tagErotic HorrorBloody Vampires! Ch. 02

Bloody Vampires! Ch. 02


That morning at 5am, well before the sun was up, Danny and Sylvia hit the road.

Sylvia and Danny were neighbours. Danny lived next door to Sylvia with his parents and went to the local college. For the past six months Danny had known that his strange, beautiful neighbour was in fact a vampire.

The two of them had come to a rather unconventional arrangement. In return for Danny providing a regular, if somewhat unsatisfying, supply of fresh blood, Sylvia gave Danny a regular, and completely satisfying, supply of blowjobs.

Every night, Danny would visit his voluptuous, sexy neighbour and let her snack on his blood. She would then suck his cock, giving him some of the best head he'd ever experienced.

The previous night, after shooting a copious load of cum down the gorgeous vampire's throat, Danny had agreed to drive Sylvia across the country to meet with her brother and sister. Well not her actual brother and sister, but the three vampires had all been turned into bloodsuckers by the same elder vampire and apparently in their world that meant they were family.

Sylvia's car turned out to be a very nice black limousine, not the most subtle vehicle, but it had specially darkened windows and a black screen that separated the front seat and the back, which all meant that the gorgeous vampire would be safe in the back during the daytime.

As it was still dark as they set off, the screen was currently down.

"What have you told your parents?" asked Sylvia.

"I said I had a school trip. They're not expecting me back for a week."

"Good," replied the gorgeous vampire.

"So I guess you don't travel much then?" asked Danny as he steered the limo down their quiet street, heading towards the freeway.

"Not far," agreed Sylvia with a yawn.

"Couldn't you just turn into a cloud of bats and fly there or something?"

Sylvia rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Vampires can't turn into bats Danny," she explained with a sigh. "I've explained all that."

"Yeah, yeah," agreed Danny. "I know. All the legends aren't true."

Sylvia smiled. "It's getting close to daybreak, so I'll need to put the screen up soon. Remember, no matter what you can't open the doors or the screen until it's completely dark. No matter what."

Danny frowned. "What if the cops pull me over or something?"

"Get rid of them. Tell them there's no one back here or something. Whatever you do, you can't risk opening the door. Even the slightly sunlight will horribly burn me, or possibly even kill me."

Danny swallowed, "gotcha. So what do you do back there during the day? I thought the dead wouldn't need any sleep."

"It's not sleep exactly," explained Syliva. "It might look a little like it, but I'm actually in a very deep trance like state. It'd take a hell of a lot to wake me."

"So I can listen to some music then?"

"Be my guest."

As Sylvia raised the darkened screen between the front and back of the limo Danny turned on the car radio and grinned as Jon Bon Jovi's voice cut through the silence; 'Until I'm six feet under I don't need a bed. Gonna live while I'm alive, I'll sleep when I'm dead.'

Danny drummed to the beat on the steering wheel with one hand as the limo pulled onto the freeway and accelerated towards their destination. This would no doubt be an interesting road trip, and there was a sweet prize waiting for him at the end of it. He was pumped!


They drove throughout the day, arriving at sundown, right on schedule at the motel.

As Danny drove the limo into the motel car park, Sylvia lowered the screen between them.

"No problems?" she asked her driver.

"All good," said Danny. "Sleep tight?"

"Like a baby," replied Sylvia with a grin.

"Just in time for your morning coffee then," Danny told her as he turned off the engine.

"I'd prefer a morning drink of something else." Sylvia had a wicked grin on her face as she licked her dark red lips.

"I'll see if I can get it up for you honey," replied Danny, knowing full well it was his blood, not his cock she was after.

They got out and checked in under the names Don and Sarah Smith. Danny saw the jealous, hungry expression that the middle aged clerk gave Sylvia. He was probably wondering how a teenager like Danny had scored such a sexy and glamorous older woman like Sylvia.

As soon as they were alone Sylvia had locked the door and shoved Danny up against the wall inside, pressing her generous curves up against him, her lips brushing his ever so softly.

Danny slid one hand down from Sylvia's hip to cup and squeeze the firm, round globe of her ass through her dress, pulling her tighter against him, the rapidly swelling bulge of his crotch pressing insistently into her warm thigh.

"Travelling makes you horny I see," murmured Danny playfully.

"Not horny, hungry," Sylvia corrected, both her hands sliding up Danny's slender torso to his face, holding his head in both her cool hands. She turned his face to the side and slightly upwards, exposing his warm throat. She leant in, her soft lips resting tenderly against the vein of his throat, feeling his pulse acutely on her lips.

Sylvia's nostrils flared as she smelt his scent, her tongue coming out to teasingly lick the corner of his jaw, her nose gently nuzzling his earlobe.

Danny gave a small moan as he felt her fangs puncture his flesh, the blood rising to her waiting tongue. The hand on her ass squeezed harder at the slight pain and his cock ground against her thigh insistently.

"Mmm," Sylvia gave a moan as his warm blood trickled down her throat, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Her fangs had only partially penetrated his flesh, had she been feeding in earnest those needle-like teeth would have ripped his throat entirely open and the blood would have flooded her mouth.

"Sylvia," Danny gave a gentle murmur as he reached up and touched the back of her head in warning.

Sylvia gave a frustrated groan, grinding herself against Danny, her breasts rubbing against his chest and her soft thigh pressing up against the bulge between Danny's legs.

"Sylvia," Danny repeated.

"Ah!" Sylvia pulled away from Danny's throat and moaned in irritation. As always, her brief taste was never enough to sate her endless thirst. She leant back in and lapped up the small trickle from the rapidly clotting wound on his throat.

"Shall I suck you off now Danny?" she asked.

"Yeah, but I think I need to sit down," murmured Danny in reply. He was still a little lightheaded from her blood drinking and didn't rate his chances of staying on his feet if she gave him head right there in the doorway.

Danny staggered a little as he entered the unit's main room and slumped down on the couch. Sylvia glided to her knees at his feet and started opening the fly of his jeans.

"Don't suppose you've reconsidered that fuck?" asked Danny, ever hopeful.

Sylvia grinned up at the persistent teenager. "Just a blowjob today, sorry sweetie." She drew his hard cock out of his pants, already fully erect from their encounter at the doorway.

"I didn't know vampires were so stubborn," said Danny with a groan as she stroked his erection in her soft hand.

Sylvia leant forward and licked the tip of his stiff prick. "If I gave it away for free you wouldn't have any incentive to help me out."

Danny's only reply was a loud moan as Sylvia's mouth plunged down over his cock, her lips sliding down over his hard shaft, enveloping him in warmth and wetness.

"Ah fuck!" he groaned as Sylvia started to suck, her head bobbing over his lap as her cheeks hollowed and the tight seal of her lips sliding deliciously up and down the rigid pole of his erection. As Sylvia expertly sucked on his length, her tongue pressed and licked against the underside of his shaft, driving him wild with lust.

"You give fucking incredible head," groaned Danny. Fortunately Sylvia seemed well aware of her fangs and Danny never had to worry about getting his cock bitten off. Sylvia's fangs, although sharp, were not as long as the big vampire teeth that Danny had seen in the movies, barely longer than the rest of her teeth in fact.

Sylvia gave the head of his cock a lingering slurp, her tongue swirling around the tip of him. "I like to please," she told him with a wink, sliding his cock back into her mouth and sucking forcefully.

Danny moaned again. "So you really don't need to breathe?" he asked her.

Sylvia popped her mouth back off his dick again. "If you keep interrupting me I'll never get you off."

Danny smirked, "I don't think there's any danger of that baby."

"Well back to your question, no, I don't need to breathe. I'm a vampire. One of the undead." Sylvia resuming sucking on Danny's cock, her head bobbing over his lap, as she took his erection even deeper than before.

Fascinated by the notion of her not breathing, Danny reached down and pinched her nose closed with his thumb and forefinger, meaning the only way she could breathe, had she needed to, would be through her mouth which was currently stuffed full of his penis.

Sylvia glanced up in surprise as Danny blocked her nose. Knowing exactly what he wanted, she pushed her mouth down further on his erection, taking his cock right into her throat, her lips pressing right down against the very base of his penis and blocking off her airways.

"Oh fuck!" moaned Danny, keeping a tight seal on her nose as she deep throated him. His other hand grabbed the back of her head, pulling her down harder against him and his whole dick was buried inside her magnificent sucking mouth.

As if to show Danny how effortless it was for her, Sylvia's tongue poked out, the tip teasing the base of his ballsack as she deep throated him.

"Uh!" groaned Danny. "That's fucking amazing!" He was tempted to fuck her throat and finish, but then had a better idea.

He released Sylvia's head and she came up off his cock, not in the least bit breathless.

"That old dude said there was a spa pool right?" asked Danny.

"Yeah I think so," replied Sylvia uncertainly. "Don't you want me to finish you off?"

"In the spa," replied Danny.

"I don't have a swim suit," complained Sylvia. Vampire's weren't really known for their sunbathing after all.

"Neither do I," said Danny. "Just wear your bra and panties, no one will be there."

Sylvia sighed but decided to humour Danny, stripping off her black dress to reveal a set of lacy black lingerie beneath. Danny stripped down to his underwear and they both wrapped themselves in towels and headed for the motel's spa pool.

Sure enough there was no one else there, much to Danny's relief.

Danny dropped his towel on the bench against the wall and watched in admiration as Sylvia removed her towel.

Sylvia's body, as always, took his breath away. Her skin was a flawless creamy white, contrasting starkly with her long, raven black hair and black lingerie. The sexy curves of her voluptuous body were magnificent, her large round breasts swelling up enticingly from the lacy cups of her bra and her firm, round ass beautifully framed by her skimpy black panties. Sylvia's wonderfully flat stomach and impossibly long legs completed the perfect visage of splendour. Danny could barely believe that he had suck a beautiful creature so willing to suck his cock on a daily basis, all for just a few drops of his blood.

"God you're beautiful," murmured Danny as he stepped close to the vampire, reaching up and cupping her full breasts and squeezing them through her bra. He ran his thumbs across her nipples, feeling their stiffness through the lacy material of her bra, and then squeezed her tits together, watching her cleavage well up excitingly. Unable to help himself, Danny bent down and ran his tongue up the length of Sylvia's cleavage as his hands slipped down and reached around to cup and squeeze her firm buttocks and pull her lingerie clad body against him.

Danny moaned as he nuzzled into the crevice between Sylvia's plump hooters. "So are we getting in then?" asked Sylvia, lifting Danny's face from her bosom.

"That's the plan," agreed Danny, reluctantly releasing the curvy beauty from his arms.

Sylvia turned and climbed into the spa pool as Danny turned on the jets, hopping into the hot bubbling water from the other side.

"I don't think I'll need these," announced Danny, pulling off his underwear and tossing them over in the corner of the room. He then swam forward, pressing Sylvia up against the edge of the spa pool.

Danny grinned at the gorgeous brunette, as he reached up and squeezed her big boobs through her bra. "You sure you don't need to breathe?" he asked again.

"Vampire remember?" Sylvia replied.

Danny grabbed Sylvia's head in both hands and pushed her down under the bubbling spa water, right down until her head was level with his crotch. Danny gave a small moan as he felt Sylvia dutifully take his hard cock into her mouth and begin to give him an underwater blowjob.

"Ah, this is the life," he groaned as the gorgeous vampire started to bob her head beneath the water, sliding his erection in and out between her lips, devouring his rigid prick.

As she blew him, Danny reached down and unhooked the back of her bra, pulling it off and letting it float away towards the far side of the spa, Sylvia's heavy breasts floating free. His hands quickly closed over the ample melons, squeezing them and feeling the hard jut of her nipples against his palms.

Sylvia had been down under the water for just over a minute when the door of the spa room swung open. Danny quickly leant forwards, leaning against the edge of the pool with Sylvia's head trapped between him and side of the spa, his cock still buried in her sucking mouth.

"Oh, sorry I didn't realise anyone was in here." It was the clerk from the front desk. The one who'd checked them in earlier. "I thought someone had left the jets on."

"Long day on the road," explained Danny. "Enjoying a soak." He rolled his hips a little, pushing his cock harder against Sylvia's still sucking mouth, knocking the back of her head against the fibreglass wall of the pool. With the bubbles and the angle there was no way that the clerk could see Sylvia under there.

"No problem," replied the middle aged clerk. "Just make sure you turn it off when you're done." If he noticed Sylvia's black bra floating on the other side of the pool he didn't say anything.

"Will do," agreed Danny, slowing thrusting his cock in and out of Sylvia's mouth.

"I'll leave you to it then," said the clerk, taking one last glance around the room before stepping back and closing the door.

Normally in this situation the girl sucking his dick under the water would have burst up gasping for air, but with an undead vampire that wasn't necessary. Danny chuckled and reached down under the bubbling water, holding Sylvia's face against his crotch with both hands as he spun around to rest his back against the side of the spa and enjoy his underwater blowjob.

Leaning back, Danny was able to thrust his hips to meet Sylvia's bobbing head, face fucking her in earnest. The resistance of the water meant that his pumps were a little slower than normal, by the smooth wetness of the underwater sucking felt amazing. Keeping one hand on the back of Sylvia's head as he sawed his cock in and out of her mouth, he reached down with the other hand to squeeze and play with her bare tits.

Danny gave a moan as he fucked Sylvia's mouth, she'd been down under the water for at least five minutes now. There was no longer any doubt in his mind about her need for breathing. This was by far the hottest blowjob he'd experienced in his life.

"Oh yeah!" groaned Danny with a sudden lurch as he jammed his cock deep into Sylvia's submerged mouth and exploded. Thick spurts of his seed squirted from his cock, filling Sylvia's mouth and mingling with the spa water.

"Oh!" groaned Danny again as he spent himself. He couldn't tell if Sylvia was swallowing him as she usually liked to do or letting his seed wash away in the spa pool. By the time she finally surfaced he was grinning like an idiot.

"Well that was different," remarked the topless vampire as she ran her fingers through her long wet hair, sweeping it back from her face.

"That was awesome," said Danny.

They gathered their towels and wet clothing and made their way back to the motel room. Danny was careful to shut off the spa jets before he left to avoid pissing off the clerk.

Danny was feeling exhausted from the day driving, not to mention completely spent from the ball-draining blowjob he'd just received, so he climbed straight into bed while Sylvia got dressed again. She'd of course spent the day sleeping, or in whatever that trance thing was, so she wasn't exactly ready for bed herself.

"So what can we expect when we get there, what's your brother and sister like?" asked Danny tiredly from the bed as he watched Sylvia stuff her immense knockers into a black satin bra that matched the fresh g-string she'd already pulled on.

"Well my brother's name is Christian, he's not that different from me. Like's to keep his feeding to a minimum. He's pretty pleasant as far as vampires go. My sister Anita is another story. You'll have to be careful around her, and whatever you do, don't let her drink your blood."

"Why's that?" asked Danny.

Sylvia pulled on her familiar black dress. "Anita has a tendency to get carried away. She doesn't know when to stop. And I doubt she'll give you head in payment. Anita usually takes what she wants."

"I see," replied Danny hesitantly. "So what's the big meeting about anyway?"

Sylvia shrugged as she pulled on her stiletto heels, "I'm not sure, Christian called the meeting. I guess I'll find out when I get there. He said it was important though."

"Where are you going?" asked Danny with a frown as she headed towards the door.

"Out," replied Sylvia. "You get some sleep, you've got a long days driving ahead of you tomorrow."

Danny nodded and lay back on the bed as Sylvia left. He'd kind of been looking forward to cuddling up with the curvy beauty in bed. He was still a little hopeful that her resolve might crumble and he'd get into her panties during the night, but he guessed that was not to be.

...to be continued

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