tagSci-Fi & FantasyBlazing Glory Ch. 03

Blazing Glory Ch. 03


This is a work of my own creation and, being so, is a parody of many races of fantasy that have been created over the past century. Any similarity of characters with real world is either coincidence or intended with implied differences (Example: If I wanted to write a story on say Jasmine of Disney because she's hot, the character will similar in appearance but different physically in ways as well as psychologically). Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 (under local government law), or any non-Adult read this! This work contains graphic violence and acts of pornography. Regardless of description (or me simply forgetting to state it in the story), none of the characters in my stories are intended to be under eighteen years of age.

With that disclaimer aside, sit back and enjoy the stories filled with sex and (gasp!) plot.

Feel free to send feedback to me.

Chapter 3 - The Winsome Catwoman

"Aurora, are you there? Answer you mistress!" the goddess's voice boomed within her castle angrily. Her red eyes narrowed darkly with growing impatience. Aurora could be such an arrogant fool at times. She was as proud as Sonora was crazy. Her orb flickered finally before dreamy grey eyes appeared within. Koas growled, "It's about time, Aurora! Why didn't you answer my summons sooner?"

"I apologize, my great goddess. I was away fulfilling part of the task you have given me," Aurora's proud, haughty voice answered in return.

"Fine then. I suppose I can accept that excuse this time. Make me wait like that again, though, and you'll receive punishment as I see fit. Understood?!" Her voice boomed dangerously.

Aurora's eyes flinched in sudden fear. "Y-yes Koas. I understand clearly."

"That's good. Tell me what you were up to."

"Yes, mistress. So far I have fulfilled the part in creating suspicion and fear in the nearby villages. They are suspecting them as we hoped and their hatred is growing. Soon, like all human scum do when giving in to fear, they will form a mob and attack. Then the chaos we hold so dear to our hearts will engulf this area."

Koas laughed softly, obviously no longer angry and pleased with the news of this progress The apprehension in Aurora's grey eyes eased at the improved mood. "What I just came back from was an improvision I thought you would be most pleased with. The humans hatred is near the boiling point and they're scouring the area for the culprit. I lured the humans right to one of them and they captured the little rat instead of me. Once they kill that lower trash, the rest will be in an uproar against the humans."

"Wonderful Aurora! That is outstanding," Koas laughed in pure delight,"and keep it up! I'm glad you're not a failure like one of your fellow comrades. She will be dealt with her punishment soon enough."

There was a soft knock at the door that drew that red gaze away from the orb. "Come!" Koas looked back to the orb with the obedient eyes of her servant waiting for anything else from her. "Continue this good work and you shall receive your due rewards, sweet Aurora. I need to attend to another matter now."

The orb went dark with the sound of the door shutting. Koas now looked to the door with two figures waiting. The luscious dark figure on the left was her faithful avatar Lexiss. Stand next to the shadow mistress was the fish-out-of-water Sonora. The siren looked quite uncomfortable in the fiery heat of Nealon. She looked even more pale as she knew she was here because of her failure and it was time to receive punishment. The green-haired vixen squirmed beneath the goddess's stern gaze from the darkness and flinched visibly when she finally spoke.

"Sonora, dear Sonora. Whatever were you thinking? How could you let one lone demon from the Abyss get the best of you?" Koas scolded. Sonora remained silent as she looked down in humiliation. "You have the full support of a goddess behind you even when that succubus did not. Not even Lloth or Takhisis like dealing with their foul race! Yet she would have killed you had I not ordered you to get away. One of my most powerful servants humiliated like that. I'm disgusted!"

The siren remained silent still although it looked like every word she said made Sonora feel more and more insignificant. Feeling that her point was made and her servant put in her place, Koas sighed softly as she studied the woman. The failure wasn't a great folly, but if her plans were to succeed she could not afford for any more mistakes. The siren was fortunate enough that her mistake wasn't great enough to where Koas would have simply destroyed her.

"Still, you've always been a good faithful servant. After your punishment, you may await my next orders for you. Lexiss. The reason I called you back was for this very reason. Sonora here will be going in your place to act as my ambassador. I want you to fill her in on the details. You two may go now."

The shadow mistress brightened and gave a sigh of relief. Sonora looked confused at first from seeing Lexiss's reaction but brightened also. Apparently the thought of being an ambassador for one time didn't seem so bad to her. Both happy women bowed deeply for their mistress before leaving her presence. Oh how little the silly siren knew!


A long groan of relief escaped from Blaze as he sat down in the chair. The Frisky Mare was full and bustling as usual this evening. A cute blonde waitress came over to place a mug of strong ale in front of him. She gave him a small smile and wink before turning to other customers. Staring after her in shock, Blaze wondered what that was about. He silently hoped Kendra wasn't around to witness it either or else the Frisky Mare would have a new waitress position available. After seeing the pummeling Kendra gave Sonora in a fit of jealousy, he was now cautious of any woman flirting with him in the slightest.

Fortunately for her, Kendra was off in the back getting ready. "Go out there, relax and enjoy the show stud! It was a long trip and you're in need of some rest," she had told him. The demoness had a point. His feet were killing him. Taking a drink from his mug, he thought back to Kyros. They had slept in late. When she said she meant to collect, she sure as the Abyss did! The succubus damn near sucked his nuts dry then rode him into sunset. Man was it great, he thought with a big grin.

What he remembered the most was the surprise from his mother when they were ready to leave. They were standing just outside the front door when Ina came rushing out.

"Hold on a moment you two! Kendra, darling, I want you to have these," she said as she handed the succubus a small wooden box.

Kendra opened the box and let out a small gasp, "Ina. I couldn't... They're gorgeous..."

Blaze glanced over his lover's shoulder to see earrings with amber teardrops and a thin white tiara with an amber pendant in the middle. The sun's rays reflected off the gemstones beautifully as they both stared in wonder.

"M-mom... Where the heck did you get these? They must have cost more than a year's allowances!" Blaze said in shock.

Ina simply smiled, "They are a family heirloom passed down from mother to daughter or, like in this case, to my boy's sweetheart."

The demoness looked up to Ina in startlement before blushing. Blaze rubbed his eyes. Kendra? Blushing? No fucking way! But she was as she put the earrings on before placing the tiara on her head. The band was so light, it blended into her hair so perfectly that the pendant stone seemed to be in place all by itself. If it could be possible, the stones enhanced the dark skinned vixen's beauty even more. By the grace of Sharta was she gorgeous!

Kendra noticed Blaze's stare and Ina's approving smile. "Thank you, Ina," she said softly while blushing greatly. He looked to her in shock wondering what happened to the succubus he knew. She must be showing a rare side of herself. They both left his home with his mother's blessings, after she finally let him go from her rib-crushing hug!

"Ooof!" he wheezed when a punch to those still sore ribs brought him back to the present. Rubbing his side with a grimace, the young warrior glanced up to see Big Papa standing over him with a big grin. Blaze smiled and stood from his chair, extending his hand in greeting.

"Good day, sir! How ar-.. OH SHIT!" he grunted when the big man suddenly seized him in a big friendly hug. The ribs! Dear gods lay off the ribs!!! Blaze cringed in pain as he barely managed a small smile for the laughing big man.

"Blaze! Thank you, my boy!" Big Papa bellowed happily. "Thank you for bringing my dear girl back safely!"

Managing a small nod, he struggled to breathe until Big Papa finally let him down. Blaze sagged down into the chair to catch his breath. "You're welcome, sir. Honestly, it wasn't all that bad in Kyros though. Kendra is one heck of a woman."

A proud, fatherly smile overcame the tavern owner as he nodded. "That she is! I remember well the one night we had an unruly customer jump onto the stage and go after her. The bouncers weren't close at hand to get him. The poor sap got his ass kicked into next year by Kendra. I've never seen such moves from a fighter before!"

Wow, he thought. He knew the succubus was a deadly viper with her whip, but didn't know she could fight hand-to-hand. The fighter in him eagerly hoped he could someday see the powerful demon unleashed with her fists. What a woman! Blaze laughed with the big man. The big man pulled out a chair and sat next to him at the table. They spent the next few minutes conversing with Blaze filling the older man in with what he knew happened along the Quinlan coastline.

"By Stavros's might," the old man said as he leaned back into the chair, "It's horrible that so many people died because of that insane creature. The Fate's blessing it was for the two of you to arrive and stop such madness."

Blaze nodded silently before taking a long swig of ale from the mug. Something in the corner of his eye caught his attention and drew his gaze towards it. Taking another appreciative drink, he glanced over the rim of his mug to see a cloaked figure sitting in a dark corner all by itself. Frowning slightly as he set his mug down, he looked back to Big Papa with a small nod over towards its direction.

"Who's the lone stranger over there?" he asked.

Big Papa looked over towards the same direction for a few moments before he looked back to Blaze. "Don't worry, friend. That is a magician I hired recently. Though he sticks to himself most of the time, he's a good fellow. He provides a great lighting effect with his magic during some of the dances."

He nodded and relaxed a bit, trusting Big Papa's judgment in those he hired to work for him. It wasn't just that the cloaked figure made him uncomfortable, but that he had always been uneasy around magic. He'd never seen any magic before but his master had told him how it could be used in battle. A cold shiver ran up his spine as he remembered all the gory, horrible descriptions of the power magic inflicted in a fight,

"Looks like it's show time, Blaze," Big Papa said looking up to the stage they sat next to. "Kendra told me she wanted to do this dance especially for you. This will be something great to witness, my friend!"

The lights were once again dimmed as the band got set in their positions. The drummer slammed the beat down that was much quicker than last time. This time the whole group joined in with flutes, drums, bongos, and even a few instruments he didn't recognize. Altogether they created a fast paced beat with an exotic feel to it that made him feel as if he were in one of those famous tribal jungles he's heard the fishermen tell tales about.

The second after the music began to play, he noticed the cowled figured clap his hands together and move in strange fluid gestures. He shivered as he watched the spell casting occurring. The lights dimmed further until suddenly the whole room was ablaze in color lights of red, purple and green. It was a dazzling affect that filled the room and enhanced the feel of the jungle beat.

Blaze's gaze was drawn to the stage when the curtains were thrust aside. His jaw hit the table! Kendra stood there with a wild white feather headdress that went beautifully with her long vanilla hair. She wore a bikini top and bottom, but they were entirely composed of feathers as well. All along the length of her slender arms and legs the feathers ran down in one solid strip.

The succubus literally strut her stuff out onto that stage barefoot with an air of pure regal confidence one would imagine a jungle queen to have. The cheers and hoots of everyone filled the room as the men drooled at the sight of the dark-skinned exotic beauty with white feathers all about her.

Kendra glanced over to him, her confident smirk growing as she saw him sitting there with his mouth hanging wide open in shock. The beauty then started tapping her feet to the song's fast beat and soon her whole right leg started bouncing as she rolled her head about, flinging her hair about wildly like an amazon lost in passion. Soon she was spinning around in a flurry of feathers with her hands raised up in the air as she lost herself to the song. The dancer's hand grabbed the dancing pole to twirl around it swiftly.

Both her hands gripped the pole after one spin and he watched her climbing upwards on the pole all the way up to the ceiling. What was she up to? Her legs wrapped possessively around the pole like every man present wished she could do to them and one man who already knew. That man watched his lover suddenly lean backwards to where she now hung upside down with her fair hair cascading down like a white waterfall.

The exotic woman held herself there with her powerful legs and thighs as she cupped her breasts lovingly, presenting everyone with her beautiful browned cleavage. Slowly she began to slide down the pole with a small smirk until right as she neared three quarters the way down, her legs released her and she flipped backwards onto her feet with great agility.

Whipping her head around, her green eyes took in the astonished audience with a pleased look as she gyrated her hips swiftly and swayed her belly about. Her hands reached behind her for a moment until she brought them forward to whip off her top, her browned breasts bouncing in their freedom. Her pale nipples already hard with excitement stood out proudly for all to see. While shaking that shapely ass to them, she cupped her breasts lovingly as a woman would giving herself pleasure privately. Her hands left her breasts and caressed her body down her slender sides and toned belly to her feather bottom.

Kendra's fingers teasingly rubbed her cloth covered mound as she looked to everyone with a "please come fuck me now" look. Oh the temptation, Blaze though as he shivered in awe. Swiftly untying the string holding it, she whipped off the bottom to toss it away and reveal that sweet shaven pussy every man there desired. She winked to all present and gave her full ass a swift smack that filled the air to the hooting approval of everyone. Looking to him now, Kendra smiled in the most evil manner and crooked a finger for him to come to the stage.

He was unsure though as he knew the bouncers would be on him an instant. That is, until he felt Big Papa's approving clap on the shoulder and laughing shove forward. Blaze stumbled out of his chair right up to the stage. He looked up to the feathered goddess staring down at him now with both hands on her cocked hips. Kendra smirked down to him as she swayed her hips around while slowly drawing down into a crouch. He felt her hands suddenly seize his shirt and pull his face right between her large brown tits. He was surprised and suddenly felt her press both her breasts together on each side of his face in a mind-blowing tit-to-face rub. Her breasts fell away as she dropped her hands.

Blaze looked up to her in astonishment and she simply winked in return. She twisted her chest back and forth so that her full breasts bounced against his face. If he wasn't a breast man before tonight, he was now! He was only vaguely aware of the roaring applause from the other men and women. She simply laughed in delight as she bent down his ear.

"I hope you enjoyed that my dear stud. Meet me upstairs after this dance because I'm going to need a good... loooong.. hard fucking," she whispered sexily into his ear.

With another laugh she shoved him back lightly before rising to her feet once again. Kendra waved her hand towards the back of the stage where some bouncers now brought out a small tub. They placed it down at the end of the stage before jumping down off stage. Amongst the flickering magic lights, the succubus twirled about before stepping into the shallow tub. She lowered herself gently into a crouch and moved her hips back and forth very suggestively. Movement drew Blaze's eyes to a couple of the other female dancers walking out to her with a few buckets.

Kendra now kneeled in the tub with her arms raised high as if the jungle queen were beseeching her gods for something. The first female upraised the bucket and to everyone's delight, poured shining massage oil onto the kneeling demon. The liquid splashed onto her full brown breasts and rolled down her belly to her legs.

Kendra closed her eyes as her hands came down to rub the oil into her breasts, making them glisten erotically in the flickering lights. The other female raised her bucket. Kendra pulled and toyed with her hard nipples and arched her body upwards into the now pouring waterfall of oil soaking her perfect body. Kendra moaned audibly as she was completely covered and scintillating sexily from her neck on down in oil. Her hands frantically massaged her breasts as she pleasured herself in front of them all.

Her right hand slid down her body to her pussy to rub it tenderly. Her moan joined the music in filling the air as she spread her outer cunt lips to where all could see her obvious arousal. With a lusty groan, she slid a finger into the wet pussy and pumped it in and out quickly.


That and many more were heard as half the men in the audience dropped or fell back out of their chairs with geyser nosebleeds. Her vanilla bright lips smirked at the sight as she brought that finger up to lick her juices as the song ended. The wet demon stood and blew a kiss to the roaring applause before turning to strut to the back of the stage and disappear from sight. Blaze looked over to Big Papa who was standing and clapping himself. The older man look over to him with a grin.

"I have never seen her dance as hard as that in all the time she's been here. And the oil was something else wasn't it? When she said this dance was meant for you, she wasn't kidding you lucky dog!" Big Papa said with a laugh.

Blaze could only nod in a daze as most of the blood in his body was no longer in the coherent thinking area. The familiar figure of the demoness was soon visible to him as she made her way through the crowded tavern wearing only a white robe. As she passed near him, he saw her cast him a knowing glance before she moved on and soon was climbing the stairs to her room. Clearing his throat, the young warrior rose from his seat. Bowing to Big Papa, he wished the owner a good night. He turned and quickly made his way towards those rooms, knowing that the succubus was not one to be denied....


The young warrior knocked on the door to Kendra's room as soon as he reached it. "Come on in, Blaze!" He heard her yell to him. Opening the door, he stepped in quickly and closed it behind him. He turned around to the room before he froze in mid-step. Deja Vu! The exotic beauty was once again relaxing in that very luxurious tub wearing only the steamy water about her body. Her eyes now held that familiar hungry look as she smiled devilishly to him.

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