tagNovels and NovellasBlood Love Ch. 06

Blood Love Ch. 06


Chapter 6: The Next Big Step

The drive home was a quiet one, besides the moans that were coming from Christian. Whenever they would stop at a red light, Alexia would stroke his ears. At one light she leaned over and licked his ear lobe, causing him to shiver. Christian could feel his erection growing and the ride home went a bit quicker. When they reached the house, a giggling Alexia jumped out the truck and went around to the back. Christian followed after her trying to keep his stiffening member out of the way, at least until they were inside. Grabbing most of the bags, Chris walked to the front door and waited for Alexia to open it. She closed the back door of the truck, ran up to the house door and opened it letting him walk in first. Once inside, he placed the bags near the sofa and pulled his jacket off, placing it on the rack near the door. Alexia put her jacket on the rack and plopped down on the couch. Christian walked over, picked her up, then sat down and placed her in his lap.

"Now, why exactly were you teasing me on the ride home?" he asked nuzzling her neck.

"Because I thought it would be fun," she said, "and it was one of those things I've always wanted to do."

"Uh huh, so are you satisfied at what you accomplished?" Before she could respond he pushed his hips up poking her bottom with his erection.

Alexia was startled at the sudden movement but then realized what he meant. She leaned in and kissed him, licking his lips. Christian responded to the kiss but his mind was on that little black box in his jacket. Before the kiss turned into more, he pulled away and pushed her onto the couch.

"Hey what was that for?" Alexia asked, upset that he stopped.

"You have to show me what you bought, remember?"

Getting off the couch, he grabbed his jacket and some of the bags and started up the stairs stopping half way to make sure she followed. Alexia followed suit and joined him on the stairs. Once they reached his bedroom, she grabbed most of the bags and went into the bathroom. Christian placed the bags that she didn't take near the chair in the corner. He lay on the bed, propped on the pillow and his eyes fixed on the door. He made sure to lay his jacket at the foot of the bed. Alexia came out of the bathroom every three minutes showing him all the dirty little outfits she bought for 'them' and the other clothes she bought for herself. Christian enjoyed ever piece, taking in her sexy figure outlined in the clothing. Alexia was done no more than thirty minutes later. Christian called out to her before she could put her normal clothes back on.

"Why don't you put on that sexy, midnight blue kimono for me?"

The giggle from the other side of the door was his only response. He took that as an ok. Chris removed his sweater and shoes to get comfortable. He looked up when he heard the door opening. 'Good girl' he thought, as he saw her step out from the bathroom with his request on. She slowly walked to the bed, dropping the bags next to the chair before she hopping on top of him. They both laughed at her playfulness and embraced each other warmly. He could tell there was something in her hands, so he pulled away and looked down. He saw that she was holding something silky.

"What's that?" he asked cocking an eyebrow.

"Its for you," Alexia replied. "Here, put it on."

She handed it to him and he sized it up. Seeing that it was a pair of silk boxers he happily complied. He slid off the bed and eased his pants off his body. Leaving his boxer briefs on he put one leg in the boxers before Alexia stopped him. She pulled him in front of her and took off his boxer briefs one leg at a time, making sure her hand brushed against his slightly hard member. She felt him shudder at her touch and smiled. Once his underwear was off she left go and allowed him to put on her gift. The silk felt good against his skin as he slid it up his legs. When it was in place he looked down to see his member protruding from the fly in the front. Alexia was all laughs. She couldn't help it.

"It looks great," she said leaning in, her lips just centimeters away from his cock.

He felt her breath on his head as she talked, "Th-thanks. I like them."

"You ok? You look kind of cold," she said breathing on his aroused member.

Before he could answer, Alexia had placed a gentle kiss on his head making him suck in air. His eyes closed as he felt her lips open and slid over his thick shaft. 'Oh god, she's so bad. She wouldn't do it again, would she?' his thoughts halted by the feeling of his sister's mouth engulfing his rod. Alexia glanced up to see Christian's eyes closed tight and his head back. Slowly her lips moved down his cock and sucked gently before moving back up. She could tell he was breathing deep. Keeping him in her mouth, she pulled her legs up onto the bed and got into a kneeling position so she could be more comfortable. She knew how much he enjoyed this, and she didn't want to disappoint him. Alex sucked and nibbled on his head. After a few minutes of torturing him, Alexia let go and pulled him onto the bed. She made him sit up with his back against the headboard and sat between his legs. Leaning down, she licked his head and lowered her mouth on him again.

Christian was having a hard time forming thoughts and words. Only things coming out of his mouth were gasps and moans. Her lips were driving him insane and he was loving every moment of it. He opened his eyes after he was settled on the bed. When he looked down, he saw her dark hair covering her face as her head moved up and down. Chris felt her soft fingers stroking him as she sucked harder.

His thoughts were on this same occurrence in the shower just hours ago. 'She must have enjoyed it, god knows I did!' he thought feeling teeth scrapping up the side of his cock. Alexia swirled her tongue around his member and nibbled on his shaft, continuing to stroke him with her hand. Feeling that the small moans weren't enough, she went down and deep throated him and began bobbing her head faster.

"Ooh fuck," he yelled.

She smirked as she sucked his hardened cock, making his hips buck underneath her. Her other hand moved to play with his sac. Alexia felt his nuts tighten and his dick throb between her lips. She removed the hand from his cock and sought out his hand. When she felt it, she grabbed it and placed it on the back of her head and looked up at him, wrapping her tongue around the head of his dick. His eyes met hers and she smiled going back to her task. The sensations her mouth caused were driving him crazy. Christian watched as he head bobbed up and down on his rod and it made him even harder. He could feel himself close to climax and he gripped the back of her head with both hands. He felt the moan she emitted on his cock and he began to slightly pushing her head down.

"Mmmmm," was all that she could say.

"Oh Alex, oh...I'm...so close...god...ooh...baby" he said between breaths.

She deep throated him hard and sucked him unmercifully. His head was back and his sac tightened as it readied to burst. He tried to pull her head up but she stayed put. Both his hands gripped her head as his cock erupted in her mouth and he screamed. Alexia swallowed every drop of his juice that flowed out. Some trickled out the sides of her mouth but she didn't care she was more focused on making sure it was all out of his cock. When she felt his body relax, she eased her sucking. Satisfied, she raised her head and looked at him. His eyes were still closed and he was slumped back onto the bed. She reached over to the side table and grabbed a tissue to wipe her face. Throwing the dirty tissue into the wastebasket, she put head on his chest and adjusted herself between his legs. Then she felt his arms go around her and pull her close to his body. Alexia looked up to see his eyes barely open and a small smile on his lips.

"You," he started out of breath, "are some little vixen."

She smiled innocently, "What do you mean?"

He pulled her up to him and kissed her, licking her lips so that she would open them. She pulled back and looked at him.

"Don't think you want to do that," she said seriously.

"So what? I don't care," he responded.

He put his hand behind her head and pulled her mouth to his, slipping his tongue in. She moaned in his mouth at he feeling his tongue was giving hers. Christian rolled over pinning her underneath him, still devouring her mouth. They broke for air. Alex moved her legs so he could sit in between them. Chris slid a hand down her body and rested it on her lips. She didn't have panties on and was dripping wet, ready for him. God, he just wanted to take her right then and there but knew he couldn't. 'The gift,' he had to give her his gift.

He leaned up and began to run his fingers up and down her slit, slick with her juices. His other hand reached back for his jacket and dove into the inside pocket. Grabbing the box, he slid two of his fingers inside her to make sure her eyes didn't open. This made her thrust her hips against his hand and he happily complied moving his fingers in and out of her slowly. Keeping the box in his hand, he leaned over her and kissed her fully on the lips. She put her arms around his head and pulled him on top of her, returning the kiss. Once he removed his fingers, she instantly wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed her crotch against his member, causing it to harden. He moaned in her mouth as he rubbed his length up and down her slit. He broke the kiss and looked down at her. Moving to her ear, he licked it and whispered to her.

"God, your beautiful Alexia," Christian said waiting for her eyes to open.

She opened her eyes and smiled, "And you're one sexy stud," she said out of breath.

"I have...something for you," he stated nervously.

"Really?" Alexia answered.

He leaned sat up on his elbows and brought up his right hand with the box in it, and placed the object on her chest. She looked down and was confused for a moment. He sat up and moved his back against the headboard, waiting for her to say or do something. Alexia sat up and grasped the box; she turned to the side to look at him. Christian's eyes were closed and he looked almost scared. She still held the box in her hand.

"For me?" She finally spoke.

He only nodded in response. She opened the box and her eyes met the most beautiful ring she has ever seen. It was a princess cut Alexandrite and diamond ring set in white gold. The main stone was in the middle with two diamonds on the side. She couldn't believe it, the ring was amazing and it must have cost him a fortune. He opened his eyes to see her focusing on the item in the box. She looked surprised, happy, and a bit upset. 'Oh damn, she doesn't want it' he began to think. Then her eyes locked with his and he could see the tears that were falling. Christian wiped them away and smiled. Alexia leaped into his arms and began to cry loudly.

"You bastard," she said looking up.

"Um...does that mean you like it?" he asked hopefully.

She smiled widely, "Of course, I love it but..."

"I've had it for you for sometime now but I waiting for the right time to give it to you. Birthday, Christmas, Graduation, I wasn't sure but...now felt as right as ever. And it's our birthstone."

"Christian," was all she said as he lowered his lips to hers, kissing her with all the love he had.

She kissed him back just as strong and wrapped her arms around his neck, still with the box in her hand. She broke the kiss and pulled the box back to her taking the ring out. Dropping the box on the bed, she slipped the ring on her left ring finger and held it up. It sparkled like the stars in the night sky.

"Its beautiful, thank you," she said embracing him again.

"Nothing compared to you," his heart felt at ease. She loved it!

With his hand at he base of her head, he tiled her face up to meet his and kissed her gently. He then moved her head to the side and placed small kisses all down her neck. He reached her pulse point and sucked on it hearing her moan for more. His lips moved to her collarbone and he let his tongue trail across until it reached the middle. Christian placed her across his lap and leaned her back; letting his lips work their way down to her breast. He used his free hand to untie her kimono and reveal her chemise. She shivered at the cool air that touched her skin. He slid it off her shoulders and returned his lips to her chest. He moved down and pinched her nipple with his teeth causing her to jump up.

"Oww!" she yelled.

"Hehe, well while you're sitting up..." he said as he pull her kimono off completely.

"You couldn't have just asked, huh?" smiling and sifting so that she was straddling him.

"Now where's the fun in that."

Once she adjusted herself on him, he leaned her back and slipped the chemise down her shoulders letting it settle at her waist. He took one of her nipples into his mouth and began to nibble lightly and suck on it. Her head fell back as she moaned under his ministrations. She felt his cock pressing against her core, and she gently rocked against him. He moaned as he felt her lips sliding across his head. Christian put more of her breast in his mouth and sucked it harder. This made her rock even more. Alexia moaned his name softly as she made her pussy lips slide more over him each time she moved.

He knew he couldn't take much more, but he wanted her close before he took her. He moved his mouth to her other breast and gave it the same treatment as the first. Feeling her rock against his cock made him moan hard against her nipple, making the vibration flow through her. Alexia knew that he was trying to gain the upper hand but it just wasn't going to work, not this time. She stopped rocking for a moment as he regained his composure and engulfed her tit. When he started running his fingers through her hair, she put hers in his hair and readied herself. Then she once again rocked against him and pushed down, taking him to the hilt.

The only thing Christian knew was that he was inside of her and god was she tight. Her nipple was removed from his mouth as he moaned hard. She gave herself a moment to adjust and gazed into his eyes. Alex wanted him but she wanted him differently this time. Leaning down she kissed him and licked his lips.

"Christian," she breathed sexily, "I want you...to fuck me."

Chris was taken back by her words. Did she really want that? Or was this just some game. She noticed how he didn't respond and she pull herself up off of him some regaining his attention.

"Please big brother will you fuck me?" She pouted and flexed her vaginal muscles, squeezing him inside her.

"I know what you did with those girls. I use to watch you when you'd come home late at night," she closed her eyes and leaned back focusing on the feeling of him inside her cavern.

"The way you would bend them over, pull on their hair, fuck them like whores...the way I wanted you to fuck me, to take me, and make me yours."

Christian was dumbfounded. She was teasing him, trying to gain the upper hand and she was winning quickly. 'She watched me. Oh God, I can't believe...all those years. Fuck, Alex how, why?' Chris was lost in his thoughts until she moved again, taking in more of him. He groaned from the feeling and closed his eyes.

"Alex..." he started not sure what to say, "are you...oh god. You watched, you wanted...how, why?"

Alexia took more of him in, "Baby, I've always wanted you...hard, and fast, and deep. If you give me what I want, I'll tell you." A seductive smirk played on her lips.

Chris shuddered at her words. He felt himself stiffen even more and breathed deeply. Grabbing the back of her neck, he pulled her down for a deep kiss. Their tongues battled for dominance and his one. Her body was suddenly forced fully down onto his hard cock and she moaned into his mouth. Christian gripped her hips and began pumping up into her hard. He broke the kiss and sucked her neck making her moan louder and harder than ever.

Alexia was in heaven; she didn't even have time to think. He was completely in control and giving her what she wanted. Soon she'd be screaming her head off. 'God it hurts but damn it feels so good!' Alexia felt her body being lifted and she instantly wrapped her legs around his waist. His thrust became harder and all she could do was take and enjoy it. She felt her back up against a cold wall and opened her eyes. They were at the far wall of the room.

Christian was fucking her harder than before. He put his arms around her legs and slammed her down onto his dick. The feelings were incredible. He didn't think he could fuck her like this. Chris continued to slam her helpless little body into the wall fueled by the moans and groans coming from his exotic lover.

"Chris...ooh god!! Ohh, ohh, oooohhh," Alexia moaned gripping his hair.

He nibbled her ear, "Say it bitch," he said erotically.

A load moan was her only response. He bit her a little harder this time.

"Say it. I want to hear you say it!" he moaned thrusting into her harder.

"Don't...stop! Fuck me...hard...ohh...Chris!" She said in between breaths.

Her orgasm was coming on quick. Christian nuzzled her neck then bit her hard, making her orgasm expell within her. Alex's head was thrown back in a silent cry as her body jerked from her release. He continued to pump into her all the while. As she was coming down off her high, Chris pulled them from the wall and returned to the bed. He dropped her down then quickly flipped her onto her hands and knees. He positioned himself behind her and brought her dripping cunt inline with his cock ready to thrust into her.

Alexia was ecstasy. Still in the after effects of her orgasm, she felt herself being moved around. She felt the tip of his cock rubbing against her already redden lips. His body was coming down on top of hers and his breath hot on her ear. Alex shivered at the closeness and craved to be filled by him again.

"Is this what you wanted?" Chris whispered hoarsely in her ear.

"Chris..." she moaned feeling him slide slowly into her.

He teased her a bit wanting to drive her crazy. Christian moved one of his hands to her head and gripped a hand full of her hair. Yanking her head back, he licked and bit her neck. Using that as a distraction, Chris quickly thrusted into her tight hole, filling her. Alexia screamed out in pure pleasure and fisted the sheets below her. She felt Chris sucking on her ear as he started his rhythm inside her.

"Oh Chris...mmm," she moaned out rocking against him.

"That's it baby girl, show me you want it," he said getting a good grip on her hips.

Christian held her hips in place as he thrusted with quick hard strokes. The slapping sound of their bodies meeting fueled his passion. He pulled her toward him with such urgency that Alex could only try and hold her body up. The feeling was incredible and she was trying to increase the pressure inside her by pushing back against him. It was no use, he was in control here and he made sure she knew that.

Alex could feel one of his hands moving to her clit and rubbing it harshly. 'Oh fuck he's trying to kill me with sex,' she thought feeling her orgasm approaching. She didn't care because every moment was like heaven. Right when her orgasm was about to hit he pinched her clit sending her into convulsions as the waves of her orgasm crushed upon her. Chris held her to him continuing to thrust hard into her shivering body. He could feel his building more and more. Once she calmed down a bit, he pulled out and flipped her over putting her legs over his shoulders. Christian again sunk deep inside her dripping wet pussy, loving the feeling. He started moaning hard knowing her would cum any minute. Alex was lying there gripping his arms and sucking his slick cock more into her body. He slammed into her at an angle, which made her scream out in pure bliss. She moaned louder than before, arching her back off the bed.

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