tagNovels and NovellasBlood Love Ch. 09

Blood Love Ch. 09


Chapter 9: Love's Consequences

Christian and Alexia both jumped in complete shock. He backed off his baby sister and stared at his parents, upset and scared at the same time. His throbbing arousal was quickly dying. Alex stood up and fixed her clothes, avoiding eye contact with her parents and hiding her flushed face. She looked over at Christian who was breathing heavily, trying to keep his cool. She finally looked up at her parents. They were staring at her and Chris as if they just witnessed a murder. Their father spoke again, before either of them could utter a word.

"Well, either of you going to say anything?" He yelled.

"Why?" Their mother asked through tears.

Nothing was said for what seemed like hours but was mere seconds. Finally the thick silence was cut with a sharp word.


Alex spoke up before Christian could open his mouth.

"Love? LOVE??" Their father yelled.

"Yes! What is so hard to understand? We're in love and have been for a while now."

Alexia held her head high as she spoke, showing no fear. Christian looked at his sister. He couldn't believe she was saying it. They never really discussed what they would say if they ever were caught. He just hoped that this wouldn't get her into more trouble.

Their parents looked at each other in utter disbelief. The two children they gave life to and raised were standing in front of them and declaring their love for each other. The mother cried hard and kept her face away from the two as the father shook his head, trying to calm his nerves. He took a deep breath and pushed his anger down thinking of what to say next.

Christian felt a soft hand slide over his and squeeze. He looked and saw his baby sister smiling up at him. There was a look of love in her eyes that made them sparkle. He squeezed her hand and pulled her into a hug. Chris didn't care anymore. He and Alexia were in love and nothing was going to change that. He moved his lips to her ear and kissed her gently.

"No matter what happens, remember that I love you and no one else."

He pulled back from her and let her go. They turned and looked at their father again. He was standing there thinking with a disgusted look on his face. Alexia fixed her bed and grabbed her hat out of the closet. She picked up Chris's bag and handed it to him.

"Go get dressed. I'm going to be late." She grabbed her purse off the end of her bed and sat down on the trunk that was at the foot of her bed.

Their father looked up, anger still evident in his eyes. He rubbed his wife's back trying to calm her nerves. Whispering something in her ear, she nodded and left. The front door opened and then closed, signaling her departure.

"You two have no idea what you're doing." He finally spoke up. "This is wrong beyond belief. I will not let this continue, do you understand?"

"We know exactly what were doing and we will continue it whether you like this or not." She stood up becoming upset. "You have no right to come into my life and tell me what I can and can not do. Why don't you just act like you did when we were younger and leave everything to Christian?!" Alexia almost was yelling now.

Christian ran out the bathroom to see what was wrong. His sister and father were almost nose-to-nose with very pissed off looks on their faces. They both looked at him and he cringed, not liking the feeling. He walked over to Alex and put an arm around her shoulders. She put her head on his chest and sighed.

"Dad, you're better of just letting this go. Nothing good will come of you trying to do anything about it," he said rubbing his sister's arm.

"The hell it won't. I have more power than you think. What if your job found out? Maybe even your school?" The look on his face grew sinister.

"Ha...they wouldn't believe you. They've never even met you before. Plus, Timothy, I don't give a fuck...so get the fuck over it." Christian spat as he rubbed his sisters back.

Alexia was shivering now. Her tears were starting to come. She knew this would happen and that it was all her fault. This couldn't happen, not to Chris, not after he worked so hard to get where he was. Shaking her head, she pushed herself away from her big brother.

Christian looked at her in disbelief. She was moving away from him. 'No Alex...please don't,' he thought.

"D...Dad's right Christian," she stuttered a bit trying to talk instead of cry, "we can't do this. It's...wrong, just a big mistake." Every word she spoke was laced with pain. Her eyes never left the floor. Alexia feared seeing the same pain that she was feeling in her brother's eyes.

"That's right Alexia, good girl. You know what's right and wrong." Her father edged her on, chipping at the crack in her armor. "You don't want him to lose his job do you? All because of you...can you imagine it being your entire fault?"

"ENOUGH DAD!" Christian was more than pissed.

"I...I have...to go," she said between sobs, "to school to finish up some business."

With that she grabbed her bag and shoes and left the house. Alexia ran down to her car still crying her eyes out. She got in her car and tried to calm down. There was no way she could drive crying like a maniac. Alex breathed deep. She took some tissue out of her console and wiped her face. Then she started her car and drove off.

Alexia's mother, Hayden, was sitting in the car when she saw her daughter run to her own car crying uncontrollably. She wanted to go over and talk to her to see what happened but thought better to stay in the car. She watched her daughter as she calmed down and wiped her face then drove off. Hayden knew this was not good and decided to talk to her husband later on in the day.

Christian didn't get a chance to stop her before she ran out the house. His heart was breaking. There was no way she was just going to end it with him like that. Too much was between them, they're in love. 'She wouldn't leave me, I know it.' He sat on the bed with his head in his hands. Chris wouldn't let himself cry, especially not in front of his dad. Shaking his head he stood up and fixed his clothes. He went into the bathroom to grab his things and threw them into his bag.

The father stood there watching his son. Things were going back to normal. It didn't matter if they never talked to each other again, as long as they don't pull that 'in love' crap. He cleared his throat waiting for his son's attention but he never received it. So he spoke to his back.

"Your mother and I are going to have lunch somewhere in town. We'll see you tomorrow at the graduation."

With that he turned and left the room. The front door opened and closed. Chris punched the wall. He was so fucking mad at that man right now, and so hurt inside. Alex wouldn't want him to stay here after this, so he grabbed his bag and left. After he locked the door, he was going to push the key under but kept it instead. He hopped in his truck and drove off to a nearby hotel.

Chris checked into the hotel and only planed to stay there two days. He still wanted to take Alex on the trip they planned. Once in his room, he dropped his bag and lay on the bed thinking about what happened in the span of the morning. Everything was going fine, until his parents came. God he missed her terribly and it hadn't even been an hour yet. He curled up on the bed and decided that all he need right now was some sleep. Alex would have to talk to him sooner or later.

Alexia reached her school and parked near the front. She ran up to the main office hoping not to see any of her friends. Her face still looked flushed but her sunglasses hid her bloodshot, puffy eyes. There were only a few people there. Alex waited patiently until it was her turn. Then she was done. Grabbing her things, she left and headed back for her car. Right when she turned the corner she bumped into Katie, who was more than happy to see her.

"Alex!!" Katie yelled grabbing the girl into a big hug.

"Hey Katie. You ready for the big day?" Alex asked faking some enthusiasm.

"Of course and I know you are. What about that trip you're going on with Chris?" She locked arms with Alex and walked out the building.

"Oh...oh yeah, it'll be great. I'm all packed and ready." Alexia had completely forgotten about the trip. What was she going to do?

"Ok chick I'll see ya tomorrow."

Katie hugged her friend and bounced off to her car. Alex watched Katie as she drove off and waved good-bye to her. Now she was alone again and didn't know what to do. She didn't want to go home just in case they all were still there but she didn't want to be out either. Walking to her car she dialed her home number and waited to see if anyone picked up. 'No answer, good,' she thought as she started her car and drove off.

Alexia parked her car. Looking around the lot, she didn't see her parents' car or her brothers' truck. So this affirmed that they had all left. Hopefully, they wouldn't return. Well, only her parents for that matter.

God, she hurt so bad and knew that there was only one was to make the pain stop. But she couldn't for the sake of Christian. Alex didn't want him to suffer for her; that was why she never came out with her feelings for him. His whole life would be ruined, thanks to their dad. Now Alex was mad. That bastard was going to ruin his own son's life just so he could be happy. She tried to think of a way to be with Chris and still have them lead a normal life. But it was no use; there was nothing that she could do. They would just have to stay apart.

Deciding that she needed to relax, Alex took a hot shower. When she was finished, she laid across her bed in her robe, not caring that she was still wet.

'Tomorrow's graduation...they will all be there...it will be so hard not to just run into his arms...what will I do?'

The phone rang and Alexia jumped. She didn't expect to hear it after all that's happened but then again she was wishing that she did. Slowly she got up and walked to her bedroom door. Leaning against the doorframe she listened to her announcement play and waited for a voice.

"Sis, it's me. Please pick up, we need to talk...ok Alex, just...don't forget." The message ended.

Those last words made Alex's heart jump. She remembered those same words he spoke to her months ago. Her hands came together and she fingered her ring. Looking down, she remembered when the precious gift was given to her and Alexia began to cry. All the love between her and Christian was real and there was no way she was going to let her parents ruin her happiness.

Alex wiped her eyes and went back into her room. She went into her closet and pulled out her dress and her cap and gown for the next day. The dress was a simple, midnight blue, silk, halter top cocktail dress. It reached right above her knees. The cap and gown was white and showed off the dress perfectly. Alex took them into the living room and hung them from the closet door.

Back in her closet, she knelt down and pulled out her suitcase. It's been packed for the almost two weeks now. She remembered when Chris had called her up and told her that they would be going on a little vacation for just the two of them. Alexia was so excited that she went out the next day and bought new summer clothes just for the trip. He told her they'd be gone for three weeks, maybe more. Christian would not tell her where they were going, even after all the torturous things she did to him.

Her big brother meant more to her than her parents. She would never turn her back on him and he knew that all too well. So the problem was how to get back with her lover/brother and make sure that the birth givers didn't find out. Her head hurt too much to figure it out tonight. Alexia pulled her suitcase into the living room and stood it next to her couch. Checking the time, she decided to go to bed early and be nice and fresh for the day ahead.

Alex climbed in and curled herself up like a cat in the middle of the mattress. She pulled the covers around her frame and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Christian closed his cell phone. He knew she wouldn't pick up but he called anyway. He put his phone on the desk and lay down on the bed, trying to relax. Not knowing what the next day held, Christian tried to remain calm and hoped his baby sister wouldn't leave him. His cell phone went off but he didn't bother to get it. That ring signaled his parents and last thing Chris wanted to do was talk to them. Hell, he wasn't sure if he'd ever talk to them again.

No one could be more upset with his or her parents that Christian was at that moment with his. Not so much his mother, but his father was the one he wanted to hurt. Threatening him was one thing but using his sister as the tie that binds, well that was pissing in his cereal. Chris wanted them to hurt like he and Alex was hurting.

He tried to think back to when he was growing up. His parents always seemed so happy around others but when it was just the four of them, it was like they didn't even love each other. Things were so weird then. Christian remembered when he began taking care of Alexia. It was as soon as he could start caring for himself. Their parents never really paid them any attention. So they cared for each other. Since then, that was the way things had always been.

Now, he still took care of her and vise versa. This time around there was more than sibling love. Since they confessed their feelings he'd been so happy. And then his world came crashing down in mere seconds because of his stupid urges. Christian cursed himself for fucking up something so great. He swore that he would get her back no matter what.

With the fresh thought of getting his lover back, Chris eased down into the bed. He slowly began to drift off to sleep. Tomorrow was a big day and who knows what was going to happen.


Mr. and Mrs. Dawson sat in their hotel room in silence. His wife kept herself busy by flipping through some magazines and answering questionnaires. Mr. Dawson read his newspaper and drunk his coffee, huffing and puffing as he turned the pages. They've been quiet like that since the incident earlier. At lunch, no words were spoken except for the ordering of their food. Dinner was the same way. When she tried to speak, he just cleared his throat and told her 'its over don't fuss over it.'

Hayden didn't want to separate her children. Yes, she was shocked and somewhat upset but she saw the love that was between the two of them. All she ever wanted was for them to be happy and they were. They found happiness within each other. After lunch she came to accept that but her husband didn't. He barely told her what happened after she left the apartment and he wouldn't talk to her about it.

Enough was enough and Hayden was up to her hair tips in silence. She threw her book down and cleared her throat. Waiting for her husband to pay her some attention, she stood up and walked over to him.

"Timothy, tell me exactly what happened. What did you say to them?"

"Damn it Hayden you really want to know?" He folded his paper and dropped it on the coffee table. "I told them that if they kept it up, Christian's job and school would find out. And that's all I needed to say because Alexia heeded the words and ended it right then and there."

Timothy got up and stood face to face with his wife, "So now you know and you can get off my ass about it. Hell, you should be happy. I've put them back on the right path in life."

Hayden gasped, "Dear god, Tim...why on earth would you threaten them like that?"

"Because, dear, what they were doing is wrong. I thought you wanted grandchildren. Well, you can't have them that way." He smirked and sat back down. "Now get over it. We'll go on like none of this ever happened."

Mrs. Dawson didn't know what to do. Her poor children were going through heartbreak and it was all her husbands fault. Walking back to her chair, she grabbed her cell phone and room key off the table and walked out.

When she got down to the lobby, she dialed her daughter's number. She knew Alexia wouldn't answer, so she left a message. Hayden called her son and also got his voicemail. She left the same message that she left her daughter. Hopefully, they wouldn't ignore her message. She prayed that everything would be ok.

Hayden didn't feel like going back to her room with her husband. So she went down to the bar and had herself some drinks. Her plan was almost full proof and should go smoothly. All she had to do was wait for tomorrow. Until then, she sipped her cocktail. She didn't want to wait but had no option.

Around eleven o'clock, Hayden made her way upstairs to her room. She had three cocktails and four shots of whiskey. To say the least she was fucked up, but managed to stumble back to her room in one piece. Trying to stay as quiet as possible, she tiptoed into the room and slipped into her nightclothes. Then she eased into bed, hoping not to wake her husband. Timothy was a heavy sleeper so a little bit of movement on the bed wouldn't wake him. Hayden relaxed and instantly went to sleep. Her last thoughts were on her children and how things would work out the next day.

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