tagNon-EroticBlinded by the Sight

Blinded by the Sight


The tach read 8400 RPM when I shifted into 4th gear. I never took my foot off the floor, either. The rear tires bawled for a second and caught, the flashing lights in my rear view mirror dropped back pretty fast.

Things had been going just fine until the fucking Oriental broad in the last cubicle hit her panic button.

Suddenly I was surrounded by alarms and racket. I belted the bitch upside the head with my pistol as hard as I could, fucking cunt! I told her to shut the fuck up and do what I said, she had to be a goddamn hero. She didn't even fucking peep as she folded up onto the floor.

Bailing over the counter, I hit the glass door and ended up flat on my ass. The damn doors locked up because of the alarms, I knew I was in deep shit. And the motherfucking doors weren't glass, how in the hell did I miss that when I checked the bank out?

I turned around, several of the people I had down on the floor were starting to get up, two rounds into the ceiling from my .357 Magnum stopped that crap, they got real fucking docile.

Then I turned and popped 3 more rounds into the door right by the goddamned locks, they came apart. Fucking steel jacketed .357's go through about any goddamned thing.

I ran for the Duster, threw the bag of cash in the back, started the engine and pulled out. I even fucking signalled. Down the street at about 30 mph, nice and easy, attract no attention.

Somebody saw though, the big police cruiser hung a yewie and headed after me. I put my foot down.

Under the hood of my Duster was 346 cubic inches of badass shit, I built the thing myself. Special shocks and springs, 490 horsepower on tap and more if I pushed the red button. Even the tires and wheels were rated for 200 MPH plus and this thing would do that if pushed.

It was being pushed.

I had also done my homework, less than six miles ahead was a fork in the road, both of them led to other forks. One was only two miles after the turnoff, the obvious place for me to turn.

I took the other one, knowing the cops would split up. It was nine miles to safety. Even with the road being crooked as a snake's back, I did it in 6 minutes. I knew that flat out it would take them 9 to 10 minutes. I also knew that even with their goddammed radios it would take a half hour for them to come at me from the other side.

Then I slowed to 60 MPH, flipped on my scanner. Like I thought, they took the other turn. I was 300 miles away by nightfall.

I found a little motel that was a good half mile off the road, pulled in to get some rest. I was thinking of getting up early and making the California border by the next afternoon, then on to Mexico until things got quiet.

I checked the parking lot, just one older station wagon was there. There was a beat up Dodge pickup out behind, I could see from the weeds around the tires that it hadn't moved in months.

Perfect except I didn't like the road, just one way in, but it would have to do.

I walked into the tiny office, no one around. There was a bell on the counter, so I tapped it a couple of times.

"Yea, yea, hold yer goddamned horses!" a female voice yelled out.

10 minutes later I tapped the damned bell again.

She walked out, looking pissed off at having been interrupted. Her hair was wet and wrapped up in a towel, she had on a robe that would make an old lady look bad. No makeup, nothing interesting at all, not my idea of a vision, I will say that.

"Want a room, huh?" she looked me up and down.

"By yourself?" She leaned over to look out the window at my car.


"Thirty-three bucks, towels are five bucks and a 10 buck deposit."

"You think I would steal your fucking towel?" I retorted.

"Yea, do you want the room or not?"

I handed her forty-seven bucks, got the towel that didn't look all that clean, and the key.

"Hey, where ya headed?" she asked.

"None of your fucking business!" I answered. I started to head for the door.

"Hey, got any money to spare?"

"What?" I looked back. She held the robe open, I came to a stop. I was looking at the finest set of natural breasts I had ever seen, perfect ski slope style with upturned nipples. Her stomach was flat and muscular, the robe was open enough I could see the flare of her pubic mound, fading into prominent hipbones. The skimpy low cut panties didn't hide the fact that she was fully shaved.

"Not interested." I managed to say, and I turned and went to the dingy room. Hell, I would need to whack off, the broad's body was a sight to behold but I had no time or inclination for that right now.

Someone probably pretended to clean the fucking place but it had been awhile. I checked the bed, at least it seemed to be fresh. I was sitting on the john after washing the fucking seat off, I leaned over to spit in the trash can and spotted a condom in there.

Hell, this was one fine fucking place!

Later, after it was nice and dark I went out and found the phone lines, cut them. Then I went back to the car and switched the license plates to my California set.

I figured I could get a few hour's sleep now, even if someone spotted my car there was no way to call out. I was sure I would hear any cars start up and move in the gravel driveway, I am a light sleeper. It was at least 30 miles to anywhere, enough head start for me if I needed it.

I woke up later to a pounding on my door. Grabbing the .357, I peeked out through the curtain. The woman from the counter was standing there. She was dressed in slacks and a blouse, she looked better. I put my piece away in my bag, opened the door.

"Hey!" she said.

"Yea, Hey yourself." I was getting tired of hearing her holler "Hey!"

"What were you doing outside earlier?"

"Nothing, just checking my car."

"You were changing the plates."

"No I wasn't."

"Yes, you were. Want some company?" She grinned like she had me.

Great. Just what I needed, some fucking bitch giving me shit.

"Sure, come on in." I held the door open.

"Got any beer?" She plopped down on my bed like she lived there or something.

"Yea, I got some." I popped a couple of brews and handed one to her.

"Running?" she looked at me, took a long pull on the brew, burped and then grinned at me.

"Yea, so what?" I was getting pissed at her.

"Hell, I wouldn't mind running. This place sucks."

"So what the fuck do you want?"

"Oh, excitement, money, something to do besides cleaning fucking rooms."

"What's in it for me?"

"How about some pussy?" she purred. She reached down and tripped the catch on the slacks she wore, stuck her legs up in the air and stripped them off.

I just stood there and looked.

There was nothing underneath.

That did it, I was on her in a flash, hell, I hadn't had any nookie for months and this was really special looking pussy. I screwed the broad from one side of the room to the other, then I bent her over and backdoored her for awhile. Finally I had all I could manage, I stretched out on the bed and slept.

I figured the bitch would be gone by morning, she wasn't. I woke up to her sitting there with nothing on, she was fingering the hammer on my .357.

"Give me that!" I reached out and jerked it out of her hands.

"Hey you got a pile of money, did ya steal it?" She smiled, her damn tits seemed to pop up and out. I guess she was showing off to me, why bother, I had damn near chewed them to oblivion the night before.

I looked over, my bag lay there open, she had found it and poked around. It flashed in my head to pop the bitch and get on my way but she was sucking on my cock before I could completely form the plan.

Hell, she was gorgeous, she even smelled clean and tasted clean too, as I had found out. She didn't look all used up like women get when they are loose as a goose. In fact, she looked like an upscale college brat to me.

Later, I just asked her what she wanted.

"Take me with you, this place sucks!"

"Why the fuck would I do that?"

"You know why."

"I can get pussy anywhere."

"Not like mine, and I can help you."

"How the fuck are you going to help me?"

"I can drive, I am good at distracting people when they need to be, and I will fuck you silly."

She grinned like she thought that was enough or something, went back to sucking on my dick.

I guess I agreed when I blasted off into her mouth, she didn't even spit it out, acted like it was candy.

Maybe I needed company, what the fuck. I must have been out of my fucking mind.

I remembered to ask her her name about 30 miles down the road.


"I'm Dan." We rolled along in silence after that.

It was about 2 PM when she asked if we were going to stop to eat.

"Hadn't planned on it." Mexico was still 400 miles away, I wanted to be there. I had created enough of a ruckus back at the bank that I knew there would be some descriptions out, I was hoping the different plates would throw off any suspicion.

I was staying right at the speed limit, too.

She leaned back, I looked over at her, what the hell. I rolled off at the next exit. I found a little cafe, parked the Duster a block or so away. I found a booth next to the window where I could see outside in case any cops rolled by looking interested at all.

Becky ordered a burger and fries, I got one for myself. It was surprisingly good, it hit me I hadn't eaten since the day before.

I was hustling her out of there towards the car, when she wanted to go to the store down the street.

"What the fuck for, we need to roll!"

"I need some napkins, I will start any time now." Her lip stuck out like a little girl's.

Just fuck!

"Make it fast!" I headed for the car, hunkered down. After 10 minutes, I sat up, started the engine. I was going to just dump the broad, leave her there.

"SHUT OFF THE ENGINE!" a loud voice yelled from somewhere behind me.

Startled, I looked back, a Cop was standing there. I slammed the car into gear and dumped the clutch, just as the back window shattered in a shower of bits. I heard several more shots as I banged through the gears, slid sideways onto the road heading for the freeway. Then I slammed on the brakes, a police cruiser sat sideways in the road. The other one was right behind me, I grabbed the bag and my .357 and bolted for the brush.

I didn't make it, the first one hit me in the hip, the 2nd one hit my shoulder and down I went.

When I came to, I was being loaded into the back of an ambulance, my hands cuffed in front of me and strapped down tight. I looked over, Becky stood there with two cops.

"Why?" I asked her.

"The TV said $50,000 reward."

She smiled, started to turn away. Then she looked back.

"I told you I wanted out of that place."

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