tagNovels and NovellasBlood Bonds Pt. 01

Blood Bonds Pt. 01


Sarah pulled her new key out of her pocket as she lugged her suitcases off the elevator, shoving them down the hall to her suite. She smiled to herself when she saw the door already propped open, her suitemates apparently already having arrived.

"Hello!" she called as she pushed open the door and stepped inside, looking around. The apartment was pretty nice, considering it was a dorm, though most of the floor and counterspace in the central communal area and the open kitchen were completely covered with various suitcases, boxes and bags of new stuff.

"Hey!" two voices called in unison, two heads peeking out of the hallway to her left. Sarah knew from the floorplan housing had given her that the separate bedrooms were in twos on either side of the communal area. These two had apparently chosen to be hallmates already. She glanced to the right, wondering if her hallmate had arrived yet, but seeing no one, hoped it was because she wasn't there and not because she was antisocial.

"Hi! You must be... Sarah-or Taylor?" said the taller of the two as they both came forward. She was partly Asian, maybe Japanese, pretty with pale skin and a bright smile. She was not as tall as Sarah at 6', though hardly anyone was, but probably around 5'7" with shoulder-length black hair. "I'm Ana."

"Sarah," the dark-skinned girl said, shaking her hand with her brightest smile.

"I'm Penelope," said the other, a tiny blonde with a short bob and a Midwest accent. "But just call me Nel. Not Nelly."

Sarah laughed and promised she wouldn't.

"Here, let us help you with your stuff. We got here early this morning and set up our rooms," Ana said, going out into the hall after Sarah, handing bags in to Nel, who ferried them into the living room. "We decided to be roomies, so I hope this Taylor isn't a bitch or anything. You can hang out with us if she is."

"I'm sure she'll be fine," Sarah said, poking her head into the hallway and looking between the two rooms on either end.

"If you're a morning person, I'd take that one," Nel said, pointing to the left room. "The sun shines right in first thing in the morning. If not, I'd go for the other."

"Oh, I am definitely a morning person," Sarah said. "Hopefully, Taylor's not picky."

"Eh, she should have gotten here sooner then," Ana said with a playful smile, lugging in a suitcase behind Sarah and Nel.

"This isn't bad at all," Sarah commented, opening the closet, pulling out drawers, bouncing onto the bed once. "You hear all the horror stories about dorm rooms."

"This is, like, the most desirable dorm on campus," Nel said, hauling a bag onto the bed. "Want us to help you set up or leave you alone?"

"No, no you can help if you want, but you don't have to. Thanks," Sarah said, unzipping the big bag she'd been hauling, pulling out her laptop case and laying it on the desk. Nel and Ana dove into her other bags, pulling out her clothes and putting them into the drawers and closet, making her bed for her.

They quickly got Sarah's room in order and were touring the other girls' rooms when they heard a knock at the door. They all raced to open it just as it opened itself and a pretty girl with short red hair, wearing a smart pantsuit and holding a leather portfolio stepped inside, smiling distantly when she sw the three of them.

"Taylor?" Ana asked, stepping forward.

"Ah, no, sorry," the young woman said, pushing open the door fully to reveal a veritable troop of people behind her in the hallway, holding boxes, bags and suitcases. "My name is Marnie; I'm a-friend- of Taylor's. She's been delayed in Rome so she asked if I'd come ahead and prepare her room for her arrival."

"Oh, uh, ok," Sarah said, glancing at the other two. This chick must be loaded. "Well, uh, let me show you which room she'll be in."

"This will be suitable. A bit Spartan, but acceptable," Marnie said after inspecting the room thoroughly and coming back out into the living area where the three girls had retreated, watching with wide eyes. The woman snapped her fingers at the crowd outside in the hall and one by one, moving quickly, they moved in and out of the room, ferrying their loads. Sarah watched as a new, top of the line desktop computer zipped past. A very nice set of speakers, garment bags full of clothing, a brand new laptop still in the box and who knew what else in expensive suitcases all vanished into the room. In less than ten minutes, all but Marnie had disappeared back into the hallway and the leader faced the three girls, holding three black leather bags.

"She asked me to tell you that she knows this is a weird way to meet, and not to hold it against her. Her jet is in the air now, and she should be here in less than three hours. She asked me to give you these gifts. She also wanted me to tell you that you may inspect her room, because you are no doubt curious."

And with a nod to all of them as she handed a bag to each, she backed out of the apartment, bowing slightly to them.

"Wait! Wait!" Ana exclaimed, following her, the others on her heels. " Is she royalty or something? I've never seen a parade like that for a normal person."

A dark smile spread across the redhead's petite features and she paused before answering.

"I not at liberty to answer that question. I will however caution you to be extremely respectful. She is very important in many circles."

And with that, she spun gracefully and stepped onto the elevator.

"What the hell was that?" they all said at the same time, dumbfounded, then burst into laughter.

"Who knows. Must be rich as hell, did you see that equipment come through?" Sarah asked.

"What's in the bags?" Nel asked, moving to the counter and tipping out the contents. "Holy shit! Open yours up, guys!"

"Whoa!" Sarah said as she dumped hers out too, opening a large velvet jewelry box to reveal a large sapphire pendant necklace. There were also bottles and vials of expensive skin care products and shampoos. The others received the same thing, though Ana got a tanzanite necklace and Nel an emerald. Ana got a note in hers that she opened and read aloud after showing them the flowing, rather beautiful handwriting and linen stationery engraved with an intricate black and red crest.

"Hi, I know this must seem crazy. I don't think I come across like this in person, but you guys can be the judges of that. I'm so excited to meet all of you and hate that I'm going to be late. Please accept these gifts, I love giving presents, so I'm sure they won't be the first. The scents should be good for everyone, but feel free to trade necklaces because I didn't know which stones to get individually. You can go through my stuff if Marnie didn't tell you that. I know I'd be dying to see what the hell that silent army marched in there. See you soon, Taylor."

"Jesus!" Nel said, laying the box with the displayed necklace on the counter. Sarah and Ana lined theirs up as well.

"Anyone have a favorite stone? I don't really care which I get," Ana said, looking at the other two. "Think they're real?"

"You kidding?" Nel asked, turning a box over to show them the bottom. "These are Harry Winston. Must be worth a fortune! Look at the size of these things!"

"Can I have the tanzanite?" Sarah asked shyly. "I've always wanted one..."

"Sure!" Ana said, passing the box to her with a smile.

Nel considered and kept her emerald, clipping the delicate platinum chain around her neck with an amazed smile. The other two did the same, fingering their new treasures.

"I think I like her already," Nel said, laughing. "Hopefully she's not trying to win us over because she's a bitch."

"Her letter sounded nice," Sarah commented, looking it over. "She seems kinda funny, and she knows how nuts this looks. She sure has nice handwriting."

"You wanna look in her room?" Ana asked, grinning. They all nodded and dashed into the room.

"Woah! Would you look at this stuff!" Sarah said, standing in front of the desk, on which sat a very large flatscreen monitor and wireless mouse and keyboard. An impossibly thin notebook sat off to one side, an Ipod on top of it nonchalantly. Under the desk and behind the monitor sat an impressive array of speakers along with the tower for the desktop.

"These sheets have to be 600 thread-count," Ana said, running her hands over the turned-down covers of the bed. A plush down comforter in deepest navy blue, piles of down pillows, snow-white sheets and matching navy curtains and soft rug under their feet were really the only decorations in the room.

"She's got great taste in clothes and the money to match," Nel said from her closet, standing on tiptoe to peer at labels. "Lots of Armani and Ralph Lauren. Definitely likes black and leather. I'd say her style is corporate Goth."

"She's got jeans here and t-shirts," Ana said, carefully rifling through the drawers of the bureau. "They're still designer though."

"She's got a great figure," Sarah said, pulling a pair of black leather pants out of the closet and holding them up. "These are custom-tailored. Looks like everything is."

She held them up against her own figure, gauging her height. "She's not quite as tall as me, and jeez, must be built like a stripper. The waist is tiny but look at the hips and thighs here."

"She's got big boobs," Ana commented, holding up a delicate bra. "Hmm, 34 D. That's a very nice rack. Think they're real?"

"Get out of her underwear drawer!" Nel chided, swatting Ana's hands, who only grinned, putting the bra back. "I wish I could fit into any of this stuff, because I'd totally ask to borrow it."

They finished gaping at all her belongings, sniffing her perfumes and ogling her jewelry, then wandered back out into the living room. They took turns showering and talking until dusk when they heard a key in the door and all stood excitedly.

"Hello?" a husky, very sexy female voice called. A black leather duffel bag was tossed inside, landing just beyond the edge of the kitchen counter with a muffled thud.

"Taylor?" Sarah asked, coming forward to pull open the door, the others right behind her. Out in the hall, their new roommate was saying good-bye to someone unseen, the elevator pinging softly a moment later.

"Oh, hi!" the newcomer exclaimed, stepping inside. "Oh, you're wearing them!"

She was, as expected, gorgeous in tight-fitting, low slung jeans and a black long-sleeved t-shirt, nice running shoes. Sarah was right about her dimensions. Tall, firmly muscled but with heart-stopping curves. She had incredibly long, shining graphite-colored hair that cascaded in sparkling waves nearly to her tiny waist and the most stunning emerald green eyes, flawless pale skin. A giant ruby in an intricate silver collar was clasped around her throat. Sarah noticed a modern-looking platinum wedding ring on her left hand. She was displaying perfect white teeth in a 1000 watt smile, beaming at all of them in turn.

"Hi, nice to finally meet you," she said, a very slight Southern drawl coloring that velvety voice. "I'm obviously Taylor."

They all introduced themselves, shaking her cool hands with metallic black nails.

"We met your entourage earlier," Ana said, raising one eyebrow.

"Yes, the troops," Taylor sighed, rolling her eyes. "Sorry, that had to be bizarre. I told Marnie not to bring half the staff, but I knew she would anyway. They're like a corporate army. I had an engagement in Rome that I had to attend last night, so I knew I was going to be late."

"It's cool," Nel said, smiling brightly, looking her over from head to toe. "Are you, like, royalty or something? Marnie said she was- and I quote- 'not at liberty to answer that question, but to treat you with extreme respect.'"

Taylor laughed once, shaking her head an enigmatic smile on her pale lips. "Not in this world. I'm surprised she didn't sit all of you down and have a lecture on proper etiquette. Anyway, did they set up my room?"

"Oh, yeah," Sarah said, motioning her to follow Ana. She moved with a fluid grace somewhere between an exotic dancer and a kung fu master, not making a sound.

"Let me guess," Taylor said with a snicker. "Marnie took one look at it and said something like, 'well, it's a bit bare, but it will do?'"

"Something like that," Sarah laughed. "Is she your assistant or something? You said 'staff...'"

"No, well, technically she's my husband's assistant, but she handles my affairs as well. I don't think I need an assistant just yet."

"You're married?" Nel asked, shock on her small features.

"Yeah, for awhile now. You'll meet him sometime," Taylor said, flashing her wedding ring in an off-hand way, plopping the bag on her bed and opening her closet, running her hands over her wardrobe appraisingly. "Well, she picked up a good assortment for me. I've been in Europe for a month so I didn't really have time to shop stateside. Marnie picked all this stuff up for me this week. Think she likes to see me in black?"

"Yeah, we looked over your stuff. It's nice," Sarah said, blushing a little. "Hope that was okay?"

"You kidding, I said it was fine. I know I'd be dying to look it over if all those people brought it in like a I was some fucking princess."

"To clarify, you are loaded, right?" Ana said with a grin.

"Oh, does it show?" Taylor said with a faux-cringe that made them all laugh. "Yeah, I'm old money- very old money. I don't think I'm a bitch about it, but definitely tell me if I am. I'm honestly not trying to show off."

Sarah nodded, impressed with her overall. She had a disarming, magnetic quality about her that put them all at ease, though there was an undercurrent in her voice, her eyes, something darker, that made Sarah wonder. She was definitely accustomed to being an Alpha female, everything in her stance and demeanor, though to a degree calculatedly seductive, was a study in authority and careful training.

"There's this dance thing up in the main quad in an hour or so," Nel said. "We were planning on going. You in? We already showered so the bathroom's free."

"Sure, I'm ready to go. Showered on the jet- yes I have a jet, deal with it."

"Holy shit! I know who's sponsoring Spring Break this year!" Ana exclaimed.

"Absolutely!" Taylor said, her face brightening. "How's Fiji sound? We have a place not far from there."

"You're serious!" Nel squawked.

"Completely," Taylor said with that enigmatic smile. "Anyway, we'll get to that later. What are you guys wearing?"

She leaned into her closet, stretching one leg out behind her as she reached up high to put away the stilettoes she'd pulled out of her bag. As her shirt rode up her defined back, Sarah caught a glimpse of a very large black and red tattoo that covered her lower back and disappeared beneath the shirt.

"I was planning on going as I am," Nel said, looking down at her jeans and belly-baring halter-top. "It's outside on the grass and they're supposed to be barbecuing so I don't want to ruin any good shoes."

"Oh good, I am so tired of dressing up. Just wanna be in jeans for once like a normal person. Y'all can sit if you want. You don't have to stand there."

"I would not be bitching if I had labels like that in my closet!" Sarah exclaimed, sitting on the bed. Ana sat next to her, reaching into the bag and pulling out stuff to hand to Taylor. Nel sat at her desk, poking at the notebook.

"Can I-" she asked, pointing to the flat computer.

"Knock yourself out," Taylor said with a wave of her hand. "I haven't even looked at it yet. Hopefully they copied stuff from my other one so I don't have to send for it."

"Oooh, momma!" Ana exclaimed, holding up a fantastically sexy piece of black lingerie. A gorgeously detailed satin bustier with long flowing pieces of silk attached to the bottom, Asian floral motifs embroidered into the silk in crystal beads. "What did you say you did?"

"I'm not a stripper," Taylor laughed, taking the piece and hanging it in the closet. "Though I've been told I look like one. I'm not sure how to take that. I'll choose compliment. I have a... unique life. It'll take a while to explain all that."

"I bet," Sarah said, examining the long black silk robe that Ana pulled out next, similar detailing running its length. "I'd totally wear this as a dress."

"You guys are free to borrow any of my shit without asking. It's altered to fit my shape, but it you can fit into it, by all means. Nel, you might be a little small, but you two might find some stuff that will be a tolerable fit. Though my ass is so much bigger than either of yours."

"Wow, thanks," Ana said, leaning to look around Sarah at the contents of her closet. Taylor smiled and moved out of the way so she could see better, indicating with a wave that Ana could take whatever she wanted, saying she was going to wash her face in the bathroom.

"Can you even imagine having this much money?" Ana whispered, looking like she was in heaven as she pulled out garments.

"I thought my family was well-off," Sarah said with a shake of her head. "She's so loaded she doesn't even care if you ruin that five thousand dollar jacket you're holding."

"I like her a lot," Nel whispered, smiling.

The others agreed, looking up as they heard the bathroom door squeak open, Taylor appearing a moment later, face scrubbed clean. She pulled a make-up case out of the top drawer of her bureau and sank gracefully to the floor, cross-legged, waving Sarah off as she started to stand.

"Oh, I could totally rock this over jeans," Ana whooped, whipping out a tailored, pinstriped navy vest that was obviously part of a pantsuit. "Are you guys squeamish about boobs?"

They all shook their heads, Taylor glancing up from her eyeshadow, Sarah watching her, entranced by her skill with the Chanel products. Nel raised her eyebrows but continued to scroll through the applications on Taylor's computer.

"Want me to make you up?" Taylor asked Sarah, obviously aware she was being observed. "Isn't that what girls our age do?"

"Yeah," Sarah laughed. "Sorry, you're just really good at it."

"I've spent enough time with make-up artists to learn by now."

She finished her own smoky make-up, which made her green eyes look positively eerie, then rose fluidly, coming to sit next to Sarah on the bed. Her hair fell over her eyes as she dug in the bag for a different palette.

"What do you want?" Taylor asked. "Queen of the Night or girl-next-door?"

"How about somewhere in between. I really like your eyes."

Taylor nodded then set to work.

"Oh, I don't have the tits for this," Ana sighed, inspecting her reflection in the full-length mirror on the back of the door.

Taylor laughed at her forlorn expression. Ana pushed at her cleavage, trying to force it to fill out the vest where it came to a V mid-chest.

"I bet this looks fantastic on you! Here, put it on!" she said, whipping it off and holding it out to Taylor. "And you are totally doing me next."

Taylor raised an eyebrow, smiling darkly, obviously holding back some comment that amused her. She finished Sarah's makeup, handing her a mirror, then took the garment from Ana, standing.

"This looks great!" Sarah said, not believing it was her in the mirror. "Oh, I feel like a pig suddenly. What kind of workout do you do?"

Taylor had pulled off her shirt, standing slightly in profile to Sarah. Her stomach was completely ripped, though still maintaining her smooth curves, arms toned, back sculpted. Her breasts held by the black, lacy and slightly transparent bra were obviously natural and very obviously pierced, large but proportional to her figure. Sarah could see a little of the giant tattoo from her view.

"Jiujitsu, mainly," Taylor said, glancing down at herself as if she'd never really paid any attention. "Some blade training, though not so much anymore."

The three girls looked at her for a moment, taken aback, wondering if she was kidding. The casual tone of her voice suggested she was not.

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