tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailing Rachel

Blackmailing Rachel


Rachel Smith was the type of young woman that made a man take notice without any effort. And yet, she still put forth the effort.

For years, Rachel had been the object of my fantasies. It was wrong, but just thinking about her made me so horny I had to find an alone spot to take care of the urge. If she'd been older, perhaps it would have been more than a fantasy life. If she wasn't my neighbor and friend's daughter I might have acted on her innate sexuality. But, as it had been, I'd never been able to make a move.

She'd gone off to college the previous fall and I'd been able to forget about her. But, that summer she was back... walking around the pool in a skimpy bathing suit, giving blow jobs to her boyfriend in a parked car in front of my house, changing in front of her bedroom window without closing the curtains.

As old as her father, I knew she'd never go for my advances, but as the summer wore on I became more and more obsessed with Rachel. With no family of my own and a profitable work-from-home business, I found myself spying on Rachel, going as far as installing "security" cameras that happened to point towards the Smith's pool and Rachel's bedroom.

I watched the tapes, masturbating excessively, dreaming it was Rachel making me blow my wad. Towards the end of the summer, I was a man possessed and obsessed and I knew I had to take Rachel or I would never recover.

It wasn't hard to figure out. Her parents were tight-laced Christians with high positions in the community. I knew all I needed was some blackmail material to force her into acting out my darkest fantasies. It would be easy, when whatever guy she was seeing dropped her off, they often parked at the edge of my yard, out of sight from the Smith's house, and did various sexual acts. All I had to do was get it on tape before the Rachel's parents went out of town the next weekend.

I had no idea I'd get so lucky. Rachel had left that night with an older looking man. While she was gone, I set up my cameras at as many angles as I could, anticipating their spot. When the car pulled up, I had only to make a few adjustments to get a good view of her and her friend.

It was the usual, a slow, seductive blow job while the man played with Rachel's cunt. But then, Rachel did something I hadn't witnessed before; she crawled onto the man's lap, slowly accepting his already hardened cock into her succulent pussy. She rode him in all her young beauty and he pulled up her shirt, sucking on those gloriously firm tits.

Letting the cameras do their work, I jerked myself off. Soon, I knew, it would be Rachel's hand rubbing my cock. Willingly or by blackmail I certainly didn't care.


I knocked on the Smith's door. They had asked me to check in on Rachel while they were gone, working perfectly into my plans. The tapes were in a bag I had brought over with some of the Smith's mail "accidentally" put in my mailbox.

"Hi, Mr. Shelting!" Rachel greeted cheerfully, opening the door in a skimpy bathing suit. "I was just going for a swim, what can I do for you?"

I cleared my throat, hoping my hard on wasn't obvious in my baggy shorts. "I got some of your mail by accident and... well, your parents wanted me to check up on you."

She rolled her baby blue eyes and ushered me in. "I'm twenty for Heaven's sakes."

"I know, but I felt I had to honor their request."

She smiled. "Of course. Um, can I get you something to drink?"

"No, but I do have something I want to show you." I smiled pleasantly. "It's a video I thought you might be interested in.

"Oh, okay," she answered, looking me over quizzically. "Um, the TVs right here. What is it?"

I followed her into the TV room, my eyes focused on her tight little ass. "Oh, let me surprise you," I laughed, going over to the VCR and pushing the tape in. "Sit down."

Frowning, she did as she was told. I watched her face as she began to realize what the tape was. "Mr. Shelting! What... How... What..."

"You know, I'm a very private man, so I have security cameras all over my property. Imagine how shocked I was to see you engaging in such illicit behavior."

Her face was flushed as if she was embarrassed, but her eyes were still on the video. Maybe, she was just a little excited to.

"I thought it fair to tell you about them before I have to show your parents."

"Oh, no, you can't show my parents Mr. Shelting!" She jumped up, her tits bouncing with her.

"I don't know what you could say to change my mind, young lady."

"Please, Mr. Shelting. They'll be so angry. They'll make me go to community college. You can't tell them. I'll do anything, please."


She seemed to notice my excitement and recoiled slightly. "Um..." She swallowed. "Yes, anything," she whispered.

"I was hoping you'd say that Rachel," I responded, approaching her. I ran a hand down her silky shoulder. She cringed slightly, but I merely grinned. "You have to do whatever I say to buy my silence. Agreed?"

She paused and then slowly nodded. I untied her bikini and let it fall, exposing those beautifully young breasts. I wanted to pound my cock into her right there, but I knew this was a once in a lifetime chance and I had to savor it.

I flicked a finger across her nipple, making it stand on end. I gently caressed her other breast before bending over and flicking my tongue across the other nipple. I began to suckle her, gently using my teeth before moving over to the other. At a sharp intake of breath, I looked up at her.

"Do you like this, Rachel?"

"Mr. Shelting."

"I think you do, my little slut. Get naked for me."

She faltered, but at my stern gaze, she followed her directions. I sat on the couch, watching intently. "Good girl. Now take off my pants."

She swallowed, taking down my pants to expose my hardened cock. I could tell she was surprised by it's thickness and I think I even saw a flicker of attraction.

"Now, I want you to do exactly what you did to your friend in that video, honey. Suck me off and then ride me. Give me a good fuck, baby."

She bent down in front of me, surveying my cock before getting down to business. Her lovely warm mouth slowly enveloped my cock, causing me to groan. Her tongue, velvety smooth circled my cock, tickled its head. She lapped at my penis with it, the pleasure soaring above what I had imagined. Far more quickly than I had wanted to, I shot my load into her mouth with a grunt.

"Swallow it baby," I warned, giving her tits a squeeze. A mixture of fear and, I'm pretty sure, desire had her slurping down my cum.

I moved down to her cunt, surprised to find it wet. "Oh, you like it, don't you? What a dirty little slut!" I laughed, brushing my finger across her slit and then applying light pressure to her clit.

She gasped and her arousal soon had my member hardening once again. Chuckling to myself, I continued to manipulate her clit, slowly, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. When she was close to cumming, I stopped.

"On your hands and knees," I ordered. The original plan was to have her ride me, to suck those glorious tits as she took my cock into her wet pussy. But, that would be too easy.

Somewhere between not wanting to and wanting to desperately, Rachel got down on her hands and knees. "Mr. Shelting, what are you doing to do?"

I laughed and gave her tight bottom a light swat. "I'm going to fuck you, baby, and you're going to love every second of it."

She didn't argue, but I knew there was some fear in her. The fear had my cock nice and stiff again, ready to pound away at this twenty-year old pussy.

I teased her at first; giving her the illusion I'd go slow and nice. I played with her clit while alternately sticking the tip of my cock inside her glorious wet hole. When she began to squirm and moan, trying to get more of my cock inside her, I thrust forward hard, my cock piercing her all the way.

She let out a shocked gasp, and I swatted her bottom again harder. "I'm going to fuck you hard," I groaned, slowly pulling back out.

I tried to control myself, regain some composure, but I was a man possessed. I began to ram my thick cock into her tight pussy as fast and hard as I could, grunting and panting with every hard thrust. At first, I was so caught up in my own pleasure I didn't even notice it, but after a few strokes I heard her whimpers of pleasure and became even more determined to fuck her hard and fast.

I rammed and rammed into her, and she screamed out in ecstasy, her pussy throbbing around my member. She had cum, and now it was my turn. With one final hard thrust, I shot my load deep inside her.

I held her ass to me for a few moments, making sure every drop of cum was emptied into her. Slowly, I pulled out, laughing.

"You certainly are a dirty little whore. A better fuck than I ever dreamed." I stood up gathering my clothes and putting them back on. She just stared at me with her big blue eyes, still on her hands and knees. Her face was red and she was panting lightly.

Once dressed, I gathered my videotapes, leaving only the one I'd show her. "Bye, Rachel. But you can be sure I'll be back."

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