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Lyrics courtesy of Rod Stewart


Ghost stories never scared me. Vampires, werewolves, mummies, witches... interesting ideas, but not scary. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest... now that was some scary shit. I only mention that I never believed in such things because maybe if I had been afraid that night things would have been different.

I remember every detail. I always did have a good memory (It made high school a total joke. I made A's without trying hard, which left me plenty of time to have fun, and oh, God, did I have fun. Being the youngest made it easier. Mommy and Daddy (I always called them that, helped the image) never imagined that their baby was a bit of a deviant. If they could only see me now.

The night it all happened I had just turned eighteen, and just found out how badly you can get hurt when you think you're in love with a fucking idiot of a teenage boy and your "best friend forever" is a fickle teenage girl. I didn't eat or sleep for days after Tommy told me he just wanted to be friends... code for "I'm sick of you; I want to try to pop your best friend's cherry now." So in that mood, I was even gladder than usual when my sister Emily invited me to spend Halloween weekend with her at UGA, where she went to school.

I drove up on Friday after school, loving the freedom of my new driver's license and the Camaro Daddy had bought me to go with it. Radio blasting, windows down... "Born to Run" came on just as I was getting close to Athens, and I felt almost human for the first time in weeks. Emily made it even better when she hugged me hello while holding a just-opened bottle of Jack Daniels. "Lyin' Eyes" was on the stereo as I said hi to her roommate Linda and the three of us started to do some serious drinking.

At nine, all feeling no pain, we got ready for the costume party at the KA house. Em had a reasonably serious boyfriend in the frat, and she assured me whichever of his brothers I chose would make me forget all about Tommy. As I looked at myself in the mirror, my ego told me I would have my choice. I just hoped Charlie's Angels had caught on enough at UGA for people to recognize my perfect imitation of "Farrah hair" and the exact replica I had of the white sundress she wore in the "Night of the Strangler" episode.

We got just the reaction we hoped when we hit the KA house: catcalls and cheers and offers of beer. Em wore an open shirt over her white bikini, a la Jaclyn Smith, and Linda (in a formalish dress and pearls) was just as tall as Kate Jackson, but much sexier. Sis kissed her lover hello and the two of them insisted I play third wheel for a bit. After a few introductions, though, as I listened to a pimply faced guy in red white and blue shorts explain that was dressed as Rocky and tried not to tell him he looked more like Adrian, Emily gave my ass a squeeze and they were gone.

It turned out that "Rocky", despite physical shortcomings, was a fair hand at the rolling of joints, and I was soon getting high to "Dream Weaver" and enjoying the attempts of a gaggle of costumed Southern boys to impress me. I sat on a comfy couch and they gathered around me as if I was holding court. Out of loyalty to my source (and out of being sick of wearing heels) I kicked off my shoes and leaned back as I took a hit, laying my legs across Rocky's lap. He lost his slim chance of more when I felt his hands on my calves... weak hands. That's a dealbreaker for me. Still, he was clearly enjoying the view up my skirt I was giving him, so I figured we were even for the weed.

I was more than wasted enough that I didn't need to pretend to laugh at the boys' jokes, but still alert enough to notice things. "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" was playing, and there was an inevitable drunken attempt at dancing from the KA dressed for the part. Linda was doing shots with three other girls as several boys leered, wondering when they would be drunk enough. Emily and her boyfriend came in the back door. She was giggling, her shoes were gone, and her white bikini bore an obvious grass stain. She grabbed Linda by the hand and came running over to tell me we three Angels had to take a picture together. As I let her pull me up, waving goodbye to a downcast Rocky, I saw a tall man in a vampire costume standing alone in the corner, staring at us.

We hugged and giggled and struck poses as we were photographed, then huddled for a moment. It was agreed we would reassemble at their dorm room by three tomorrow afternoon. Emily kissed my cheek and was gone. Linda was summoned by squeals from her friends as "Dancing Queen" played, and I joined them on the dance floor. Funny how music is like a soundtrack to memory... I can hear the song play now, and see us dancing... and see the vampire watching.

I was neither surprised nor annoyed when he made his move soon after "Shake Your Booty" finished. It was after midnight, he was tall and powerfully built, and his all black costume and cape, whiteface makeup, and red lips with protruding fangs all created a rather appealing image. I let him lead me back to the same comfy couch. He had an air of confidence that I had never seen in a man. He remained in character, his voice hissing, and when he ably discussed literary vampires created by Stoker, Tolkien and others, I melted. My legs were across his lap as with Rocky, but when he spoke of Sauron taking the form of a vampire, I made my own move. I bent my knees and placed my feet firmly in his lap. Yes, I am aroused by a passion for literature. I'm a nerd, but you know you want me.

God, he drove me crazy! Even as his erection grew under the caresses of my soles and my legs spread to show him my lacy white panties, he spoke on of books and poems. When he then lifted one foot at a time for a massage, he could have fucked me right there and I would have let him. He had incredible hands. Finally, he gave me the opening I wanted when he mentioned that he owned a first edition of Dracula... and my request that he show it to me was only three quarters an excuse to get him alone. I really did want to see the damn book.

He gallantly offered to carry my shoes, and I clung to his arm as we walked across campus to his dorm. His roommate was still at the party. I examined the book as he turned on the stereo. When I heard the song, I almost floated across the room and stood on tiptoe, reaching up to pull his head down for a kiss. His tongue met mine just as Rod began to sing...

"Stay away from my window

Stay away from my back door too..."

Here's a free tip, guys... wanna get laid, play that song. It was odd to taste makeup as I kissed him. He was even stronger than I thought. When he pressed me to him, I knew I had picked the right guy for tonight. Shit, I was stupid.

"Kick off your shoes and sit right down

Loosen up that frilly French gown..."

I guess you want all the details, I know I would. He was amazing. His hands opened the buttons on the back of my sundress without a single pause, or any break in the exploration of my mouth by his tongue. I was surprised when he neither laid me down nor removed even a stitch of his own clothing after I stepped lightly out of the garment as it fell around my ankles. My bra followed as he proved clasps were no more an obstacle than buttons. My vampire knelt before me. It had not escaped me that I did not know his name, nor he mine.

His hands lifted my feet to kiss my toes, evoking a moan as I leaned back against the wall. Rod was singing the chorus again when I found out just how strong those hands were: a moment of pain as my panties cut into my legs was followed by a gasp as they were ripped off and cast aside. I took action for the first time, pulling my wings open wide for him with my hands. In an instant, his face was buried in me. I had only been eaten this way once before, by Tommy, under duress, and this experience was as unlike that as disco was unlike soul. His hands manipulated my clit as though made for the task, but it was when hands and tongue switched places that I screamed at last.

I was far from a virgin, but he made me feel like one. And Rod had the last line right... if Mommy and Daddy had walked in, I would have said "Goddamn it, I'm fucking, come back later." Still shaking from my orgasm as he stood, I made as if to undress him, only to have him grab both my wrists. I first felt afraid when I saw his eyes... and screamed a very different scream when I realized that his fangs were not plastic.

No, he wasn't a vampire. The bastard was just a sadist who had filed his teeth into fangs. He bit my neck hard and I felt the blood gush. If he had only known my reaction, my life might have been very different... it turned me on despite my fear, but he assumed I would be frightened and took out a knife. I reacted faster than he could move, and he dropped the knife as both his hands rushed to check whether he still had testicles. I yanked the cape off him, breaking the clasp as I ran from his room, wrapping in it as I hit the chilly night and sprinted back toward the KA house.

I guess he didn't follow. I also guess it was a mark of a good party that I only got stares and catcalls, not outright surprise as I entered, even though blood flowed freely down my neck and the cape blew open, flashing all who cared to look.

Linda saw me, looking up from the girl she lay on top of and leaving her with a quick kiss to run to me. Arm around her for support, I gave her the basics as she helped me upstairs. We approached a door as I said, "Linda, am I fucking nuts? Do you think he could be the real thing?"

She laughed, as I expected, but her response made my blood run cold. As she opened the door, she said, "No, of course he's not... but we are."

I was too stunned to scream again as she pulled me inside, the cape falling to the floor as she closed and locked the door. Emily was straddling her boyfriend, and I could see that his cock was inside her. She turned her head to see me and hissed, her mouth covered with blood as she displayed her own set of fangs. I never even had time to be surprised.

It was Linda who took me, that night, almost twenty years ago. They never intended me to join their sisterhood, but the sight of my blood and my body was too much for her combination of lusts, Sapphic and vampiric. We were long gone from that campus before they found the body of my sister's prey... but not before a certain sadist learned his final lesson: what it really means to be a child of darkness.

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