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As I drove up to our garage I found myself worrying. I was later than normal and I knew Jim would be worried. I kept building my excuse so that I'd have it somewhat practiced before I walked in.

I hadn't fallen into the affair willingly, but now, after six months, I craved the sexual heights my lover drove me to. I still love my husband but for some reason, Samuel does things in my mind and body that I can't keep away from.

I've tried to break it off with Sam. I have tried time and time again. He's just so damned seductive and he also knows all the buttons to push to get me to fail my own will and terms every time.

Jim, if he knew, would probably be more than a lot angry. I thought that if push came to shove though, I'd be able to talk him out of a divorce get him to forgive me. I had a plan for working on him just in case.

That's how far I've fallen. In my six month love affair I'd found a new me and made plans to prevent Jim, my loving husband, from kicking me out of his life and home if or when he found me out.

I was certain that he'd never figure it out though. I made sure he had sex whenever he showed any interest and sometimes I even started things when I didn't really feel like it ... because I love him so much. I do love him. Really ... I do.

Once in a while, every few days or so I'd get that guilty feeling and want to stop what I'd done ... to go back in time and never have allowed my attraction for Sam to have gone so far as to end up in a sexual fling with him.

It isn't that I love Sam, because I don't. Matter of fact, at times I don't like him at all. He gets in a mood sometimes while we're fucking and begins to treat me like a whore or slut. Those are the times that really give me the big orgasms, even though I hate what he does to me in the process. I just can't resist him or his ways.

I look into the rear view mirror and check my lipstick and hair. I took a shower at Sam's place and made myself presentable, but I am paranoid about Jim looking at me and perhaps seeing something out of place that I can't explain easily.

I have the same soaps and shampoo at Sam's that I use at home. I even have changes of clothes and underwear I keep at Sam's too. Just in case. I've been very careful to plan each time with Sam now. Ever since that one time five months ago when I came home and Jim asked me about my perfume.

I realized that I wasn't wearing any since I'd showered at Sam's. I also suddenly remembered I'd put on some of Jim's favorite perfume before leaving for work that morning. I'd managed to dodge the bullet that time though. I made up a story about having spilled some cleaning chemicals on me while digging through the closet for some Kleenex our employer kept stored there. Jim had bought it hook line and sinker.

One last look and I got out. Walking into the house, I stopped at the front door and looked around for Jim's pickup. It wasn't where he normally parked it. He'd left it on the street almost in front of the neighbor's house. That was odd. He usually parked it in our driveway.

Meanwhile, inside the house:

I watched Giselle as she checked over her face in the rear view mirror. It had been a long tiring day for me and I was tired of waiting for her arrival. Of course she was late again. It had been getting more and more to be normal than an exception. Had she been where she claimed she was, I'd had no problem with it ... but that wasn't the case.

It had all started months ago and up until it became totally unavoidable, I'd tried to find a way to get her back with me. I'd tried everything I could think of ... with no help from her. I had made a decision that I wouldn't let her know I knew about her affair. I knew that she had to break it off on her own to do either of us any good.

Dinners, movies, flowers, candy ... I'd tried all the usual things. I got creative ... I made her a special knickknack shelf, glass encased. I'd picked her up from her work on a Friday and we'd gone into the city for a weekend of loving and just going to wherever she desired.

I'd tried talking to her about 'us' but even that had fallen on deaf ears. The weekend in the city had started out with her being angry at me ... but by the end I thought I'd made some headway. That didn't make it through the next week though.

I finally began to attack her, arguing about her hours and her job. All that succeeded in doing was getting her mad at me. Our sex life dropped off substantially, and then dropped off more, and then dropped more yet. What had been several times a week and at least three times on the weekend had become ... well it had been a week and a half since we'd last been intimate in any way ... two weeks since we'd actually had sex. She hadn't noticed as far as I could tell.

I'd known all along what was going on. Five months ago I'd actually caught her at it, but she'd managed to fend off my questions and fire back an excuse about why she'd taken a shower at work. What she didn't know was that I'd followed her that afternoon and I knew precisely why she'd taken the shower and her job had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Finding out had crushed my heart, but I still loved her enough to try to win her back. She was the woman I wanted to have children with. She had my heart and I'd fallen very hard for her when we'd met. Now ... well, it wasn't going to be all that hard to do what I had to do tonight. I wondered briefly how she'd handle it when I left ... but thought she'd probably run to her lover and they'd laugh at me, the imbecile that they'd pulled the joke on all this time.

How can a husband compete with a lover who has no need to perform routine 'honey do's' for a wife? How can a husband not confront a wife about her cheating with her lover and try to win her back honestly? I'd tried my damnedest and failed. I'm going to be telling her that I have to go out of town on an emergency road trip tonight. It wouldn't be the first time something like this had come up ... but it would be the last.

You may ask why I didn't confront her. All that would prove is that I caught her and she'd be sorry for that. That I'd caught her is definitely not that she'd decided ahead of time to quit. My thoughts were I'd win her back to me without a hint that I was aware of her indiscretions. That way I'd know in my heart that she truly loved me. Obviously, now to me at least, that hadn't worked.

What she didn't know was that all my worldly belongings were packed in my truck. I'd split the bank accounts in half. I'd quit my job and taken an offer from an old friend who lived clear across the country. I'd made plans to cancel my cell phone plan, picked up another phone, paid off my old cell phone plan, a penalty I was willing to pay in order to keep her from calling me later on. I had one week on the old phone left ... and it was a relief knowing that.

My 401K would transfer to my new employers' savings plan; my cash balance retirement plan would be safe where it was. I was a little upset over having to quit my job as I liked the people I worked with and my job was about as perfect for me as a job I'd ever had. It sucked having to walk away from my co-workers, employer and customers like this ... but it was something I had thought long and hard about.

I'd given it my best shot, and Giselle had ignored my efforts totally. Too caught up in her affair to realize she had lost me ... or perhaps she just didn't care? It didn't really matter at this point. The papers would be served on Giselle the following Friday while she was either at work or at her lover's.

Am I running out on her you may ask? Yes. Yes I am. It hurts me too much to face her with her infidelity. I know that were I to confront her now, she'd be sorry, cry and possibly beg me to forgive her. That's exactly what I don't want. I didn't want to look like some beggar trying to get their wife back that way.

What I wanted was her to realize that I loved her and that she still loved me. I wanted her to see for herself what she could lose. I wanted her to take me back, damnit! Obviously, I lost to her lover. Even though I know what kind of 'man' he is, I know that she won't or can't see that side of him yet. She will though. Right about the time the divorce paperwork is served or shortly thereafter.

Until then, I planned on calling her nightly like I usually did, hoping that she wouldn't notice I was using a motel room phone, or be too concerned about my not using my cell phone. I figured that she'd never notice anyway, as she always seemed too distracted to really talk to me now.

I don't know what she expected of me. I don't know why she even started the affair or why she is keeping at it. I really don't know what she truly feels about me anymore either. She can't love me. Not, at least, like I loved her once, before all this shit started.

If she did love me, she'd never have been with another man. She had though. She'd been with him for months now ... and showed no signs of stopping. I'd given up after months of hard work on my part to try to win her back. I saw the handwriting on the wall. He'd won, I'd lost.

Angry again, I began to work on my fake story, trying to keep my bile down as Giselle walked up to the front door. I went into the kitchen and got out a cold beer. I was desperate to do anything to keep my mind busy while I worked at calming down inside. This was not the time to mess up and blow my plan all to hell.

After talking to my lawyer I'd found out exactly what the court's would expect on our divorce. I was reasonably certain that Giselle would welcome the divorce since she seemingly had given up on me now. I was also certain that she'd have her lover move in with her right away after getting those papers next week.

My closet doors were closed up, the dresser drawers too. A casual glance by her wouldn't reveal the almost total emptiness they contained now. I wondered briefly, what she'd think when she discovered that emptiness? Would she feel anything at all? How would she feel to find out that the few remaining clothes in my closet and dresser were ones she'd given me?

Smiling as she walked in, she came up to give me a hug. I turned my head so her kiss met my cheek ... not a new thing as of late either. She hadn't complained about it before and she didn't tonight either. The last sex we'd had was over two weeks ago and she evidently hadn't noticed that lack of sex with me either. Her lover must be getting it real good from her.

"How was your day today?" I asked, not really caring what kind of day she had, but I knew I had to pretend to be the same old loving schmuck of a husband she could count on.

"It was good. You seem upset ... is something wrong?" Her reply was automatic even though she tried to tinge it with concern.

"Yeah ... I have to make a trip again. Work. I'll be gone a week, leaving in the morning." I was watching her for a reaction ... only seeing a smile begin on her lips before she forced a more serious concerned pout.

"Oh honey. On a Saturday? You have to travel tomorrow?" Her eyes spoke the truth though, in that I could see she really seemed relieved I was going to be gone. She was even happy about it. More time for her lover perhaps.

"Yeah. It's going to be a long week. Job is behind and I have to go oversee the construction now."

I was relieved that she seemed to be taking my huge lie as a truth and wasn't getting all angry as she used to. I knew enough to keep my answers short and simple ... no elaboration such as she'd given me over the last months.

That was one of the tip-offs to me about her affair. Her excuses were minutely detailed to an extreme. And then one day I'd had to take a trip out to a job and she hadn't argued about it with me like she had in the past. It had caused me some wonder. Later, not much later, I'd discovered her affair, and then it all made sense.

We had dinner and watched TV for a while. She was in her favorite chair as I sat on the couch, hoping she'd have a last minute change of heart and stop me from my chosen path that had started in the morning.

I held out hope for a couple of hours but it wasn't to be. We'd lost it all, I could see clearly now. She sat there ignoring me for the most part and never once looked at me. It was as if I wasn't even there.

She watched TV but I could tell from her actions that she was thinking about her lover and how much they'd be able to be together this week. If she only knew that I'd be gone forever tomorrow...

Meanwhile ... watching TV, Giselle's mind was going full out...

'He doesn't suspect. I'll have a whole week with Sam. He'll be able to sleep over here with me ... or me over at his place. We'll get lots of sex in, and I know he'll take me out nightly for dinner and dancing too. I know that I shouldn't be happy about this at all, but Jim's trip will be exciting for me. He'll be out of town and I'll have Sam as much as I want. It will be great. My plan for one last great week just got better. Next week, after Jim gets back home I'll be able to cut it off with Sam and concentrate on Jim and me. It'll work out perfectly. We'll go out with a bang.'

That night I rolled over and tried to get Jim interested in some loving but I found him snoring lightly. He was asleep ... again. The last few months had been hard on him with his job and all, but it surprised me that he'd gone without sex with me for so long.

The thought entered my mind in an instant, unbidden. 'Could he be cheating on me with someone? Was it possible that I'd missed any signs that he could have discovered my cheating on him and he'd been doing the same to get even?'

Looking at his face as he slept I couldn't see anything that would tell me. I knew he loved me. I questioned once again my affair and why I was still carrying on with Sam. Why?

Sam wined and dined me. He took me dancing. He was okay in bed, about the same size as Jim, but it was the other things Sam did that caused me to want to be with him. Jim loved me and in our lovemaking, that was a difference that I cherished. Sam fucked me, and at times that fucking was hot and rough, and what I needed.

Sam takes care of needs other than sex for me too at times. I really like going out to eat and dance with Sam. He is gentle and attentive while we're out and it is as if I am the only woman in the world in his eyes. So much so that when we'd get back to his place or the motel rooms as the case may be, I'm ready to pay him back for the great times.

Our time has been exquisite but it's about time to stop it. Lately I feel like I'm losing Jim, and my greatest fear is that he'll discover my affair and either leave me or hurt Sam or worse yet, do both. Matter of fact, I've noticed that for the last few months Jim has been working hard to be a good husband for me.

A little stray worrisome thought crept into my mind. 'Was that because he knew about my affair and he was trying to one up my lover?' I dismissed that thought immediately. Had Jim known, I know what would happen. He'd go ballistic and probably go after Sam.

I didn't want to have to bail Jim out of jail, should he do something rash. I wasn't sure what Jim could or would do if he found out about my affair, but I was relatively certain that he'd leave me in an instant. Yes, this week would signal the end of my time with Sam, as fun as it had been. I needed to concentrate on my husband and starting our family. It was time.

That morning I woke to an empty bed. He'd left without a hug or kiss or even a goodbye. At first I was uneasy, even a bit afraid but I convinced myself that he didn't want to wake me up. Jim is a loving husband and caring enough to know that I was tired and could use some extra sleep.

His call that night was good, but nowhere as good as having him at home with me. Of course, Sam was on his way to our place as I spoke with my loving husband. I was going out with Sam that night and we'd end up at either his place or here. I'd have my cell phone and Jim usually called me on that anyway.

Jim seemed preoccupied during the call, but I knew that his job was probably weighing on his mind. When he had to go out of town like this he usually focused on the issues on the job and that left him little time to sit and think about not being near me. This worked in my favor as far as Sam and I went too ... so I understood and was understanding of his lack of 'focus' on us at times like this.

I was ready for Sam when he knocked on the door. I'd left the garage door open and he knew to just drive in, close the door, and then come around to the back patio door. I was sitting on the kitchen counter, naked, waiting. His knock caused my spine to shiver as I knew what he'd do once he opened that door and saw me like this.

I'd shaved myself clean for him, my legs spread wide open in an obvious invitation to him, and my nipples were hard as steel. I was wet too since I'd played with myself for a bit after Jim's phone call.

"Giselle? Are you here?"

His deep voice sent shivers to my spine again and as he walked in, seeing me, the look in his eyes made me go wetter than ever.

"I'm right here waiting Sam. Can we take care of something before we head out to dinner and dancing? I find that I'm a little ... in need."

The look in his eyes as he beheld me laying there made me flood down between my legs. I could hear it in his voice ... lust, deep desire ... I turned him on.

"Jesus ... Oh God, you're beautiful Giselle. Amazingly so."

His hands were working the buttons on his shirt as he lewdly licked his lips. I could see desire in his eyes. That desire was part of why I had continued the affair as long as I had. Jim, for whatever reason, hadn't shown that look to me for quite some time now.

Naked he stepped up between my legs, his hands smoothly running up my legs, fingers soon rubbing my clit and my very wet pussy lips. Bending over, he licked my nipples, hard as they were, and then he moved up to kiss me hotly on the mouth.

As our lips met, his fingers left my pussy, going to my nipples to pinch and roll those hardened little buds almost roughly. I felt the head of his hot hard cock rubbing my pussy lips, and pretty soon that hardness split my pussy wide open, driving the air out of my lungs as he thrust deeply into me.

His pubic bone crushed against my clit and my first orgasm hit me hard. I was so hot I came as his cock first bottomed out in me. I knew that this night would be one of the best ever with my lover.

His thrusts became harder and stronger as my orgasm carried me up and over. Sam was pinching my nipples and talking dirty to me. The feeling of his cock up inside me was more than I could stand, and I began to have multiple orgasms. It seemed that each time Sam bottomed out in my pussy, I'd cum.

The feeling of my bald pussy against him woke things up deep inside me too. I felt single and free. His cock pulled my lips in and out on each stroke and as his pubic hair would crush against me on an in-stroke I felt strange vibrations on my clit. Bald was beautiful.

Sam squirted his load into me and I felt every little bit of his sperm filling me up. He had fairly copious loads and I'd even swallowed them with fervor as his cum tastes almost sweet. He told me once that he ate lots of fruit, mostly citrus types, and that was the reason for his sweet tasting cum. Whatever the case was, I craved that taste often.

He pulled out and as he stood back I shoved my fingers deeply in, retrieving some of his honey and then I licked my fingers clean. Sam smiled as he watched my debauchery. I could never be this open and free with Jim. For some reason though, Sam I loved to tease like this.

I kept dipping and licking for a bit and then we took a shower together. After that we went out to dinner. I don't love Sam ... I mentioned that. This would be our last week together too. Still, he had what it took to make me a wild and wanton slut.

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