tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailed Teachers Ch. 04

Blackmailed Teachers Ch. 04


It was a strange week at work for the four women. Their blackmailer's last note from the previous Thursday evening resonated in all of their minds, and one word especially - "Lesbonics". A made up word for sure but the implication of some form of lesbian activity being required by him was more than implicit and all of the women had to face and deal with that particular fact.

Julie tried to keep things together at work but every time she saw Maureen, Louise or Pam she found it difficult to look them in the eye. Besides natural embarrassment though she knew that there was some degree of arousal and on some level she was desperate to find out what they would be required to do on the Thursday night. All four of them shared that level of shyness and arousal and it made for some strange looks and comments between the group that week. And of course, all that was on top their rising suspicion over their work colleagues as to who it was that was orchestrating this whole perverted plan.

Finally, Thursday evening came and it was a strange atmosphere in Maureen's living room once all four women had arrived. Each had harboured their own doubts about coming and wondered about the others, but in the end the threat of exposure was just too great for any of them to take the chance of calling their blackmailer's bluff. It was ironic that their normal Thursday evenings were highly sexually charged affairs just by reading erotic stories and looking at similar pictures but that now they were faced with the certainty of actual physical attraction much of the thrill had gone to be replaced by worry.

Despite reservations Louise had come dressed as usual in her little schoolgirls outfit, the others having convinced her that they should not do anything to antagonise their watcher. Maureen was dressed as primly and properly as usual, as befitted her position as head of the secondary school where all four were employed. But even the normally imperious Maureen was unnerved by events and she had not even offered her guests tea or coffee, most unusual for someone who prided herself on being the perfect hostess.

They sat in near silence waiting for something to happen, probably for the doorbell to be rung in all likelihood, all in the sure knowledge that their words and actions were being recorded by the cameras the bastard had planted in Maureen's house when he had found out about their little Thursday evening 'get-togethers'.

They all nearly jumped out of their skins when the doorbell rang shrilly through the house at 7.15. Maureen snapped out of her trance like state, thankful at least for some action and nearly ran to her front door. Just like the previous week there was a large box waiting for her on her doorstep, scanning the dim evening but finding nothing out of the ordinary Maureen picked up the box and carried it back into the pensive living room.

Similar to the previous weeks instructions there are three boxes within the larger box and a sheet of paper on top explaining what was expected of the four women.

"Good evening ladies. I should tell you the pictures from last week were tremendous, you should all be really proud of your breasts, you'd make excellent topless models."

"Smarmy bastard!" swore Pam as she sat seething while listening to Maureen.

"Ahem. Indeed Pamela. He continues' So tonight lets see how you get on with no clothes at all. That is my first task for you all, to each take a turn standing in the centre of that room and to strip off every single item of clothing you are wearing."

There was a gasp from the others as Maureen continued.

"You will be sure to turn all the way round once you are undressed to allow both your friends and your viewing public (me!) to see you all in your naked glory. Once you are all naked you may open box 1 and proceed with the rest of tonight's entertainment. Now please begin."

There followed a prolonged stunned silence from all four women and strangely it was Louise that finally volunteered to get things going. Strange because she was generally quite shy about showing her chest as it was really very flat in comparison to the other three. Still other than bosom she had an amazing figure as she demonstrated while stepping out of her school girl outfit. The elfin Louise kicked off her shoes and bent down to roll off her long white socks, she flushed bright red as she unbuttoned her white shirt and tossed aside her tie. She paused then in just her white bra and panties, aware that the others were focussing intently on her strip and she felt a stirring in her loins of arousal that made her blush ever harder.

The others could not take their eyes off Louise, they had known what a slim, svelte figure she possessed but to see it like this, so close and so undressed was quite breathtaking, more than one of them had to keep their mouth closed lest they give themselves away. Looking at them with her wide pixie eyes Louise swallowed hard and reached behind her back to unclip her bra and let it slide down her arms before dropping it at her feet. She smiled and embarrassed grin at Maureen before bending over and hooking her fingers into the waist band of her panties. She didn't hesitate, not wanting the chance to talk herself out of this and swiftly slid them down to her feet, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy to her three agog friends.

There was no hurry from the other three to follow that sexy display but eventually it was Pam that went next. The diminutive but very well endowed blonde pushed herself to her feet reluctantly and took centre stage. She was wearing a tight black top and a black knee length skirt with stockings below that. As she pulled these off it revealed that she had a nice set of matching lacy black bra and panties which she self consciously peeled off too. Pam was carrying a little too much weight and her height didn't help but she was still a good looking blonde and those breasts were really quite amazing. She also had a neatly trimmed bush but she tried to hide that as much as possible. She hurried to her seat and sat waiting on the other two to follow suit.

You would have thought Maureen would have been first to lead but even now she was hanging back and Julie felt she had to go next, stripping off her outfit and to her own additional embarrassment showing that she had not been wearing any panties whatsoever. She gave a shrug once that was revealed and took her seat to watch Maureen complete the quartet's strips.

Being that bit older and in fact being the boss of the other three Maureen was reluctant and loathe to do this it appeared but with the others sat round stark naked and waiting she had to concede that she did not have a choice. Her older style clothing came off in stages, her strip a shambles despite having quite a well kept body for her age she did not suit nudity at all and it was with a great sigh that having stripped she covered herself with her arms and sat on the sofa.

"Louise, be a dear and bring that bloody box over, let's get this farce over with shall we?"

Every move now was made consciously and Louise got up and brought the box onto the rug that sat between all their chairs, there was a note pinned to the outside of the first smaller box and Louise peeled it off and read it out.

"Inside this box are four toys for you girls to play with, choose one each and insert it in your pussy and fuck yourselves until you get off."

This certainly set them off again, their voices rising to a higher and higher pitch as they competed in complaining but as was always the case with their blackmail, their was no way around things, they were just going to have to do as they were told.

Louise reached into the box and pulled out a long, thin pink vibrator. She giggled at in nervously and passed the box over to Maureen. The Head Mistress, to her absolute horror, withdrew an empty green beer bottle minus its label. She held it distastefully between her thumb and forefinger as Pam took the box from her. The busty blonde took a large, fresh, yellow banana from the box and last to choose Julie was left with a long, green cucumber.

The four women held their items in their hands and contemplated them. These were not sexually inactive women, they were not virginal but the prospect of masturbating with the objects in front of their friends was a lot to take on board. They sat in their seats unspeaking, just the occasional furtive glance up at one another preying that someone else would take the lead. But no-one seemed in a hurry. The silence was beginning to get oppressive and once again it was youngest Louise that finally had to take things on.

"Well, I'll go first shall I?"

No one moved to contradict her but they turned to watch her quickly enough once she moved her hand down between her legs. She parted her pussy lips and felt a slight wetness, no doubt despite the forced nature of this evening it was still in some ways arousing to all of them. It was the type of vibrator that when you twisted the base it began to gently hum and vibrate. Louise turned it on before slowly rubbing it against the top of her clit. Once again the other three women were rapt in watching their younger colleague, she looked amazing, sitting there playing the bright pink cock shaped object across her sensitive skin. She closed her eyes and lost herself, embracing the feelings that were starting to shoot through her body as she got more and more turned on. She parted her now slick pussy lips with the fingers of her free hand before gently sliding the vibrator inside her pussy almost half of its eight inch length.

There hadn't been a word from the others as their eyes were glued to Louise and unconsciously both Julie and Pam's hands were touching at their own pussy's.

For a moment the others reluctance and blackmail was forgotten as they watched Louise really get into what she was doing. The elfin brunette had her eyes closed as she subbed the vibrator back and forth across her clit, her free hand seemed to unconsciously reach up and cup her small left breast and begin to gently knead it. She gave a satisfied little moan and her finger moved out to play with her stiffening nipple. Although they were not aware of it, the other three women were holding their breath as they admired Louise's show, and there was another viewer really getting off on it too by the medium of hidden camera. The women could see the that the end of the pink vibrator was really starting to glisten as it slid further in then out between Louise's pussy lips and it was apparent from that and her increase in moans that she was coming closer to a climax.

Her hand gave her nipples one last hard squeeze apiece before it dropped and gripped fiercely onto her knee as she braced her body for the explosion that was on its way. Her whole body shook and jerked and convulsed and with a deep groan that stretched almost into a shout Louise removed the dildo from her pussy and sprayed out spurts of clear cum all over the thighs and onto the rug beneath her feet. As a dark stain spread below her she collapsed backwards with a deep sigh and the others realised they were pretty wet and aroused too.

"Um, wow! That was, ah, spectacular Louise, I mean, just amazing."

It was Julie that stuttered out this praise but in truth it could have been any of the three of them. They were all sitting there staring at the youngest of them almost slack jawed with awe at what they had just watched. There was no doubt her performance had had an incredible effect and all three were moist and unconsciously fingering their own instruments, even Maureen rubbed the neck of the bottle between her thumb and forefinger. Certainly the forced nature of their gathering was somewhat forgotten and some of their inhibitions were too.

Pam stood up, holding her cucumber and addressed the other two.

"Em, why don't we all do it together, you know so that we don't feel so self conscious about it?"

That seemed a bit unfair on Louise (though to be honest by the dazed expression she wore she was not going to complain) and may not have been what the blackmailer wanted but all three women seemed to accept this as a good idea immediately. Julie sat back down and aimed the cucumber between her thighs and slowly eased it into herself. Pam followed suit which left Maureen tentatively pointing the top of the bottle between her legs and screwing her eyes shut as she pushed it in.

With all three being some way aroused already the effect of each of their make shift sex toys touching their most intimate parts was both immediate and obvious.


Sighed Pam as the bottom of the banana pushed past her pussy lips and ventured deeper. She could not wait to withdraw it, coated in her juice and run it over her throbbing clit.

Julie glanced at her as she worked the cucumber herself, gasping as it pressed further and deeper than anything had for a very, very long time. Maureen was doing the same but trying very hard not to show how much she was getting off on the cold glass of the bottle rubbing against the pussy.

The three of them sat there on their respective seats in Maureen's living room, their hands moving frantically between their thighs only partly aware of the others, instead their focus more and more was on themselves and their bodies and their sensations. Pam probably had the hardest task, the banana proving a slippery toy in her hands and with a constant threat of bursting apparent. Yet still it was the blonde who came first of the three, her final reservations falling away as she gasped and moaned louder and louder before stabbing the banana into her pussy one last, urgent time and collapsing backwards on the sofa her inner thighs soaked in her cum.

Pam cumming just spurred Julie on, the sight of her friend climaxing so openly had an amazing effect on her and seemed to give her hand a life of its own as she pounded her cunt with the vegetable. And the others quickly discovered that the well endowed brunette was a real squirter as she came, spraying her juices a good couple of feet from her pussy. Which left only Maureen.

She was acutely aware that the other three were all finished and had done what was required of them but the more she thought of it the harder it became for her and after a few more minutes of furious efforts she gasped and had to finally stop and admit defeat.

"I'm sorry" she panted, " I just can't do it.

The others murmured that it was OK and not to worry but the Headmistress was obviously upset and eventually stood up, shaking the bottle at where the camera was and shouted at it.

"We're not bloody machines you bastard!"

The other three calmed her down, after all they didn't want to waste all that they had done by upsetting their blackmailer, not with all the evidence her had over them now. Julie grabbed her friend and boss's arm and led her back to the armchair, conscious the whole time of their nakedness and of their skin brushing and rubbing against each other. The room had a pungent smell of female sex that was at once intoxicating and a little off-putting.

"Calm down Maureen, let's just move on, I'm sure it won't be a problem that you didn't cum."

By this point Louise and Pam were investigating the box marked 'two'. It was extremely light and rattled as they lifted it and their faces turned to surprise as they opened it up and pulled out two cans of spray cream. The note that was attached to one can was short and to the point.

"Pick roles girls! Two of you will use the cans to spray cream thickly over one of the others breasts and pussy. You will then lick every last bit of cream up. Once you have done that you can move onto the third box. Please note only copious amounts of cream will be acceptable to me."

They all looked at each other in absolute shock. Sure they had figured something like this was coming but to actually be confronted with the demand was like a slap to their faces. And they knew with absolute certainty that they would do what they were instructed. There was a long pause before Louise broke the silence.

"So who's going to do the spraying? I can't really you all know how I hate the taste of cream."

That was true the young woman never took it in her drinks or with her cakes. That decided one role easily. The others were harder but eventually it was decided that Maureen would spray then eat Louise and that Pam would spray then eat from Julie. There was an urgency about their words and movement, a real desire to get this over and done with as quickly as possible.

There followed a short conversation as to how they would go about doing this task. The upshot being that Louise and Pam leaned back in their respective seats and opened their legs nice and wide while Maureen and Julie busied themselves with shaking their cans. Maureen actually looked anywhere but at Louise as she knelt between her young colleagues thighs but eventually she was forced to as she heard Julie begin to spray her cream onto Pam's body. Julie first covered Pam's breasts in the thick white cream, starting on her large nipples and working outwards. Once they were coated then she sprayed it between Pam's legs, quickly covering her wet pussy with the cream. Maureen eventually followed suit and as Julie hesitated a moment to watch Maureen at work it was almost simultaneously that the got down to eating their 'cream'.

Unsurprisingly both women started on their friends breasts. But that in itself was awkward enough, as Julie stood up and leaned in to Pam's chest it became blatantly obvious that this would have to involve a lot of skin on skin action. Julie's large, pendulous breasts swung down and rested on her friends ribs as her tongue came out tentatively and began to lick gently at the cream covering Pam's tits. Julie was particular to keep her body away from the lower down creamed area but there was no way to avoid contact higher up. In the end she just had to get on with it and try to ignore her own stiffening nipples against Pam's skin while she licked up the sweet substance from Pam's own stiffening nipples.

It was a long process, well Pam's big breasts certainly were, that was a lot of flesh and a lot of cream to cover. Louise's small breasts were much less but Maureen was very slow and reluctant and tentative in her licking so both she and Julie finished the breasts about the same time.

Julie looked up as she sank onto her knees between her best friends thighs and their eyes met and locked. There was so much unspoken as Julie finally broke eye contact and dipped her head deep between the blondes legs and was just inches from the creamy pussy. In the next seat Louise was trying not to laugh as Maureen's hair tickled her sensitive inner thighs. The younger woman amazed to be looking down and watching another woman (much less a woman who was her boss and her friend) about the eat her out. At the first touch of the older woman's tongue on her clit through the cream Louise shuddered and wanted to pull Maureen deeper into her.

Pam too was in rapture. Julie was licking at the cream with a vigour and determination that suggested she was either trying real hard to get this over or to give Pam the most amazing experience in a long time. In truth it was a little of both. The sweetness of the cream hid the taste and smell of the other women's pussy's to some extent but there was no denying the sour taste that Julie and Maureen were experiencing with every second lick or so, especially as they got through the cream. And all four of them could not believe that they were involved in such blatantly lesbian activities.

Julie finished, curling her tongue around the last spot of cream on Pam's wet pussy lip and held her face there a moment longer than necessary, savouring the intoxicating aroma and the myriad of confused, aroused thoughts that were swirling around in her mind right then. Finally, she did look up, licking her lips and relieved to see the smile of satisfaction on Pam's face. Maureen had finished too, somehow Louise had managed to contain herself and fight back the overwhelming desire that came over her to cum all over Maureen's face as she licked her out. But it had been a close thing.

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