tagNovels and NovellasBlood Love Ch. 08

Blood Love Ch. 08


Chapter 8: Love at All the Wrong Times

The months passed fairly quickly for the two younger lovers. Christian visited Alexia almost every weekend. The times that he couldn't visit, she would go to him. They managed to keep their relationship a secret from their closest friends and even their family. Christian still went out with his friends and dated a few girls but it never went any further than that. For company functions, he would ask one of his good female friends to go with him. As for Alexia, she used her last relationship as an excuse not to get involved with anyone. Her friends accepted that and ceased to bother her any more with blind dates.

It was mid-April and Alexia was a month away from graduating. She had already sent in her application to Christian's grad school and was awaiting their reply. Everything was ready for her to march. Now the only thing she had to worry about was their dance. Alex wasn't really sure if she wanted to go or not. At the beginning of the term her and her friends decided that they would all go together but that had changed. Each of her friends was now in serious relationships.

Taking Christian had crossed her mind but she didn't want that much attention brought on her. Her real close friends knew her brother and always drooled over him. Alexia worried about how he would act; like a brother or like a boyfriend? She decided just to stay home and relax with her family who would be in town. Besides, if she wanted to dance, she could always go to a club.


Christian busied himself with making sure he didn't have any type of work for the middle of next month. He wanted to spend that time with his baby sister. They planned on spending her graduation weekend with their parents and then the next two weeks they would go on vacation. So he was doing extra work to cover for the time he would be away. This month, there was no time for weekend visits.

Everyday after school, Christian would go straight to his job and stay there until at least midnight. His administrators were concerned that he was overworking himself but admired his enthusiasm for his job. They often asked him if he wanted a day off or maybe even a week but he always refused. By the first week of May, Christian had enough work done to cover until mid June.

When he handed over the finished product, his supervisor praised him. Christian only smiled and said his thanks. His boss had known why he over worked. And as promised, he granted Christian with not two weeks off but a month. Christian was excited but kept his calm face on. Then they waited while his boss's superior came to talk to them. The head executive promoted Christian to a higher position, which gave him a bit more work, but also his own office and a personal secretary.

They granted him the privilege of picking his own secretary and he knew exactly whom he wanted. Not only did he have a better job awaiting him when he returned but also did his sister. He decided that the job would be another graduation present from him. Christian returned to his workspace and cleaned it up. Mr. James came over to Christian as he was cleaning up his area.

"Well, are you ready to see your new office, Christian?" Mr. James asked smiling.

"Yes sir I am as ready as ever," Christian responded picking up his box.

"Then follow me."

Mr. James walked down to the elevators and pressed it to go up. Once it arrived, he and Christian climbed on and went from the 15th floor to the 24th. When they stepped off, they went left and around the corner. This floor was filled with nothing but large offices, secretary desks, and lots of employees. There were no cubicles like on his old floor. Mr. James stopped in front of a corner office that had no name on it yet.

"When you get back, your name will be here." Mr. James said pointing to the blank space before walking into the room.

Inside there was a large cherry wood desk and a large black chair behind it. In front of the desk were two smaller wood chairs. There was also a large filing cabinet on the left side of the room. On the desk were a phone and a file holder. Christian walked over and placed his box down on the desk.

"It's so large," Christian said, looking out the window.

"You deserve it. Since you've been here, you've done more than your share of work."

"Thank you very much Mr. James. I appreciate it so much."

"No Christian, thank you for being such a great employee. You enjoy your time off; we'll see you back here in June."

They shook hands and parted. Christian put his things away as he marveled his new office. Then being pulled out of his haze, his phone vibrated. He pulled it out of his pocket and check to see who it was. Damn...it was his mom and dad.


"Hey there Chris, it's Mom. Where are you?"

"I'm still at the office finishing up. You guys there already?"

"No where about 90 minutes away. We just called Alex and she said that she hasn't heard from you."

"Yeah I didn't get a chance to talk to her yet. I'm actually on my way out to my car. All my stuff is packed inside, so I can just head straight over there."

"Well that's good. So you'll be there before us. Oh, your father says hello. Ok then Chris we'll see you there. Love you."

"OK Mom, love you and dad too. See you guys later."

Christian ended the call and sighed. At least he would get there before they would. He wanted some private time with Alex. Stepping out the elevator, Chris headed to his car. He took off out the parking lot and onto the road. Since his headset was still on, he dialed up his sister to let her know that he was on his way.

"Hello," Alex answered.

"Hey sweets. What are you doing?" Chris asked.

"Hi. I'm cleaning up a bit. Are you on your way?" She asked while hanging up some shirts.

"Yeah, Mom and Dad called. They said they won't get there for a bit so we can have some time to ourselves," he said with a smirk.

"Oh really?"

"Oh yeah. I haven't seen you in weeks. Plus I have a surprise for you...an extra graduation gift."

"What is it? You're not going to tell me are you?" Alexia replied pouting.

"Of course not. What kind of surprise is it if I tell you?" Christian laughed, "Maybe you'll be able get it out of me when I get there, eh?"

"Well then hurry up! I'll be waiting for you in the room." Alex hung up the phone.

Christian put his phone down and shivered. He didn't realize how much he missed her. Twenty more minutes and she would be in his arms, where she belonged. He took off his headset and drove a bit faster. Chris completely forgot about his work clothes until he felt a bit hot. So he loosened up his tie and undid some of the buttons on his shirt. In no time at all, he was pulling into the parking space next to his sister's Dodge.

He hopped out the truck and took the stairs to his sibling's apartment. Pulling out his key he let himself in and locked the door behind him, making sure to put the chain on. Then he made his way into her bedroom, stopping in the doorway. There she lay across her bed in nothing but a white t-shirt. It was bunched on her hip and showed that she didn't have any underwear on. Christian was instantly hard and began to strip off his clothes, his eyes never leaving hers.

Alexia smiled as he stopped dead in his tracks. When he started taking off his clothes, she rolled onto her back and stretched exposing herself even more. For a split sec, she closed her eyes and instantly felt Chris slide inside her.

"Ooohhh," Alexia moaned.

"I've missed you so," he said capturing her lips in a passionate kiss.

Christian thrusted into Alex's small body. His long, hard strokes were driving her mad. His hands slid down her body and held her hips. Small, wet kisses were placed up and down her neck as she moaned his name.

Not being able to take his torture anymore, Alexia wrapped her legs around Chris's waist and rolled him over pinning him underneath her body. She moved her legs to the side of him and began to ride him. Alex lifted herself off of his thick member and slowly lowered herself back down. She teased him for a bit before setting a good rhythm on top of him.

Christian loved the feeling. Realizing that she still had clothes on, he reached up to pull her shirt off. He watched as his little sister moved sexily above him. Her breast bounced with her movements, making him reach up and grab them. He heard her give off a loud moan. Alexia's head was back and her hands on his torso as she rocked herself on his hard cock.



She felt her first orgasm coming on quickly. Looking down at her brother she smiled and moved his hands to her hips. Then she started rocking faster and harder than before. Christian's grip on her tightened as he began to thrust up into her feeling his release surfacing.

They laid in each other's arms panting slowly, coming off their orgasms. Both had a large smile across their face. That was until they heard a car horn outside.

Christian and Alexia quickly jumped off the bed in a panic. Their parents were here. Alex ran into the bathroom and lit one of her scented candles to rid the room of its fragrant smell of sex. Christian turned on the shower and hopped in, erasing any evidence of naughty play.

Alexia then fixed the bed, retrieved the clothes off the floor and dumped them into the hamper. She ran to her closet and threw some clothes on and pulled her hair back. Then she grabbed some clothes for Christian out of the back of her closet. Running into the bathroom she threw them on the sink. After checking herself in the mirror for the last time, she left the bedroom and eased the door closed.

There was a loud knock on the door that made Alexia stop dead in her tracks to the kitchen. Brushing herself off, she opened the door and smiled brightly.


"Alexia, sweetheart!" her parents exclaimed as they pulled her into a warm hug.

After the embrace, she ushered them into the apartment and offered them something to drink. They eagerly accepted and she went off to the kitchen to get them. Christian walked out of the bedroom wearing a pair of black and red Nike windbreaker pants and a black Nike t-shirt. He was towel drying his hair when he looked over at his mother and father. They immediately got up to embrace him.

"How are you guys doing?" He asked them, as he returned the embrace.

"Oh Chris were fine. How are you? How's school going? How's work? Any new females we should meet?" His mom and dad asked one after the other. The female question obviously coming from his mother.

Christian laughed then responded, "I'm fine Dad. School is good Mom, Work is great Dad and no Mom, no new females yet. I'm trying to focus on work right now."

They smiled and pulled him to sit down so they could talk. Alexia returned with her father's coffee, her mother's water, and some ice tea for her and Christian. The family sat around and talked about any and every thing they could think of. They laughed and talked into the wee hours of the night. Around 10:30, Alexia's parents decided to head to the hotel to get some rest from their long trip.

Christian and Alexia walked their parents to the car and kissed them goodnight. They watched as they drove off. Their mom left their hotel information and told them to call tomorrow so they all could go out to lunch. With that, the two lovers/siblings turned around and went back to the apartment. Immediately after Chris closed the door, they were in each others arms sharing a kiss.

"I thought they would never leave," Christian said as he kissed down her face.

"Mmm, yeah me too. Do you think they could tell we were hiding something?" She asked.

He picked her up bridal style and took her to the bedroom. There he placed her on the bed and laid next to her, continuing his kisses up and down her neck. Christian pulled her close to his body and deeply kissed her lips. Alexia broke the kiss and smiled.

"Nope...because they would have said something or try to do something," Chris replied as he kissed her forehead.

"Good. God knows what would happen if they did."

"No worries. As long as we are careful the next few days, they'll never know."

Christian pulled the covers over them and laid her head on his chest. Then he kissed the top of her head. Soon Christian was falling asleep. She tilted her head to watch her brother drift off to sleep.

Alexia looked happy on the outside, but deep down she was worried. She'd been so happy that her and Chris had gotten together, didn't even think about the circumstances. Three months ago her period was late but she didn't even take notice to it. Now she was really scared. There was no one she could talk to about this because they would want to know who the guy was. A few mornings she'd been experiencing nausea and headaches. She didn't tell Chris for the fear of his reaction.

Now she lay in his arms afraid to tell him. Alexia didn't even take a pregnancy test. She couldn't bring herself to even go in that aisle of the supermarket. Holding back her tears, she squeezed her lover tighter and silently cried herself to sleep. Hopefully she wasn't and that she was worried all for nothing.

The next day, brother and sister awoke snuggled close to each other with the late morning sun in their eyes. They kissed lightly and strolled out of bed and into the bathroom. Chris started the shower as Alex grabbed their toothbrushes and applied the toothpaste to them. Once the water was at the right temperature, they stripped and climbed in. She handed him his toothbrush and together they brushed their teeth and showered. They each were thinking of the day to come.

As Alexia toweled off, the phone rang. She decided to let the machine get it and walked over to her bedroom door to listen. It was their parents informing Chris and her that they were on their way over to her place to make lunch plans. Christian came out of the bathroom in time to catch the end of the message. He smirked and walked into the closet to get some clothes.

"I have to tie up some loose ends at school before graduation tomorrow," Alexia said as she started to dress.

"That's fine. I can take you over there and then we can meet up with Mom and Dad."

He walked out the closet wearing a sleeveless black t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts. She looked up at him and licked her lips. Christian looked delicious standing there and it was hard not to pounce on him. But she contained herself as she walked past him to get her clothes.

"I'm going to grab my bag." He informed her and kissed her cheek when she past.

With that, he left the apartment and headed down to his truck. She listened as the door closed behind him. Alexia slipped on her light blue summer dress with white flowers across it. It was a spaghetti strap dress that stopped right above her knees, hugged her body in all the right places and brought attention to her bosom. She pulled her light blue, heeled sandals out and placed them by the door, not wanting to put them on yet.

Alexia laid across her bed and let her legs hang over the side. She the front door open and close and then heard footsteps get closer to her. She didn't bother to look and keep her eyes closed, enjoying the cool air and quiet surroundings.

Christian came back to the apartment. He let the front door close behind him and walked to the bedroom. He forgot to push the door close and lock it; his mind was on getting back to his lover. When he walked in the bedroom, he stopped dead in his tracks. Chris saw his baby sister laying across the bed in the sexiest dress he had ever seen on her. Dropping his bag, he walked in front of her. Then he laid his body on top of hers, support his weight on his arms on either side of her. Chris kissed her lovingly and licked his lips. When she parted them, he slipped his tongue between them and into her mouth.

Alex responded by kissing him back sensually. She spread her legs and pulled him closer to her wrapping them around his waist. His need was pressing against her core and she moaned into his mouth. Chris started to grind against her as he broke the kiss. He trailed kisses down her cheek and neck, sucking on her pulse point. Alex moaned harder and thrusted her crotch against his hard cock.

Their parents knocked once on the door and paused as the door swung slightly open. Their father poked his head in and looked around.

"Maybe they stepped out," he said.

"And left the door open??" exclaimed his wife.

"Well then let's look around. Don't make any noise."

They eased the door open the rest of the way and quietly walked inside. Their father walked into the kitchen to check if everything was ok while their mother walked to the bedroom. She heard low sounds coming from the room and moved a bit quicker. When she reached the door, she looked inside and froze. Her eyes went wide and her hand was over her mouth.

Her husband came out of the kitchen and saw here standing at the bedroom door. He ran over to see what made her stop. When he reached her, he couldn't believe his eyes. Rage fueled him as he yelled into the room.


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