byadam applebiter©

[Author's Note: While some of the characters in this story were first introduced in "Gotta Love Them Cheerios", you don't actually have to read that story first.]

"Hi Honey. You ok?"

"Sure. Just fine." Jean-Paul strode out of his study in a pair of Bermuda shorts and squeezed Lucy in an enthusiastic bear hug, kissing her firmly. "Shouldn't I be?"

"I called your office. They said you'd called in sick." Lucy's hands wiggled free of his embrace and rested on his chest. She couldn't help but admire the firm pectorals.

"I had an idea. I stayed home to work on it. Sorry, I should have let you know." He didn't show any inclination to put her down.

"You should! I nearly blew your excuse. Fortunately – for you – the guy who picked up your phone didn't know my voice." They really were spectacular pecs...

"Whatever." Jean-Paul seemed distracted by talk of work. "What did you do today?... Apart from fretting on me."

"Payroll. It's Wednesday. I always do payroll on Wednesdays. Remember?" Not just the chest either...

"I've made you something special." Jean-Paul's grip on her relaxed. The ground was under her feet once more.

"Dinner?" It was the abs too. Island girls should be scrubbing laundry on those abs then slapping the water out on his rock-like buns.

"Georgina and Pete invited us over for a cook-out tonight. Remember?"

"God, yes! I'd forgotten about that... So what is this something special?"

"This." Jean-Paul reached into his pocket and presented her with...

Well, it looked like her favourite vibrator, except it was double ended. That's not to say she could share it with a girlfriend: it was only four inches long. As Lucy turned it over in her hands, she noticed a hairline mark around the middle. She surmised it was the business end of two vibrators glued together. A white wire protruded from one end but seemed to lack the usual battery and controller on the other end. The wire just stopped about a foot from the plastic. Bare ends were twisted together.

"Some sort of Love egg? There's no controls." Lucy was puzzled. She had love eggs already.

"Just hold it in your left hand...so." Jean-Paul folded her fingers around the smooth plastic. "And touch yourself." Jean-Paul stepped back to observe Lucy's reactions.

"Touch myself?... With this?"

"No, with your other hand. Just hold that for now."

Lucy, bemused but always willing to play along with Jean-Paul's crazy games, pushed straight fingers past the waistband on her trousers and into her underwear. Jean-Paul watched the rhythmic movement of her knuckles under the fabric.

Lucy squealed, surprised. The silver thing was starting to vibrate in her hand. She stopped touching her crotch, pulling her hand back into daylight. The vibrator slowed and stopped.

"What the... How?" She asked.


"Bluetooth?" Wasn't that something to do with cellular phones?

Jean-Paul pulled at the drawstring of his shorts and pushed them down. There was a small box, smaller than a lipstick, bandaided to his thigh and a wire connecting it to a rubber band around his penis. "The harder I get, the faster that vibrates." He pointed at his soft penis and the silver contraption still in her hand, pinched the rubber band, stretching it away from his penis and letting it back – gently.

The contraption – Lucy didn't know what she should call it – leapt to life, buzzing furiously then fell silent as quickly.

"So getting me to touch myself was just to give you a quick thrill?" Lucy should have known. Jean-Paul liked to watch her play with dolls – a phrase he'd coined when she'd owned up to losing her cherry to a Barbie doll.

"I cannibalised two old Bluetooth wireless adapters from work – Our new notebooks don't need them – so it only has a range of about 30 feet. I thought you could wear it when we go out. Then, if something turns me on, you'll be the first to know." His eyes glinted with mischief. He loved pushing the limits of what they could get away with in public.

"No fucking way! I am not going to spend an evening with all our neighbours with a vibrator in me that you have control over." Lucy was clearly unimpressed by the scheme.

"Don't trust me?"

"Of course I don't trust you. I haven't trusted you since that time on the L in New York. I still can't work our how you knew there was a news crew on the other platform."

"I've told you a hundred times. I didn't know they were filming there. I just wanted to see those commuter's expressions when you mooned them." His protestations of innocence fell on deaf ears – as usual.

"Six months and you still can't say that with a straight face. My parents saw that news report. Pop went on about it in graphic detail. Do you have any idea how not nice it is that he probably got a kick out of it?"

"Well can we at least try it out?" Jean-Paul was anxious to change the subject back to his new invention. He knew for a fact that Lucy's father had indeed got a Viagra moment out of her flash. And, yes, that was really a bit gross.

"Well, I was planning on fucking your brains out tonight but I guess, yes, we can play with this gizmo first." She brushed past him, contriving to stroke his still exposed limp penis en passant. In their bedroom, she took her time putting her suit on a hanger before reaching for the waistband of her panties.

"Put it in first." Jean-Paul urged. "Before it starts vibrating."

"Before you get hard you mean? Ok." She took some lubricant from the bedside drawer, slicked her fingers and the gizmo and, with her back to Jean-Paul, managed to slip the smooth plastic past her gusset and into her pussy. She straightened her pants, wiped the excess lube off her fingers with a tissue and turned back to him. "Now what?"

"Undress. Slowly." Jean-Paul's shorts were in a heap in the corner.

"Why don't I just get hold of you? That normally provokes a reaction."

"Because I don't want to get hard too fast. I want to test the sensitivity of this gadget."

"Ok Baby." Lucy smiled, stood and slowly – ever so slowly – peeled her pants down her legs. She let them drop past her knees and stepped out of them, hooking the scrap of fabric on her toe and kicking it to Jean-Paul.

He caught them easily, holding them to his nose and inhaling deeply as he watched her open button after button on her blouse. His cock stirred and Lucy paused on the third button.

"Ooh. It's starting. Listen." They both stood still. The faintest low drone of the vibrator could just be heard. "Mmm. Feels kinda nice." Lucy continued to unbutton.

As her blouse fell open, her pussy finally became visible. Lucy wore her dark pubic hair in a Nike tick. A henna tattoo above it said "Just do it". The blouse slipped down her arms and drifted to the floor. Her white bra parted at her touch and followed the same route in descent, leaving her naked. Her nipples were chocolate brown against latte skin tanned to mocha everywhere but her breasts and crotch. She cupped her small breasts in her hands, teasing her nipples to attention and sighing with pleasure. Her breasts had always been really sensitive. That was one very good reason not to have them "enhanced". The thought of losing any of that sensitivity appalled her.

Jean-Paul's cock got as perky as her nipples and the gizmo buzzed faster.

"It's working." Lucy's eyes smouldered. This was turning out to be fun. She took the opportunity to admire Jean-Paul's body. He had no tan lines at all, just bronzed practically hairless skin stretched over muscles like a Greek statue. His hair, as dark as hers, reached his shoulders when not tied back. As she looked at it, his cock twitched and grew. The vibrator was really stirring her up now. Her knees nearly buckled. She sat on the bed before she fell, lying back and spreading her legs.

Jean-Paul dropped to his knees, "Touch it." He husked.

Lucy didn't need asking. Her fingers flew to her clit. Jean-Paul's cock was fully rigid now and the gizmo was whining like a wasp in a bottle. Lucy lashed at her clit as she moaned and writhed to climax.

"Oh yes!... Oh yes!... Oooh Yeeessss!... FUCK ME JESUS!...YES...YES... yesssss..."

As Lucy came down from her orgasm, the gizmo continued to buzz away inside her, sending tremors and aftershocks through her. In the post-climax hypersensitivity, it was almost painful. She moaned as it lifted her to a sudden second orgasm.

"Ooh...Ooh....OHHHH!...Oh yessss..."

And still the buzzing went on unabated. This was torture. She could barely control her hands as she reached for the wire to pull it out. As the Gizmo popped out the muted buzz turned into a room filling whine. Jean-Paul took it from her trembling fingers, untwisted the wire ends and silenced it.

"Honey, it's very clever but..." Lucy caught her breath.

"But it's never gonna catch on?"

"No. It's too much too."

"Too much?"

"It's positively seismic. Take that to San Francisco and you'll start a panic."

"Yeah? I used a lithium battery to save space. It's twice the voltage of an AA. I half expected it to burn out the motor."

"Honey, you know that when you get technical all I hear is blah-blah-blah. Now take that silly rubber band off and come here." Lucy beckoned salaciously. There was one sure fire way to stop Jean-Paul speaking geeky.

* * * * *

Jean-Paul, despite looking like Tarzan, was by his own admission a geek. In fact, he generally gave his job description as alpha-geek. He was the senior techie for a small software house – senior, that is, if you asked the other techies. Management thought his supervisor was in charge but the supervisor and everyone under her knew better. It was a good arrangement. Jean-Paul wouldn't have enjoyed all the meetings, reports and admin that Judita, his nominal boss, got to do. As far as he was concerned, her job was to keep him supplied with toys and puzzles, and take all the meetings so he could play with the other geeks.

Lucy, back in high school, leader of the cheerleader squad, would never have believed she'd end up marrying a geek. "No way!" would have been the mildest response to the merest suggestion. Now here she was, engaged, three months shy of marrying a guy who had an autographed picture of Bill Gates on his living room wall. Her school friends wouldn't believe it! Of course, with her legs wrapped around his hips and his fine, upward curving cock buried in her snatch, it was easy to ignore the technicality of him being a geek.

Jean-Paul ground his crotch into hers, duelling her tongue with his, attacking her defences on two fronts with rapier and main gauche. He felt her nails dig into his butt and, spurred on by these goads, thrust harder, faster, pinning her writhing body to the bed. Watching her getting off – twice – had really got his blood up. The slickness of perspiration between their bodies allowed his chest to slide smoothly over her breasts, nipples occasionally catching each other in glancing blows that elicited low moans from them both. As Lucy's back arched, lifting him bodily, and her thighs pulled him into her, Jean-Paul felt the pressure of her pelvic floor increase in pulses, tightening her grip on his cock. It was the coupe de grace. He pulled his mouth from hers, tossing his hair back as a leonine roar accompanied the hot blast of his ejaculation and, in the Victorian vernacular, he died the little death.

Lucy stroked his heaving back gently as he lay on top of her, crushing her breasts with his full weight and catching his breath. He nuzzled at her neck, contentedly and mumbled sweet nothings in her ear. She didn't mind his weight. He wasn't a heavy man and she could breathe just fine. In fact, she felt it all rather added to the sense of power and domination she got from him in the bedroom. He was a considerate lover, certainly not a wimp but he was sensitive too... and sometimes so childlike she wanted to mother him.

* * * * *

They were late for the cook-out. Lucy had had difficulty deciding which bikini to wear. She'd finally allowed herself to be talked into one of her new Wicked Weasels. It was appropriate really, since Georgina was the one who'd turned her on to WW last summer. Lucy's bright yellow thong and bra weren't as revealing as most WW costumes but with her henna tattoo clearly readable and the trademark seam in the thong guaranteeing major camel toe, she felt practically naked. Of course, she had a sarong on too, but these evenings usually ended up in the pool. They hadn't yet gone as far as partner swapping but there was something really kinky about getting off in front of their neighbours and watching them do likewise.

Jean-Paul had even persuaded her to lend Georgina and Peter one of their homemade skin flicks. He'd been so passionate that night – knowing their neighbours were watching their movie. A couple of nights later, Georgina had brought them a tape to watch too. Exciting as it had been to see it, it was the main reason Lucy didn't feel comfortable swapping all the way: Peter was really ass-fixated and Lucy just wasn't into that. She and Georgina had had a candid discussion about Lucy's issues. They'd all stayed friends... and then some.

* * * * *

"Really?" Georgina was incredulous.

"Really. A radio controlled vibrator. We tested it before coming over." Lucy was explaining why they'd been late.

"And it's connected to his cock?" It was rather hard to get a mental picture of.

"Yes. The harder he gets, the harder it vibrates. Trouble is, Jean-Paul enjoys watching me get off so much, the damned gizmo wouldn't slow down. In the end, he had to switch it off. He wanted me to wear it tonight."

"And did you?" Georgina looked down at Lucy's crotch meaningfully.

"We compromised. He's wearing his half: my half's in my purse. Wanna see?"

"Do I ever!"

Lucy took the silver gizmo from her purse and carefully twisted the loose wires together to turn it back on. It started quietly buzzing straight away.

"What the?... Well, well. Where's Jean-Paul?" Lucy looked around quickly. "Oh. That explains it." She pointed at Jean-Paul, stretched out face down by the pool. From this low vantage point, he was admiring Georgina's backside.

"Let's test this thing." Georgina took hold of the gizmo, using her free hand to apparently absentmindedly adjust her bikini, letting her finger slide under the fabric. The gizmo purred louder. She took her hand away from her ass and in a few seconds, the gizmo slowed again. "What d'ya know? It actually works!" Georgina handed it back to Lucy. "I hope you'll show Peter... later."

Lucy untwisted the wires. The silent gizmo slipped back into her purse. "Sure. You provide the stimulus: I'll provide the response. Now please excuse me. I need a word with my boyfriend... He's spotted the Olsen girl." Lucy touched Georgina's arm affectionately as she moved past her to remonstrate with Jean-Paul.

Kerri Olsen was still in high school but that didn't stop her filling a swimsuit too damned well for Lucy's liking. It had been obvious since last summer that she had a tremendous crush on Jean-Paul. Ok, so that at least was understandable. The accent, the physique, the raw sex appeal and the innate affability all pretty much guaranteed girls of all ages would 'notice' him. However, Jean-Paul was old enough to know better than to encourage the girl. At least, that was Lucy's view. She had asked – beseeched – him to not flirt with her but, well, he just couldn't help himself. There was no point in making a scene. Lucy just joined him by the pool and quietly and completely monopolized his attention. That did the trick.

* * * * *

The guests had all gone, the barbeque grill was soaking in a tub of soapy water, Georgina was washing dishes and Lucy was drying them. The guys were in Peter's den, well out of earshot, when Georgina raised the subject of the gizmo again.

"So what d'you reckon they're talking about in there?"

"How to get us naked." Lucy hazarded a guess.

"There's one way to find out." Georgina handed Lucy the last plate and dried her hands.

"There's two ways."


"That gizmo in my purse. Twist the wires together."

Georgina took the vibrator from Lucy's purse and squeezed the stripped wires together. Nothing.

"Then they're not talking about us." Lucy observed, wiping her hands. "So now we have to go and find out the hard way."

"Lets freshen up first." Georgina headed for the cloakroom, fully expecting Lucy to follow her. As they got ready, Georgina asked. "Lucy, can I try that thing?" She pointed at the gizmo. "I'm wondering whether you can get Jean-Paul and I off simultaneously."

"Sounds like a plan. I take it Peter will want to tape it all?"

"Doesn't he always?"

"You need some lube first." Lucy suggested.

"Do I? Meanie."

"All right then. I'll do the honours. Come here."

* * * * *

Georgina and Lucy had tried girl on girl sex last year. They'd both been satisfying a long standing curiosity and they figured the guys would enjoy the floorshow. They'd agreed afterwards that they definitely preferred guys. That didn't mean they went right off the idea. There'd been a few encore performances at Peter's request. Jean-Paul enjoyed watching them too.

Now, Georgina straddled Lucy's lap – Lucy was still sitting on the toilet – and got very aroused as Lucy's fingers manipulated her sex. Lucy didn't mind the lesbian foreplay routine, just as she enjoyed her own snatch being touched by pretty much anyone. When you started juicing up, it didn't matter whose fingers they were. Touching Georgina didn't turn her on particularly but it did make her feel naughty and that's a good thing when you're about to fuck with friends.

"That's gotta be enough." Lucy took her hand away.

"I was enjoying that." Georgina pouted as she handed the gizmo to Lucy. "Check it's switched on first."

Lucy twisted the wires properly and slipped the sleek silver thing into Georgina's slick hole. "Lick." She reached wet fingers up to Georgina's mouth. Georgina sucked them for a moment then Lucy wiped the rest off with a tissue.

"Let's go tease the boys." They put their bikinis back on and headed for the den.

"Ooh!" Georgina gasped as they reached the hall. She stood still, looking bemused.

"The gismo?"

"Yes. It just started up."

"We must have been out of range. Jean-Paul did say thirty feet was pretty much the limit. How hard is it going?"

"Just a little."

"At least we know they haven't got Ms Olsen in there with them." Lucy smirked.

"I'm sure they're both bemoaning that very fact right now. Poor boys – they'll have to make do with us instead." Georgina smiled wickedly and opened the door to the den.

"You two took your sweet goddamned time." Peter looked around. He only got to make alpha-male noises when Georgina was horny and he was pushing his luck a bit starting in on her so quickly.

"Next time, you two can do the dishes while we wait then. I'm sure Lucy and I can find ways to abuse – amuse ourselves, even if you can't." Georgina settled onto Peter's lap, lending the lie to her harsh tone.

"Missed me Honey?" Lucy straddled Jean-Paul's lap. She preferred to face him full on instead of being side-saddle.

"Not a bit." Jean-Paul reached for the bow at the back of her neck and without pre-amble, freed Lucy's breasts. She rose a little and leant forward to allow him to gently suck her dark nipples into life.

"Georgina's wearing the gizmo." She said, conversationally, as he nuzzled her breasts. She'd heard the faint gasp behind her as soon as her nipple had touched his lips.

"Peter," Georgina said. "Did Jean-Paul tell you about his invention?"

"We were just discussing it. You've got it?"

"Yes. Lucy's gonna blow Jean-Paul and we're gonna see if I come too. Sorry Darling but you don't get any – yet." She pressed close as Peter's hand cupped her mons, feeling the faint vibrations deep inside.

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