tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBlame It on the Rain

Blame It on the Rain


It was a hot summer Sunday in NY City. The kind of day where the outside air feels like a heated oven when you open the door and catch the blast of heat and steam in your face. The sky had been clear all morning, with a bright sun to bake skin a nice shade of red. Around two in the afternoon though a welcomed cloud cover began to roll in.

I was walking down 60th street towards 5th avenue from Madison and praying that the rain would come and drop the mercury below 100 degrees. I had my umbrella in hand and in my mind I used it to dare Mother Nature to unleash her worst. Flood, torrential downpours, and a tsunamis would all be more welcome than this heat right now. Then I felt the first drops on my head, and that's when I saw her.

A young woman was a good deal down the block from me heading towards me. She was almost angelic in her beauty. She could not have been more than 20, very tall, and looked even taller because of her thin body. Her long blonde hair was tied back into a long ponytail, and her small but perky breasts stood out proudly as she walked towards me. Her walk betrayed her profession, she was a runway model, probably on her way to a shoot or a fitting judging by the purposeful stride she took. As we came closer though I saw something that made me pour all my effort into willing the rain to come, her dress. She wore a soft white cotton dress with barely any strap over her shoulders and fabric that was a whisper from transparent when stone dry. Her pink nipples could be seen through the gossamer fabric when they touched as she walked.

She felt the first few drops of rain hit her as well and looked up with a frustrated stare. Those few drops of warning were all she had though for in the next moment the sky opened up with a fury. Rain fell in drenching buckets that momentarily stunned me. I instinctively bowed my head while looking for my umbrella and quickly opened it. When I had it open though I looked up and the beautiful sight that filled my eyes stopped my breath and my heart for a moment. It was as if the beautiful young woman's clothing had melted away leaving her bare to the world, and looking even more sexy and sensual in her drenched appearance. The fabric clung to her trim body with a ferocity that would make a boa constrictor envious. Her nipples jutted off of her firm breasts as if they pointed her in her direction. All of her clothing was instantly turned to a mockery of fabric except for the pale blue thong covering her most private of places. She was shocked for a moment, looked down at herself, and then she laughed. She spread her arms out and twirled and danced in the rain laughing all the while. She pulled the fabric of the neckline away from her body and let the rain fall right on her bare breasts.

We were close now, and I was staring at her without reservation. I normally would have been happy with a peripheral glance, but this was too rare a treat to be subtle. She saw me approach, and smiled at me while smoothing the wet fabric back over her body.

"I think somebody upstairs wanted you to see this." She said over the pounding rain.

"Well I am thankful they did." I replied in an embarrassed mumble.

"I'd be embarrassed if I wasn't so blatantly naked out here, but like this the damage is already done."

I could not think of a word to say. I had stopped a mere 5 feet from her, my eyes focused on the young lithe body dancing in the drenching rain. She came to me, pulled my umbrella down, folded it, and danced with me. She twirled me around and I did so to her. Both of us laughing like children. She put a hand to my cheek, and kissed me quickly on the lips. I stood there in stunned silence with the rain soaking my suit right through. I couldn't even think to move with the feeling of her momentary kiss still lingering on my lips. My eyes fixed to her as she walked away. Her drenched body looked sexy from behind as well, with just the hint of her blue thong visible through the fabric. She spun around once more and waved.

"Have a nice day, Sir." She said with a smile and a wink. And with that she turned, walked on regaining her purposeful stride, and made every man's head turn from that point to wherever her destination might be.

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