tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlooming Lily Pt. 06

Blooming Lily Pt. 06


Johnny Boy

"I want you to be a good girl today." Johnny Boy said, startling her as he made his entrance with a towel for her. "It's okay, Lily. It is just me." He said soothingly. He took no pleasure in the way she retracted beneath the bubbles at his entrance. Last night was a positive step for them, but it would take time to build her genuine trust in him, and he was happy to take his time earning it from his sweet Lily.

He had watched her trying her luck upon the windows, then sighed a breath of relief, as she sunk beneath the bubbles in defeat. He admired her veiled tenacity, but needed her submission. One day. He thought as he neared the tubs edge admiring her beneath the now still water. "Step out of the tub carefully, and dry off while I pick you out something to wear, little one." He spoke softly with an authoritarian edge that Lily found soothing before he disappeared into the closet leaving the towel beside her.


She watched as he walked casually into the closet amidst the dresses she had only dreamed of in her past life. Moments passed, and the thought donned on her. Now was her chance. She stepped out carefully leaving the luxurious warmth behind, taking only a moment to enjoy the softness of the towel once more before she faced the cool air of the room. She dried off in record time looking to the closet where Johnny Boy could be heard in the distance humming cheerfully.

This is it. She thought carefully as she entered his bedroom. She would try the drawers first where she recalled him putting his keys the night prior. The metal was cool to her touch as she pulled each silver handle exposing nothing but clothes, and useless items. Every drawer. All empty to her wishes until she came to his nightstand. She found the drawer locked, but she could never open it without making enough noise to alert Johnny Boy who stood only a distance away in the closet, happily humming away.

She scanned the room looking for anything to help, but found nothing as her eyes settled behind the chair he held her so enchantingly in, only hours before. His every touch was magic upon her, and she felt little shame in admitting to herself that she wanted to feel it again one day. One day, when she was far away from here. Far from Luke and Damien who brought goosebumps rising across her skin at the very thought of their touch. She shuddered at her thoughts as the cold fact enveloped her. Her ass would be his if she did not escape.

"Come Lily." Johnny Boys voice chiming happily in the distance brought her back to the moment as her focus snapped back. There was another way out. The windows. She thought as she raced to each of them only to find them in the same state as the bathroom. There was nothing small enough to break them, and she could not lift the chairs, even if she tried. "Think, Lily." She urged herself thinking aloud as quietly as she could manage.

"Now, Lily." Johnny Boy shouted, all happiness gone from his tone.

There had to be another way. Time was running out, and he would be beside her soon if she didn't find it. Johnny Boy had been kind to her so far, and although she didn't fear him specifically, Lily had no intentions of finding what his temper entailed for her after being ignored so many times now.

She looked to the door, he had locked it the night before, but she could find a way. Her tension grew as she twisted and pulled furiously at the door with no hope left. He was yelling for her now, and there was no escape. Fresh tears flowed upon her cheeks, joining the beads of water freshly made upon her from her wet hair.

She turned fearfully, walking back slowly to where he stood in the closet awaiting her return.

Johnny Boy

Johnny Boy took his time in the closet giving Lily time to dry off, and the opportunity to find the perfect outfit for her. He decided on blue for the day, making his way to the back of the closet where he kept the hues of blue that he knew would fit her well. He looked upon the dresses, and a smile crossed his lips. He would spoil her a bit, and let her select her favorites. She had considerable taste based upon her choice yesterday. They could choose her dress together. The thought excited him as he called for his slave.

"Come, Lily. I have a surprise for you." Johnny Boy called out to her happily, summoning her to his side. "Now, Lily." He shouted again slightly louder than the first. His happiness faded as he was met with sound of drawers opening one after another. His heart pounded. Escape was impossible from each room, and yet the thought of walking out to her gone caused a pain within him that spread as his temper flared. He did not tolerate being ignored. "Last chance, Lily. COME HERE! NOW!" He yelled out to her standing his ground inside the closet. She would come to him.

Minutes seemed like hours before he heard her quiet footsteps upon the tile leading to the closet. Her sniffling alerted him she was crying, and his anger subsided for the moment as he stood awaiting her. She peeked around the corner at him, and he opened his arms gesturing her to come. His patience was wearing thin as she took her time tiptoeing towards him cautiously. Fear was spread across her face as she reached him, holding tightly to her towel as she cried.

He was torn in his decision as she stood before him shaking, her eyes glued to the floor as she sobbed. Her flinch pained him as he pulled her softly into his arms. "Calm down, Little one." He held her tight as she cried into his chest sending teardrops falling from the angels tattooed upon him. They stood still until her tears were gone, and Johnny Boy had settled on his course of action.

"Kneel for me, little one." He ordered her as he released Lily from his arms. She lowered herself to her knees slowly, scared of what he had planned for her. Why hadn't she just come when he called? She thought regretting the decision as he stared down at her in position. His eyes full of disappointment, and something she could not place. "Please look at me, my little Lily." He asked gently, and her eyes met his filling with tears once more.

"I'm sorry." She sobbed, tilting her head to meet his hands embrace upon her cheek.

"Why didn't you come when I called you, Lily?" He asked softly. His hand rested upon her head now slowly wrapping her hair within his grasp as he ran his fingertips down her raven curls. "and don't you dare lie to me, little one." He warned as she began to speak. His grip tightened slightly within her hair bringing her eyes back to his as she dropped her gaze.

"I was scared." She cried as his grip tightened.

"Of what, Lily?" He inquired. He loosened his hold upon her hair, returning to her cheek, stroking her softly. They had had such a smooth morning to that point. Where had he gone wrong? He thought as confusion filled him. "I told you I had a reward for you. Why on earth, would that scare you, little one?" He gazed down upon her questioningly.

"Not of you, Sir. Of.... him" Her voice trailed off unable to finish with the name that scared her now as the thoughts of what he had planned returned to her. She held tightly to the towel fingering it as she waited his response.

"Oh, little one. I told you it would be okay." He leaned down as he spoke planting a kiss to her forehead wiping her tears from her reddened cheeks. "I will speak with him, and all you need to do is be a good girl for us. Listen and obey. It's that simple." He finished smiling down at her trying to instill more comfort in her then he knew his words would. "Speaking of listening, my little one." He commented changing the topic back to her earlier disregard for his commands.

"What were you doing while I was in here, Lily? It must have been very important for you to decide to ignore me when I called you. Is that right, Lily?" He asked. He already knew she had searched every drawer, tested each window, and gave up on the door that he held the only key to. All to no avail, but regardless he wanted to hear it from her now. "I could hear you." He added hoping it would encourage her honesty with him as he watched her shrink before him.

"I..." She began, but there were no words. He already knew, and there was nothing she could say to make it better now. Nothing she could do. At least he would be nicer than the others would be punishing her.

"Are you going to tell me what you were doing, Lily? He asked her firmly as he raised her chin up to force her eyes upon his gaze. He would take anything at this point. Just try, baby girl. He urged her with his thoughts. "It's okay to tell me, sweetie. I won't be mad if you are honest." He ran his thumb across her bottom lip as he held her gaze.

Her silence filled the space, and he sighed deeply regretting her choice to remain mute.

"Stand up, Little one." He ordered her, sadness lining his firm demand. "Since you have chosen to ignore me for the second time this morning I have no choice, but to correct you." Her tears pained him, but she had to learn. He thought, taking no pleasure in her pain now.

She stood slowly, trembling as he led her to the end of the closet. Confusion crossed her features as she stood before the array of blue dresses lining the walls around her. Her tears were gone now replaced with the wonderment her heart found in the stunning gowns all around her. Johnny boy reached up into the forest of fabric returning to her side with 4 dresses that left her lost for words. They were beautiful. She longed to feel the silk that adorned the second dress he held, but her longing was cut short by the light slap she received upon her fingertips as she reached to feel its smooth texture.

"Ow." She cried softly, more from shock then pain, pulling her hand back. She retreated to the corner distancing herself from his hand, and any more surprises it could bring. "I'm sorry, Sir." She apologized wrapping her arms around herself for comfort as he came closer blocking her into the corner she filled with her small frame.

"First, Lily." He started as he hung the dresses up beside her. "Your reward this morning, had you come when you were called, was the ability to pick which dress you would wear today out of these four I liked best. Since you felt that ignoring me was the best choice you will not be wearing any of them today. How does that make you feel, little one?" He asked her, pulling her chin up to bring her eyes to his once again.

"Upset, Sir." She replied quietly, saddened by her lost reward. Her sorrow was quickly replaced by fear as the thought donned on her. What would she be wearing then? Her eyes widened in response as Johnny boy continued.

"No more Sir, Little one." He said holding her face in his palms. "Call me Daddy like I asked you to, please. Let's try that again. How does that make you feel, little one?" He watched her carefully, waiting for her reply.

"Upset, Daddy." He adored the blush that crossed her cheeks as she spoke the seemingly forbidden title. It was music to his ears, and he loved the way her eyes sparkled for the briefest moment at his praise.

"Good girl!" He exclaimed happily wrapping her into his arms. "It makes me so happy to hear you say Daddy." He kissed her forehead, and smiled down upon her before he released her, turning back to the serious matter of her correction taking her face into his hands.

"I don't want you to be sad, sweetie, but when I call you I need you to come or you're not going to be able to leave my side at all. I know you don't want that, Little one." His thumbs stroked her cheeks gently as he spoke comforting her with the small embrace, but her fears of spending the day nude were still in the front of her mind as he spoke to her gently continuing his sweet touches upon her. "I want to give you rewards when I can, but not if you're not willing to earn them, Lily. Let alone if you are going to completely ignore me when I speak to you. For ignoring me you are going to spend 10 minutes in the corner, little one." He finished, dropping his hands from her face. He caressed her shoulders as he took his time positioning her in the corner with her nose touching the penny he placed against the wall.

"What do I do, Daddy? She asked unsure of what corner time entailed. All she knew was pain, and this was new to her. How could standing in a corner with a coin be punishment? She thought to herself as she felt his hands caress, running slowly down her back before they left her completely.

"You stand with your nose to the wall keeping the penny in place, and you think about what you did wrong. Once you have thought about why you did it then you process what you can do differently in the future to achieve a more positive outcome." He watched her hold tightly to the towel as he spoke intertwining her fingers within the soft cotton folds of the edges. He liked the purple on her. He thought as he stepped away finding the dress he had in mind. "Your time starts now, Lily."


At first, she thought the ten minutes would be easy. What could be painful about 10 minutes standing in a corner? She thought to herself as Johnny Boy walked away. As the seconds ticked away she understood. Keeping the penny in place was a challenge, and she had to stop fidgeting to stay still enough to keep it against the wall. All she had were her thoughts now, and her fears settled back within her gut filling her mind with the what ifs she had no real solution for. Listen and obey. His words settled into her mind. Could it really be that simple? She pondered as the time past. She could do it. She decided. She had to. It was her only chance, and they did seem to treat her well when she did as they asked her to. Perhaps, it was that simple.

"Times up, Sweetie. You did very well." Johnny Boy said softly as he turned her to face him, ignoring the penny that dropped upon the carpet. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her close to him for what seemed like an eternity until he finally spoke. "Why did I put you in the corner, Lily?" He asked.

"I didn't come when you called me." She answered softly, laying her head back against his warm chest as he held her close. She loved the feeling of his hands in her hair as he played in her curls. Occasionally he would stop petting her, and get her attention wrapping them into his fist gently to pull her face to his.

"Forgetting something, little one?" He questioned, tilting her chin up to meet his piercing blue eyes.

"Daddy." She whispered. That would take time to adjust to. She thought. It wasn't like calling him Sir. She was raised with manners, and her Mother had always insisted that a woman was Ma'am and a man was Sir. No ifs, ands, or buts. Daddy was different. It felt wrong saying it to him, but felt right somehow. She wished she had grown up with a Father like Johnny Boy. All she knew of her father was pain and fear. Johnny boy was different, but in a safe way, she thought as he smiled down upon her. He definitely wasn't her father.

"What are you going to do next time I call you, Lily?" He asked keeping his eyes upon hers even as she tried to look away.

"Come, Daddy." She answered shyly.

"Good girl." He kissed her lips softly, and she kissed him back savoring the moment. She wanted to be good for him in that moment. His good girl. She thought, smiling back as he released her gently from his arms. "Time to get dressed, Little one. You lost the privilege of choosing so I picked out a very pretty dress for you. I want you to change right here for me so I can see how beautiful you will look in it for me."

He took the purple dress down from the hanger holding it out against Lily.

"Perfect." He exclaimed. "Put it on right here, baby girl."

She took the dress turning her back to him now as she maneuvered carefully into it. Her towel dropped from beneath the folds and she giggled at the surprised look on Johnny Boys face as she turned to him for approval. Looking down upon herself she felt beautiful once again. The soft lilac shade adorned all but the black belt that she tied neatly into a bow upon her waist. The bottom flowed elegantly in satin to its end as she twirled around for Johnny Boy to see. Her knees hid just below the hem, and the v neck did little to hide her modesty from him now as his eyes roamed her body approvingly.

"You're beautiful, Lily." He exclaimed as he looked upon her with longing.

"Thank you, Daddy." Lily whispered as she admired herself before him.

"Ok. Breakfast time." Johnny Boy said, letting out the breath he unconsciously had held in as Lily twirled for him. She was breathtaking. "Only three more nights till I have her again." He thought smiling down at her as he took her hand in his.

They made their way down the stairs slowly as Lily tiptoed as far behind as his reach would allow. She tried focusing on anything but what laid before her, but try as she could her tears came once again. Lily wiped them away trying to stay strong. Listen and obey. The words replayed in her mind, over and over. She could do it. She had to. Once they had reached the bottom he turned to her taking her into his arms softly.

"It's okay, Lily." He said, trying to comfort her as he kissed her forehead. "Be a good girl for me, and kneel next to me after I sit down. Understood, little one?" He asked her gently.

Her nod was enough for him for now as they continued into the kitchen where the brothers sat patiently finishing their breakfast.

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