tagMind ControlBlue Roses Tattoo

Blue Roses Tattoo


Laurie flipped her cell phone closed and picked two orders off the kitchen delivery shelf. Ned, the short-order cook, peered at her from the other side of the shelf, clicked his lips, and gave her a leer and a wink.

"Keep it in your pants," Laurie barked at him and turned toward the dining room. She knew she should have worn a bra today. It was hotter than a devil's asshole back here, and her flimsy cotton blouse and skirt were plastered to her body.

As she delivered the orders to a couple of plumbers at table 8, she caught the glow of a lit cigarette in her peripheral vision. She walked back past the counter between the service area and a nearly full room of electricians and construction workers, who were chowing down quickly so they could get back on the clock, and muttered at the smoker in passing, "You want'a put that smoke out, Sugar? Missed seeing the sign over there? No smoking in here anymore."

The smoker snorted and flicked the cigarette down onto his coffee cup saucer. Laurie had a sense of a white-teeth flashing smile and an aura of sensuality as she passed him. At the door to the kitchen, she turned and nearly dropped her tray. The guy had movie star good looks, a regular James Dean. He exuded "construction worker," though, which, when linked with eating in this dump, meant he was a young man going nowhere fast. Oh, well, she thought with a shrug and continued on back to the kitchen.

When she came back out, the guy was smoking the cigarette again, and she snapped at him. "I told ya you had to put that cigarette out, fellah. So do it."

He gave her a sullen look and very ceremoniously dropped the cigarette butt in his half-filled cup of coffee and rose to leave the diner.

"Ah, hell," Laurie thought, looking around to see if Tony, the owner, was seeing this. He frequently told her he wasn't in business to lose business. He also was quick to tell her he'd hired her more for her looks than for her waitress abilities and customer services. There was nothing else she could do in this situation except turn on what Tony had hired her to do.

"Hey, listen, I'm sorry," she said as she put her hand on the young man's arm and pointed her ample tits, in their clinging cotton blouse, at him. "I hate trying to enforce that new rule in here. I shouldn't have snapped at you. I just had a bad call on the phone, and it threw me into a funk."

The young man sat back down on the stool and feasted his eyes on her rack. And while he was doing that, she was checking him out too. Nice body, she thought. Again, what hard work in construction could get you. Tight faded low-rise blue jeans and a white T-shirt stretched tight over a great chest. And now that she was looking at him real well, there was something intriguing about his chest. There appeared to be a massive faded blue tattoo curling out at the arm holes and neck of his T, and the white cotton shirt was gauzy enough that she could see that the design covered his entire torso. A little thrill went through her body, and her hands were beginning to tremble, something that could lead to disaster in her profession. She had to stop this. She promised herself she wouldn't be giving herself to any more of the type of guys who ate in this diner.

"Listen, Sugar. Forgive me, do your smoking outside, and I'll get you another cup of coffee and add in a piece of that apple pie. Sound like a good deal?"

"Does the coffee have to come out of the same pot that made this one?" the young man shot back. And then he flashed that movie star smile, winked, and said, "Just kidding. Sure, that sounds like a good deal."

She was blushing when she returned with the coffee pot and the slice of pie.

He asked her, "You said you'd had a bad phone call. Sorry to hear that. Hope it's not trouble."

"Naw, it's just my life, Sugar," Laurie said, plopping her elbows on the counter and her chin in her hands in front of him and, totally unintentionally, giving him another good look at her knockers, this time squeezed together, which emphasized the deep cleavage. "I was just talking with my friend, Reba—she's a hairdresser over on Pierce. We were going to get together to compare our recent exotic adventures, and it just hit both of us that we didn't have any exotic adventures to talk about. In this dead-end hole in the earth, we don't even have a life."

"I can't hardly believe that," the young guy said. "Good looking girl like you has got to have a real interesting love life at least, even here."

"Apparently not," Laurie snorted. And then Tony was yelling at her from across the room that she had tables waiting to put in their orders. When she had that under control again, she turned back to the counter and the guy was gone.

"Oh, well, the story of my life," Laurie thought. "Run up against anything half-way interesting or exotic and it disappears on me with a poof." And then she didn't think about any of this again, because her shift finished up real busy.

When Laurie walked out of the diner, she looked up, and there he was, leaning back on her car hood. He was smoking a cigarette again, and when he saw her, he gave her a saucy "you can't tell me to put it out now" look. That's not what made her jaw drop, though. What caused that was that he'd taken off his T-shirt, and she saw now that the tattoo pattern covering his torso was a cascade of faded blue roses, all tumbling down to the front edge of his low-rise jeans. She couldn't help having her first thought, which was wondering where the roses went from that point. This was immediately followed by a wet feeling between her legs.

"Thought you might want to give me a ride," he said, and he flicked his cigarette out into the parking lot.

"A ride?" she stammered. "In my car?"

"Maybe that too," he said, and then he laughed.

Laurie trembled as she walked around the car, and she nearly dropped her keys fumbling her way into the driver's seat. This was where she should have told him to back off and left him biting her car's dust as she roared out of the parking lot. But she didn't do that. She just got into the car and sat there as he opened the passenger door and eased himself in beside her.

"Which way?" she asked.

"What?" And then he misunderstood and leaned over and put his hand on her knee.

"Stop that! I mean where do you want me to take you? You asked for a ride. You must need to go someplace."

"Oh, just drive up toward route 22." But he didn't take his hand off her knee.

She put the car in gear and moved slowly and deliberately out of the parking lot. They weren't even up on the asphalt of the road before the young man had moved his hand to the hem of her skirt and gone underneath. Now his hand went to the inside of one of her soft, creamy thighs.

She slapped at his hand and sped up. The car was veering back and forth on the road.

"Whoa, Baby," he exclaimed. "Slow down. You'll crash us."

"I'll crash us?" she lashed out at him. "You'll crash us. Move that hand. Right now." She squeezed her thighs together in a last-ditch defense against his advances.

"Sure thing, Baby," he answered. And then he laughed and moved his hand directly to where it was cupping her mound tightly over her panties.

Laurie let out a gasp and her legs felt like jelly. They just collapsed on her and spread apart for him. He worked his fingers through a leg hole of her panties and entered her with a long, hard finger. She was beginning to flow, leaving no doubt that she wanted him. And he knew it. She was whimpering, and the car was slowing down now and creeping to the side of the road. She was scared and starting to hyperventilate, but whenever she glanced from the road to the man sitting close beside her and turned to her, she saw those blue roses in motion. His muscles undulated from the rotation and motion of his finger inside her cunt and of his other fingers at her inner thighs. She just melted at the exoticness of what was happening to her and the beauty of his motion.

"There's 22. Turn right and go about a mile," he directed her, as his second finger entered her and found and breached the hood of her clit. She moaned and dropped a hand to her lap. But rather than trying to pull his hand away, she held it there to her, close, through the thin moist cotton of her skirt.

"Turn here and drive behind the house," he directed.

"But this is the Clarke place," she said in a small voice. "They've been gone for some time. Please, don't . . . . I don't want to . . . ."

"Shush," he said. "I'm not going to harm you. I'm not going to do anything to you you don't want done. You said there was no exotic adventure in your life. I'm just helping you get that."

"I don't want . . . I didn't say you could . . . ," she whimpered at him, and she drove past the silent Clarke house and parked in the back yard.

"You didn't have to say it," he declared, working his third finger into her and rubbing her clit, which produced more gasps from her. "You wouldn't have let me in the car if you didn't want this. I do a lot of work with animals, and I can tell what they need and want without them telling me—and they probably don't even know what they need or want. I sensed back in the diner the same with you. This is what you need; you need someone to focus on you wholly and touch you to the depths."

"No, please," she said as she turned the key in the ignition. She was crying now. Tears were come down her cheeks and her juices were flowing around his rotating fingers. It was all so confusing. But she couldn't deny that she wanted him.

He wrapped his free hand around the back of her neck and brought her lips to his, giving her a bruising kiss that she initially fought but eventually fully gave into as the fingers of his other hand went as deep as they could up into her vagina and then slowly pumped in and out and rubbed back across her clit on the upward strokes. She shuddered and spasmed and silently screamed out under the pressure of his lips, tongue, and fingers as she achieved an orgasm. A man hadn't given her an orgasm in months, and a man had never given her one before without having his cock pumping inside her.

He broke off the kiss and pulled his fingers out of her cunt and patted her on the knee. "Get out of the car and come around to the hood," he said in a husky voice.

"Please," she said.

"Just do it. I said I wasn't going to harm you. You'll enjoy it."

She fumbled with the door handle, lurched out of the car, and stumbled around to the hood. He was already there in all his rose tattoo-stretched-over-gorgeous-muscle glory. He came up close to her and slowly unbuttoned her blouse and then pulled it off her shoulders. He cupped her ample breasts in his hands and then pushed her back onto the hood of the car. He brushed his lips to hers and then dipped down and had his lips on her nipples. She sighed and moaned as he worked them in his mouth. While he was sucking on these, his hands were at her hips, pulling her skirt down and off her legs. Then he started a slow journey of licking and kissing down her belly. When he reached the waistband of her panties, he stood above her and slowly worked those off her legs. He brought the very wet panties up to his nose and then gave her a wicked smile and stuffed them in the back pocket of his jeans. His glistening torso under that pattern of roses mesmerized her.

He went down on his knees between her legs and was applying his lips and tongue where his fingers had played earlier. She writhed under him and grabbed his head in her hands and crushed his face to her crotch. He found her hooded clit, exposed it with his tongue, and sucked it hard.

Laurie fell back onto the hood of the car and screamed in ecstasy as she had her second, much fuller and more prolonged orgasm under the tonguing and nibbling the man of the blue roses was applying to her clit.

She lay back, exhausted, as, with a grin and a laugh, the young man stood and backed from her a bit. She watched him, her eyes glazed but very wide, as he stripped his tight jeans off. He wasn't wearing anything underneath them, and Laurie gasped at what she saw. Not only was he better endowed than almost any man she'd ever been with before, but his groin was clean shaven, and the rose tattooing V'd down his lower, washboard belly to where a sprig of buds encircled the root of his cock. And there, very close to the bulging head of his cock was tattooed a single blue rose bud.

Having given her an eyeful of him, the young man walked back into her. She looked down the length of his washboard belly, as he took her finger and used it to trace the rose bud near the tip of his cock. Then he took her hands in his and wrapped them around his rod and held them very still so that she could feel his dick throbbing.

"I think we've given you enough exotic adventure for you and your friend to talk about. But if you want more, I have this for you. Do you want more? My cock is throbbing. It's throbbing for you. Do you want it?"

Laurie didn't answer him in words. She rolled her hips up on the hood of the car and, pulled his cock inside of her with her hands, watching the rose bud slowly disappear inside her. She directed the head of the cock to her clit and rubbed the two sensitive members together. The young man was doing as much moaning and groaning as she was now, and he only put up with her having control for a short time. With a cry, he took the root of his cock in his own hands, redirected the head and plunged into her. She cried out in ecstasy and arched her head back toward the hood of the car. His head followed, with his lips arriving at her nipples. He pumped her hard and long while he nibbled on her breasts, and she reached down and dug her hands into his butt cheeks, holding him in her.

After many minutes of this, he pulled out of her and turned her body to facing the hood and reentered her from behind. One of his hands went to a breast and the other came down her belly, and the heel of the hand rested on her lower belly, as two fingers entered her vagina and found and rubbed her clit until the combination of this and the throbbing and pumping cock deep inside her caused Laurie to have her third orgasm. The young man shot off shortly thereafter in great fountains of semen that mixed with her flowing juices and ran out around his thick cock and down their thighs.

Laurie was still heaving and trying to catch her breath, belly down on the hood of the car, when she realized the young man had withdrawn his cock from her. She turned and found that she was completely alone in the back yard of the deserted Clarke house in the dimming light of the evening. He had completely disappeared. Where could he have gone? She search around the house and drove slowly down the drive and along the road, assuming that she would see him, but he had vanished. All he'd left her was his white T-shirt, on the floor of the passenger compartment of his car. And, in exchange, he had taken her wet panties.

The next day she quizzed Tony about the Clarke place.

"Haven't all of the Clarke's moved away?" she asked.

"Yep," Tony answered. "They've gone up north where Mr. Clarke thought he could find better work. Their son, Hank, is back hereabouts, though, I heard. Just temporarily. He works for a circus that's taking a rest break over near Lawrence. I hear he's a roustabout or something for that circus. Also heard he's good with the wild animals and real good with his hands."

Laurie looked sharply at Tony to see if he was making any suggestions with that remark, but he didn't seem to be doing that.

"In fact, he was in here just yesterday. I saw him jawing with you. You didn't know that was him?"

"Naw I didn't," Laurie answered.

"Now that I think about it, he was asking questions about you and what kind of car you drove when I ran across him outside while I was takin' my smoke break. I thought that was kinda weird, but then just assumed you and he were talking cars."

"Yep, that's it. We were just talkin' cars in passing," Laurie answered, hoping Tony didn't notice how she was blushing. Then her attention went to her pulsating cell phone.

"Yes, hi there, Reba. What? No, I'm sorry, I can't come over this evening. I got some clothes mixed up with someone else's . . . yeah, yeah, down at the Laundromat . . . and I've gotta see if I can get them exchanged."

When she disconnected, she was going over the route in her mind to be sure she'd be able to find her way back to the Clarke house.

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