tagNovels and NovellasBlood Love Ch. 05

Blood Love Ch. 05


Christian stirred under the blankets, his hands roaming across the bed seeking his lover's body. Slowly he realized that she wasn't there. He blinked a few times, trying to rid the sleep from his eyes, and stretched. Doing a once over of the room, he figured out that she must be downstairs somewhere.

He rose from the bed and went over to the closet to retrieve some clothes, walking around naked would only end up in a disaster. Grabbing a shirt and a pair of shorts, he went to splash some cold water on his face and headed to the first floor. He searched the kitchen, living room, and back room, no sign of her. Glancing out the back room window, he figured it was around five o'clock by the position of the sun. Then he saw some movement and realized someone was sitting on the back porch. 'Gotcha' he thought as he exited the room. He went through the kitchen and out the back door.

"Hey sweetheart, I've been looking for you," Christian said walked over to her and kissing her head.

Smiling, she gazed up at him, "I've been right here the whole time. Enjoy your nap?" she asked.

"It was ok," he responded, "but it would have been better if I woke up with you in my arms." He kneeled next to her chair and pulled her into his arms.

"I know that you're out here thinking. I hope I'm not putting too much pressure on you," he spoke as he placed his chin on her head.

"I always knew that you had a sort of sixth sense when it comes to people," she began. "I wanted to listen to you, but you know how stubborn I am at times. I really loved him, you know. But now...now I realize that it really wasn't love." She took a deep breath, "All this time I had love right in front of me and didn't even notice it."

He squeezed her tight against him, resisting the urge to cry. He felt her move a bit and then felt arms wrap around him and one hand slowly stroke his hair. Christian felt as if his heart would explode. He had no idea which way she was going with this, but he hoped it was his. He listened as she continued.

Alexia ran her fingers through his hair as she spoke, "I thought about all these feelings I've had inside of me. And I've thought about everything in my life." She pulled away from him and made eye contact, "Christian, I love you and I don't want us...you to have a hard time. I don't want trouble for you. Your job, your school, your life...is way more important than I am."

Understanding shone in his eyes as they started to water. She smiled and wiped away the single tear that rolled down his cheek. Christian knew what she meant and he didn't disagree. She always put others before herself. He would do anything for her and she knew that. 'Things take time' he kept thinking. He was pulled from his thoughts by her voice.

"I'm almost done with school. I was planning on going to your grad school anyway," she noticed how that last statement made him smile.

"So maybe then I'll move in. But for now, I'll stay in my home and you in yours. Plus it won't hurt you to come visit me sometime," she said jokingly.

He pulled her against him again, allowing the tears to flow freely now. He couldn't remember the last time he cried but he was so full of emotion that he had to. Christian pulled her chin up and kissed her fiercely on the lips, taking the opportunity to slip his tongue in her mouth when she gasped at the suddenness of the kiss. Breaking the kiss for air, he hugged her and ran his fingers through her hair.

"I didn't know what to think when you started to talk. I was hoping that...shit I don't even know what to say," Christian spoke as he wiped his face of the tears. His eyes shone with love as he continued to talk, "I knew I loved you since we were young but I was afraid that it would push you away from me. Alexia, if you weren't my sister...hell I'd marry you!" He spoke the last part with laughter in his voice but seriousness in his eyes.

She looked up at him in shock for a moment before smiling and kissing him. Not wanting to go deeper into the last statement, she changed the subject.

"Come on, let's get dressed. I want to go to the mall for some stuff," she said getting up and grabbing his hand.

She led him back into the house and up stairs. She pulled him to his closet and told him to pick out some clothes to wear while she went to get dressed. Alexia went to the spare bedroom, where her bag was and started digging through it to pick out something to wear. She found her long-sleeved black shirt and low-rise jeans. Then she looked for her black leather belt and her black/silver Sketchers sneakers. Throwing them on, she glanced in the mirror to make sure she looked ok and walked back into her brother's room. Luckily he was already dressed.

Alexia noticed how Christian's clothes matched hers almost perfectly, but even more she noticed that they made him look extra-sexy. He had on a clinging, black turtleneck that outlined his sculpted body, denim jeans that showed off his ass perfectly, and a pair of black shiny boots that gave him some height. Smiling, she walked in his closet and grabbed his Kangol hat and threw it on his head. She pulled him out the room and went to grab her black purse. Then she met him at the front door and grabbed her keys off the coffee table. He took his black leather coat off the coat rack and walked outside. She followed suit and locked the door. Running to her car to grab her black leather coat that tied at the waist, she saw him walk over to the passenger side of her car and wait.

"What are you doing? I thought we would take your Dodge," she said innocently.

She liked his large SUV more than her small car. Smirking when he walked over to his vehicle and pressed the key to open it, she locked her door, ran over to the passenger side and hopped in. Christian got in, started the truck and put his seatbelt on, looking over to make sure she was ready before driving. Alexia diddled with the radio before deciding to put in one if his CDs. She pulled out Linkin Park and placed it in the dish. Relaxing back in the seat she looked over at her brother whose eyes were focused on the road.

"So what are you going to get?" He asked stopping at a red light.

"Just some clothes, you know, and some girl stuff," she said with a giggle as she leaned over and kissed him before the light turned green.

"Oh ok, so you do mind if I go get some stuff while you shop?"

"Yeah that's fine. Just be back before I'm done to see if there is you like anything," Alexia said with an extra sweet voice.

"Not a problem."

Christian pulled in a parking spot not too far from the entrance. They both hopped out and walked into the mall together. Alexia started to walk away but was pulled back to Christian in a very tight hug. He kissed her forehead, let her go and walked toward the opposite end of the mall. She smiled to herself as she headed to Fredrick's of Hollywood first.

Greeting the workers as she walked in, she went straight to the exotic sleepwear and grabbed some items off the racks heading to the fitting rooms. 'He'll love this,' Alexia thought as she tried on certain sets. Once she tried on about ten outfits she kept four and left the rest in the dressing room. Paying the woman and taking her bags, Alexia decided that she needed a new pair of sneakers so she strode over to Sketchers a few stores down. She was greeted by a young, male sales associate, whom she thought was a little too friendly. Brushing off the thought, she allowed him to help her find different styles of sneakers. The whole time her mind was wondering what her dear big brother was up to.

Christian walked away from Alexia resisting the urge to ravage her lips. He walked into Fye to check out their Anime selection. He really didn't want to be in the music store. This was just to make sure Alexia was already shopping on the other side of the store so she didn't know where he was going. While browsing, he decided to pick up the new Britney CD knowing that he could get his little sis to groove to that 'Toxic' song he loved. He purchased the item and walked out glancing around to make sure Alexia was nowhere in site.

Confirming that he was ok, he walked across to the jewelry store. He looked around for a free associate and couldn't find one. So he sat in one of their chairs and waited patiently. Christian was nervous, he didn't know why but he was. Sweat was rolling down his face and he used his handkerchief to wipe it away. He pulled the paper out his pocket and opened it slowly. 'Finally. I thought I would never get it,' Christian thought as the sales woman walked over to him.

"Hello Sir, sorry for the wait. How may I help you today?" she asked with a smile plastered on her face.

"Um, hello. I came to pick up this item," he responded handing her the paper.

"Ok. I'll be right back with your item. Would you mind meeting me at the counter please?" The woman directed him to the sale counter over to his left.

Christian nodded and watched the woman walk away. Wiping his sweaty palms on his pants, he got up and walked over to the counter. He looked at the precious jewelry in the glass case. In no time at all, the woman returned with a small, black velvet box. Placing the paper on the table, she opened the box and handed it to Christian. He took it and gazed at it in amazement. It was beautiful, 'just like her' he thought. Smiling he handed it back to the woman and nodded. She closed the box and put it in a small paper bag. He handed her the cash then took his receipt and the bag. Christian said his 'thank you' and swiftly walked out the store.

He placed his CD inside of the small paper bag and put the small black box in one of his inside jacket pockets. A little calmer now that it was half over and done with he walked up to the mall kiosk and tried to figure out where would Alexia be right now. Seeing that they've only been in the mall for about 30 minutes, he headed over to Sketchers. Lucky enough there she was at the counter paying for the box next to her. Instead of going in, he waited outside by the doors for her to finish.

Alexia felt a familiar presence as she handed the cashier her money for the sneakers. She glanced at the door to see Christian standing at the entrance. Taking her bag, she thanked the cashier and walked toward where her brother was. Right when she reached the door, the much-too-friendly sales associate ran up to her.

"Hey, I'm glad you found one you liked."

"Um...yeah I usually do...so um thanks but I have to go," Alexia replied hurriedly knowing what he was trying to do.

"Well, I was wondering if..." the guy was cut off by Christian's towering voice.

"Hey sweetie, everything ok?" Christian interrupted the guy. He put his arm around Alexia showing his protectiveness.

"Yeah, everything is fine. I was just thanking him for helping me," she said with a big smile. Turning to the guy she said, "Thanks again, bye." And she walked out with Christian right next to her.

Once they were far enough away, she breathed a sign of relief. They both laughed and sat down on the bench to relax.

"So I see you've been shopping a lot," Christian said reaching for her bags.

She pulled them out of his reach, "Yes I have and so have you, but I'm not looking in yours so you are not looking in mine."

"Aww, that's not fair. I'll show you mine, please," he said making a sad puppy face.

"Cute. I'll show you when we get home," Alexia said kissing his cheek. "Come on, I still want to go to Gadzooks and Old Navy."

She got up and grabbed his arm dragging him with her into Gadzooks. Placing the bags in his hands, she warned him not to look and took off into the t-shirts section. Picking out a few items, she paid for them and rejoined her brother. Alexia grabbed her bags and walked out the store. She knew he really wasn't into shopping so she tried her best not to take too long. Her thoughts were on his facial expressions later tonight when she would be showing off her purchases. Her attention was brought back when she heard his stomach growl.

"Somebody's hungry," teasing him. "You want to grab something?" She asked walking toward the food court.

"Please?" he begged eyeing the menus.

"Well, you go get your food and I'll go sit down, too many bags." Alexia walked toward one of the tables with four chairs and got comfortable. She looked through some of her bags to make sure she didn't loose anything. No sooner did Christian come walking over with a large tray full with food. She looked up and laughed as he sat down readying himself.

"What's so funny?" he asked clueless.

"It's incredible how much food you eat and yet how fit you are," she replied trying to calm down.

"Oh, all of this isn't mine," he said matter-of-factly. "This parfait is yours," handing her the item and a spoon with a big smile.

"Oh well thank you. I'm sure there really isn't that much food on there now," she said taking her parfait.

"You know I have a big appetite. So are you going to tell me what you bought or how much you spent?" he asked biting his sandwich.

"Well, since Sketchers I hit the hundred mark. But other than that I've been doing pretty good."

He smiled and she slowly ate her dessert. Fifteen minutes later, Christian couldn't finish all his food. Alexia retrieved him a bag for his uneaten sandwiches. He cleaned up and they continued with their shopping. Being the gentleman he is, Christian took most of her bags and handed her his small paper bag and food bag.

"Don't worry, I won't look. Just don't want you carrying all this stuff."

"You're too sweet sometimes, you know," she said walking into Old Navy.

They walked to the women's section and Alexia immediately started looking through the racks. Ever so often she would hold up a shirt or skirt to get his opinion. He gave her all sorts of faces with nodding or shaking his head. She found a particular short black skirt that she knew he would like. So taking the four items she found, Alexia called to Christian that she was going to the dressing room and that she'll see him there. He eagerly followed and took a seat on the side.

She tried on the other three items and liked them. Then she put the skirt on with one of the silver tops and stepped out the medium dressing room. She did one slow spin to make sure he saw it from all angles. When she looked at him, he was smiling from ear to ear and nodded his approval before shooing her back into the dressing room. Putting her own clothes back on, Alexia grabbed the four items and walked out. Stopping by Christian, she let him know she was ready and together they went to the check out. Paying for her things, they headed back to the truck.

"Alex, do me a favor please?"

"Anything" she stated closing her jacket.

"Close my jacket for me, my hands are full. And could you take my keys out my back pocket too?" He asked feeling the cold air from the doors.

Alexia moved in front of her big brother and fixed his jacket. Then she reached both arms around him and grabbed his butt, making him jump. She laughed and grabbed the keys and turned to the doors. Once they reached the truck, Alexia pressed the keys that unlocked the doors and lifted the back door. Christian walked around the back as Alexia got in and started the truck. Christian placed all the bags in the back and closed the door. He walked around and seeing that his little sis was already strapped in, he hopped in the drivers' side, put his seatbelt on and drove off.

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