Blazing Glory Ch. 03


"Get those clothes off and come on in, my young stallion," she cooed dreamily.

All blood drained from his face and went straight to his pants that now contained the raging beast within. The beast! Oh how he LOVED this woman! Kendra laughed in amusement as clothes soon filled the air with the human blur in the mad dash. Taking the small steps two at a time, Blaze then hopped into the large tub big enough for four. Kendra's laugh turned into a startled and amused squeal as she was splashed from his sudden entrance. His head poked above the surface as he looked up to her.

He found the succubus smirking down to him from where she sat, water dripping from her elegant face and dampened hair. Raising a slender brow, she leaned back comfortably as those hungry eyes took him and his body in as if seeing them for the first time.

"So... Did you enjoy my dance for you?" she whispered softly. That special smile spread across those full, soft vanilla lips of hers when he nodded vigorously that he did. "That is good to know, Richard. I gave it my all for you in that dance."

Blaze grinned as he moved over to sit next to her, the steamy waters sloshing about. "I haven't seen too many dances so far in my life, but that was without a doubt the best one ever. I am sure all the fellows downstairs would agree wholeheartedly."

Her slender hand came up out of the water to rest against his chest. "And did my performance...," she whispered as her fingers lightly danced down his chest, "make your hot for my body?"

The succubus's hand waltzed below the waterline before he felt her hand grasp his rock hard cock. Her tongue slid across her lips as she looked down to what her hand felt. "So it seems that it did," she chuckled softly. Her red head wings sprung into view as she gave him a fanged smile. "Then come get me! I'm all yours!"

Those hungry green eyes. Her inviting smile. The wet body just begging to be touched. How could he say no!? He turned to the eager demoness and kissed her soft lips. A lusty growl of approval answered his kiss as her tongue flickered over his lips before nibbling on them hotly. Her nails drug their way slowly up his back as they kissed each other with wild passion. The demoness was working his cock expertly with her hand beneath the water as she moved her fist about it up and down with twisting motions. She let go of it to caress the sensitive flared cockhead to his groaning pleasure.

Kendra's hand was driving him crazy and he decided turnabout was fair play right now. His hands slid up out of the water to glide over her wet breasts. Squeezing the firm tits, he grinned as he heard her gasp in response. His fingers walked across the brown flesh of her breasts to her pale nipples to roll them about as they perked up in her excitement. The succubus moaned sensually against him as his fingers pinched and tugged at those sensitive buds.

The demoness growled to him as the hunger grew hotter in those green emeralds, "Get your cute ass out of the water now! I want to taste you."

Blaze stood up in the tub to where his cock swayed right in front of her at eye level. With a hungry groan, the sexy succubus leaned forward to run her tongue all about his cockhead in swirling motions. She relished the sweet taste of her lover as she moved her head underneath and slowly run her tongue from the base up the entire length back up to the head. She repeated these long teasing licks as her hands gently massaged and tugged on those cum-heavy balls of his. The young man's knees began to get shaky as the feelings roaring through him from her tongue and hands were mind-blowing.

Smirking up to him, her green eyes stared into his as she finished another lick before taking the tip of his cock into her mouth. Sucking it gently, she even nipped gently at the tip of the rod with her teeth to draw a surprised gasp from him. Kendra chuckled as she took more of him into her mouth as she sucked. Her soft vanilla lips stretched about his girth as she bobbed her head up and down upon him with fingers still teasing his balls.

Blaze could only do his best in concentrating to keep standing there as the sexual bliss Kendra was giving him was overwhelming. The most beautiful woman in all the lands kneeled before him, sucking him off for all she was worth as her large glistening wet tits bounced very slightly with her rapid bobbing. She would get him up to the point to where he was about to blow his load into her mouth so many times but she would draw her mouth off of him quickly and work him with her hands. She would always have that knowing smile as she kept him from his desired release. He was almost to the point of begging her to let him cum.

Drawing off of him with a loud wet pop, the wet demoness turned about in the tub to face away from him on her knees. Leaning forward she rested her arms on the outside edge of the tub as her perfect ass stared right at him.

"Mount me, Blaze. Please. Fuck me oh so hard from behind. I need your hot cock in my pussy noooow!" she crooned softly over her shoulder to him.

"Damn you're so hot Kendra," he exclaimed as he moved up to her offered rear. Holding his cock in one hand, Blaze guided himself to her pussy and slowly pushed into her hot depths. Kendra gave a low scream of pleasure as he pushed his entire length slowly into her always-tight twat until he finally was fully into her. He began to slowly thrust himself in and out of her cunt, hearing her constant growls of intense ecstasy.

Kendra pressed her face into her folded arms as she rocked with the thrusts. His cock felt so hot inside her. Fucking Abyss it felt so good. So perfectly full! Her cunt muscles squeezed and spasmed around his big rod. She laughed softly in delight when she heard him cry out when she did that. This encouragement only made him drive into her faster. Kendra met each of his thrusts with ones of her own back towards him. The warm water in the bath began to slosh back and forth with the fervent fucking of the couple. Above the splashing, the loud slaps of his hips smacking up against her firm ass could be heard rapidly.

Both were going at it as hard and fast as they could now in a race to see who would cum first. Each were determined to hold out as long as possible as the pleasure seared their bodies to the very soul. Kendra felt the burning ecstasy within her cunt growing rapidly. She knew she had lost the race as she screamed at the top of her lungs as stars exploded into her vision. Her intense orgasm rocketed through her entire body as she coated the wonderful cock with her cum.

He could only hold on for the ride as her cunt desperately clenched at him with her hot juices leaking out into the bathwater. Blaze watched Kendra pound her fist down repeatedly as multiple mini-orgasms rippled through her like aftershocks of an earthquake. Seconds passed before the succubus finally relaxed visibly but trembling in her post titanic climax exhaustion. It was then that he looked down at her perfect ass. Her round, firm butt that men would die to just grasp to take a squeeze. The idea formed into his head as an evil smile formed on his lips. This was going to be fun!

Kendra struggled to regain her composure after that huge multiple orgasm as her breath steadied. Through it all, she hadn't felt him cum inside her. He still felt full hard inside her and was now slowly pulling it out. A low moan escaped from her as the cock slid back against her sensitive cunt. With a slick pop, he was out of her and leaving her feeling an aching void where he should be. Just then she felt something poke against her ass.

He was still grinning like a madman as he pressed the cockhead against her small little asshole. She whipped her head back to stare at him in wide-eyed shock over her shoulder.

"N-no! You can't! I've never done it there before! A succubus never takes it in the ass!" she whined pleadingly to him. A small scream escaped her as the rod, wet with her own juices, slowly pushed its head into her rear. Clenching her ass about it to prevent it, she glared back at him now. "You wouldn't! You wouldn't dare, RICHAAAARRD!"

She screamed his name as he thrust himself suddenly and fully into that tight ass. Her whole body just froze in tension as her hands gripped the edge of the tub. Kendra was experiencing feelings she'd never felt before after he took her anal virginity. It certainly burned a little bit from the sudden intrusion, but it felt so different. That burning began to turn into the burning of red heated desire. Her ass muscles clenched at the intruder as she got used to it.

"Oh...Oh... Oh fuck! What have you done to me, Richard?" she groaned as her ass felt even more sensitive to his cock than her own hot pussy. With a groan, she pushed herself back against him to get more of him inside her clenching ass.

Blaze was sweating profusely in concentration as he desperately tried not to lose his load. Her ass was so tight and hot. It was spasming all around his cock like crazy. It felt so damn good. He heard Kendra moan softly as she pushed herself back against him. Obliging her desire, he pushed himself fully into her firm ass. With hands gripping her waist, he slowly began to pump in and out of that grasping hole that was trying to always suck him back in.

Her low moans began to grow into sensual wails of bliss as the feelings exploded through her. He was fucking her ass. She couldn't believe she let him put it there but thank all the dark lords and demons of the Abyss she did. It felt so fucking goooood!


Just like with her cunt, the two of them were soon meeting each other's thrusts fast and hard as her ass was finally used to the penetration. Kendra was screaming as she was cumming in nonstop orgasms as she thrust back against him, her large tits swaying back and forth just above the water. Blaze was grunting with every slam of his cock into her, giving her every bit of strength he did as he fucked her ass. But he had already been at the cliff's edge for too long and he just couldn't hold back anymore as he went over the edge.

Kendra felt her lover tense as he thrust frantically into her firm butt. He was cumming! In her ass! That unbelievable thought made her scream at the very top of her lungs as she had the most mind-blowing orgasm so far this night!


His body was not going to listen to him even if he told it not to. His hard pole jerked and spurt load after load up into that hungry, cock-milking asshole. Both of them cried out as they shared each other's mutual climax at the same time before they came crashing down from the mountain tops of ecstasy. Sliding out of her ass with an even louder pop than her cunt, Blaze leaned back into the water now as he closed his eyes. He soon felt her body up against his and her lips kissing him tenderly as if in thanking him. His arms wrapped about her as she laid her head exhaustedly against his chest. Together they relaxed there for a good part of the night.

The following day they had once again set out on the road, heading northeast of Aidan this time. Blaze didn't know where they were going. He was simply following the path in hopes of finding more adventures to find. Kendra walked beside him, fervent as ever to not leave his side. Something odd caught his eye though as they came upon being an hour's walk from the city they left.

"Kendra, are you feeling alright? You're walking kind of funny," he said looking to the succubus.


Blaze lay there on the ground seeing stars as the dust settled. Kendra stalked onward with a bow-legged gait grumbling darkly to herself.

"Fucking asshole," she growled to herself before she froze. Her hand went back to grip her shapely ass with a pained groan before moving forward again. She just had to of reminded herself.......


The lump on his head eventually went back down over the next few days they journeyed together. Fortunately, Kendra's temper was even shorter lived and soon she was arm-in-arm with him as they walked down the path. They were now in the northern reaches of Quinlan. The border of the kingdom of Kozue lay not far off to the north and the far east country of Shoushan laying further away. The lands they now tracked through were heavily forested with many rolling hills making the trek more difficult. These were the foothills of the great Eshkol Mountains off to the north.

The bright and sunny day above did not reach the traveling companions beneath the canopy of the woods. The array of beams of light shining through into the darkness was a beautiful display of nature, but Blaze concentrated more on their surroundings. He didn't like how there were so many shadows in which someone or something could lurk within. Kendra seemed to be sense is uneasiness with understanding, her own bright emeralds glancing about as well with her sharp eyesight. But sight wasn't the sense to bring him to a halt.

Kendra stopped with him, her eyes suddenly more alert and glancing about, "What is it, Blaze?"

He raised his hand gently in signal to ask her to be quiet for just a moment. Straining his hearing to listen within the peaceful quiet of the woods, the young warrior stood there as still as stone. He heard nothing for a few moments until he finally heard what had initially caught his attention. A very distant but obvious wailing of someone in great distress. By the sounds of the cries, they were in pain and fear for their life.

"Come on! This way!" he shouted to the demoness before taking off the path through the woods. He heard Kendra easily keeping up with his as he dashed through the woods. It was a dangerous pace he was setting through the hilly forest with roots and ruts everywhere ready to break an ankle or twist a leg with one misplaced step. So his eyes watched the ground before him before he would place any step there, relying on his hearing to keep him in the right direction as the cries grew louder with every step.

Blaze slid on the slick forested floor covered with leaves as he came upon a small clearing where there were no trees. In the distance, he could see many homes with chimney's leaving wispy smoke trails leading up to the canopy. The wooded houses looked to be simple and placed so as not to obstruct the trees of the forest they resided in.

A high pitched scream drew his gaze towards his right where he saw a big cage made of hard black iron. Through those thick bars, he saw the crouched form of a creature. A tiger! He'd seen a few roaming the grasslands along the coastline at home and knew them to be the fiercest of creatures when on the hunt. But why would a tiger, native only to the grasslands of Quinlan, be all the way out here in northern Quinlan?

He looked closer and gasped in surprise. Since when did tigers have dark grey fur that was almost black and orange stripes? His mind reeled at the sudden reversal of coloring that shouldn't be. That is when it turned its head towards them and he saw those golden eyes brimmed with tears pleading for help.

Kendra gasped herself as she saw what he did now, "A lycan!"

Looking over the caged creature more carefully now, he saw the shapely figure of a woman to rival Kendra's own but covered entirely in fur. He could see the orange stripes running down her body much in the way of a tiger's since she had not a stitch of clothing on her. Her tail swayed about in frantic fright as she crouched trying to protect herself. Her fur-covered face was more feline than human. Bright, wavy orange hair cascaded down her back. He'd heard myths about the existence of lycans. Especially the attractive kind that huddled there before his eyes, a myth no longer. A catwoman!

Looking around the cage in the direction she had her back turned, he finally saw the caged catwoman's source of distress. A group of teenage boys and girls gathered together ten feet from the cage. Many were throwing rocks and sticks into the cage and yelling insults at her.

"You filthy animal! Take this," yelled a boy as he rocketed a large rock into the cage.

A girl beside him threw her rock shortly after him screaming, "Where is he?! I want him back right now!"

Most of the projectiles where striking true into the fur and hair of the catwoman, making her cry out in pain and whimpering. Seeing the poor feline creature suffering so much made his blood begin to burn hotly. How could they do this to her? He didn't know what crime the catwoman had committed, but she was helpless! There was nothing right about hurting someone like this. There was no honor in it! No honor at all! His anger burned all the more hotly as he looked to the hateful glares of the teenagers.

"Blaze! No! Stay out of this. It doesn't involve us," Kendra said trying to grasp his arm in preventing what he was already doing. Her hand grasped air as he dashed forward quickly to place himself between the mob and the cage. He grunted when he felt a rock slam into his stomach, causing him to nearly double over in pain. He up righted himself and spread his arms out protectively. The throwing stopped as the teenagers looked at him in dismay that he would step in front of such a barrage. He heard the pained whimpering behind him stop.

"Stop this! All of you! There is no honor is hurting someone who is helpless as she is! All of you should be ashamed!" he yelled at them with glaring anger, "How would you feel if you were in her position!?"

They whispered amongst themselves for a few seconds before a small girl ran back towards the forest village. The oldest boy there turned to look back towards Blaze. "Who are you? What do you want with us here?"

"Isn't that clearly obvious? I want this cruelty to stop!" he said frowning.

"Well it won't! You're just a filthy animal lover aren't you?" the boy said with such pure hatred that it shocked him. The boy quickly picked up another rock and hurled it at him with all his youthful strength. Blaze didn't move one inch as that rock sailed towards his face. He would gladly take the impact to prevent more painful suffering of the female lycan behind him.

The thunderous crack of a whip filled the air as he saw the whip hit the rock with such force that it simply turned to dust in midair. All the eyes of the youngsters fell upon the gorgeous woman in leather that strode up to stand beside him. All the boys stared at her with wide-eyed awe and tented pants from instant hard-ons. The rest of the girls simply stared at her jealously before a few of them slapped their boyfriends upside their heads. Kendra, seeing she was once again the center of attention, smirked with a knowing look. Blaze sighed and shook his head.

By now, the girl had returned with a host of men armed with pitch-forks and clubs. His frown only grew more as the situation looked to only be worsening. He didn't want to have to kill these people to protect the defenseless lycan. Even though they greatly outnumbered them, he knew Kendra alone could finish them easily. But that path was unacceptable. A middle-aged man pushed his way through the crowd before walking up to Kendra and Blaze. In contrast to the youths, he regarded them calmly.

"What do you want here? I hear from my daughter that you are trying to protect the beast," he said.

Blaze nodded, his anger disappearing to allow him to calm a bit. "Yes, I was. I do not know the crime of this woman behind me, but to torture her as by stoning her half to death is unspeakable. It holds no moral grounds to do such."

"I assure you I was unaware of the children's actions. But know this vile bitch is responsible for the disappearance of many men from Jolon, our village," the man said with growing anger now.

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