tagIllustratedBlue Moon

Blue Moon


The moonlight shone through the window. It cut my comforter in two. One half was light. One half was dark. I stared at the contrast for a while. I considered closing the blinds but that wasn't what was keeping me awake. He was.

He didn't snore. He didn't listen to his stereo or TV too loud. He didn't leave messes all over the house. He was by all standards a good roommate. He was almost perfect and yet not. He was supremely intelligent and driven but unemployed due to a layoff. He was funny and charismatic one minute then shy and reserved the next. He pulled me in with his warmth but could send me retreating with one cold look.

I knew he was straight. I listened to every appraising story of the women that had passed through his life. The signs were there, yet I had a nagging suspicion that I might not be one hundred percent correct that my roommate liked women and not men. The more I thought about his sexuality, the more I realized I didn't trust my instincts about him because my desire was clouding my judgment. My feelings caused me to put my body on a collision course with his when we navigated around our cramped kitchen. These feelings made my hands twitch with an eagerness to touch him. Every night when I went to bed all I was left with were these feelings flooding my body, swelling and washing over me. I floated on a sea of lust for my roommate. My cock stiffened. I gripped it in my hand, gave it a squeeze and wished I could know for sure.

I imagined how sexy and exciting it would be to have a roommate whose sexual appetite matched mine. I stroked my cock thinking of all the ways he could put an end to moments like this. I'd never have to stroke my own cock. He could offer his mouth to me. I'd been watching that mouth for weeks. I saw it across the room speaking into the phone, across the table devouring a sandwich and now I saw it closing around the head of my cock. The not knowing how good it would feel when he did suck me made my balls ache for release.

It made me frustrated not to have him. I closed my eyes and tried to think of someone else. All I saw was my roommate getting out of the shower with water dripping off his lean body. The curls of his pubic hair were tamed around a delicious cock.

The sound of my bedroom door opening made me bolt upright.

"You awake?" he said in a hushed voice.

"Yeah, man. What's up?" My hands padded down the bed to ensure that my indecency was covered.

"I needed to ask you something."

His body was a dark figure in my doorway for a moment then he crossed the threshold at which point I thought he'd stop and ask his question but he crept to my bedside. He stood where the moonlight spilled off my bed and pooled on the floor.

I was startled by the sight of him, how the moonlight made him seem to glow. My roommate was standing there in the way I'd always wanted him, strong with his chest bare and his pajama pants riding low on his narrow hips.

"I need to know..."


My body tensed when he made a move closer to the bed then proceeded to climb onto it. I scooted back. He stalked toward me, crawling on hands and knees like a hungry panther. I continued my retreat from him, out from underneath the covers, until my head bumped the headboard.

"I need to know if you want me."

He straddled my naked body. My cock pressed into his leg in hard response to his question. I relaxed under the weight of his body but my heart continued to race as the scent and warmth of his body enveloped me. The closer his body came to mine the more my want of him won over my surprise. He stretched himself on top of me and molded into the form of my body. We were chest to chest. He wriggled out of his pajama pants.

We shifted positions in an effort to gain the best access to the other's body. His want for me was clearly communicated in the wet line of precum he drew across my upper thigh. His bare skin on mine was a rush of ecstasy and sweet finality. He breathed life into my fantasy with his kiss while the moonlight illuminated our bodies.

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