tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlinded by Lust

Blinded by Lust


'Yeah well she's not here anymore.' Cadeon bellowed down the receiver, sick of searching.

'You know what Rick you fucking look for her.' Flipping his phone shut he slid it into the pocket of his dark worn jeans. He had not planned for this night nor dressed for the occasion, wondering around seedy strip joints and dodgy bars in worn levis and a baggy T-shirt as though he was fresh from the covers of a sports magazine. If Rick had warned him where he'd be looking tonight Cadeon would have changed, at least tried to blend in. Other men wore shrewd made to order black suits and at least had a buck or two in their pockets to order a drink. Cadeon had none of that fishing in his pockets he found a nickel coated in fluff, it had clearly been in the wash with his jeans. This was why he had tried to leave this world so many times. He just didn't fit in, had never looked the part he was meant to play. He was the middle child of the infamous Laylan brothers yet he wasn't sure he could pass as a distant cousin twice removed. Cadeon's last name was scandalous in the underworld, he had tried to distance himself from it even moving from Las Vegas to California in hopes he could escape his own name but even if he could rid himself of the trepidation his family name brought to others he could never walk away from his brothers. Rick the eldest and Jared born a year after Cade where his life even when he had tried to separate himself from their world at only twenty one.

Cadeon took one hard look around himself, for one night only as a favour to his older brother, he was back in it.

The wind swept the dark strands of hair from his forehead as he paced outside the entrance to Luigi's dingy strip joint, a refreshing sensation after the dense torridness of the rooms within. He had wondered these streets half the night looking for one woman. God! Why he had said he would do this was beyond him, a moment of compassion for his brothers money problems he expected, what else? It was nothing to do with who he had been tirelessly searching for over the last two days or the angry memories he harboured towards the infuriating wench with a penchant for stealing wallets in the dead of the night. Those thoughts were long in the past; even if he had heard from Rick that she was back in San Diego and whoring herself out for spare change. Cadeon wondered how much the nickel in his pocket could get him from the squalid bitch.

Enough of this, he was not about to find her here if she wasn't already working, no doubt she was screwing some poor guy for every dollar he owned.

For once the picture didn't madden him, this past year had been hell; waiting, searching for any news of her surfacing somewhere near again.

Rick wanted her brought in because she owed him five thousand dollars. Cadeon wanted her for an entirely different reason.

Jane Blake had broken his God dam heart, he had trusted her, even believed in her lies and arranged for the deal between Jane and Rick to occur only for him to wake up one morning a year later to find his safe empty of five thousand greenbacks and his wallet missing from his bedside table. She had had the reputation of a prostitute yet that day he felt as though he had been paid for surfaces rendered in pain to his heart.

Not this time, he had promised if he ever saw her again he would make her compensate his loss. Cadeon feared his penchant for revenge was quickly becoming an obsession.

Cadeon felt the vibration of his phone on his outer thigh. Reaching, he pulled it out, flipped it and lifted it to his ear.

'What now?'

'Hello to you too Cade...Rick tells me he just had a tip off about your precious Jane Blake.'

'She's not mine anymore' Cadeon scorned impatient to end his torment and track the female down.

'Well whatever she is to you I bet you didn't expect her to be doing this?'

Cade scoffed, nothing would surprise him about Jane's sordid affairs anymore not since he discovered her decadent past from many jilted ex's only days after she had disappeared.

'Where is she?'

'She's working at a car dealership as a secretary. Someone tipped us off that a woman fitting her description was seen working there for the last six months, legit and everything. I don't even think she's fucking anyone from the office if that helps your self-esteem?'

Jared could be so juvenile when he sensed the occasion.

'It doesn't but thanks. Which car dealers? I didn't even know there were any around this part of town?'

'Oh there's not, turns out she has been working right under your nose in your region of San Diego.'

Cadeon braced himself against a stone pillar at the entrance of the club his hand reaching for the cold boulder of rock as he hastily grasped for his sanity. He was going to kill her, fuck the money and Rick; he was going to fucking kill her.

'Tell me where she is.' Cadeon demanded, trying to belie his intentions to his brother. Once he was through with her then they could have her back and do what they wanted, for tonight she was his.

Sarah walked the pathway from her workplace cautiously. Each night she finished her undertakings in the office she found herself wandering the empty car lot clutching her keys tightly in her hand. As she usually was the last to start work she always tolerated that she was left with the small parking space at the very back of the car park. Though she was always weary to be living alone in this big city in truth she had little to fear. She preserved a peaceful life, choosing to keep herself to herself with work colleagues though she had known them for over six months. No one was going to bother her tranquil existence because she had made sure no one even noticed she was there and that was the way she liked it. She had moved to San Diego a couple of months back from Lakewood town; a small post world war two community that housed three generations of Sarah's family. It was only Sarah's generation that had chosen to move out. For some that meant to spread their wings and try a different life, for Sarah that meant preserve the life she knew in a different town.

Sarah frowned for her absent family. She missed them sometimes so much it made her want to box up her new existence and head home, but she had a point to make, that she could do what they all said she couldn't, she would make a new life for herself here if it pained her. The rawness of her unsettlement once again reminded her that it already did.

Reaching her rusty second hand Ford reminded Sarah just how unwell she had settled. Even her car looked out of place in the glamorous lights of the smart glass frame building where she worked. Why they had hired her? She did not know but as long as they kept paying her wages she couldn't bring herself to leave, besides she had rent to pay and a car to run, even if she wanted to head back to Lakewood Sarah had well and truly locked herself down.

Reaching to slide her key into the lock Sarah suddenly felt a cool rush of air touch her cheek. It was unusual this time of year for the wind to blow so chilled. Taking a quick sweep of the car park Sarah saw nothing amiss she reached to pull open the door to the front seat.

'Well look who I find here.' A heavy voice rumbled from the dark. Sarah froze, the chill in the air suddenly seeping into her skin. Looking around she could just make out a dull figure in the shadows where the delicate light from the building couldn't reach.

Panicking, Sarah continued to open her car door scurrying to throw her bag in the passenger seat before dashing in herself.

Just as the bag hit the tattered upholstery a hand slipped roughly around her throat pulling her back towards a thick wall of rigid flesh.

Her breathe connected with the hard lines of a callous palm as it slid over her mouth. Strong arms wrapped firmly around her waist drawing her into the restraints of a warm body.

'Shh' her assailant whispered, the rich voice silken with confidence.

This can't be happening Sarah's mind commanded struggling to profess her worst fear in case her mind could not accept it. Could her big life adventure really end in a situation like this? Surely it was a case of mistaken identity he meant to hurt someone else. She kept herself to herself no one would have reason to hurt her? Would they?

'Well you've changed your perfume and your name but luckily for you I would know you anywhere.'

Her? How could he know her anywhere she had never been anywhere, unless this soul frequented Miss Totsies waffle house in Lakeland or the grocery store next to her house here in San Diego.

Suddenly his movements brought Sarah's attention back to her attacker. Was he? He was licking the soft confines of her right ear rimming it in painstaking detail. She had never known someone such as him in a sexual way if that's what he thought? She was sure to remember.

'Now are you going to be a good little girl and get in my car?'

Sarah almost melted onto the floor her legs easily giving way under the terror. He meant to take her away from her only mean of escape, her car. Instinct for self-preservation in her mind screamed No!

Cadeon could not make out what was different about Jane. She looked exactly the same; her doe eyes still framed the feminine beauty of her face. Even her hair maintained the thick lustre he used to adore. He remembered laying the thick strands over his chest as she used to sleep in his arms.

For the moment, longing overtook him and he began to brush through the loose tresses with his fingers, he found it laughable that he wanted to be gentle with her, though every muscle in his body wanted to grip Jane's waste, bend her over her tattered car and work his heated shaft deep inside her.

Of course now he knew Jane wasn't her real name, just one of her identities she had created to hide from the many men she owed. The reflection of her past deeds drew him back to the present and the shaking form trapped within his strong arms.

'Now were going to move nice and slow to my ride.'

Cadeon grabbed her bag off the passenger seat of her car, if the ford was found the next day he couldn't afford for people to know Jane had been taken.

Sarah shook her head violently, she had meant to keep the movement within the confines of her thoughts but her brain had become bewildered and elicited a physical reaction.

Cadeon laughed, as if she had an alternative but to do anything he said.

This woman before him stood no more than five foot two with a petite frame and about as much strength within her entire body as he had in one bicep. Naturally Cadeon was built to dominate stronger woman and had often found himself holding back with Jane, he constantly worried she could not handle what he had to give, her petite body not made for the power of his own. Still that could not impede his overpowering attraction towards the small brunette. If anything the knowledge he had to limit his strength served only to strengthen his desire but tonight there would be no confining his strength she WOULD take what he had to give if it killed her.

As she fought Cadeon used little strength to hold her close.

'Oh... now baby weve played many games in our time but you always know I get my way in the end. If you don't stop squirming I will be forced to hurt your pretty little head.'

Cadeon stroked the hollow of her skull for soft emphasis.

He still couldn't comprehend why he felt the need to maintain gentleness with her even after all she had done. Perhaps it was to do with the peculiar feelings he harboured towards her a mixture of anger and lust or more bizarrely the unexpected façade she had adorned herself with that concealed her true nature. Cadeon regarded the high wasted pencil skirt confining her soft curves in dark cheap polyester, the crisp white shirt that ordinarily Cade would be surprised Jane could keep clean throughout the workday, by know it should be adorned with lipstick stains, eyeliner debris and strong coffee. Customarily Jane didn't care for neatness yet from across the small car park as he waited in the shadows, he could consider nothing else but the flawless presentation of her outfit.

Sarah could scarcely grasp her condition, the air in her lungs struggled to maintain a constant supply of oxygen to her blood and with that she could sense her heart start to tire. Clutching his strong hand around her mouth with her nimble fingers Sarah desperately tried to pry them from her face. With each breathe through her nose she found herself catching the scent of her attacker, a rich warm oaky undertone with the bracing attractive scent of masculinity. Such a shame that it might be the very last musk she was to smell upon this earth as it brought swimming her one vivid fantasy; to heed a smell like this in years to come upon the crumpled sheets of her well used marital bed. Now she was sure it had just become a fantasy she would never see come to life.

As he began to move with her towards the shadows Sarah finally felt her legs give way. Panic over set her lucidity as she thrashed and fought against her powerful captive, if she was to die this night for once she was not going to do it quietly, she may not have done much in her life and many may not have even know of her existence not even her work colleagues but Sarah knew her own presence, liked the tranquillity of her life and so help her for once she was going to have to make a scene just to preserve her invisibility.

Cadeon handled the trashing woman in his arms with what he could only call harsh care. She would do herself an injury if she did not calm down and though he intended to do just that when he got her back to his flat he was not about to forfeit the pleasure of her first screams of pain, she did not deserve the mercy.

'If you do not quit trying to hurt yourself I promise I will find a way to keep you quiet and who knows how much fun I can have while your asleep.'

Fresh fear assailed her so she strived to fight harder.

WHACK! The power of his blow stormed her and consciousness began to waver, her body flopping into his arms with the last of her cognizant thought. She felt him hold his callous palm to the back of her head with great care and the hand across her mouth concede.

'I didn't want to have to do this.' He'd muttered scooping her up in his arms. Her eyes began to lose focus as she comprehended air swiftly moving across her skin, he was running, moving her further from her car and perhaps closer to her death.

Cadeon placed her limp body in the back seat of the car. He had known the moment he had rushed through inner city traffic to get to her work before closing time that he would be taking her home tonight. A slight pang of regret reached his awareness as he closed the door behind her unconscious form, he had been in such a hurry to get her back to his flat he hadn't even tried to quell her fight, just smashed her over the back of her head with the heel of his hand like a cave man. He did feel guilty even as he knew he had done her no permanent damage. Years working in the underworld you learnt how to make people compliant without ending their life. She would come too in a couple of hours safe, or not, in the restraints of his home.

Weaving through the metropolitan interchange in his McLaren, Cadeon couldn't help but glance in the rear mirror at his captive. The one person he truly thought could have become his woman and enjoyed this materialistic world with him.

She looked too prim for what he was about to do to her in her smart little outfit. The stark white of her shirt sending raw emotion to his groin, the colouring made her look too much like an angel instead of the whore she was. Cadeon leaned back and ripped the buttons from her blouse revealing the softly tanned spheres of her breasts through an equally crisp white bra. The revelation of more white angered him, why was she suddenly appearing innocent though he knew she'd had more cocks in her than a bank manager's conference?

The drive to his apartment was tense, each ripple of muscle as he manoeuvred the car itched to claw her under him and take her in the back seat. Patience.

He threw the car into the private garage below his apartment building and carefully scooped Jane back into his arms, her body limp next to his hard chest.

Cadeon scanned the empty site, the garage silent at this time of night. Locking the door to his expensive ride Cade made a mental assessment of the woman in his arms. Her face and body exactly the way he remembered them, luscious and rounded in all the right places. She had put on a healthy sum of weight during their time apart offering her extra volume in the areas he loved the most, her breasts and arse. The vision of her new found form made his penis firmer than he had ever felt in his life; he couldn't control his need to touch her with his mouth.

Leaning forward he brushed the lacy fabric of her bra aside with his lips, standing in the glaring emptiness of the car park he took her puckered nipple into his mouth tasting the sweetness of her skin. Hunger emblazoned him as he sucked harder licking the sensitive areola with the tip of his tongue. Cadeon groaned around the soft peek flicking Jane's yielding bud with caution-he didn't want to wake her and send her shrieking in fear; at least not until he got her somewhere no one could hear her screams. Pressing her tightly in his arms he aversely released her nipple, leaving the skin exposed to the cool night air and carried her though the vacant stairway to his apartment.

Sarah awoke sluggishly, the painful spot on the back of her head her first thought. That animal had hit her, scooped her into his solid arms and thrown her in the back of a car; she recalled the smooth motion of the vehicle and the bright city lights striking her eyelids as she struggled not to reach oblivion. A chill fingered her spine, had he touched her intimately when he'd removed her from the car, she could still feel the stimulation on her supple breast as he had lowered his head and began to suckle. It had taken all of her strength to remain still and not moan from the sensation. My God what did this maniac plan to do? She had only ever been intimate with a man once and the experience had left much to be desired. David Tyler, her first and only boyfriend had worked so hard to meet her needs stopping to ask what she wanted more than she could bare, in the end what she'd wanted was a break up and to never go through that ordeal again. Know she found a crazed male working her nipple into a firm peak in a parking lot and since she had passed out moments after that; God knows what he else he had done, Sarah rolled her head trying to alleviate the tension in her neck.

'Good... you're awake' a carnal voice groaned from across the room.

Sarah lifted her head in time to see shadowy eyes assess her face. The depth of their emotion alarmed her already frayed mind. Why had he taken her? She had done nothing wrong and most certainly had never attracted the attention of an intense kidnapper through any of her actions. This couldn't be her luck, not tonight, not ever.

Sarah shifted her body to pull herself upright, scanning her body Sarah realised she had been bound to a large sturdy bed by soft silk ties to her wrists. Panicking she searched her lower half to find her legs spread across the soft down duvet by more length of the fine silk.

The figure in the corner of the room watched her survey the situation. Sarah felt feverish with terror, his big body radiated strain all the way to hers. She followed the fine lines of his taught stomach, as it flexed from the tension in the room, to where his callous hands sat quietly in his lap. She could make out one large palm spread tightly across his sturdy thigh but the other disappeared into the darkness of his groin. Was he? Oh my god, she thought, he was masturbating to her visage on the bed as she had been asleep. Renewed panic charged her as she moved to scream but more of the soft silk that bound her hands and legs obscured her mouth. The dread she felt dissolved into a moan behind the gag.

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