tagIncest/TabooBless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 4

Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 4


Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned, Ch. 4

Nicole stumbled from the shower and went back to her room and got dressed. She grabbed her purse and got into her car and drove off. She stopped by the salon where Mandy worked. She saw the sign on the door said "open" So she parked her car and went in. Nicole was greeted with a warm smile and a hello and then a gentle hug as she walked into the salon. Mandy looked at Nicole and said "what the hell happened to you girl?" Tears welled up in Nicole's eyes. I had another dream last night. "No way" Mandy replied, wanna talk about it?

Mandy had no customers for a while so the girls went into the office to talk. Mandy sat there in shock and disbelief as she listened to Nicole's story. As Nicole continued to tell her friend what happened in her dream, Mandy became more and more aroused. Finally Nicole finished telling what had happened to her and Mandy reached up and hugged her, kissing her ever so softly on the cheek then neck. "Wow girl, sounds like it was fun!"

"Tell you what" Mandy said, "how would you like a job here with me?"

Nicole looked a little stunned but managed to say "are you sure, I have no clue what to do."

"Don't worry about it, I'll train you" Mandy said. The girls continued to giggle and discuss Nicole's dream. Finally a customer came into the shop so Mandy had to get busy. Mandy leaned over and kissed Nicole softly on the lips and said "see ya next Monday." Mandy got up and walked out to greet her customer and Nicole walked past them and left the salon.

On the way home Nicole drove past the cemetery where her mom and boyfriend were buried. She stopped and bought some flowers from a small mom and pop flower stand next to the cemetery. Nicole first stopped at her mom's grave. She placed the flowers in the flower holder and then sat down for a few minutes. Nicole just sat there starring at the head stone for what seemed like an eternity. A tear welled up in her eye and rolled down her cheek. It tickled her cheek as it dripped off of her chin and onto the ground. "I love you mom" Nicole whispered as she stood up.

Nicole walked all the way over to her boyfriend's grave. Again she set the flowers in the flower holder and sat down. With tears streaming down her face, Nicole began to sob lightly and then heavily. After a few minutes Nicole decided to pull herself together in case anyone showed up that she knew. She kissed her hand and then placed it on her boyfriends headstone and told him that she loved him too and that she really missed him. With that Nicole got up and walked towards her car. Along the way to her car Nicole had a chill that ran down the length of her spine. Nicole walked quicker and got in her car and sped off.

When Nicole arrived at home she noticed an answer on the answering machine so she checked it. It was her father leaving her a message that he was not going to be home tonight. He had a job that was too far away to drive home. Nicole had an idea. She reached over to the counter and picked up the phone. She dialed the salon and Mandy answered. "Hey, its me" Nicole said. "Are you all right Nikki" Mandy answered. "Actually yes, The reason I am calling you is because my dad won't be home tonight and I was wondering if you want to come stay the night again."

"Sounds like fun, I'll be over at 6:00 P.M.." Mandy replied. Nicole hung up the phone and began picking up the house. Soon Nicole had everything straitened so she turned on the television and popped in another of the tapes she found in the dungeon.

Nicole watched the home made movies of her mom and dad. She sat there in shock as she still couldn't believe how her mother acted. In the scene she was watching, her mom was hanging from the ceiling with her ankles in shackles and she was sucking her own brother's cock. Then Nicole saw her dad move in and soon her mom was sucking both of them. As Nicole continued to look at her father's cock she became more and more aroused. Nicole unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and eased her jeans and panties down to her ankles.

The next scene started and Nicole was busily rubbing her slippery slit. She watched as her dad whipped her mom. Every time the whip slapped her mom's ass Nicole felt a chill run down her spine. She watched as her mom stood there shackled and gagged while her father continued to whip her. Steve dropped the whip and moved behind her mom and slid his cock into her wet pussy. Just then Nicole began to cum. She continued to rub her throbbing clit until the waves of pleasure subsided. Nicole looked at the television and saw something that surprised her. In the dungeon she saw another door open and her uncle disappeared. Nicole rewound the tape to get a better look as to where this other door was. She saw it open and then her uncle walked through it. Nicole pulled up her panties and jeans and ejected the tape and hid it in her room.

Nicole went into her father's room and went into her mom's walk in closet. She grabbed a lighter and pushed her mother's dresses aside. She unlocked the hidden door and opened it. She lit the candle and began to descend down the dark musky spiral staircase. Chills ran down Nicole's spine as she made her way to the dungeon. She unlocked the second door and walked into the dark dungeon. Nicole lit a candle and closed the door leaving herself all alone in this dark underworld. Nicole looked briefly at the shackles hanging from the ceiling where she was just fucked last night in her dream. That alone caused Nicole's loins to tingle and burn with desire.

Nicole continued to light the candles which cast an eerie glow throughout the dungeon. She walked over to the place where it looked like there was another secret door in the video. Nicole looked and looked but didn't see anything. Using her fingers, Nicole tried to feel if there was a crack in the wall, but no luck. "What the fuck" she said softly to herself as she just starred at the dirty brick wall of the dungeon.

Nicole pushed the clothes rack that housed all of the costumes and saw the surprise she was looking for. There was a button on the wall. Nicole lifted her trembling hand and placed her first finger on the button. Nicole could feel her knees weakening and begin to tremble as she pushed the button. Nicole could hear the hum of a motor as a small door began to open. The door was open all the way and Nicole walked into the silent dark room. She lit the candle that was on the wall and walked in cautiously. She lit another candle and then another.

"What the fuck...NO, NO, NO oh Jesus Christ NO!!!!!" Nicole screamed as she dropped to her knees. Tears began streaming down her face as she knelt on the dirty floor in the second secret room. "Oh god no, please no" Nicole screamed as she got to her feet. Walking closer Nicole began to shiver as if she was freezing. Chills ran up and down her body as she stopped walking and reached out and placed her hand on it. Nicole lowered her head and looked at the name inscribed on the metal plate. Tears continued to stream down her face and drip off of her cheeks. Nicole dropped to her knees before a coffin that had her mother's name on it.

Nicole just knelt there crying She knew her mother couldn't be inside or could she be? She saw her mom get lowered into the earth at the cemetery. She looked around in the dimly lit room and saw the artificial flower arrangements like there was a funeral in here. There were rows of seats as if people attended a funeral. Finally Nicole got up and quietly left the room shutting the door. Fear filled Nicole as she quickly blew out the candles and locked up the dungeon. Nicole quickly ran up the spiral stairs and locked the door in her mom's walk in closet. She made sure the coast was clear and then emerged into her father's bed room. Nicole made her way down to the kitchen for a glass of water.

Looking at the clock Nicole realized it was almost 6:00 P.M. and heard a knock at the door. while running to the door, Nicole told herself she wouldn't say anything right away to Mandy about the new room. She opened the door and Mandy walked in and hugged her, pulling her tightly into her arms and squeezing her. Somehow Nicole felt safe now, like she was in the arms of her mother. The girls carried Mandy's stuff into Nicole's bed room and sat down on the bed together. The girls decided they were hungry for pizza so Nicole called and ordered a large pepperoni with extra cheese.

Mandy said she wanted to take a shower so she stood up and began to undress right in front of Nicole. Nicole watched but tried not to act like she was starring and Mandy first slid her top off. Next Mandy unbuttoned her tight jeans and slid them down her sexy legs and then off of her feet. Mandy turned around and bent over to get her slinky lingerie out of her bag. Nicole couldn't take her eyes off of Mandy's ass as she watched her thong slide into her ass cheeks as Mandy was bent over. Mandy whipped around and saw Nicole starring so she walked over to Nicole and asked her if she could do the honors of unclasping her bra. Mandy turned around and Nicole reached up and unhooked the sexy material. Mandy pulled her arms through the straps and Mandy tossed the material over her shoulder causing it to land on Nicole's shoulders. Mandy, still facing away from Nicole reached down and back and took Nicole's hands and placed them on the waist band of her thong. Nicole took the little straps and slowly began to slide the waist band down Mandy's ass. Nicole watched as the piece of material in Mandy's ass cheeks popped out. The farther Nicole pulled the material down the farther she had to bend over. Nicole's face brushed up against Mandy's ass cheek as Mandy lifted a foot to step out of the material. Nicole stood up a bit flustered as Mandy thanked her and walked into the bathroom to take her shower.

Nicole had to pull herself together. She couldn't believe how attracted she was becoming to Mandy. She was having the same feelings inside that she had when she first met her boyfriend. She even had butterflies in her stomach. But she knew it was wrong. Nicole thought to herself that there was no way she could become a lesbian.

Mandy returned from the shower with just a towel wrapped around her body. Nicole quickly disrobed down to her bra and panties and headed for the shower. "The money for the pizza is on the dresser if it comes before I get done" Nicole shouted as she walked into the shower.

When Nicole returned from the shower wrapped in just a towel she couldn't help but to stare at Mandy as she stood there in a super sexy teddy and stiletto heels while holding a pizza box. Nicole glanced over at the dresser and saw the money was still where she had placed it. "Did you pay for it" Nicole asked. "Hunny, answer the door in an outfit like this and you never have to pay for anything."

"No way, you answered the door like that" Nicole asked shockingly. "Well, it did save you ten bucks, didn't it?" Nicole nodded her head as she pulled her night gown on over her head and down her naked body. Nicole felt like she was outdone as Mandy had on sexy clothes and she only had on her usual night gown, but it was her shortest nightie and she was totally naked under it.

The girls began to eat as Nicole popped in a video from the dungeon. Soon both girls were more interested in the video than they were in eating pizza. Mandy reached into her travel bag and pulled out a flask of vodka. She took a shot and passed it to Nicole who didn't waste any time in taking the flask from Mandy. As they continued to watch they soon killed the booze. Nicole couldn't believe all of the sexual antics of her family.

Another scene came on and the girls eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at what they were watching. Nicole's mom was shackled to the ground on her hands and knees and she began to give head to her own brother. Shockingly Nicole's father led a large dog on a leash to Nicole's mother. She never knew what was happening because she was blind folded. Nicole's mom must have been startled because she suddenly froze and stopped sucking her brother's cock. "Oh my fucking god" Mandy said as they watched the video. The big dog began to sniff Nicole's mom's ass and finally her pussy. The camera angle changed and suddenly the girls saw the dog begin to lick Nicole's moms cunt. Suddenly her mom's head was forced back down on her brother's manhood as the dog jumped up and wrapped his paws around her waist. The girls stared in amazement when they saw how big the dogs cock was becoming. It was like the dog knew what to do when he rammed his canine cock into her human hole.

Nicole's mom lost control and began humping back at the dog as she hungrily sucked her brother's cock. They could hear Nicole's mom moaning out loud and then screaming as she began to cum. She was thrusting her ass back to meet the dogs strokes. Suddenly they saw the dog tense up and realized that he was cumming inside of Nicole's mom. Steve pulled the dog off of his wife and suddenly they saw the dog's cum begin to trickle out of her pussy. Just then the scene ended.

Nicole and Mandy just sat there in amazement and looked at each other. With a disgusted look on their faces all they could say was "EEEWWWW." Suddenly the television flickered and another scene came on. The girls looked on horrified at what they were seeing. Actually they were becoming a little nervous as they were unsure as to what was going to happen next.

The scene was in the funeral room. The camera showed the casket open and her mom was laying in it. Nicole was becoming upset as she watched her mom laying there lifeless. Memories of the funeral were beginning to upset her as Mandy reached up and rubbed her back to comfort her. Suddenly they camera angle changed and someone walked up to the casket. All Nicole could see was a young male from behind that she sort of recognized but couldn't make out who it was. The young man knelt and began to pray. Moments later he stood up and looked at her mom as she laid there. The young man began to slowly undress as he continued to stare down at the lifeless body. Nicole was horrified as the young man pulled his shirt off and then began to undo his jeans.

Nicole sat there watching as tears began streaming down her face. Soon the man stepped out of his jeans and was buck naked. The camera angle changed and again the girls could not see a face. He climbed up on the casket and reached under Nicole's mom's dress and grabbed the waist band of her panties. The girls watched in amazement as the young man pulled her panties down her lifeless legs. He removed her panties off of her feet and then took her ankles and raised them up parting her legs and bending them at the knees along the way.

The girls were shocked when they saw the young man lower his head to her mom's lifeless pussy. He began to tongue her hole but again they still could not see a face. A few moments later the young man began to move up towards the head of the casket. He began to unbutton her mother's dress. After it was unbuttoned he reached in and unclasped her bra and pushed the material aside. Confusion set in as the girls realized that Nicole's mom had hard nipples. They wondered, was she really dead? The young man lowered his mouth and began to suck on her nipples. Moments later the girls watched as he began to lower his cock towards her lifeless pussy. The camera angle was from behind and all the girls could see was the young mans ass with his cock and balls and her mothers ass and pussy. Slowly they became horrified as he began to inch his hard cock slowly into her dead mom's pussy.

The young man began to hump the corpse. The camera angle changed and Nicole let out a blood curdling scream. Mandy became scared and grabbed hold of Nicole to comfort her. Nicole screamed "oh fuck no, oh Jesus Christ no, Oh mom no, how could you" as she began to sob loudly. "What's wrong Nikki" Mandy asked. Sobbing loudly "oh my fucking god I can't believe it" Nicole cried loudly. "What" Mandy asked. Nicole screamed loudly "That was my fucking boyfriend that was killed with my mom. Nicole collapsed onto the bed but still managed to watch the video.

"I cant believe my mom fucked him" Nicole cried out. "Actually Nikki it looks like 'he' is fucking her" Mandy chuckled. Soon Nicole's crying subsided and they continued to watch. After about ten minutes of fucking they watched as Nicole's boyfriend pulled his cock out and moved up to her mother's face. He stroked his cock and began to pump his load of cum onto her lifeless face. Spurt after spurt of cum roped across her face. Some landed on her lips, some on her eyes and cheeks, and even some in her hair. As soon as Nicole's boyfriend finished cumming on her dead mother's face he jumped off of the casket. Steve walked up to the casket and closed it. The tape ended.

Mandy reached over and pulled Nicole close to her and hugged her. "Its O.K. baby" Mandy said as she caressed Nicole's back. "I cant believe my boyfriend fucked my mom" Mandy said softly as she pulled herself together. Suddenly another scene started on the tape. This one there was no mistake about who was in the video. Nicole watched as her mom sucked off her boyfriend. The girls watched as Nicole's mom deep throated Nicole's boyfriends cock which looked like it was all of eight inches. "I have to admit she is good at it" Nicole said softly as she watched her boyfriend erupt into her mother's mouth. "You could be better though" Mandy said as she squeezed Nicole's hand. "Yeah right, its not like I'm sucking any to get any practice" Nicole said as she looked up into Mandy's eyes.

Mandy got off of the bed and walked to her travel bag. She reached into it and pulled out a dildo. Mandy knelt down on the floor and then laid flat on her stomach. "Come here Nikki." Nicole got off of the bed and laid down on the floor across from Mandy but still faced her. "Now girl, I'm gonna teach you how to suck a mans cock." Nicole looked at the fake cock and admired all of the details of it. It must have been eight inches long. The girls laid on the floor with only enough distance between their faces to stand up the artificial cock.

At the same time Steve returned home from work even though he called and said he wouldn't be home till the following day. Steve parked his truck and walked up towards the house wondering who's car was in the drive way. Quietly he entered the house and took off his shoes. He knew his lovely daughter was home and he wanted to surprise her. He quietly walked down the hallway and saw her door was closed but was still cracked open. Steve quietly tip toed to her door and peeked through the small crack. Steve's eyes lit up as big as silver dollars when he saw the two girls laying on the floor.

"Wrap your hand around the shaft and lick up and down the shaft from the balls to the tip like this" as Mandy demonstrated. Nicole watched intently as Mandy let the tip of her tongue run up and down the shaft of the fake cock. Mandy pulled it away from her mouth and tilted it towards Nicole. Steve watched what was happening and his cock stiffened faster then he thought could ever be possible. Nicole stuck out her tongue and licked up and down the same path that Mandy's tongue traveled. She tasted Mandy's saliva as she licked like Mandy instructed. After she finished she tilted the cock back towards Mandy's mouth.

Steve couldn't believe his eyes as he saw this strange girl teaching his daughter how to suck cock. As Steve continued to watch he noticed the other girl's tits had spilled out of her top, He looked at his daughter and with her ass facing towards the door could see her naked ass under her nightie as the hem rode up over her ass. He could see his daughter's pussy glistening from wetness as she listened to her friend. "Next take your tongue and flick it rapidly on the underside of the head at the top of the shaft." Nicole watched as Mandy's tongue flicked like a butterfly on the underside of the shaft. Mandy tilted the toy towards Nicole's mouth and Nicole opened her mouth and began to flick her tongue in the same spot. "That will drive him wild" Mandy said as she watched Nicole flick her tongue over that oh so sensitive spot. As Nicole continued to flick her tongue she closed her eyes and imagined the cock she was licking was her father's, not realizing that her father's hard naked cock was only a few feet away behind her bedroom door.

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