tagErotic HorrorBloody Vampires! Ch. 04

Bloody Vampires! Ch. 04


Danny couldn't help but tremble slightly as the gorgeous vampire slid her tongue over his windpipe and up to the corner of his jaw.

"Are you okay Danny?" Sylvia asked him as she gently nuzzled his earlobe with the tip of her nose.

Danny gave a sigh. "Yeah I'm fine," his hands came up and held her by the hips, giving her a reassuring squeeze. "It was just a rather intense evening," he explained, one hand reaching down and giving her bum a squeeze through her elegant black gown.

The eighteen year old teenager had spent the last couple of days travelling across the country with his sexy vampire neighbour to meet with her brother and sister. He'd helped out the three vampires by spying on a vampire hunter with the assistance of Sharon, Sylvia's brothers source of blood.

"If you want I can suck you off before I drink," suggested Sylvia, sliding a hand between their bodies to cup and squeeze Danny's crotch. "It might help you relax a little."

Sylvia and Danny's relationship was a little different than the typical human-vampire interaction where the vampire would hold all the power and feed freely on the human. Sylvia preferred a completely willing source of food and so she exchanged blowjobs for Danny's blood.

"No, go ahead, drink up." Danny assured her. He was still a little tense from his and Sharon's confrontation with the vampire hunter. They'd been saved or at least interrupted by Sylvia's sister Anita ripping the throat out of the hunter. It had been the first time that Danny had seen a vampire eating in anger and he couldn't help but wonder if Sylvia ever killed like that too.

Sylvia unzipped Danny's jeans and slipped a hand down inside his underwear, cupping his shaft and balls in her palm as she started kissing his chin and neck.

Danny quickly hardened in her hand, his hard shaft pressing against her wrist as her fingers teased his testicles. Despite the shock of seeing Anita rip out a man's throat with her teeth, he'd also spent a considerable amount of time kissing and feeling up Sharon, the voluptuous redhead that Sylvia's brother Christian fed on.

Sylvia wrapped her soft hand around Danny's thickened shaft, giving it a firm squeeze. Then suddenly her sharp fangs pierced his skin, an initial hot rush of blood flowing over her tongue and into her eager mouth.

"Mmm," Sylvia gave a moan as she started to drink from the teenager and at the same time pump her fist up and down on his rigid erection.

Danny always found Sylvia's feeding sensual, but this was the first time she'd ever stimulated him and sucked his blood all at once. He gave a moan of his own as her hand glided over his hard prick. It felt amazing.

There was a sudden rush of wind and Danny felt a presence behind him. Sylvia's eyes snapped open and the hand on his cock stopped pumping, but she didn't stop drinking.

Danny tensed as he felt a soft presence press up against his back and cool breath against his ear.

"Hope you've saved some for me, sister," whispered Anita, her hands on Danny's shoulder as her lips brushed against the back of his neck.

Danny was frozen in alarm as Anita's mouth moved next to Sylvia's, her tongue coming out and licking a trickle of Danny's blood from the corner of Sylvia's mouth.

Sandwiched between the two voluptuous vampires, Danny felt the firm thrust of Anita's ample breasts pressing against his back, her soft curves crushed against him and he felt himself twitch in Sylvia's hand.

Sylvia drew back from the small wound on Danny's throat, her lips smeared with his blood. "Stay away from him Anita," she said warningly. Sylvia was still gripping Danny's erection in one hand, squeezing it almost too hard as she stared past him at the other beautiful vampire.

Anita reached past Danny and gently stroked Sylvia's pale cheek. "We used to share everything, dear sister," Anita whispered, leaning closer, her tongue coming out and gently licking Sylvia's upper lip, tasting Danny's blood.

Danny wasn't sure if he should be turned on or scared out of his mind.

Anita softly kissed Sylvia's bloodstained lips, her tongue darting out teasingly into the dark haired vampire's mouth before she backed away.

Danny tensed as he felt Anita's hand on his hip. "What do we have here..?" murmured the blonde vampire as she reached around and found Danny's hard prick poking out from the open front of his jeans, Sylvia's soft hand still tightly clutching the rigid shaft.

Anita gently ran her fingers over the head of Danny's cock which was jutting from the top of Sylvia's fist. She then slid her hand down and tenderly toyed with Danny's tightened testicles.

"I mean it Anita," said Sylvia, not taking her eyes off the other vampire's face. "He's mine."

Anita's hand gently encircled the base of Danny's erection, beneath Sylvia's own grip. "I wouldn't be too sure about that," Anita said. "He seemed pretty friendly with Christian's pretty little toy in that nightclub."

Sylvia was not in the slightest bit goaded. "I think you've already fed well enough tonight sister," she told Anita.

Danny swallowed, remembering the sight of Anita's blood-spattered face after she was done with Damon the vampire hunter.

Without breaking eye contact with her sister, Anita leant down and lapped lightly at the small trickle of blood coming from Danny's now untended neck wound. Danny saw Sylvia's jaw tense slightly.

Anita gave a longing sigh and then stepped back away from Danny. "Very well Sylvia. Have it your way."

With that the sexy blonde vampire turned and strode from the room, leaving Danny and Sylvia alone.

Danny breathed out in relief. He wasn't completely sure what that was all about, but he was thankful that Anita had left peacefully. As much as he'd always dreamt of getting blown by two gorgeous women at once, he didn't imagine it would have quite worked out that way.

"Evil bitch," muttered Sylvia, letting go of Danny's cock at last.

"That was a little intense," murmured Danny, reaching up and touching his throat where it was still bleeding. The wound was already starting to clot.

"I'm sorry about Anita," said Sylvia. "My sister sometimes forgets herself."

Danny nodded, not really sure how to reply. He wondered if Sylvia was going to say anything about him and Sharon and what Anita had told her.

Sylvia blew out a sigh and walked over to the desk on the side of the room where a bottle of wine and two glasses were waiting. "I think I need a drink."

Danny nodded in agreement and stuffed his now drooping dick back into his pants.

Following the run in with the vampire hunter, they'd all gone back to Christian's house, or rather mansion for some much needed rest. Danny and Sylvia were staying in one of the guest rooms upstairs, just down the hallway from where Anita and her well-drained blood slave Justin were accommodated.

"Just remember what I told you before about Anita," said Sylvia as she handed Danny a glass of dark red wine. "No matter what she offers you, don't let her feed on you. You'll more than likely end up like that poor Justin fellow."

Danny gave a nervous chuckle. "He does look a little tapped out." Danny felt a slight tingle in his crotch as he remembered the feel of Anita's cool tongue on his neck and her soft hand on his prick.

Sylvia took a deep swallow of wine. She still had a frown on her face.

"So we'll be leaving in the morning?" asked Danny, taking a drink of his own wine.

Sylvia shook her head, "no, we'll be here a day or two longer. There's some business we need to attend to."

Danny was a little surprised by that news. "I figured with Damon dead..."

Sylvia shook her head again. "The vampire hunter was merely a distraction." She didn't however elaborate any more on what this business she had to deal with was. "I guess I owe you that blowjob now?" she said, changing the topic.

As stressed out as he was from all the day's weirdness, Danny wasn't one to turn down getting his dick sucked. "I think I could be persuaded," he replied with a smirk.

Sylvia returned his grin and sculled back the last of her wine. She put the glass back down on the desk and approached Danny, once again unzipping his jeans.

"Wait," said Danny, stopping her. "I want you naked."

Sylvia raised an eyebrow at his request. "I know you've gone above and beyond today, but you're still not fucking me until we get home."

"I know," said Danny. "I want you naked while you suck my cock."

"Very well," she agreed, reaching behind and unzipping her dress.

"Let me," said Danny, stepping closer and pushing the straps of her gown off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Beneath she was dressed in a lacy black bra and panties.

Danny ran his fingertips up Sylvia's sides, over the smooth skin of her ribs to cup the lower slopes of her ample breasts, grasping them through her bra. His fingers slid over the lace of her bra, working their way around the plentiful globes and spreading his fingers wide before squeezing. Danny gave a moan of appreciation as his fingers sunk into the firm, fleshy orbs.

Danny released her boobs and walked slowly around so that he was standing behind the gorgeous, lingerie-clad vampire. He reached for the catch on the back of her bra and unhooked it, pushing it off her shoulders, letting her ample melons swing free. With a lustful groan he reached around and again seized Sylvia's big tits, squeezing them roughly in his hands and pulling her back against him.

"You've got an incredible body Sylvia," he murmured as he kneaded one large breast in his left hand and let his right hand slide down over her flat, toned belly, reaching for her crotch and cupping her, feeling her mound pressing against his palm through her panties.

Danny had completely forgotten Anita and Sharon and everyone else as his eager hands explored Sylvia's sensational body.

Danny's left hand pinched Sylvia's nipple, squeezing it between his thumb and the side of his finger, as his right hand slipped down inside the waistband of her panties. Danny slid his fingertips through the dark landing strip of her neatly trimmed pubic hair, feeling the coarse hairs tickling his palm as his fingers reached her slit.

Sylvia gave a moan as Danny's index finger penetrated her, pushing up inside her moist cunt, the heel of his palm grinding against her clit.

Danny's left hand gave Sylvia's nipple a twist, and then he started to bend down, crouching behind her as he peeled off her panties, coming face to face with her bare ass.

"Mmm," moaned Danny as he licked Sylvia's right buttock. Her skin felt so smooth and soft. She was incredible.

"I think it's past time you gave me something to suck on," said Sylvia, looking down over her shoulder at Danny.

Danny smirked, giving Sylvia's delightful ass a quick kiss before he stood up, walking over to the four poster bed. What was it with vampires and then extravagant furniture? He quickly stripped off his clothes and lay on his back in the centre of the bed, beckoning Sylvia over to join him.

The naked vampire crawled onto the edge of the bed, kissing the tip of Danny's big toe and looking up seductively at him.

"Trust me, I give way better head than that red haired slut Sharon," said Sylvia, licking the inside of Danny's ankle.

Danny blushed a little at this, remembering what Anita had told Sylvia. "Oh really?"

Sylvia nodded, running her tongue up along Danny's shin to his knee, her heavy breasts brushing against his feet as her mouth made it's way up her body. "Christian assured me I was better," Sylvia said with a sinful grin, she kissed the inside of his knee tenderly.

Danny raised an eyebrow at this. Although Sylvia called Anita and Christian her sister and brother, they weren't in any way related. They had however all been turned into vampires by the same master, making them some sort of weird vampire siblings.

Sylvia ran her agile tongue up the inside of Danny's thigh, slowly working her way towards his crotch. His semi-erect cock twitched against his leg in anticipation of her mouth.

Sylvia's tongue fluttered over Danny's cock, causing it to twitch against his leg. She captured the tip of him between her lips and gave a long, deep suck.

Danny moaned as Sylvia slid her mouth down onto his hardening cock, her breasts swinging beneath her and brushing against his thighs.

"Oh!" he moaned as Sylvia started to suck him off in earnest, bobbing her head over his lap and wetly manipulating his cock inside her mouth.

Danny's hips lurched up off the bed as he thrust upwards to meet her sucking mouth, her lips sliding right down to the base of his shaft as she effortlessly took his whole length inside her mouth.

"Fuck!" groaned Danny grabbing the top of Sylvia's head and pushing her face down into his crotch. He hunched up off the bed a few times, pretty much making love to her mouth.

After a minute or two he let go of Sylvia's head. "I want to try something different," he told her as her mouth popping off the trembling head of his prick.

Danny reached down and grabbed hold of Sylvia's ample tits, eagerly squeezing the two big melons. The teenager then shuffled down lower on the bed so that his erection was positioned between Sylvia's boobs.

Danny gave a murmur of appreciation as he pressed Sylvia's tits together, forming a snug sheath around his cock. He then started to pump his hips up off the bed, sliding his dick between Sylvia's breasts, fucking her cleavage.

Sylvia glanced down as Danny titfucked her, the glistening tip of his prick poking up from her cleavage with each thrust.

"That's so good," groaned Danny, his cock thrusting between her ample fun bags. Each upwards shove of his dick caused Sylvia's breasts to jiggle enticingly. The sight was almost as good as the feel of titfucking her.

"Roll over," instructed Danny, pushing Sylvia onto her back and moving so that he was now straddling her chest, his cock still enclosed in her snug cleavage.

Danny leant forwards and gripped the head of the bed for leverage and started to thrust his erection harder and faster between Sylvia's tits. The dark haired vampire pressed her big jugs tightly together around Danny's pumping manhood as he humped against her chest.

Sylvia leant her head up to lick the head of Danny's cock as it surged up from within her cleavage, causing him to moan loudly.

"Fuck this is hot!" groaned Danny. "Get ready because you're about to get a pearl necklace!"

With a grunt, Danny pushed his dick up between Sylvia's warm, soft boobs. The hard shaft lurched and he felt his balls churning as hot, thick ropes of cum spurted from the tip, splashing over Sylvia's neck and face.

Danny gave another groan and a slower pump of his hips as a second burst of jizz rocketed from his cock, drenching Sylvia's throat and upper chest. He let go of the headboard and grabbed one of Sylvia's breasts in each hand, squeezing them together around his shaft as he milked another couple of weaker dribbles from his spent dick.

"Mmm," moaned Sylvia, her tongue coming out to lick some of his spunk from her chin. She was a little disappointed not to get his full load in her mouth, but she had to admit that made a change from blowjobs. Sylvia used her fingers to wipe some more of his seed from her cleavage and hungrily licked them clean.

Danny rolled off and lay beside the cum-splattered vampire, breathing heavily.

.. to be continued

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