tagNonHumanBlood Money

Blood Money


To say trade was quiet was an understatement; it was non-existent, what with the big football match on TV tonight and the foul weather. She had been out since nine without even a single enquiry, which was most unusual. Tracy was a pro and she prowled her turf religiously in all weathers, one good paying punter tonight would make all the shivering seem worthwhile. Beneath her fake fur coat she wore only a black leather bra and very tight lace up leather shorts, she tottered along on ridiculously high heels, there was no mistaking her trade.

It was getting close to midnight when the sleek expensive black sports car drew up along side her almost without her knowing. Perhaps things were looking up at last, this looked quite promising. Could try for a touch of overpricing here by the look of it, a few extra quid would make up for her lack of business tonight. On her spiked heels Tracy, tottered over and bent to peer inside as the window slid almost silently down. What she saw sort of knocked her for six, the driver was not some overweight executive as she imagined for behind the wheel sat what appeared to be a very attractive young girl.

"You a bit lost are you love?"

"I don't believe so," came the occupants velvet voiced reply.

"Look my time's valuable to me love get to the point," sighed Tracy annoyed that her brief hope of extra cash had been dashed.

"I may be looking for something special!" laughed the girl from the shadowy interior of the car, "I wish you could see your face, are you shocked?"

"No, well, yeh actually I am," she laughed herself, "it's not a common sight around here you know."

As they talked Tracy's mind worked overtime wondering what was going on here, the girl in the car was all suited up and very professional looking. It would be very unusual for a female copper to run a job like this, more likely this girl is looking for a girl for her boss who is too far up his own arse or too scared to sort his own shit out. Maybe she was looking for entertainment for a party, function or something, which could prove very lucrative to a girl like Tracy.

The driver seemed to be studying her very intently, "what's your name?"

"Why? Are you a cop or some thing?" laughed Tracy keeping her eyes on the girls face watching for signs.

"No, no, but if I was I wouldn't tell you anyway, would I?" the girl chuckled throatily clearly amused, "so, are you going to tell me?"

"Tracy." She uttered it without meaning to.

There was something odd about all this, she had had no intention of revealing her real name to the girl, as a matter of fact she usually chose one at random. The girl oozed confidence, she knew that whatever she wanted with Tracy that she had the upper hand and could dictate the terms. Whatever the deal she could easily drive a few hundred yards and pick another bitch up.

"Well Tracy, now the shock is over, could I interest you in doing a little business?"

"Maybe," sighed Tracy enquiringly, "wot has your boss sent you out to pick up a tart for him?"

"No!" laughed the girl from the shadowy interior.

"Is it a party then, I have to charge extra for things like that you know?"

"I expect you do Tracy, and no it's not a party as such," even in the dim light Tracy felt the girls green eyes lock upon hers, "guess again!"

"Wot! The business like, is wiv you?" the coin finally dropped, she blurted out quite shocked.

"Yes, the business is with me Tracy," the shadowy figure added, "I can pay you exceptionally well."

It had to happen one day she supposed, her friend Linda had done several women and she swore they were the best clients she had had. Tracy found herself wishing that she had taken Linda's lurid offer to show her how one night when they were drunk now. She had to admit that the idea kind of repulsed her but the lure of hard cash had a very alluring way of making unpleasant things more acceptable. Lets see just how desperate this cool talking bitch was, sixty to seventy five was her normal rate, how far would she hike it.

"I dunno," she replied, "That's not really my scene, I've never done it wiv a bird before like."

"Even better!" hissed the thick sensual voice.

"Look Miss, wot I mean is my punters are always men, I know what to do wiv a man to please him, it's easier that way."

"Really?" The girl was silent for a few moments then spoke, "I'll teach you what to do Tracy, it'll sort of add to the experience for both of us."

"Yeh, well, I'm still not sure it's such a good idea!"

"Ohh Tracy my dear, I know you've got what it takes to satisfy little me," the girl flourished a wad of notes as she added "I also know I can satisfy you!"

Tracy eyed the roll of notes in the other girl's slender, long nailed fingers and submitted to her greed, "If you think so then yeh alright, but it'll cost yer."

Bent double through the car window Tracy saw the girl's pretty face light up with pleasure as she accepted her offer. Their eyes met and a jolt shot through her at the intensity of the excitement she saw there. In the dimly lit interior the girl's green eyes seemed to glow with reflected light like a cats did. A long moment of awkward silence ensued before her potential client accepted.

"Okay then before you get in let's sort a few things out Tracy!"

"Like wot!"

"Like are you clean, like have you been with anyone else tonight and finally how much is your service going to cost me?" came the measured reply from the shadows.

"Right let's see, yes, no, and seeing as this is something out of my normal custom I fink about a hundred and twenty quid should do it!" the bitch would never accept that amount, she'd knock her down for sure.

"One twenty ehh!" sighed the girl thoughtfully, "do you think you are worth it Tracy?"

"Okay, you can't blame a girl for trying, a straight hundred!"

"One hundred, what do I get for that exactly?" the girl was working on her.

"Anything," she sighed resignedly, she needed the money, "anything you want honey."

"Excellent Tracy," the girl laughed, "I like the sound of that, you may get in."

"Great it's taters out here!" she opened the door and slipped into the dark interior unsurprised that the interior light didn't come on.

"Please me well and I'll reward you far in excess of our agreed fee Tracy."

"Oh I'll try Miss," she peered across at the beauty revealed in the passing car headlights, "wots your name then?"

"My name is my business Tracy, it is of no concern to you! Miss has a nice ring to it though"

"Okay, nuff said, Miss!" she shut up; it wasn't unusual for a client to want to keep their identity private.

They drove on in silence; the girl paid her no attention as they sped through the suburbs and out of town. Tracy spent the time watching the road and occasionally staring at the pretty girl beside her. She wasn't alarmed even after half an hour had passed but did wonder where she was being taken.

"Here: aint we going a bit out of our way?" muttered Tracy as concern grew inside her, "you takin me home or sum fink?"

"No I'd never dream of taking you home, don't worry we're almost there, it's a discreet Motel I use for such occasions as this," stated the girl matter of factly.

Minutes later the car left the dual carriageway and pulled up in front of a brightly lit motel lobby. They were here then she thought, nervousness gnawed at Tracy as the girl killed the engine and undid her seatbelt.

"Stay here sweetness, I'll be a but a moment."

Tracy drew a deep breath as she watched the girl get out indicating that Tracy should stay in the car to reinforce her comment. Tracy watched her sashay over towards the reception and was surprised to find herself wondering what the forthcoming hours held for her with mounting curiosity. She was not alone long the girl returned soon tossing a set of keys into her hand as she opened the door. She got into the car and drove them around to the rear of the motel where she parked and got out, Tracy sat there a moment unsure if she was to follow the girl or not.

"Come along then Tracy."

"Ohh, sorry."

Tracy wriggled out of the low car and followed her punter to the door getting her first good look at the girl in the light. She was dressed in a dark blue-grey jacket and shortish tight black skirt, which must have ridden up during their drive. Her long legs were sheathed in black stockings that were well short of reaching her skirt. The girl's black hair was loosely tied back, she was really a very attractive young woman thought Tracy as she tottered behind her into the compact suite the girl had taken. The way she moved and looked she could make a lot of money in the business Tracy was in!

Once inside the girl led her directly into the bedroom; no time was going to be wasted on idle awkward chitchat. Stepping past the girl who held the door open she stared down at the double bed as she heard the door close behind her. A tremble passed through her, she felt oddly skittish and her pulse quickened as from behind the girl helped her remove her fake fur coat. The murmur of appreciation behind her when it was removed and the girl saw her body energized her oddly. Being a nymphomaniac helped in her line of business but she had never had the briefest desire to sleep with another woman before. Despite this she grew aroused anyway and trembled at the girl's touch on her bare shoulder.

"Very fetching Tracy," a thick husky whisper close behind "now, time for me to play and for you to earn your pay!"

Turning to face the girl Tracy blurted out, "What do I have to do?"

"For now nothing," she was pushed quite roughly backwards onto the bed, "just lie back and think of the money your earning!"

Toppling onto the bed across its width she squealed as the girl pounced on her before she had even landed. Pinning Tracy down with her weight the girl showered her face with hungry kisses. Thinking what to do Tracy tentatively reached out to touch the girl's breast. Above her the girl drew back from the unrequested caress and before Tracy realized she was slapped once across the face quite hard.

"I said lie there and do nothing, slut!" hissed the girl menacingly then slapped her again, "do you understand?"

"Oww, yes, yes!" she sobbed as the sting smarted across her cheek but other darker passions stirred, "yes Miss!"

"I can smell your pussy you tart," hissed her tormentor, "you're hot for me aren't you?"

"Yes," she squeaked, she was not lying which surprised her as much as enjoying being slapped by this bitch did, "do what you want with me!"

"Oh you pretty little whore I'm going to enjoy this!"

"Fuck me!" she gasped absurdly, she could think of nothing else to express her desire, "fuck me Miss!"

Needing no further invite the girl fell upon her, fingers tugged at her bra cups hot lips fastened about her nipple. Her free nipple was tweaked and tugged and rolled between strong fingers, Tracy closed her eyes and enjoyed the intensity of her excitement as the girl used her roughly. The girl spent considerable time working from breast to breast and Tracy gasped and moaned appreciatively in earnest and not in an attempt to boost her pay. Tracy got great pleasure as the girl repeatedly sucked her nipple and surrounding flesh hard into her mouth then bit down quite roughly to rasp her teeth over the sensitive flesh in a fairly painful manner. As the girl suckled roughly at her breast Tracy felt fingers slip lower and begin undoing the lace up thongs of her shorts. It took mere moments before she felt the leather go slack; soon they were undone and tugged from beneath her bum. Tracy heard the leather garment land across the room somewhere but couldn't care anyway she was so excited. The girl had slithered from the bed, she knelt on the floor before Tracy's wide spread thighs and gazed at her aroused pussy. Cool fingers caressed her thighs lightly and she groaned imploringly.

"Does the filthy little slut want me to touch her?"

"Yes she does Miss!" whimpered Tracy beside herself with excitement.

"Oh does the dirty tart want to come so badly?" "Does she want me to make her come with my fingers or against my mouth?" "Is her filthy cock hungry cunt ready for me?"

"Ohh, please, yes, yes, do me please do me now!" she wailed eagerly.

Teasingly the girl touched her pussy with her fingertips, running them over her distended labia making her cry out in exquisite frustration. For what seemed ages she was tortured delightfully by the girl. Then suddenly the girl's hot mouth was on her molten flesh. Shockwaves went through her, she could only imagine what the girl was doing but it felt incredible. Her lover reached up and grasped her breasts as she began to come, spasm after spasm wracked her body in their delightful grip as she enjoyed the best orgasm she had known for years. Thrusting her hips wildly she rode against the girl's face feeling her lapping up her molten juices eagerly as she shuddered and shuddered mewling like a cat.

It was some time before she was fully recovered and she lay on the bed calming down, when she sat up the girl had removed her jacket. Still wearing her skirt and stockings and a low cut champagne coloured bra the girl came and sat next to her on the bed and stroked Tracy's hair.

"Did you enjoy that my pretty tart?"

"It was incredible," she cooed, "really it was awesome."

"Now it's time for the whore to earn her reward," the girl smiled at her "I want you to make love to me."

"Now!" she exclaimed.

"Now, yes begin."

The girl leant back and fell prone across the bed, with trembling fingers Tracy reached out to cup her breast, she squeezed it taking the weight in her hand. She watched the girl's face for guidance but none came so she proceeded as she thought best. The low cut bra exposed half the girl's aureolae and it took little effort to get one out. She licked about its rubbery teat tentatively at first until the girl lay back on the bed. As she reached to touch the girl's breast again she grabbed her hand and pulled her closer.

"Kiss me; whore!" implored the girl huskily.

Tracy fell over the girl kissing her full on the mouth passionately, she ground her thigh between the girl's as she did so and felt her moan into her mouth appreciatively in response. Spurred on by the reaction she bore down repeatedly against the girl's pussy pleased at the way it seemed to arouse her lover so. On and on she ground her thigh against the girl getting her more and more aroused until she thought she must be close to coming.

"No, no not yet," gasped the girl "not like that, it's too soon, stop, stop!"

Reluctantly Tracy obeyed letting the other guide her head back to suckle on her breast, soon she was eagerly sucking and nibbling on the swollen teat. For some bizarre reason Tracy got intense satisfaction just from pleasing the other girl, she pawed licked and sucked at her breasts for some time eliciting soft cries and gasps from her partner. Growing more adventurous she tugged the girl's skirt up to her ribs. Beneath the skirt the girl wore a scanty pair of lace panties, they hardly covered her mound, Tracy noted that they were saturated already. Crawling backwards Tracy knelt between the girl's legs and stared in fascination at the girl's pussy through the champagne coloured lace.

From the saturated lace triangle the most intoxicating musky odour overcame her senses. It drove her wild with the desire to taste it. Her fingers shook as she peeled the flimsy garment to one side to gaze on her lover's pussy in all its glory, it did in deed look tantalisingly inviting. The desire to taste it was overwhelming; she had to kiss it to sample its promised flavour. Before her the girl lay spread out, she had gripped the bed clothing in her outspread hands and mewled softly as Tracy's fingers brushed her hairless pussy. She wanted to torment the girl to pay her back for earlier but couldn't stop herself.

She fell prone between the girl's thighs pressing her mouth to her pussy and began licking at it voraciously, as promised the taste was incredible. Pushing her tongue into the girl she explored her intimately feasting on her copious juices as she did so. Soon the girl was bucking and writhing before her, as Tracy had been shortly earlier. She had the bed clothed all rucked up around them as she gripped and tugged them in her frenzied dance of lust. Tracy felt a hand urgently grab her head pulling her close and the girl's guttural cries urging her on. She bit down on the girl's pussy and she came at that very moment in a maelstrom of thrashing limbs and convulsing waves that frightened Tracy who was thrown from the bed by the intensity of the girls actions.

Fascinated she watched the girl orgasm for a few moments then as she calmed a little she leant forwards and once more began to eat her out. The girl had literally spurted juice as she came and Tracy hungrily lapped it up before once more assaulting the girl's pussy properly. She worked her way around the girl's pussy paying every square centimetre attention until once again she felt the girl's hand grab her head. This time though she was drawn up over the girl till they were face to face.

"Hi," she whispered feeling stupid as she did so.

"Thank you Tracy."

"Was I good?" for some reason she needed to know.

"Oh yes very good my dear," smiled the girl warmly "so good in fact I think I may give you something extra."

"Really, wow!"

"Now be a dear and run us a shower, I'll join you in a moment."

Tracy rolled from the bed and trotted into the bathroom, this could be a set up she realised. Slipping her bra off she started the shower and let it settle but did not enter. She glanced around the door more than a little suspicious that the girl may be planning to leave her there unpaid and with the motel bill to suit. To her relief the girl wasn't dressing to sneak off, she had stood up and was undressing with her back to Tracy, She was magnificent thought Tracy feeling herself blush, confused she returned to the shower sure that she could trust the other woman.

The girl joined her shortly beneath the hot cascade, smiling she slipped into the cubicle and slid the door closed behind her. She came to her; everything seemed so right, like long time lovers they soaped each other down teasing and touching each other intimately. Things got more intense and soon Tracy found herself once more highly aroused. In the hot steamy confines of the shower she fought for each excited breath as they slithered and squirmed together. She was the girl's plaything, the girl had full control over her and she loved it. This was so incredibly different from anything she had experienced, sex with a girl couldn't explain this there had to be more, there was as she was soon to find out.

The girl had slithered behind her; she surrendered to the dark desires that bubbled heatedly to the surface. Growing increasingly excited Tracy cried out as she was pinned firmly against the cold tiling. The girl's hips and belly thrust ardently against her buttocks and back grinding her against the tiling. She felt she was being crushed breathless against the slippery cold wall and it excited her beyond belief. Pinned by the girl Tracy spread her arms up and tried to hold onto the sidewalls for balance as the girl toyed with her. The girl swept her wet hair from the back of her neck and kissed it, it felt so good so very, very good she thought she may come there and then. No thought of resistance entered her mind as a hand gently took hold of her head and tipped her head back slightly, and the kisses moved to the side of her throat. She shuddered with excitement each time her throat was kissed.

"I want you Tracy!" the girl cried out pleadingly, "be mine!"

"Yes ohh yes Miss!" she wailed frantically through ragged gasps of excitement.

"Thank you my love!"

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