tagChain StoriesBlossoming Rose Ch. 06

Blossoming Rose Ch. 06

byDirt Man©

Thursday Feb. 12th

Dear Diary

Sorry for the lapse in time, it's actually 2am on the 13th. I've been rather busy what with the move from New York City to Cleveland. As you know there's only the two of us to handle all the bull work for eight prima Donna strippers. Oops! Sorry, exotic dancers. Or at least that's what they wish themselves to be called. If the men out front only knew what pigs some of these women are. Well, let's just say that it would certainly invade the fantasy image portrayed out there on the stage, and leave it at that. Which is probably why they hire two backstage girl flunkies like me, and Mac for these tours in the first place.

Still, I can't complain too much, I've been able to add another $200.00 to my account for just one week's work. And add to that more sexual satisfaction in one night than I've had most of my life, and you can understand why I walk on winged feet these days.

Now then, getting back to where I left off on Monday. Maria has once again come to my rescue in helping me define myself. On those rare occasions when we get together now like on the flight to Cleveland she easily defined my new persona once I explained how I felt.

"Being bisexual isn't a curse," Marie said.


"It means you swing both ways," she giggled, then explained further; "You enjoy both cock as well as pussy, right?"

When I nodded in agreement; "Then you're bisexual, like me. We enjoy both sides of the coin, and aren't limited to possible sex partners due to their gender. Too bad you took so long to find this out. We could have had a hell of a time in that apartment of ours."

"Well, we do have the rest of the tour together," I hinted.

"I can't promise anything," she hedged, "you know how busy my schedule is. But Bruno is coming to Cleveland this weekend to stand in for one of their regular bouncers. He doesn't have to, but I think he wants to see you again."

I'm afraid I don't remember much of the conversation after that other than that she was going to try to set up a three-way with Bruno at his hotel room for me, and her. As after that all I could think of then, and now was the three of us in the same bed at the same time. Forgive me, but Mac, my roommate is trying to sleep now. I'll get back to you tomorrow. Hopefully Mac won't find out about Bruno, or if she does it won't matter to her that I slept with her brother. Her and I have become very close, and I'd hate to start a row with her now.

Sunday, Feb. 15th 6pm EST

I know... I know... I said I would keep this up to date, and put something in here daily, but that may not be possible, and we'll just both have to learn to live with it. As they say here in America; "shit happens!"

It's almost dinnertime, and Mac is out running an errand. So it's a good time for me to catch you up on what happened the last two nights. As you know Bruno was supposed to be coming to Cleveland to replace one of the bouncers at the club they are featured at this weekend. Well, that was all a ruse by Marie to give me the most wonderful Valentine's gift ever. He worked as a bouncer right enough, but only as a freelancer for the Cleveland club this weekend.

Bruno was inside of the club when I arrived early Friday to set up stage props, and such. Actually, I saw him first as he had his back to me, but there was no way I could ever forget that chiseled butt, and bull like back muscles stretching out that club T-shirt. A quick goose made him aware of my presence though. And having him lift me straight up, under my arms, and twirl me around as if I were no more than a feathered pillow had my heart pounding in my chest.

"Well! If it isn't my favorite, Rose bud! Have you gotten in the habit of grabbing every bouncer's ass now? Or was that your way of telling me that you missed me?"

"I refuse, as you Yanks say, to incriminate myself," I said hanging there by his hands five feet off the ground. The next thing I knew he had me cradled in his arms like a newborn.

"I've missed you," he said in earnest.

"Me? Or the notch you didn't get a chance to put on your belt?"

"Both," he replied honestly.

"You think maybe we should get beyond the latter to see how we match up with the former?"

"You know what I like about you Brits?"

"Not entirely, no," but I winked just the same.

"Your practicality," and he eased me back down to stand on my own two feet. We both knew that I had to get to work.

"We can talk about this later, right" I inquired, then stretched up to give him a peck on the cheek before turning to head back stage.

His hand lingering possessively on my rear until I was out of reach was all the assurance I needed that we would definitely talk, and much more. It went like that between us the rest of the night whenever we got close as we both did our jobs. A goose here, a caress there, and a rub in between as blatantly as two people in a crowded room could. I was actually happy to do all of those menial errands for the first time in my life as it gave me more opportunities to tease, and touch Bruno. In fact I was getting so hot that Marie pulled me aside to ask if Bruno was the reason I smelled like a rabid bitch in heat with the wet spot growing in my jeans.

"You do realize," she whispered pulling me aside, "that your raging pheromones are driving the customers out there crazy, don't you? None of the girls has had less than a five-dollar bill stuffed into their stockings, or thong all night long. And this is Cleveland for God's sake."

"And that's bad?" I smirked.

"Listen, I talked to Bruno, and he wants us to meet him at his hotel after work. If that's okay with you that is."

"Sounds great to me."

"Good. Oh, and I've brought a few goodies along to spice tonight up even more."

The goodies turned out to be custom made satin suspenders with matching strapless quarter cup bra, thong panties, and seamed nylon stockings worn under body hugging mini skirt dresses made of spandex. My ensemble was all in black, and Maria's all in a deep purple. By the time she pulled the matching three-inch stiletto high heels out of her bag I already felt most appropriately like a right down in the dirt street corner strumpet. Not bad mind you, unless you're thinking bad as in hot toddy sinfully... well, you get the picture. Once again Maria did our makeup, and worked miracles with my hair.

I'm getting better at applying my own make up, but I just didn't trust my hands to stop shaking long enough to apply it properly for this special occasion. And they were indeed shaking the very moment I came out of the shower, and caught Marie dressing up for our special evening with Bruno.

I know I've described how lovely Maria is before, and it goes without saying how attractive she'd have to be to star in one of those movies, or perform out there on stage for this tour. But seeing her there just before she slipped into that painted on dress had my quim sizzling, knowing that I too would soon look more naked than naked in similar clothing. After all, the demi bra we both would be wearing held the breasts more like a pair of fondling hands leaving the nipples totally exposed above. And the satin suspenders, (they call them garter belts here in the states) holding up the seamed nylons actually frame the most erotic area a human owns. Causing anyone who happens to see you in these things to focus their attention on your naughtiness' more than they would if you were just totally naked.

In fact, if a woman wore elbow length gloves, and a hood on her head with this kind of outfit I don't think she could personally define her existence any better for a man. Or for me for that matter. And we were definitely on the prowl for a specific man by the time we left the club, and got in the taxicab together. Even so, we probably freaked out our driver when we started kissing, and petting with each other in the back seat. The musk of our two hot pussies (I absolutely love calling it a pussy now.) mixed with our Lanven'dare perfume was driving Maria, and I crazy, so it must have been giving that poor elderly cabby constant erectile dysfunction, as he barely avoided three head on collisions on the way to Bruno's hotel.

The Sheraton Hotel stood out like a giant cock against the basically flat background surrounding the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport. However once inside I felt more at home as the interior has that older European look of elegant roominess to it. We got several appreciative looks from the bar as we passed it, along with the look of distrust from the Capt. Picard look alike behind the reception desk in the lobby. I guess we looked like bloody prostitutes to these people the way we were dressed up. But no one stopped us from getting on the lift, and we were soon knocking on Bruno's hotel suite's door.

I had to catch my breath when Bruno opened the door dressed up in a Chippendale outfit decorated with small stick on paper hearts all over him. His magnificent musculature, usually more befitting on a hairy gorilla, looked great in that outfit, even though it had Maria giggling. And I followed her lead brushing my hand lightly against his bulge in passing when we entered. Both Maria, and I gasped when we caught sight of the bedchamber. Arrayed all around the four-poster bed, on every flat surface was a forest of lit scented candles. Their light illuminating our focus on the bed that was literally covered in a white satin sheet with red, and pink rose petals strewn all over it. With three red satin heart shaped candy box sized red pillows all saying "Be My Valentine," placed at the head of the bed.

"Too much?" Bruno's voice inquired behind us. And we turned to find him holding two glasses of red wine.

Our answer was to simply start shimmying out of our body hugging spandex dresses before accepting the wine.

"Wow!" Bruno barely managed to breath out handing us each a glass, then picking up another for himself. "Er, uh, I hope you like this wine, it's a French wine; Château Nuf Du Papa."

"From the vineyard of the Pope," I smiled at his mangling of French. It was so sweet. And too, he beamed with such enthusiasm for having pleased me with his choice of wine for this get together. Or maybe he was just beaming from having me kiss him, and cup his bulge from one side as Maria did the same from his other side. I'm not sure. But in moments, with teamwork we had him out of that Chippendale outfit, and more naked than we were now without our thongs.

Bruno's excitement over having two women working him over at the same time was self evident, and stood out at almost a perfect tantalizing 90% angle above his swollen testicles. The veins throbbing along the full length of his prick gave it the thick muscular, taunt skin look of a body builder's arm. And once we had Bruno laid out in the middle of the bed covered with rose petals, Maria moved around on all fours until she was between his legs, and then took his prick into her mouth, much like a starving calf sucking on its mother's teat. And it was then that Bruno grabbed hold of me, lifting me in the air with his strong arms, and turning me around so that I ended up suddenly straddling his face with my bald wet pussy against his lips.

I was immediately overwhelmed with blood rushing to my head as Bruno's tongue, and lips paid undivided homage to my naked crotch, and his hands teased, fondled, and squeezed my arse right properly. My pussy gushing as I had one of those multiple mini cums that go on forever when someone is eating me. However wonderful my present position was it also gave me the advantage of being able to watch Maria give Bruno a right good blow job, and add my own tongue, and lips to her effort just by bending down to the task. In this way I learned close up, and personal how to really suck a man's cock. Maria didn't just swallow that bone down to the root, she made love to it with everything she owned. Her hands stroking where her lips weren't along the length, her breasts alternately rubbing, and cuddling up against his scrotum all working in conjunction to pull the raw juices of life from deep within his loins. And she would have probably succeeded in a few more seconds if Bruno hadn't bucked us both off of him just then.

"Oh no you don't!" Bruno cried out. "I want this to last until sunrise, and if you had kept that up, I don't think I'd be able to make it until then. Besides, I'd rather cum in both of your cunts first. That way you can lick it out afterwards if you want to."

I, of course, had heard the word cunt before. But it always sounded so crude, and utterly sexist to me. As if by saying cunt, instead of pussy the person saying it was labeling cattle parts for butchering. But the way Bruno said it made me proud to have a cunt for him to dump his load in. In fact it made me feel as if I were his private property, and also something to be cherished as well as exploited. Not a bad feeling, just different.

"How about you two 69," he suggested, "and that way I can fuck whoever is on top doggy style."

Maria's wide grin as she sprawled out on her back on the rose petals, and beckoned me to lay atop of her inverted gave me goose pimples. I nearly came just from spraddling her beautiful face, and did when she locked her lips on my... my cunt as her tongue slipped into my slit. Damn that girl has a talented tongue, and she evidently enjoyed the raw ripe flavor of my pussy. Once again hands, and fingers were caressing my bum as a tongue tasted the essence of my inner being. Without urging I laid down to cuddle my face in Maria's flowing pristine pussy, and began to reciprocate with my lips, fingers, hands, and tongue that which she was doing to me with hers.

I'm sure the two of us made quite an exciting spectacle for Bruno. Because a minute or so later I felt another pair of hands caressing my hot flesh, moving along my backside then down along my sides to cup, and fondle my breasts. And that's when I felt something else rub along the crack of my bum. Something stiff, but also fleshy as it was hot against my slightly cooler rear, and made me tremble in anticipation.

I could feel Maria's upper body repositioning herself between my legs. And then I felt her guide Bruno's hard throbbing fuck muscle, and place the head of his cock between the lips of my boiling pussy. Her tongue still dancing on my clitty as Bruno slowly inserted his prick into my cunt. Yes, I'm getting to like the way that word feels as another way of describing my vagina. It tastes so nasty good, like when a dog barks at his bitch in heat just before mounting her. And on all fours prone over Maria's beautiful body, dressed like a tart in suspenders, with Bruno's cock starting to saw in and out of me I felt like a right proper glorious bitch in heat at that.

I continued to eat Maria's pussy with great enthusiasm. And she in turned tortured my clit until I was so close to Cumming, that all it took was another stroke of Bruno's ramming tool into my cunt, and I exploded into hyperspace becoming a human super nova. Spots flashed before my eyes, like I was having a heart attack, my body undulating like a continuous wave when suddenly Bruno's cock erupted inside of me, and Maria's pussy went into meltdown as well. Her pussy spilling little rivulets of her juices for me to lap up as I slowly returned to Earth.

We had some more wine, and then started all over again, this time with me on the bottom. It went like that all night long. Me, and Maria trading places back and forth on the bed. And when Bruno needed extra time to recuperate Maria, and I would inspire him with a little more girl, on girl lesbian action. I came so many times with either a cock, or a tongue, and fingers stimulating my pussy that I lost count long before the sun began to peek over the horizon into our window.

The three of us spent most of the day in bed together in Bruno's hotel suite either sleeping or enjoying each other until we had to return to work for the Valentine's Day extravaganza at the club. But believe me, when I say, the show that night was next to boring compared to what went on before, and after the show, and on into Sunday. The last show in Cleveland is tonight, and then we'll leave on a flight tomorrow. I can't wait to rehash this all with Maria on the flight, and see if maybe in the future we can arrange to have more men join us. This being bisexual is like playing Spades with a loaded deck.

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