tagNovels and NovellasBlood Love Ch. 02

Blood Love Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Love Revealed

A few hours later, Alexia began to stir. She felt a pair of arms holding her close to a sturdy body and remembered exactly where she was. Opening her eyes slightly, she looked at her watch to see that is was 10:45 P.M. 'I slept that long and he held me the whole time?' she thought. A smile graced her lips as she looked at her sleeping brother. She slowly unhooked herself from his hold, gave him a peck on the lips and went to her room to unwind.

She was feeling a lot better and was ready to enjoy her time here. After using the bathroom, she grabbed her bag and immediately starting looking for her nightclothes. She pulled out an oversized t-shirt and a pair of short shorts to sleep in. Putting on a pair of house socks, she turned to head for the door but bumped into what felt like a wall. Alexia though she was going to hit the floor but was caught by two strong hands.

"What are you doing up?" she asked shock all over her face as she looked up.

"I woke up when you kissed me," Chris replied with a smirk. "Are you feeling any better?" he asked pulling her into a hug.

"Yes, very much, thanks," Alexia replied hugging him back.

"Good, now we can talk about other things," he let go and headed for his room.

She glided behind him and jumped on his bed. "So what's up?"

He felt better that she was feeling well again. He could hear the happiness in her voice and see the sparkle in her eyes that wasn't there when he first saw her. "How's school? How are your friends?" he said just to make her talk.

"Fine and fine," she replied getting comfortable on his bed. "You know, this bed feels better than the one in my room. And it's a Full King." Rolling over on her stomach and stretching out she said, "Guess I'll just have to sleep in here."

"Sure, it's big enough," he called out from the bathroom. "I just hope you sleep better now than you did as a kid." Laughing, he turned on the shower, peeled off his clothes and got in. He could hear her coming toward the bathroom door, which he left open so he they could continue to talk.

"I'm not sure. When I wake up my covers are half off the bed," she said with a chuckle. Alex stood at the door and watched him through the foggy curtains. He was very smooth and muscular; it was no wonder why females were always drawn to him whenever they went out. Seeing him like that got her heart pumping hard but she tried to ignore it for the time.

"So any new women in your life, big brother or are you still trying to get a moat built around your house to keep them all away."

"I haven't been looking really. The last one didn't tickle my fancy, so it's been awhile," he said washing his hair. "But since you're here I'll be sure to get some numbers," he shot back letting out a small chuckle.

"Hand me my towel please?" he asked, turning off the water and peeking his head out.

She glanced around for a moment and spotted the towel on the back of the door handle. Picking it up, she walked over to the shower and handed it to him, with a bit of mischief in her eyes. 'I wonder,' she though, trying not to give into temptation and look down. She backed up and let him wrap the towel around himself before stepping out.

He felt his insides stir as Alexia walked toward him with a curious look in her eyes. He didn't know exactly what she wanted to do but he had an idea. That idea alone made him become somewhat hard. Quickly wrapping the towel around himself, he stepped out and headed for the bedroom, with her at his heels. Realizing that she wasn't going to do anything, he grabbed his nightclothes off the chair and began to put them on, first his old t-shirt with no sleeves and then his cotton sleeping slacks... he didn't like wasting underwear at night. Hanging his towel back in the bathroom, Christian joined his sister on his bed.

She lay on the bed and waited for him to dress. Her eyes were closed and her body was relaxing more and more on the comfy mattress. Thinking about what he said about the girls made her smile. They always seemed to get jealous when she went out with him, but she never knew why and didn't much care. Of course she became jealous at times but it was just because she was being protective, amongst other things. The bed sunk in next to her and she felt a hand wave in front of her face. Alex opened her eyes to see Christian making funny faces at her thinking she was asleep.

"Such a kid you still are," she startled him.

"Just seeing if you feel asleep on me," he said lying down next to her. Instantly she snuggled into him spooning against his body, making him smile and close his eyes.

"So what do you want to do now?" Alexia asked, feeling herself becoming warmer by the minute.

"This is good," was his low reply.

She wiggled against him trying to find a comfortable spot. The wiggling was causing his semi-hard erection to grow, so he grabbed her waist to keep her still. "Easy sis." She let out a low laugh and pulled him closer to her back, looking out the window.

"I remember when we were little, how you were always there for me." There was a short pause. "You were there more than Mom and Dad were. My first kiss, my period, when I was picked on, everything," she finished turning over and stroking his cheek.

He opened his eyes to see her staring at him caressing his face. She closed her eyes as he started to talk.

"You're my baby sister, my only sister. If I didn't help you, who would have," he replied smiling into her hand. He pulled her close and made their foreheads touch. "I love you, Alex. Sister or not, we have a special bond that no one can break. I will always be here for you, always catch you when you fall, just like when we were younger but now I can do more. Nothing is more important than you, my love."

A tear slid down from her face as his words sunk in. Every thing he said was true and warmed her heart. She felt it beat with the utmost urgency and love. Alexia never realized before that he loved her the same as she loved him. He looked at her to see her were eyes closed and she was smiling. Seeing the tear, he kissed it and nudged her cheek so that she would open her eyes, which she did. He saw right into her soul and knew she was feeling the same way he was. Minutes passed as they stared at each other, not moving an inch. Finally, Alexia broke the silence.

"Christian... I" she breathed.

Then she felt his lips on her own, stopping anything else from being said. It was a soft, loving kiss and he placed a hand behind her head and pulled her as close to him as possible. She willingly returned the kiss turning it into a passionate one. He licked her lips silently asking her to open. She complied and felt his tongue slip inside her mouth seeking out hers. Soon they broke away, each needing air. Again they looked deep into the others' eyes; love shining between the two. He was the first to speak.

"You know how I feel, don't you?" he said kissing her cheeks.


"I know you feel the same way," rolling her onto her back and moving his kissing down her neck.

"For so long, big brother," she answered, her breath becoming shallow. She knew what he was going to say next and she put a finger to his lips before he could speak.

"I don't care what anyone thinks. I know how I feel and I... I want to act on this feeling," she paused not sure how to say the next part. "I want you be my first, Chris. I've waited... the right person was you, but I didn't know when the right time was... until now" she said, blushing and looking down.

He was shocked, not by the first part but the last. His sister was still a virgin. After all she's told him, he thought she'd lost it by now. And an even bigger shock, she's been waiting to give it to him, out of all people. He crawled on top of her and kissed her again but this time more seductively. Her hands ran up and down his back, under his clothes noticing he still didn't wear underwear to bed. She smirked and pulled his shirt over his head. Christian was busying himself trying kissing every inch of exposed skin. Since she pulled his shirt off he decided to do the same to her. There she lay topless on his bed. He looked down and studied her upper body. Her breast were perky and full; she had a nice flat and toned stomach, lovely curves, and smooth skin. Leaning his head down, he started kissing her breast, then licking and slowly sucking on it as a breastfeeding baby. His erection was growing harder by the moment. Her soft moans were helping it along. Alexia moaned louder under his ministrations and he loved it.

Christian didn't want to fuck her. No, he wanted to make love to her, to savor every moment their bodies touched. He wanted to make her feel like nothing else mattered in the world but them. She wasn't just any girl, she was his baby sister, his special woman and he was going to make sure she knew that. Chris felt her shiver as he slid his tongue from the valley between her breast down to her navel, dipping into it and then moving lower to her hip. He began sucking on her hipbone, easing down her shorts.

Alexia's hands were shakily sliding off Chris's night pants and running her hands over his perfect ass, letting his full erection spring free. She heard him let go a hard moan, making her wet with anticipation. Letting her hands do all the work and trying to maintain some control, her fingers wrapped around his length and gently squeezed him. He felt huge and this had her a bit afraid. Another moan from her brother made her slide her fingers up and down his thick shaft. She watched as he smiled at her and threw her shorts across the room to join her oversized shirt. He noticed that she wasn't wearing any underwear either.

"You're such a copycat, you know," he said nuzzling her neatly trimmed bush with his nose.

"You know I wanna be just like you," she breathed.

She let out a pleasurable cry as she felt him lick her core. That turned him on so much. Christian spread her lips and used his whole tongue to lick her from top to bottom. Alex moved her legs wider allowing him to go deeper and put a hand on the back of his head urging him to continue. She had been eaten out before but never had it felt this good. He focused mainly on her entrance, tracing light circles around it, and then letting the tip of his tongue slid in and out before returning to her lips. He used his thumb to rub her clit while teasing her hole. The sounds Alexia made were completely new to him. Nevertheless, he loved each and every one. He tried many combinations of licking, sucking and rubbing and all worked great.

"Ohh Chris, mmm," she moaned as she thrust against his face, feeling him suck on her clit.

"Yes love," he replied, smirking against her lips and tugging on them ever so slightly. This caused even louder moans from her. He thrust his tongue inside her, feeling her walls contracting around it.

'Yes,' he thought 'come for me baby.' Chris felt her body jerk and heard her scream. Her juices flowed onto his tongue and into his mouth. He sucked her dry making sure he consumed every drop. Moving back up her body, he kissed her and slipped his tongue into her mouth letting her taste herself.

"Sis, I want you," he stated looking deep into her eyes.

"I want you too, big brother," she replied leaning up to kiss him.

He deepened the kiss, and placed himself between her legs. Slipping a finger into her tight passage, he eased it in and out making sure she was wet enough for him to enter her. He suddenly had a thought and leaned over to the side of the bed digging in his draw for something. Finding it, he leaned back and sat up with a small foil package in his hand. He started to rip it open but Alexia grabbed it and threw it over the side of the bed.

"What did you do that for? We need-"

"I don't want that. I want to feel you, skin to skin," she cut him off and pulled him back down on top of her.

He gave her a sexy smile and once again placed a finger inside of her, receiving a hard moan and feeling her hump against his hand. She was just so tight that he was about to loose control. He fingered her slow but hard, feeling her move with his finger. All her moaning and moving was driving him wild. Soon he felt her cum on his finger. He slipped it out and licked it never taking his eyes off of hers. Her wide eyes sparkled as she watched him suck her juices off his finger and brace himself on his left arm. He reached down and held his cock with his right, rubbing it up and down her lips. Christian's breathing was very heavy and he was shaking a little. He pressed the tip of his head to her wet entrance and placed his arms on either side of her as she wrapped hers around his neck. Looking into her eyes once more, she nodded and he knew she was ready.

Christian kissed her as he thrust into her more than willing body. He felt her jerk at the sudden pain and fullness. Lying very still, he kissed away the few tears that slid down her cheek and whispered comforting words in her ear as he stroked her hair. After a few seconds, Alexia moaned into his ear letting him know that he could move. 'Oh god, he's so big,' she thought as he slowly began to move in and out of her. They each felt incredible to the other. She was guessing he was at least eight inches, not really caring. No matter how big he was she loved every inch of him.

He started out slow, being loving and romantic, trying not to hurt her. His moans were low and his breath was ragged. Christian moved one his hands down between her legs and played with her jewel, making her arch her back off the bed. He loved the way her pussy lips glided over his cock when he moved inside her. His eyes were closed, trying to memorize everything about the way she felt. Her walls were sucking him into her and he felt that he could stay there all night. Looking down at her, she was still arched, breathing hard and moaning, almost screaming. Her body was covered in sweat and her breast bounced with every thrust he made.

"Harder Chris, please," she begged from underneath him.

Leaning down, he sucked and nibbled on her ears lobes. Moving his hands down to her hips, he held them firmly as he began to fulfill her request. Every thrust was longer and harder than the last. Every moan was louder than the previous. He lowered his mouth to her breast and sucked her nipples making her more excited. Playing with her breast, he tried to distract himself from his own rising need. Christian wanted her to come first, he would hold out until the end. So he placed one arm next to her head and wrapped the other around her waist. Alexia nearly lost her voice as she felt herself being rammed down onto his thick cock. She screamed with every thrust, tears starting to form in her eyes. The fire within her was raging now and she was on the verge of bursting.

Her cries were rocking his body making his orgasm surface but he fought it back determined to make her happy first. She knew he was holding back, so Alex started thrusting in rhythm with him. He couldn't believe it, it felt amazing and his control was slipping. Soon he was pounding into her firm body with a speed she couldn't keep up with. She could feel his cock throbbing within her and she wanted him with her when she came.

"Ohh, ohh, yes, yes, Chris!"

"Alex your so tight and so wet," he gasped out. "Cum for me baby, please" Christina moaned in her ear.

He could feel her tightening around him and digging her nails into his back. Then he felt her walls squeeze as she came, screaming his name. He took that opportunity to slip his tongue in her mouth and kiss her with everything that he had, never missing a beat inside her. Alexia returned the kiss hungrily sucking on his tongue.

Christian put Alexia's legs on his shoulders and began pumping himself into her slow at first then speeding up. His head was back moaning ever so loudly letting her know how good she felt on his cock. Her tight little lips slipping up and down his shaft was too much. He leaned over her sexy body and licked her ear.

Moaning hard and still thrusting into her he asked, "Where do you want it?"

The words made her even wetter and she couldn't find her voice at the moment. She was still feeling her orgasm and the only thing she could do was moan. The feeling of his rock hard cock hitting her sweet spots was driving her crazy. He smirked down at her; feeling himself getting close he starting talking again.

"Do you want it on you?" he knew his words were affecting her. He wanted to cum with her and she wasn't there yet.

"Maybe you want it in you?" He laughed to himself, thrusting a bit harder.

"Oh God Chris...in me, cum in me, please!" she screamed grabbing his ass, trying to pull him more inside of her.

That did it. He felt her muscles squeeze his cock and his body began to shudder. They both came at the same time, screaming each other's name. He spilled his seed into her still pumping his cock as her walls were contracting around him. He felt as if he was being milked dry. After their orgasms died down, he fell to the side, still inside of Alexia. He pulled her close to him and hugged her tightly. He reached down to the end of the bed for the blanket and covered their sweaty, tired bodies.

Alex looked up into her loving brother's eyes. Sitting up some she kissed his lips and rested her head on his chest. His hair was sweaty and partially stuck to his face. 'Damn he looks good enough to eat like that,' she though to herself. She knew her hair probably looked wild as well. She felt amazing, thanks to him. He made her feel alive, special, everything she'd always wanted to feel. Christian felt his cock slip out of Alexia and pulled her more onto his body, putting them in a more comfortable position.

"I love you, Alex," he said rubbing her back, smiling.

"I love you too," she replied. "Just too bad I can't brag."

"True. But the best things in life are the one you can't share," Christian told her. "Get some sleep, we're getting up early tomorrow and I want you to be well rested."

Without questioning him, Alexia snuggled closer to her newfound lover and slipped into a very relaxing state of unconsciousness. Christian followed soon after, making sure she was asleep. He never felt as good as he did right then. He had waited a long time for this.

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