tagErotic HorrorBlood Lust Ch. 03

Blood Lust Ch. 03


Wiping the steam from the foggy mirror Violet finally got a chance to take a long hard look at her self. She even appeared different. Her eyes were cold yet sleepy... like his. She could see him in her. Feel him. Even after bathing obsessively she could still feel the filth coursing through her veins. Vivid images of what happened that night constantly flashed through her mind. She leaned on the bathroom sink gazing into her shadowed eyes. She could still hear the screams, the sound of the whip cracking mercilessly. She bit her lower lip trying to catch those sharp breaths and tame them. But as her reflection glared back at her, she could see the entire scene replaying right before her. She could still taste the blood on her soft lips. That sweet saline flavor tingling her taste buds. She hovered over the sink barely holding herself up. Rocking slightly, she tried to forget the grim reality she had been forced into. This man had humiliated her in every way she could possibly name. And yet the very mention of his name, or the very thought of him had her tossing and turning at night. She continued to stare at her reflection.

"Do you even know who you are anymore?" She slurred. Her disoriented reflection just stood there, with a sinister aura searing from it. She stood up straight and observed her entire nude body. She ran her hands down her stomach, subconsciously fantasizing about him. She missed those violating hands that made demands all on their own. No one had ever touched her like that. Lucas, being the softhearted hopeless romantic he had always been, never knew how to be dominant. She fingered the brand mark on her stomach shaped like a sideways crucifix. She remembered what he said to her.

"You're free to leave this place, but you're not free from me..." She couldn't understand. Three months had gone by and not once did she see or hear from him. She was almost certain that he was out of her life for good. She tried to focus on moving on and getting her life back. But as the agonizing days dragged by it all became clear to her. That she will never be satisfied or content with life as long as she continued to lie to herself. As long as she continued to deny herself these hidden desires she would bring herself to the brink of insanity. The urges were so strong that to this day she didn't allow Lucas to touch her. The thought alone disgusted her. He tried several times to make love to her, but failed miserably. She couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. She denied his love more times then she could count. And all he tried to do was heal a wound that didn't even exist. She hated herself for being so distant from him. She sighed as her fingers explored the brownish black burn mark on her stomach. Like the mark, she felt as if he had been burned onto her skin. He left a permanent mark on not only her body but on her soul. And it was that very stain he left on her that made her crave for him more. On days where she was alone she'd spend them working her body to an orgasm with his name spilling from her lips. She closed her eyes, trying to remember how his hands felt on her, the cruelty in his voice and the taste of his tongue in her mouth. Trying to bring herself back to that moment when he took her, she eased her hand lower. Softly gliding down the curves of her body trying to reach that aching spot between her legs.

"Did he do that to you?" Violet's heart nearly burst out her chest. She snapped her eyes open looking at Lucas standing behind her through the mirror.

"What was that babe?" She asked quietly, trying to slowly remove her hand from where she had it.

"I asked if he did that to you?" He repeated. She looked down at the brand mark on her stomach. She grazeded it with her fingertips.


"Yeah." He replied. Violet sighed then nodded quickly. She grabbed her robe that hung from the wall in front of her.

"Yes, he did." She replied monotonously. She swiftly put on her robe and turned around. She forced herself to look him in the eyes despite the pain it caused her. She folded her arms. Lucas opened his mouth to say something but his words were lost. He inhaled then made his way towards her. She pressed her body against the wall when he came with in arm's length. He moved the robe aside to uncover the brand mark. He shook his head with abhorrence.

"Sick, just sick." He mumbled. He swept his thumb across brownish black burn and leaned forward to plant a kiss on her forehead. Violet grimaced as his lips lingered against her head a second to long for her liking. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into him.

"I didn't notice it before." He whispered sympathetically against her forehead. She placed her hands on his shoulders giving them a slight unnoticeable shove. Which was another one of her feeble attempts at pushing him away.

"It didn't hurt much." She lied. It didn't hurt much because I liked it. Jesus, how sick was she for even thinking that. Lucas exhaled a gust of wind from his nostrils and leaned back to take in the beauty of his fiancé. The soft pout of her lips and the inexplicable sleepiness of her eyes threw him off. Something about her had definitely changed. Her eyes were no longer warm and welcoming. They were dark, sinister and almost wild with fury. He barely recognized her. He cupped the side of her face in his hand. Tracing his thumb along her high cheekbone, he gazed into her eyes. Still looking for the Violet he once knew. Almost reading his mind she said in an airy tone,

"We both know, that I'm not the same woman I was before." She placed her hand atop of the hand that gently caressed her face. She laced her fingers with his and kissed his thumb. That had to have been the first act of affection that she showed him since her return.

"I know babe, I know. I wish I could do something to-" She pressed her fingers against his lips. Her eyes took in the softness of his, and she remembered the way they were. How care free and young they use to be. How nothing else in the world mattered but them, their love and their plan to reach greatness together. She remembered the white winter snow, how it fell serenely onto the smug city streets as they embraced each other. The way he whispered 'I love you' against her lips almost every night. All the memories began to rise to the surface as she willingly pressed her lips against his. She let her graceful yet hard working hands dance and explore his back. She wanted to remember. She willed herself to remember. Lucas wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Kissing him almost desperately, Violet tugged at his shirt pulling him into her hard. Lucas stumbled forward, knocking Violet up against the wall. She grunted from the impact and Lucas pulled his mouth and body away from hers.

"Damn, Violet are you ok? I stumbled and-" She nuzzled her nose and lips against his.

"Hush." She hissed at him. She grazed her tongue up his lower lip then pulled him against her once more, nearly knocking the wind out of him. He pressed her up against the wall and untied her robe. The creamy white silk material melted down her brown shoulders and fluttered to the marble floors. Her bare flesh heaved from her erratic breathing causing her full supple breast to bounce lightly. Lucas, still squeezing her with tremendous force, began to nibble at the crook of her neck. Violet moaned and leaned her head back. She hooked her leg around him tenaciously and dug her nails into his back. Feeling her nails clawing at his back through his shirt, Lucas's body tensed. Shocked at his fiancé's sudden out burst of aggression; Lucas was caught off guard even more when she hissed against his ear,

"Bite me." She licked the rim of his ear down to his earlobe.

"Wh-what?" He mumbled against her soft neck. He suddenly felt her hand shove his head closer to her neck.

"Bite me." She repeated with a low groan. Hesitantly, Lucas sank his teeth into her neck. Her jaw hung low and her nails hooked into the back of his neck. He groaned and a small whimper from her followed. Her hips rolled against his growing erection desperately. She wrapped her legs around him tighter and pulled his face deeper into the crook of her neck.

"Harder. Bite harder baby." She wailed still motioning her hips against him. Her heaving breaths blew the strands of hair on her face upward gracefully as Lucas dug out the courage to sink his teeth in her long neck harder.

"Yessss." She hissed against his ear. She squeezed his body against hers violently as she dug her fingernails into his back deeper. Lucas grunted and licked up her neck then sunk his teeth back into her tender flesh. Giving off a deep-throated groan, Violet hooked her fingers inside the neck of his collar shirt and ripped it half way open with one tug. The buttons scattered across the floor with a clatter. His shirt hung onto bend of his toned arms idly, leaving his torso and part of his abdomen unveiled. He partially tugged away from her grasp.

"Violet, baby. Wait..." He stuttered breathlessly. She gritted her teeth, breathing sharply like a wild animal.

"What?" She shuttered. He ran his hands down her body gently, exhaling shakily.

"This," He shook his head.

"This isn't like you Vy." He mumbled humbly. Violet cocked an eyebrow, then pressed the palm of her hand against his bare chest. Her eyes followed her hand down his chest to his abdomen slowly. She bit her lower lip when she got to the protruding bulge between his legs. Cupping it firmly, Lucas let out a deep melodious groan and his hips rocked forward gently. His eyes were glazed over with lust and his hands took in the beauty of her frame hungrily. Her hand rolled back and forth slowly as she watched his body grow weak with desire.

"Be as that may, you still seem to respond rather fondly to my sudden change." She growled. Her tongue grazed her upper lip as her hand quickened in pace. Lucas's eyes were hooded as his hand rested against the wall above her head. He brought his free hand up her curvaceous frame. Her radiant brown skin was hot to the touch. She stroked his growing erection until he went weak in the knees. He leaned his right hand on the wall above her head trying to keep from toppling over. He hung his head low enough to brush his lips against her fore head as she continued to stroke him. Every breath he exhaled came out with a shudder from his trembling lips. Her fingers locked around his girth tighter as she moved her hand faster. Lucas clenched his teeth as a throaty groan vibrated from him. Savoring his hum of pleasure, Violet stretched her neck upward to steal another hungry kiss from his lips. He leaned lower kneading his warm tongue with hers. She released his throbbing member to unzip his pants. It sprang from his trousers until it laid flat against his stomach. She snaked one umber colored leg around his waist pulling him closer. She brought her lips to his, licking and nipping at his bottom lip as she moved her hips against his length. Lucas held her full hips in his hands, now guiding them against his aching cock. Her bare flesh was as hot as fire and she was sodden in her own nectar. Her leg tightened around him as her hips continued their provocative motion. The length of his shaft rubbed against her swollen clit sending shudders up her spine. She arched her back off the wall giving off a sound that was a cross between a whimper and groan. That sound was more then enough persuasion for Lucas to take control. He took a step forward, pressing her body back up against the wall. With their lips still locked together, he held her bucking hips steady as he nuzzled the head of his throbbing cock against her soaked pussy lips. They were breathing sharply through their nostrils. Lucas buried himself inside her with one hard thrust. Violet threw her head back, pushing out a wail from the pit of her stomach. Her nails dug into his shoulder blades as he continued to roll his hips against hers. She brushed her lips against his ear, breathing hot puffs of air against his ear and neck. The tip of her serpent like tongue ran along the rim of his ear.

"Harder." She growled almost demonically. He complied, thrusting into her with more vigor. She growled, both in pleasure and frustration.

"Stop holding back Lucas!" She hissed.

"I-I don't want to hurt you." He whispered between grunts. She kissed him roughly.

"Don't - hold - back." She commanded. He reluctantly obeyed, putting more force into every thrust. Violet's brows furrowed and her body quivered from her screaming. She closed her eyes and envisioned Camron's devouring gray eyes boring into her soul. Her pussy gripped Lucas tighter as she brought one hand to grope his toned ass cheek. He pumped faster, harder with each passing second.

"Oh, God." She gritted. So close. Her thighs began to quivering. Almost. Her breaths became shallow. She raked at his shoulders, tearing through the flesh. The feeling of his blood seeping between her fingers nearly drove her to the brink, when Lucas suddenly yelped in agony. He instantly lost his erection from the feeling of his own blood oozing down his shoulder to his chest. He tore his self from their rapture to frown at the flesh wound. He shot an angry look at Violet who stood there in a daze.

"What the fuck Violet?!" He snapped. Violet opened her mouth to respond but found herself focused on the vermillion fluid leisurely running down his chest and to the floor. She didn't even notice she was licking her lips.

"God, damn it!" Lucas muttered to his shoulder. He went to the sink to rinse out the small open gashes. Violet shook her head back into reality and gave him a sympathetic look.

"I'm sorry Lucas; I didn't realize I was being so rough." She apologized lazily. He looked at her then back at his shoulder and sighed.

"It's fine. Even though I'm sure it'll leave a scar. But, it's fine." He droned. He walked over to his nude and dissatisfied fiancé to kiss her on her forehead.

"Let's call it quits on the rough sex, Kay?" Violet grimaced at that request. Sex just didn't seem appealing if she couldn't be ravaged the way Camron ravaged her. She turned her face from his and nodded in agreement. Lucas forced a reassuring smile and kissed her again.

"I'm off to work." He huffed, making his way through the bathroom door. Violet slid her fingers through her hair and picked up her bathrobe from off the floor.

"You're going to work now?" She questioned, slipping her arms through the sleeves.

"Yeah, emergency call. I was supposed to leave thirty minutes ago but we got preoccupied." He called out from the bedroom. Violet leaned up against the sink.

"I see." She mumbled to herself. She looked at her blood-coated fingers and bit her lower lip. Her mouth began to water.

"I should be home soon. Don't worry." His voice was nothing but a monotonous hum to her ears. The steady beating of her heart pounding in her ears drowned out his voice and the sound of him leaving the house. She brought her fingers to her lips and sucked them clean. Her lids grew heavy. The taste was tantalizing. She threw her head back and groaned. Her fingers danced with her tongue, swirling Lucas's red essence in her mouth. Wallowing in her own bliss, she heard Camron's voice flooding her mind.

"Just a little reminder that you belong to me now." Her pride kept her in denial, but every bit of her did belonged to him. She opened her eyes to catch a glance of herself in the mirror. Her eyes widened with horror and she snatched her fingers from her mouth.

"Oh my God, what the hell is happening to me?"


With his knuckles digging everything into the floor boards, Camron brought his self to do one last push up. He exhaled sharply before holding his position. Beads of sweat rolled down his face, neck and bare back. His muscles were throbbing from his vigorous work out session. But he didn't mind it. Prison made him grow accustom to working out hours on in. During his time there all he did was work out and read. Those were the only hobbies that appeal to him at the moment. The other inmates attempted to turn him out. They targeted him especially because of his reputation. In their eyes he was just a spoiled, rich, pretty boy living out his sick and bloody fantasy. They hated him, because he wasn't like them and didn't wish to be. His money drew the line that separated him from them. Thus, making them dislike him more than they already did. It didn't matter to Camron. He was never impressed or interested in people period. This made killing whom ever, when ever easier with each passing slaughter. He grunted as he stood up from the mahogany wood floors. Cracking his stiff knuckles he strolled through his Shoji screen doors and left his custom made sparring room. He made his way to the back patio. His house stood atop of a cliff by the ocean. The clouds were a deep rural blue and bolts of lightening gave them a hazy white glow. The waters were strangely calm but the winds were ferocious. The scenery brought back memories of that night many years ago. The night that started it all. He was pushing his twenties when it happened. He wanted to live out the ultimate fantasy of power, pain and carnal pleasures. Being intrigued by stories of bloodthirsty creatures since age fourteen, Camron found a common ground between him and them. Stories of longhaired beauties and their dark seducers, whisking them away into the night then feeding from them savagely was far more enticing than clumsy adolescent sex. The very first girl he took was just like the rest. Spoiled, stuck up, upper class and pretentious. They met at one of his parent's social events where many of the country's elites came to mingle. The ballroom was sprinkled with bland characters, but he caught her eye with his lethargic gray eyes and indifference. He stood in the back of the ballroom in a lonely corner. Even in the midst of hand crafted immense crystal chandeliers, priceless pieces from the Renaissance movement and polished marble flooring he still managed to be unimpressed. Cleary any man who would be so aloof in such exclusive company must come from a long line of wealth. She weaved through the crowd to approach him with out hesitation.

"Hello, my name is-"

"Samantha DeVito." Camron cut her introduction short. Surprised by the depth of his voice, she gave him a lopsided smile and tucked her sandy brown hair behind her ear.

"So you heard of me." She smiled coyly. He took a sip of his Champagne

and looked passed her.

"False modesty is very unbecoming." He scoffed. Not being able to find a response to his venomous tone she dismissed it and continued her courtship.

"You must be Rosemary and Abel's son. Camron, is it?" She straightened her posture to assert her confidence and ample chest. Her skin was tanned and radiant from all her vacations to exotic islands. Camron brought his self to study her. Despite her full breast she was very slender. Her narrow hips barely filled out her designer gown. She was indeed a fairly beautiful woman with warm hazel eyes, luscious coral colored lips and flawless bone structure. But Camron could care less about her beauty. Though the DeVito family was almost as protective of their private affairs as his family, it was no secret that Samantha DeVito had a drug and drinking problem. She smoked, snorted and drank away a large portion of her inherited money and brought shame to the proud DeVito name. Her family had disowned her completely after growing tired of paying for unfinished rehab sessions and medical bills from her several relapses. He couldn't even figure out how or why she even got through the front door. It was obvious she was no longer apart of or welcomed in this world by those who inherited it. But to him, she did belong. She fitted in perfectly. There was no major difference between her and the swarming sea of blue bloods that infested the ballroom. Many of them were drug addicts and alcoholics. They were just better at hiding it. Even though she still had a large chunk of her fortune left, there wasn't enough money in the world that could buy back the several years drugs and alcohol stole from her face. Being only five years his senior, Samantha resembled someone ten years older than him. Typical. She was typical. They all were typical. And he loathed them for it. He sighed and set his half empty glass on a near by table.

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