and pictures of you sent to the people you really don't want having them. Enjoy."

"Bastard!" cursed Pam, "he's getting off on this! I wish we knew who it was!"

Julie was less angry and just said.

"What's in the first box Maureen?"

Maureen removed a digital camera and an envelope. The camera worried all of them. She tore open the envelope and read falteringly.

"The pictures and film I have of you are good but I want to get better ones, more PERSONAL ones. You will each strip off in turn and pose while one of the others takes your pictures. I want at least five pictures of each of you topless with your arms under your boobs propping them up, this is not negotiable. Once you have taken all the required pictures you can move on and open box two. Do not put your tops back on at this point."

There followed a stunned dead silence as all four women took in the demands and their potential implications. In all the time they had been meeting they had never seen much personal of the others (apart from Louise's bum most weeks when she was spanked), it just wasn't about that, hell three of them were married. And now, after last week seeing each other's knickers it seemed as if they would have to go topless in front of their peers.

Louise was the first to voice her concern.

"We can't do it! No! what if someone else sees those pictures, I'll be ruined!"

She was rapidly reaching hysteria the others looked at her and sympathised but each knew, especially after his warning that week, that they would have to do it. They would have to give him even more ammunition over them. Maureen reached her hand over Louise's and patted it.

"There, there dear. We shall have to do as he asked you know. There is no other way, not without hurting the ones we love and our careers. Here I blame myself for this mess so I will go first."

The others could only stare as Maureen handed Julie the camera and began to take off her cream blouse. That gave way to an expensive white bra with a lace fringe and Maureen reached behind her, unclipped it and let it fall down her arms and revealed a shapely pair of untanned breasts.

"Well Julie dear no time like the present, I take it you can operate that device."

It was a pretty standard digital camera and with shaking hands the secretary got to her feet and turned it on, seconds later her topless boss was in the viewfinder. She took several pictures and was able to see them as she took them on the small screen on the back of the device. It made her cringe to think that surely they would be on someone's computer by the end of the day.

"Well Julie, do you want to go next perhaps?" asked Maureen as she shrugged her blouse back on (no bra this time).

She had chosen Julie well, after all Julie spent all week doing what Maureen told her and so it proved this evening. Embarrassed and disconcerted the buxom dark haired woman followed suit and removed her black shirt and the black bra that lay below it. All three women would have to admit that Julie had quite the impressive rack. She was just over 36D and had the perkiest looking nipples that right then were stiff as bullets. She blushed and moved to cover her boobs with her hands but Maureen lifted the camera and eventually persuaded her to move her hands.

"Goodness Julie, you could almost be a page three girl!" said Maureen as she snapped away and meant it as a compliment, she really did possess a cracking set of tits.

The others gave a half laugh at Maureen's compliment and it broke the uncomfortableness of the situation somewhat and after Julie was done Pam peeled off her top and revealed her buxom bosom too. Of course, Louise was the most reluctant to disrobe. Despite, her love of girlish games and naughtiness she was a quite a shy woman naturally and was by far the least well endowed of the four of them in the breast department. It took all three of them speaking to her to convince her to remove her shirt and bra and let her pert breasts out into the open.

She was blushing like crazy as Pam took the requisite number of snaps and her small breasts really did look quite adorable, especially with those big round darker nipples.

With the pictures taken Maureen opened box two, moving the night on as quickly as she was able. But the note inside was not good news for the girls at all.

"Well done on being topless, I doubt it will please you but as you read this out I should be watching you four in that room nice and topless and I am probably stroking my cock as I watch you. I can't wait to see those pictures. Now for part two of tonight's fun. In box two are four small bags, you will each chose one without looking inside them. Inside are things to use on your lovely boobs and I want pictures of it. Have fun."

Nervous looks at the box followed as Maureen opened it up to reveal four black, velvet bags inside tied with a drawstring of gold.

"Who wants to go first?"

Asked Maureen. The others looked at the bags like they contained explosives but Pam was first to reach in and pull out a bag. Louise followed then Julie and Maureen picked out the last. They moved a part slightly as the opened the bags to see what they had got.

Pam had taken the bag with two wooden clothes pegs in it. Louise had drawn a bag with a nipple clamp and chain set. Julie had drawn a bag with a Nipple clamp that looked like a ring with the nipples pierced. Maureen had drawn the bag with two small test tubes in it and a small pump attached. All four looked at their bags and waited to see who would make the first move.

"Well ladies, it would seem our mystery man is quite the pervert either that or he is especially desperate to degrade us. Nevertheless having done what we have I see no option but to continue, Pamela will you help me fit this contraption while Julie takes his damned pictures?"

Julie lifted the camera again, checking out all their topless shots while she waited on Pam and Maureen getting the tubes over Maureen's nipples then pumped them to draw them right out. It was quite the sight and even though it was bizarre it was also more than a little arousing to the others to see the Headmistress's nipples stretch in and out like that. Pam certainly seemed intrigued as she held the suction tubes in place. In fact, so distracted was Julie by the movements of her boss's nipples that she had to be reminded to take the actual pictures. All of them were interested by the quickening of Maureen's breath as her nipples were pulled out and despite being reluctant Pam was determined to go next.

Once Maureen pictures were taken Julie turned the camera to Pam and watched her blonde friend as she pulled faces while she clipped the strongly sprung clothes pegs onto her large nipples.

"Ow! That hurts!" claimed Pam but it couldn't have been that bad because she left them there and removed her hands so that Julie could get pictures of her topless with the pegs jutting up off her tits.

It was quite the collection of photos that were being amassed on the camera and mere minutes later and they were joined by more of Julie looking like her nipples were pierced and Louise's breasts clamped and chained. Altogether they posed quite the collection of saucy snaps and with one box left for the night there was more to come.

"Well done on making it to box three. Inside this box is your last task for tonight. In the bag are four folded pieces of paper. You will each choose one. Also in the box is a red lipstick. On each piece of paper is written a word. You will get one of your friends to write the word that you have chosen on your stomach with the lipstick. The word must be at least four inches high and the thickness of the lipstick. Then you will take pictures of this also. P.S. leave the decorations from box two on your tits girls, they look good there."

The four women grumbled some more but all knew it was fruitless and quickly they were taking their bits of paper out of the box and all four seemed pretty stunned by what they saw when they unfolded them.

"WHORE" – Julie's one. "SLUT" – Maureen's one. "COCKSUCKER" – Louise's one. "SLAPPER" – Pam's one.

They argued and wailed for a few moments but ultimately each woman knew they had no real choice but to do what they were being told to do. Julie again took the lead and volunteered to go first and asked Maureen to do the daubing of the obscenity on her chest. Seconds later the word "WHORE" was written large across her chest and she was unwillingly displaying herself for a further series of photos.

The others followed suit, each wincing as they felt the dark lipstick writing on their skin. There was no pain involved, only embarrassment and humiliation and the sure knowledge that this bloody blackmailing pervert was going to have even more incriminating pictures of them soon. Yet all the women were feeling something else too, though none would admit it to the others- they were aroused! All four were bare chested and showing stiff nipples and the crude obscenities just added to the effect. There wasn't one of them that didn't want to reach to their pussy and play with it, though none dared to.

With a sigh Julie handed the camera back to Maureen with all the relevant pictures on it. All four knew that the memory card of that camera held their futures on it. Their jobs, their marriages could all be lost but what choice did they have?

They all took their turns in Maureen's bathroom wiping off the lipstick from their chests. Louise got particularly frantic that the word could still be seen and was desperate that her husband would not be able to see it. The others eventually calmed her down and reassured her that all traces were gone. Still it was with an apparent heavy heart that Maureen left the boxes at the door and waited as instructed until they had been collected before receiving the final message of the night in an envelope posted through her door.

"Well done girls, I've just had a quick look at the pics and they look terrific. I'll have them on my computer within the hour. Remember if any of you have any ideas about backing out of this or reporting it to the police these pictures will also hit the net very quickly. But I'm sure you are all quite happy to do what I tell you, right? Oh and next week should be fun too, you all work in the school tight, well next week I'll introduce you all to a new subject – LESBONICS!"

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