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Blood Love Ch. 01


*This is my first story since my writer's block. I hope it is enjoyable. Please feel free to send feedback. All types are welcome.*

Chapter 1: My Angel

She sat in her one bedroom apartment alone, looking at the picture of her ex fiancé, Kevin and herself. Three years, three years she loved him and gave her heart and soul just to find out that he was going behind her back sleeping with guys. It's been five days since she left the house, since she found out, since he broke her heart. She didn't know what to do. Alexia got up to check her answering machine. She had the volume turned down and the ringer off and had not touched it since. The red light was flashing, only 4 messages. She sat on the couch and began to play her messages.

"Um... I just thought that I should apologize and um... maybe you could drop my stuff off sometime, uh yeah well... I" DELETED

"Hey girl where are you? It's me, Katie! If you're not busy this weekend, maybe we could check out that new restaurant on 25th street. Call me later!" BEEP

"Hello, this is AT&T calling about your long distance service. Are you unhappy..." DELETED

"Hey Alex, it's Chris," Her eyes lit up at the voice. "What's up? Haven't heard from you in awhile. Everything ok? You missed our night, so something must be wrong. I'll give you some time but call me ok? I'll talk to you soon." BEEP

She smiled for the first time in days.

"Big brother, I completely forgot. I'm sorry," she said to her empty apartment.

Alexia decided to pull herself together and visit her brother. He was the only one she could talk to. Christian was always there for her when they were growing up. Every time something went wrong or bad things happened, she ran straight for her brother and he never once ignored her. He was there for her more than their parents were. She was only two years younger than him, but she felt like a little girl again anxious to be comforted by her angel.

She pulled out an overnight bag and began to fill it with enough clothes to last at least a week. College was out on break so she didn't have to worry about missing classes. Katie could be called when she reached her destination. Dropping her bag at the front door, she went to the bathroom and started her shower. She couldn't wait until she could leave.


Christian sat at his computer checking his email, worry etched into his masculine face. His medium length black hair was pulled into a short ponytail, his blue eyes skimming his mail.

'It's not like her to miss our night,' he thought to himself. 'No emails from her, nothing.' Then his expression changed to anger, 'if that asshole boyfriend has done something, so help me I'll...'

His thoughts were interrupted by the ring of his cell phone. Without looking, he answered in an unusually rough voice.


"Christian, is that you?" came the female voice from the other end.

"Sis...where have you been? I've been really worried. What's wrong? Are you ok?" his voice lightened and so did his heart.

"Slow down, I'm ok. Sorry I missed our phone night. I'm actually on my over to spend the week with you. I need to escape this place for a while. I hope I'm not coming at a bad time?" she said crossing her fingers.

"Never a bad time for you. That's great, we haven't hung out in awhile. I'm glad, can't wait to see you." Realization hit him and he glanced around the house. He would have to tidy up a bit.

"Great, I'll see you in 45 minutes, ok? Bye" with that she hung up the phone.

Christian dropped his phone on the table and busied himself with cleaning the house. He hadn't seen Alexia in a few months. They look almost exactly alike: same crystal blue eyes, same midnight black hair except hers was long, and just about the same physic. They were almost evenly matched in strength too. She stood at 5'5, curvy yet toned and he 5'8 cut and toned. People sometimes told them they made a very cute couple. He smirked at that comment, although he sometimes felt as if they were twins. He couldn't wait to see her again.


Alexia pulled into the driveway of her brother's house in what seemed like the suburbs but was far from it. He lived near college kids, being that he was one himself. He was finishing up grad school and she was about to get her Bachelors. She stepped out the car, grabbed her overnight bag, and closed her car door. Running up to the door, she was about to knock when it opened. Shocked, she jumped into Christian's muscular arms trying not to let the tears fall. Noticing how nice he looked in his black slacks and white t-shirt, she blushed and hugged him tighter. She felt like herself again, happy and safe.

"It's good to see you again sis. Did you missed me?" he asked pulling away from her to see how much she'd changed.

She smacked him on the arm, "Of course I have silly. Why do you think I'm visiting?"

They went inside and he showed her to his guest room. She dropped her bag and slipped off her sneakers then hopped on the bed. Christian stood at the door watching his all grown up sister acting like a five year old. She wore the cutest gray cotton pants that hugged her thighs and was low at the waist, and a small black cotton t-shirt with a matching hoodie. Chris noticed that she lightened her hair and put streaks in it. He breathed deep, 'she has really grown' he thought to himself. Her voice pulled him back to reality.

"This will do," she said laughing.

"It had better," he said with a smirk, "Come on, and lets go to the kitchen."

He left the room and she followed suit catching up to him and grabbing his hand. Walking into the kitchen, he headed straight for the fridge and she sat on one of the stools at the island. He broke the thick silence while he was making her a sandwich.

"So who or what was so important that you missed my call?" he asked never looking up.

She breathed deep, knowing that he was going to ask. 'Might as well get it over with,' she thought 'just don't cry!'

"He was cheating on me," she replied trying to hide the quiver in her voice. She jumped when she heard the jar hit the floor. Looking up she saw Christian with a surprised yet angry expression on his face.

"That bastard...I should have known," he said, anger lacing his voice. He didn't notice that he dropped the mustard or that it was mainly splattered on his good pants.

She busied herself by trying to clean up the mess while he sorted out his feelings. Suddenly she felt his hands on hers and looked straight into his eyes, holding back the tears.

"I'm sorry. Are you ok?" holding her hands from cleaning up the mess. He could see the hurt in her eyes and he didn't like it one bit.

"I'm better. I stayed in the house for most of the week to try to regain my composure," she replied her eyes dropping back to the floor. He could always read her like a book so it made to sense to lie.

"We should clean this up before it starts to stick," trying to change the subject.

Christian stood up and retrieved the paper towels and a mop. He moved her out the way and cleaned the mess. Walking over to the sink where she was washing her hands, he stood beside her and did the same. Once his hands were dry, he pulled her to him knowing that she needed a shoulder to cry on. In no time at all she was sobbing hard into his chest. He rubbed her back and whispered comforting words to her.

Alexia cried her heart out into her brother's chest. She couldn't help it. His comforting words calmed her a bit but she still cried on. Then she felt herself being lifted and carried, then set onto his lap. He held her the whole time making sure she was ok. Soon her crying slowed and she fell asleep.

Christian laid her on the couch and went to get a wet cloth to wipe her face and also to change his stained pants. When he returned, he gazed down onto her tear stained cheeks and became upset at the fact that his little sister had her heart broken by the bastard he never liked in the first place. She looked so beautiful when she slept. Christian gently wiped her face with the cool, wet cloth, removing any signs of her tears. Placing the wet cloth on the table edge, he lifted her off the couch and placed her back in his lap. He hoped that she would feel better by the time she woke up. Slowly he drifted into sleep, hugging his sister tight making sure she wouldn't fall.

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