tagErotic HorrorBlood and Lust

Blood and Lust


I stood looking in front the mirror at the image I made with my long shiny black hair, my forest green eyes emphasized by my make-up, full lips the color of blood red, my top was sheer and black, my breast looked plump and ripe in the red lacey bra you could see though the shirt, the black leather skirt so short that if I bent over you could see the red lacey thong beneath it, and the black high heeled sandals with straps that wrapped around my calves. I ran my long blood red finger nails through my hair "Tonight's the night." I told myself.

You see every weekend I go to the same club and for the past few weeks I have noticed this man and oh what a man he is. He has to be at least 6'2" because I am 5'8" without my heels and he towers over me, his body is covered in muscles but not overly so, his dark brown hair looks a tad long and un-kept but oh so sexy on him, and his eyes a blue I have never seen it's like looking in the purest most well lit depths of the ocean. Just thinking about him makes me wet. I have never approached him but tonight that was all going to change.

I head out to the car with purpose climbed behind the wheel and headed to the club. As I climbed out of the car to enter the club I had one thing in mind "seduction". I put an extra sway in my hips as I walked to the bar and got my drink. Before I even saw him I knew he was here and he was watching I could feel is eyes on me.

The thought of finally having his attention sent a tingle of excitement through me as I headed for a table in a dark corner. As I sat down I spotted him on the dance floor with another woman, a blonde as usual, but his eyes were on me. You see that is why I haven't approached him yet he is always with a blonde but my plan tonight was to make him approach me.

I finished my drink and made my way to the dance floor he was still watching me I could feel his gaze like a caress on my sensitive flesh. I danced with no one although many had tried I was dancing for him and him alone tonight. He kept dancing with his blonde and an hour later I gave up and headed to the bar for a drink.

I was half way through my drink sitting at the bar when I heard a sinfully sexy masculine voice from behind me, "They say drinking alone is not healthy."

I turned on stool to put a face with the voice and whose face should I find but his. My heart stopped before it started pounding as if it might break out of my chest.

"Well, what choice does a girl have when on one will drink with her?" I replied in a flirty voice.

"It didn't seem to me that you should have a problem finding a drinking partner." He said as a wicked grin graced his face.

"Maybe, I just can't find the right one."

"And what would this right one be like?" He asked.

"Well" I paused "He would be tall and handsome, free from attachments, and able to afford to pay for his own drinks at least." I finished satisfied with my answer. I was still mad he had been with Blondie while staring at me yet ignoring me.

"Well, I think I can fit that bill. Why don't you let me buy you another drink then we can find a table and play get-to-know-you?" He stated.

"Oh but you see you don't fit the bill." I said finally let my anger show.

"And who is that, if I may ask?" He questioned.

"You see you have attachments or did you forget about Blondie." I said not really caring about the answer as I turned back toward the bar.

I felt his breath on my ear as he said, "Ah, but you see I have no attachments she was trying to make her boyfriend jealous and who was I to not make it happen when asked."

His breath was warm on my skin like a silky caress running over me. I told myself I needed to tone down the bitch because I really did want to go home with this guy tonight. "So mister knight in shining do you have a name?" I asked still with my back to him.

"I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours." He said with a smile in his voice.

"Anita." I said simply.

"Well Anita how about I buy you that drink so we can find that table? And the name is Stephen." He remarked.

We got our drinks and found a quiet table in a dark secluded area where no one could see us. Now that I was actually alone with him I became nervous and didn't quite know what to say especially after being such a bitch before he bought my drink but he did buy my drink and he is with me so I decided I would at least try at a conversation. "So how does this get-to-know-you game you were talking about work?"

"We'll start simple with Q & A and move on from there." He said.

Something about the way he said that had me thinking we were going to go a long way in a short time which worked for me because being this close to him was starting to affect me.

"Ok," I said "I'll go first. Why haven't you talked to me before tonight?" I asked.

"Because you were always with someone I didn't want to be rude and crash your dates. Why are you alone tonight?" He replied.

"I am on a mission tonight. What made you want to talk to me?" I said getting ready to ask the big question and skip the games because listening to him talk and having him this close was starting to make me wet.

"Your sensual and sinfully sexy. Why are you attracted to me?" He said moving closer to me.

"You're mysterious and handsome." I decided to go for broke, "Why haven't you kissed me yet?"

He's mouth turned into a wicked grin and his eyes shone with excitement as he said, "I was waiting on you."

He leaned over and placed his lips on mine lightly and first and when I opened my mouth his tongue plunged in like a starving man would devour a steak. I moaned into his mouth softly as tongues started dancing. His hand started roaming up and down my thighs never going quiet high enough. I started moving in my seat trying to give him a hint and he took it running his hand against sex over my thong. He growled against my mouth,"You so fucking wet and I haven't even started yet. Are you ready to get out of here?"

"God yes." I moaned.

He gave a wickedly sexy laugh as we headed for the door "God has nothing to do with it love."

We took my car to his place (he had taken a cab to the club). When we got there it was so dark that I couldn't really see the exterior but once we got inside and the lights were turned on my breath escaped me. We were in the living room that was done in bright reds and gold very Victorian looking. I barely got to look at it because the next thing I know he has me pinned to the wall with his body and is kissing me deeply. His hands have mine pinned to the wall so that I can't touch him and oh how I want to when I feel his erection pressing into my stomach.

I moan as he starts to rub his dick against me, I am getting so wet. He raises my hands above my head so he can secure them both with one hand. His free hand slowly rubs down my curves caressing me leaving me burning for more. He lifts first one of my legs around his waist then the other never taking his mouth from mine.

He puts my hands around his neck "Hold on love." He says as he wraps one hand around and cups my ass while the other roams under my shirt and bra to cup my bare breast plucking on my already hard nipple. I moan and arch into his hand offering myself as a gift to him. As he starts to kiss and suck on my neck we start moving I have no idea where we are going and at the moment didn't care as long as the end result was the same.

He sat me on the edge of the bed and stood in front of me removing my shirt and bra, then his own shirt. Slowly he bends down to remove my red lacey panties when I catch sight of the full length mirror behind him I noticed that the only reflection in the mirror is mine and it appears my thong is sliding down my legs by itself.

I jump with a start and scramble to the other side of the bed with one word running through my mind "Vampire" but for some reason I was unafraid. I had read about vampires and was one of few who actually believed but I never thought I would meet one and if I did I figured my blood would run cold with fear but in actuality it began to boil in anticipation but I had to ask to make sure. Before I could he stood before me "Is there a problem?" He asked like nothing was wrong.

"You're a...a vampire?" I slightly stuttered.

"And so back to my question is there a problem?"

I thought about it for a moment and as I said before I was really unafraid and very attracted to him so I simply answered "No."

I crawled back over to him in nothing but my heels and skirt and started working on his jeans once I had them off he knelt in front of me and spread my thighs before I could even gaze upon what I had just uncovered I was about to complain when I felt his tongue flicker over my clit. It felt like fire running through my veins every time his tongue would touch my swollen nub. I could feel the build of pressure in my lower stomach as I felt him lick from the bottom of my slit up to my clit were he would flick his tongue and then start over.

After what felt like forever and I was sure I was going to die of frustration he shoved two fingers in me hard and fast once twice and I was screaming my release when I felt him bite down on my inner thigh but instead of hurting it only increased the pleasure. He took only what I was sure was a couple of mouthfuls not enough to do any harm not even close.

He licked the bite mark to soothe it and move up my body lying on top of me he nuzzled my neck and lightly nibbled but not enough to draw blood. I tilted my head to give him better access to my neck. He stopped a whispered in my ear, "You are not afraid I smell no fear, do you wish to die?"

"No." I said rubbing my lower body to his.

"Do you wish to be one of us then?" He asked with what sounded like the beginning of anger and yet I still felt no fear.

"No, I am simply unafraid I don't know why and I can't explain it. I feel safe and have no fear for my life." I answered honestly hoping that if you understood he would continue my body was craving his dying of want to feel him inside me.

Without another word he moved the head of his cock up and down my slit not yet entering merely coating his head with my juices. He leans down and takes my nipple into his mouth he bite hard enough to draw a small amount of blood as he thrust deep inside me at the same time. The sensations were so over whelming that I came on his hard cock instantly. I could feel farther inside than any man had ever been and he was so thick that I was stretched to an almost painful level.

He took a few more drinks from my breast as he started a slow and steady thrust in and out of me. When he lifted his head he had a small dribble of my blood at the corner of his mouth. I don't know what made me do it but I leaned up to him and licked my own blood from a vampire's mouth and was so excited that I felt another orgasm start to build.

I tried to urge him to go harder and faster needing a release but he kept the pace making my mind go dizzy and crazy with need. I was about to start begging for release when he leaned down in my ear and whispered in a husky voice, "You are now mine until your final day, you will live your life during the day and at night you will be mine and do as I say. I will take care of you and you will have no worries. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master." I reply.

He flips over while still inside me so that I am now on top "Ride Me." He commands.

I rock my hips against his pushing him as deep as possible slow at first as he did me then I increase the pace and move faster, harder feeling myself build. I can see in his eyes that are now glowing with lust that he too is getting close. I move faster and harder still, I have never been filled so full before and it's hard for me to hold on and wait for him. As I am about to give up he pulls me down and bites into my neck hard at the same time I feel him release. At the wave of sensations my own orgasm rips through me so intense I think that I may just die of the sheer pleasure that has engulfed my body.

As the waves of pleasure reside he lays me down and curls me into his side. I rest my head on his shoulder and before I fall asleep I hear him say, "You are mine until your final breath Anita my love."


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