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Taking His Dreamgirl


David stood in front of his window. It was around 4 am, and he woke up because of some noise at the house across the street. This could mean only one thing: Kim had come home from a night out with her friends.

His cock became stiff as he peeked outside his bedroom window, which was right across Kim's bedroom at the other side of the street. She almost always immediately closed the curtains when walking inside her bedroom as if she knew what he was doing, but this time he hoped for the best as he took his binoculars from the windowsill and waited for Kim to enter her room.


Kim was his wildest fantasy for quite some time now. At 15 she started to fill out and grow into the amazingly sexy girl she is today at 18 years old. She could be a Victoria's Secret model in a few years if she had the ambition. She has long perfect blonde hair, sexy pink lips, a flawless toothpaste smile, and photo-shopped smooth skin that was always tan because of the good weather and occasional visits to the tanning studio.

Upon first seeing her years ago he just stared as she was way too young to be lusting after. Though, as the years flew by, she transformed into a straight-A sex bomb that gave him countless hours of jerkoff material. Her tits outgrew all of her female classmates, and she now carried a pair of DD knockers which would've made even the pope turn his head twice. Some time ago she started cheerleading, and now being the head of the squad she was by far the hottest of them all. She could practically have any guy she'd want, but unlike many other girls, Kim wasn't a slut.

She only had sex with two guys, after she turned 18. One was the school's most popular jock, and the other was a famous celebrity who visited the town once for a premiere and betrayed his gorgeous wife for one night with Kim.

The scandal hit all the newspapers, though it was never clear who this beauty exactly was. Many tabloids said it was a swimsuit model of some kind. Though of course, the people close to her knew. It was very clear that her beauty was limitless and one gaze into her bright blue eyes could even melt famous celebrities.

Perverted as David was, he never really had any attention from the ladies. At 56 years old, he was unattractive, almost bald, way too fat and had a very unhealthy exterior topped with bad breath that drove almost everybody away. He was married once 20 years ago, which didn't work out eventually. He never really was attracted to his unsightly ex-wife in the first place, though he was glad at least one woman could stand him and took that for granted.

The last few years he'd spent most of his spare time jerking off at pictures on the internet or thinking about the many young, busty girls from the neighborhood, especially Kim as she was by far the hottest of them all.

The people in the neighborhood knew David as a pervert because he always gazed at the attractive young girls in the street a little too obvious. His curtains were nearly permanently closed, which made them suspect he was watching them secretly from inside.

Kim especially was disgusted by David. The way he sometimes greeted her when she was walking by gave her the chills. She practically saw him drool a couple of times when she passed by showing off her long tanned legs in a short skirt. Out of common interest she spoke with him once some time ago.

It was then she noticed he was staring at her chest with a scary look on his face. Since then she has tried to avoid him at all costs, even skipping his house whenever she did door-to-door cheerleading fundraising. She was used to men staring at her, but he was extra scary, especially because of his ugly appearance and old age.

He sometimes visited her school's sporting events as Kim was there performing with her cheerleader squad. When there, he joined many other men (mostly fathers of students) who stood there gasping for air as Kim jumped in her skimpy outfit - her large breasts jiggling with every step - making the rest of the team superfluous. The soft and firm skin that appeared above her shirt each time she jumped made many jaws drop. Her teenaged cleavage was simply breathtaking.

Every man there wondered what she would look like naked, and they would instantly cheat on their wives if they had the slightest chance to end up with Kim. As soon as the cheerleaders were done and Kim's famous rack had stopped bouncing, half of the crowd dispersed. The school's teams sucked anyway.


Now here David was, spying on Kim for the 100th time, hoping for more luck this time.

With a raging hard-on he watched her entering her room. The spoiled teen had a large bedroom, as her parents were rich and had a big house. God must have favored old David because her bedroom was on the front side of the house right across his own.

Tonight she wore a white tight-fitted tank top and a short skirt. It was clearly visible that she had too much to drink as she wasn't walking very straight, and for the first time she forgot to close the curtains upon entering the room!!!

"o..my..god..." David whispered as if she could hear him.

He focused his binoculars that he had sitting on a tripod. He bought the tripod so that he could rub his cock while he spied on her instead of handling the clunky binoculars. On the rare occasion she didn't immediately close the curtains, he was usually treated to a view of her fixing her hair or doing homework at her desk, which in itself was enough to cause him to jerk off as he watched her. But all these years she had never left her curtains open when coming back from a night out on the town, so David was shaking with excitement.

Kim put her stuff on the floor and started texting with her iPhone. David became impatient as he started rubbing his cock trough his dirty underwear. The gorgeous blonde then stood up and put her phone on the desk. She looked tipsily into the mirror and admired her flawless figure.

From across the street he stared trough his binoculars at her delicious ass as she suddenly dropped the skirt. David's cock nearly exploded as he watched her tanned smooth ass with a tiny thong wrapped between her cheeks. Her magnificent smooth butt cheeks were absolutely fabulous.

Then, as if in slow motion she peeled the tank top off her magnificent chest.

Slowly a thin white laced bra appeared on what he now knew for sure were the most perfect breasts a girl could possess. The top flew off and he now had a perfect view of Kim's huge bra encased breasts. The firm round flesh bulged above the bra making David's mouth bone dry and his cock ready to explode. The dirty old man had his eyes now locked on the magnificent pair of teenaged tits. The firm young breast structure jiggled slightly with every step.

"un-befucking-lievable" he groaned as he stroked his smelly cock faster.

At this moment she stretched her whole body and put her arms above her head with her fingers running through her long blonde hair. Standing on her toes and arching her back, Kim's big cushiony breasts pushed forward even further into David's sight. The huge tanned melons pushed together almost causing her bra straps to snap.

This was too much for the old fart as he blew his entire underwear full of spunk. Still wanking, his cock refilled quickly as he knew the greatest price could be revealed in a few seconds. Though, before she unclasped her bra, she suddenly looked as if realizing something. She walked towards the window and closed the curtains immediately.

"Nooo, fuck!" David shouted.

He wanted her so bad that he would give anything to taste Kim's body... to get the girl every guy in town would give his left nut for. The thought of raping her had crossed his mind many times. He would end up in jail, but so what? He would have had the fuck of his life; the fuck every other guy would want. And besides he didn't have any good reasons to keep living his pathetic little life anyways.

However, he never had the guts to do it, and the fact that she never let him come near her would make it a mission impossible.

That night he jerked off again with thoughts of ripping her bra apart and sucking her breasts while pounding his way into her young snatch. He then fall asleep in his dirty unwashed stained bed cover while dreaming that his ultimate fantasy might one day come true.


It was 2 weeks later on a Saturday. While the whole neighborhood was vastly asleep at 3 am, David waited for Kim to come home. It had been 2 weeks since she had last gone out, and he had been waiting ever since to get another opportunity to see her undress. Also, the fact that her parents went on a trip for the weekend made it even more interesting.

He had almost fallen asleep in front of the window when he heard a car driving down the street. As he groggily picked his head up and watched the headlights come closer, he suddenly heard the sound of metal scratching and a cat screaming as the car hit his own vehicle right in front of his house!

He was immediately awakened as he rushed outside to see the car parked against his was none other than Kim's father's Mercedes.

It took a while before he realized what just happened. At this moment the car door opened and Kim stepped out of it, obviously having been drinking, though sobering up very quickly with all the adrenaline rushing through her body. She looked panicked and startled when she saw David standing next to his smashed car.

"o, oo my god, I'm sooo sorry David.. I didn't mean to!"

David tried to look furious, but as Kim came closer to him he almost fainted. She must have been at some kind of prom or fancy club as she was wearing a skin-tight black strapless dress. Her long legs standing on high heels, her small waist wrapped in the smooth fabric, and an amazing amount of cleavage popping out above the dress had made his cock hard immediately. She pushed her long blond hair over her shoulder as she observed what she'd just done.

"oo noo, shit... I'm so fucked right now," she muttered to herself, still somewhat in shock.

"What have you done?! My car is ruined, not the mention the McCarthy's Mustang!" David shouted, referring to the first car she'd hit two houses next to him. Though, her own Mercedes had probably sustained the most damage.

"Wow, that is gonna cost ya, young lady."

Seeing that she was on the edge of a breakdown, his mind suddenly cooked up an evil plan. Though still doubting what he would do, the next discovery made up his mind: She had driven over Miss Wilson's cat.

Miss Wilson was an 80-something year-old lady that lived next to David. She has been alone for many years and her cat 'Whiskers' is the only thing she really cares about. She is not going anywhere without her cat.

She had probably forgotten to lock the cat's hatch, so Whiskers probably decided to have a midnight walk before his fatal encounter with Kim's father's Mercedes.

"O noo!" Kim cried as she realized what she had done to the cat. She was so lost now. How stupid of her to drive in such a state. Of course many guys had offered her a ride home, but she took pleasure in letting down all the drooling men hoping to make out with her. Instead she got behind the wheel and drove home. Stupid mistake.

"What should I do!? David, can you help me?" she asked distraught.

"Park the car in front of your house, and then come into my place. We can do the paperwork and figure out what to do."

David forcefully tried to hide his evil smile, thinking about this one time offer. The beautiful 18 year-old girl parked the car a lot better than five minutes ago. Though she hesitated to come into the gross pervert's house, her desperation put her over the edge. Maybe he could help her with something... anything. It was a miracle that nobody else in the neighborhood had woken up by now.

David turned around in the doorway to see if Kim had decided to come in. He cheered inside as the girl of his dreams finally came into his own house. He watched her luscious boobs bounce with every step; they were so massive! The firm tit flesh jiggled so beautifully in her dress. He felt sorry for all the guys who weren't able to take her home. Now he was the one actually having her in his house!

"Please come in," he said as he pointed her towards the living room.

When she came into the room she'd been avoiding practically her whole life, she felt disgusted. The room was dirty, the air stale, and she immediately spotted some dirty magazines in the corner with young busty girls on the cover.

'What a creep,' she thought. She imagined the fat dirty old man jerking off to these pictures, making her shiver a little. When she saw leftover food scattered all over the floor, she immediately felt sick and contemplated going to the bathroom to vomit.

Then she heard the door shut. She turned around and saw David staring at her breasts. 'The pervert,' she thought, 'he shouldn't be looking at girls my age. He could be my grandfather for god's sake!'

"So, what are we going to do Kim? You wrecked three cars and killed a cat, which might lead to my kind neighbor's own fatal departure. You can end up in jail for this you know. Drunk driving is a serious felony."

"I'm sooo sorry, I wasn't going... I didn't... I mean... what should I do?" Kim started crying again. After a few minutes she wiped her mascara from her cheeks and waited for a response. She was very desperate, exactly the way he wanted her to be.

"I might have an idea, love. I can take the charges on me."

Kim looked surprised, and a little flare of hope crossed her beautiful eyes.

"You would do that for me? W-why, and how?"

"You see Kim, as both our cars are smashed, it could've easily been me hitting the other cars and killing the cat."

"Yeah, but why would you do that? I mean, the whole neighborhood will hate you."

"That's right sweetie, I would take that burden on. But, you have to do something for me in return."

Kim suddenly realized what the fat old perv was suggesting.

"You have no idea what you have done to me for all these years," he continued. "As you might have noticed by now, I have a weakness for young busty girls like yourself. Teasing me with those perfect large boobs should be a crime. Ooh, you are the most beautiful and sexiest girl I've ever seen in my life."

Kim looked horrified at the thought of this hideous creep perving on her, which gave her chills right up her spine.

"What I'm saying is that if you want to save your summer you will have to make my dream come true..." He took a short pause before continuing. "...surrender your body to me, and your problems are all gone."

With a dirty look on his face he observed the frightened teenager across the room.

"N-no, y-you filthy perverted creep! You will never lay a hand on me. Look at you... I can have any guy I want... you stay away, you hear me?!"

David heard the tremble in her voice, noticing the internal struggle she had right now. He knew she did not want to get into legal trouble, not to mention having to tell Miss Wilson about her cat.

"Hehe... now now Kim... in that case we can fill in the paperwork while I call the police for your drunken behavior. You will have to spend a night in jail probably... or maybe I'll call your dad first to tell him that his favorite car is smashed on one side... or I'll wake up Miss Wilson... tell her that her dearest cat is under your expensive wheels."

Kim started crying.

"I -I just... y-you sick fuck... this is blackmail!"

"No my beautiful nymph, this is just a regular business deal," David said as he now walked slowly towards his victim.

A little taller than her, he stood right in front of her, smelling her sweet body odor and looking down at her magnificent cleavage. 'Ooo so firm and round, and such flawless skin,' he thought.

Kim just stood there staring desperately at the ground, breathing heavily, her large chest rising and falling with each breath.

"Hehe... well, I see we've come to an agreement."

His next touch made Kim shrink. He put his dirty hands on the gorgeous cheerleader's soft shoulders and looked into her bright blue tear-filled eyes.

"Now sweet love, why don't you get rid of that pretty dress of yours and show me the beauty you've been hiding from me all these years."

David's mouth went dry as he watched her slowly obey his commands. This was actually happening!

Kim reached behind her back and undid the laces of her expensive garment. She cried while doing so, flabbergasted she was actually going to undress for her dirty neighbour David. For so long she avoided him and his creepy, lusty stares. The last person she would ever show her body to was now standing in front of her as she unfastened her dress. This was a nightmare... how could it end up so horribly?

As she reached up to pull down her dress, she hesitated for a moment, reconsidering what she was about to do, but then she thought of her father, jail, Miss Wilson...oh it was too much. By obeying David, all her crimes would disappear as if they never happened. Nothing in the world sounded better than erasing what she had done, no matter what she must do to get there. With that final thought, she began to pull down her dress.

"Yesss that's it... that's it Kim... take it off, take it all off, let me see your young body hehe."

David's eyes went wide as he watched Kim peel her dress down over her firm breasts. Her perfect round tits encased in a black laced bra popped out of her dress as she let the smooth fabric fall to the ground.

Her perfect body, covered only by a strapless bra and an equally black thong, was now exposed to David's old eyes. He slowly smiled a sinister grin watching her long tanned legs, sleek flat stomach and big round breasts before ending his stare at Kim's beautiful face and her shiny blonde hair slightly curled and draped over her shoulders.

She was the definition of perfect. The only thing imperfect was her mascara that slowly drooped as her tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Ooo yess... your body is so hot, so perfect... I jerked off countless times with you in my thoughts... hehe... now, my young angel... show me what I've been yearning to see.,"

"P-please David... if I show you my breasts, can I go then, please? You are only the third man who's ever seen them, out of thousands other guys who are just as willing as you. That should be enough for you... r-right?"

David didn't respond, keeping his eyes locked on her round globes.

"Tell me Kim... how big are these famous tits of yours?"

Kim shivered when she heard her gross neighbour talking about her breasts that way.

"...36 Double D...and no, they are not enlarged," she snapped defensively as habit. She hated when people said her naturally blessed boobs were store-bought.

"Hmmm, so big for such a young girl... time to let grandpa see what a nice girl you have become. Hehe... I demand you to show them to me! Show me your 18 year-old Double D breasts you smoking hot piece of ass!"

David felt more powerful every minute, which made him even hornier. The fact that she was the most desirable girl, 18 years young, a 36DD chest and perfect in every other way, had his cock harder than it had ever been.

He chuckled when thinking of how shocked all the dads that drooled over her while cheerleading would be to know she was in his house undressing for him. Those same dads called him names and mocked him, but now he was the one getting the last laugh.

Kim trembled in fear and hesitated.

"What are you waiting for? Show me those gorgeous tits of yours!"

Kim finally reached behind her back to the clasp of her strapless bra. She released it and took the cups in each hand before letting the Victoria's Secret garment fall to the floor.

This all went in slow motion for David's eyes. Her luscious boobs pressed tightly together in the bra were given more space and when the fabric slowly slid off her perfect firm tanned skin it was as if her young breasts exploded into the open air.

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