Blondie Balls My Black Boss


“Has any other lady gotten lucky lately, Baby?”

Beau responded weakly, “No, unfortunately.” Blondie just looked into his eyes and whispered,

“This is going to be good, Baby; I’m going to make you feel real good, Lover.”

Smiling confidently she whispered, “Cause I’m nice and tight, Baby; no kids, you know, so I’m nice and tight for an old broad.”

Turning her smug smile to me she purred, “Aren’t I, Sugar?”

When I just grinned and nodded, she stepped back and put her hand on the huge bulge in Beau’s trousers. Rubbing it slowly, she grinned at me and chuckled,

“Yeah, and if I’m tight for you can you imagine how tight I’m gonna be for this big ol’ thing?”

About that time the elevator stopped; as the door opened, my wife turned away from her conquest, puckered her lips at me and whispered,

“Oh god yessss, this is going to be good, Dickie boy! I’m gonna make your boss feel real good.”

When we got to his room, Beau produced a bottle of decent bourbon from his luggage and I took the ice bucket down the hall. When I returned, I detected the sweet aroma of marijuana as soon as I entered the semi-darkened room, so I quickly closed the door behind me. They had both removed their jackets and were sitting at the small table passing a joint back and forth in the small golden oval of light from the table lamp; the two, small bedside lamps provided the only other illumination. The bedside radio was tuned to a disco station and you could feel a subtle, insistent, pulsating beat in the background. I made three drinks and sat on the edge of the bed where the joint was quickly passed to me. Beau shook his head and grinned, then said,

"I swear to God, nothing even remotely like this has ever happened to me before; I honestly don't know what to say or what to do! One thing for sure: this stays strictly among the three of us, OK? Nobody else in the company can ever know about this!"

Blondie sat there watching him like he was a big piece of chocolate candy, moving her body to the soft background music. She said,

"Just relax, Boss Man, this is our little secret, our little private company party; nobody's going to tell anyone anything. Now just sit there and give this good grass a little time to work; don't say anything; just let the dope work for a few minutes, OK? I want us to take our time and enjoy every delicious moment of this very special evening, OK?”

He nodded his agreement and fell silent. We all listened mutely to the music and, sure enough, within a very few minutes the marijuana was having its desired effect.

I began to feel a languorous sense of dope-induced torpor, interlaced with a heightened sense of sexual arousal and anticipation. As this contrasting sense of lazy stimulation spread through my body and mind, I imagined it must be suffusing the lust-filled minds of my wife and my boss. I heard Beau comment distantly, "Good smoke." Blondie smiled warmly at him and said dreamily,

"Yeah, Baby, it's some of the best dope we've ever had; it always makes me feel so sexy; it's starting to make me feel real nice, Baby, real nice. Is it making you feel sexy, too, Sugar?"

Blondie got up and moved around the table and sat on his lap, putting her right arm around his shoulders. Cupping his chin with her left hand, and with her eyes looking dreamily into his, she smiled and said softly,

"You know, Baby, I’m sure glad you got that big ol’ hard-on just as soon we started dancing. That was Blondie’s green light, Baby, just the reaction she was hoping for; that's what told her for sure that her husband’s big ol’ stud of a boss felt the same way about her as she did about him, you know Sugar?”

She grinned smugly and continued in a dreamy voice,

“Yeah, Sugar, I was pretty sure you wanted some from the way you’d looked at me in Colorado and the way you were looking at me tonight, but I wasn’t positive. So that big ol’ hardon was just what this ol’ girl needed to give her the nerve to come on to you, Baby, and ask you to bring me up here. I’d been telling myself all evening I had to be very careful; after all, you are my husband's boss and if I came on too strong and it turned out you weren’t a player, then Rick might be in big trouble with the company."

She squirmed her bottom around slowly on his lap and I was sure she was sitting on an erection. She smiled somewhat smugly and continued,

"But, Beau, Baby, when I felt your big ol' dick poking me in the belly, I knew you wanted to play around just as much as I did; so I decided to take the chance. When you kept pushing it into me, even with my husband watching; I figured you were letting me know you were interested in getting more from little ol' Blondie than some dance-floor belly-rubbing. Oh yeah, Baby, that big old hard dick was telling me for sure that the boss man wanted to get in my panties.”

She glanced over at me and giggled, “You just couldn’t figure out what we were gonna do about my husband, though, could you, Baby?”

Beau looked over at me, somewhat startled at hearing my wife come right out and talk so openly about their desires for each other, sitting right there in front of me but I just smiled and nodded.

Blondie gave him a playful kiss on the corner of his mouth, flicking her tongue quickly in and out, and purred, “See, I told you everything would work out OK, didn’t I, Baby? I told you Rick was cool about this kind of thing. And aren’t you glad he is, Baby?”

Then she stood up, walked over to the bedside radio and spun the tuner dial until she found an R&B station playing a slow tempo number. Turning back to face Beau, she smiled invitingly and cooed,

"Come on, Beau, get up, Boss Man, now we can dance the way we’ve been wanting to."

Giving me a quick glance, as if seeking my approval, he got up and moved toward her. There was an enormous bulge in his trousers. As soon as they embraced, Blondie began rotating her belly against it. She looked up at him, smiled and murmured,

"Oooooh, Lover, looks like something’s come up between us again, hmmm?"

Continuing to gaze into his eyes, she reached down with her right hand, grasped the large swelling in his slacks and began a slow up and down stroking action. As Beau moaned, my wife turned to me and said,

"You can't believe how much I wanted to do that out there on the dance floor, Rick; I just wanted to reach down there and rub this big ol’ cock right there in front of all those people. I’d have given anything to see the looks on their faces, seeing a white woman rubbing a black man’s cock right there on that dance floor.”

Laying her pretty face against his broad chest she looked at me as she crooned,

“Your boss is a real stud, Richard, and I do mean stud. His cock feels sooooooo nice, Sugar, so nice," and looking up at him through half-closed eyes, she purred,

"And big, Baby, it is just sooooooo big; I've never felt one this big before. Or this hard either, Lover; god it’s hard."

The song finished; my wife looked at me with her naughty-girl smile, her hand still methodically massaging the bulge in Beau' pants, and cooed,

"Sugar, I feel so damned decadent right now, knowing I’m getting ready to fuck your boss with you watching me do it. God, that is just so fucking wicked, isn’t it, hmmm, Dickie boy?”

When I just grinned in response, she went on,

“I’m going to take my skirt and blouse off and dance with Beau in my panties and bra, OK? You’ll like that, won't you, Dickie boy?”

I said, "Oh yeah, you know it, Baby, you know it." She smiled at Beau and purred,

"See, Baby, didn't I tell you at the bar that he'd want to see us do naughty things?"

Stepping back from Beau, Blondie murmured,

"Oh yeah, I’m gonna be real nice to your boss, Dickie boy. I’m gonna give him a night he's never ever gonna forget, OK? Oh yeah, we’re gonna have the best little company party anyone’s ever had, hmmm, Boss Man?"

Beau looked like he was holding his breath until I grinned and said,

“You’re a lucky man, Beau. You’re about to get some the best pussy you’ve ever had in your life.”

Blondie grinned a smug, victorious grin, first at me, then at Beau as she released her grip on his cock, and stepped back. Moving to the music, my alluring wife unbuttoned her pink blouse, slipped out of it and threw it to me. Her soft, white breasts were nestled in the lacy pink bra cups enticingly, the strands of gleaming pearls resting between them. Smiling seductively at Beau, she reached behind her with both hands and unzipped her short skirt. Moving her hips slowly in time to the music, she put her thumbs in the waistband, pulled the skirt down below her knees, and then stepped out of it. Kicking it to one side, she stuck her thumbs in the waist of her tan pantyhose and peeled them down to her ankles. Sitting back on the foot of the bed she removed one sexy pink high-heel at a time and stripped off her pantyhose.

Replacing her shoes, my buxom little wife stood and faced my black boss in her dainty, pink lace bra, her sheer, pink, bikini panties and her pink ankle strap heels. She was a voluptuous, blond vision as she pirouetted to face away from Beau, her soft, pale body marred only by the red mark of constriction the pantyhose had left on her waist. Standing with feet spread and arms akimbo, she struck a sexy pose and cooed at him over her shoulder, through her thick, platinum tresses,

"You like Mr. Boss Man? You think maybe you’d like to break the rules a little and fraternize with your employee’s wife now, Baby?"

Beau had been standing beside the table, watching as she undressed, his eyes never leaving her. Now he broke into a huge grin and said,

"Oh yeah, Mama, oh yeah, you are gorgeous, Baby, absolutely gorgeous!"

Blondie spun around, slid into his embrace and they began moving slowly to the music. She immediately began unbuttoning his shirt and had it off him in seconds. Tossing it on the dresser, she turned her attention to his trousers and had him out of those very quickly as well. Slipping off his loafers, Beau turned back to my wife; he was now clad only in long dress socks and red jockey shorts. The front of his shorts stood out an amazing distance, drawing an appraising smile from my wife. Slipping back into his arms, she grasped his erection with one hand and stroked it slowly as she rubbed it against the front of her filmy pink panties. Looking up into his face she murmured dreamily,

"Now isn't this better, Baby, isn't this so much better? I knew you'd like dancing with me like this so much better."

Smiling again at me, she continued stroking his cock and purred softly,

"I’m going to kiss him, Dickie boy, OK? Are you ready to see your wife kiss your boss, Sugar, are you, hmmm?"

Feeling unbelievably aroused, I replied,

"You bet, Baby, you kiss him, Baby, you kiss him all you want. Give him a taste of that sweet mouth and those luscious lips, Babe."

Blondie silently mouthed an exaggerated "Thank You" at me, then pulled his face down to hers and gave him an open-mouthed, wet kiss which they held for several minutes as they shuffled to the music, back and forth between the bed and the dresser. I could see their jaws working as their intertwining tongues made thrusts and parries.

When the long kiss ended she turned to me, her hand still slowly, rhythmically massaging his cock, and said,

“Ohhhhh, god, Richard, this whole scene is just so incredibly sexy; I mean here I am, actually making out with your boss, can you believe it, Baby?”

“Mmmmmm, mmmm, mmm,” she purred, “And It feels soooo nice, Sugar; not only is the man hung like a horse, he's a very good, very hot kisser, too!" Still stroking him and looking at me thoughtfully, she said,

"Rick, I did promise you both I'd put on a garterbelt and nylons and dance for you; but, Honey, all my sexy stuff is still down in my car. We were in such a hurry to come up here I forgot all about it. If you want to see me in my sexies, you’re gonna have to go down and get them, OK? Be a sweetie, Rickie, and get the keys out of my purse and go get that red overnight bag out of my trunk, will you?”

Turning back to Beau, she kissed him again and said,

“I'll bet Beau will like what I've got in there, don't you think, Rick? Oh yeah, Baby, I'm feeling real sexy right now, sexier than I’ve felt in a long time and I want to make myself look real sexy just for the big boss man, OK, Baby?"

Ten minutes later, when I quietly re-entered the room, they were still slow dancing. There stood my beautiful little blond, white wife, in pink panties, bra and heels, rubbing her body up against my muscular, black boss, kissing him open-mouthed, with one pale hand resting on the back of his neck while her other hand gently moved back and forth on his huge black cock, which was now extending, unrestrained, out from the fly of his jockey shorts. She was moving the large, purplish, mushroom head up and down against the front of her diaphanous, pink panties while his large hands were under the thin material, cupping and kneading her soft, white cheeks, pulling her into him. His fingers were very long and looked very black beneath her pink panties, contrasted against her creamy skin. It was a very erotic tableau, made all the more so because of the unique relationships involved here.

Neither of them paid me any attention as I took the overnight bag into the bathroom, then came back in and sat down to watch. As I relaxed with my drink, I could hear them talking between kisses. I could hear Blondie murmuring her encouragement against his lips,

"Oh Baby, it feels so big I don't know whether I'll be able to take it all; I've never had one this big before; it's huge. We're going to have to take it slow; you won't hurt me will you? Oooooh, Beau, Baby, I'm going to be nice and tight for you, Lover, nice and tight, for your big dick, OK? I’m going to make you feel soooo gooood, Baby, so good, oh god yeeaass!"

Blondie turned her face to me and smiled contentedly as she sought my affirmation of this,

“I will won’t I Sugar; I’ll be real nice and tight for him won’t I, Honey? I’m tight for you, right, Baby?”

When I grunted my agreement, she purred, “Then just think how tight my little ol’ pussy is going to be for this monster, hmmm?”

I grinned; she was playing him along perfectly and indeed, she was stroking his ego as well as his cock. The radio abruptly switched to a news update and they slowly, dreamily, pulled apart. Beau shook his head and grinned at me with disbelief, like he couldn’t believe this was real. But Blondie was in cool control; turning to me, my wife smiled wickedly, still rubbing the head of his cock against the soft, sheer material of her pink panties, slowly stroking it, and said in a husky undertone,

"Baby, this is truly a special situation, don't you think? I mean the whole idea of a woman making love to another man with her husband watching is so decadent; but when it’s her husband's boss it is even more erotic," then gazing directly into Beau' eyes, she continued,

"Especially when he's a big, sexy, black stud with a bigger dick than your little white wife has ever had." Turning back to me, she purred contentedly,

"Honey, like I told you at the bar, we’re going to put on a real exciting, real sexy show for you, tonight." Squeezing his cock, playfully, she said,

"And I think it's time to get things moving. So, right now, Dickie boy, I want you to just sit back and enjoy the evening cause it’s going to be hot, Honey, real hot!”

She grinned wickedly and said to Beau, "He got real turned on in Colorado when I told him if I ever got the chance I wanted to do this. He’s always fantasized about watching me screw a black guy. So don't you worry about him, Baby; he’s not going to get jealous; it sure won’t be the first time he's watched his wife have sex with someone else.”

I stayed in character but I wanted to laugh; hell, I'd watched her fuck more than forty guys, several of them black. Still, I wasn't sure that I cared for having so much information about our private sexual shenanigans imparted to my new boss. But the whole inconceivable scene was just so extraordinarily erotic that, for the moment, I really didn't care. I took a long, thoughtful pull at my drink and finally said,

"Hey, you two have been salivating all over each other since you said hello this afternoon, and I'm definitely not one to stand in the way of true lust. If you guys want to fuck each other, get it on, but you better believe that I'm staying right here and watching the whole thing. A man ought to be entitled to share in at least a little of the fun if he lets his boss screw his wife, hmm, Beau?”

I paused before reminding Blondie, “But aren’t you forgetting one thing?"

When she looked at me quizzically, I grinned and said,

“Garterbelt and nylons? A little dirty dancing before the screwing starts, perhaps? I think Beau would like to see that too.”

Giving me an indulgent smile, Blondie backed away from Beau; she said playfully,

"See, didn’t I tell you? He'll let us do it, but only if I wear the garterbelt and nylons."

She moved over to the radio, switched back to the disco station and turned up the volume. Moving to the throbbing beat, she danced back over in front of Beau and began doing bumps and grinds as she teasingly pulled her pink bikini panties down her lower belly to a point where the upper half of her inverted, pubic triangle came into view. Turning, she let him have a good look at her shapely ass; smiling over her shoulder through her platinum hair, Blondie cooed,

"You like that, Beau? That's all yours tonight, Stud, all yours, but you’ll just have to wait a little while; I have to keep my husband happy, too. Are you ready for me to put on something sexy and dance for you?"

He grinned and replied, "Oh yeah, Baby, you know I am!"

Picking up her drink from the table, Blondie winked at Beau and said,

"Well, don’t you go anywhere, my big, handsome stud; I’ll be right back,” and disappeared into the bathroom.

Beau looked at me for a long moment, seemingly at a loss for words, then finally exclaimed,

"Holy sheeiitt, Man, that is one hot woman! She is stone fucking gorgeous and she is stone fucking hot; I've never even seen a 'sister' that hot and sexy; Man, she just oozes sex; you are one lucky dude, Rick. I mean, I kind of suspected in Colorado that she was flirting with me and I admit I thought about fucking her; but I sure as hell didn't expect anything like this to happen. I mean this is like a seduction scene out of some high class porno flick!"

I grinned and responded, "C'mon, Beau, this is no seduction. You're just as hot for my wife as she is for you. True, she liked what she saw when she met you in Colorado, especially after I told her you were heavy hung."

He gave me a ‘What the hell?’ look and I laughed and said,

"Hey Beau, it's OK, Man; I've seen you unlimber that hog in men's rooms plenty of times." I continued,

"When I told her you were coming down, she joked about doing something like this, but I didn't take her seriously. But it's still a two-way street, Boss. You're the one who got the raging hard-on on the dance floor and rubbed it all over my wife."

He grinned and said, "Hey, Rick, any man don't get hard with your foxy wife rubbin' her sweet pussy all over his dick, has to be a sissy or a dead man!"

When Blondie stepped back into the room, Beau let out a small gasp of appreciation, looked at me and said,

"Holy shit!"

She'd chosen a black lace negligee and black accessories for this night's entertainment: a black shelf bra which left her nipples exposed, sheer black bikini panties with rhinestones, a black garter belt with eight short garters attached to pinpoint lace opera hose which came all the way up to her groin, with gold and black platform heels on her pretty feet. She was wearing a flashy rhinestone choker and long, dangling rhinestone earrings.

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