tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBlushing Bride Ch. 03

Blushing Bride Ch. 03


"Those pretty white panties are appropriate given that it's going to be your first time," David, my friend and former flatmate said, lifting up the white skirt of the wedding dress I was wearing and running his hand over the white lacy french knickers that I wore beneath, the feel of his hand on my arse causing my cock to twitch in excitement.

It was my stag night, I was supposed to be enjoying my last night of masculine freedom, drinking and getting strippers. Just imagine if my beautiful fiancee could see me now, on my hands and knees, wearing her wedding dress tight over sexy sensual white lingerie that was causing a massive hard-on beneath the dress, my face painting with her make-up and smeared with the cum of the three friends I'd already sucked off while my lips were wrapped around the ten inch monster cock of my former school friend Pete. What would virginal Gina think to know that dressed as her I had sucked the cock of our work colleague Zach who had always had a crush on her, and drank his cum? What would she think to know my feelings now as my friend caressed my arse and told me how much he was looking forward to taking my cherry on my wedding night? Would she believe the mixture of feelings I felt, nerves, excitement, but more than anything, arousal. To be fucked like a little slut was the one thing I desired most to do before I was married and I couldn't believe it was happening to me now.

Similar thoughts were obviously occurring to David as he turned to me and said, referring to me by my future wife's name as the others had all evening that I had been dressing and playing as her, "Well Gina, what would your sissy fiance Rich think to know that it'll be me taking your virginity on your wedding night?"

I couldn't answer, my mouth was stuffed so full of Pete's monster cock that I could barely breath so I just sort of gargled. I couldn't see behind me, Pete's hands holding my head in place on my cock saw to that, but I could feel my arse exposed where David had drawn the skirt of my wedding dress up around my waist and now I could feel his hardness pressed against my arse through the thin lacy material of my panties. Suddenly, I wasn't so sure that this was what I wanted, his cock felt so big against my tiny little opening, how would it ever fit in there?

For the second time, I managed to get my mouth free of Pete's cock in order to say to David, "I don't know if I'm ready for this now. Please don't."

"This is what a bride gets on her wedding night, Gina," David said patronisingly, "She gets fucked with a big, hard cock. You wanted to play the bride so now you're going to see it through."

I tried to fight for a second to get away but Pete's hands were on my shoulders holding me down in a doggy-style position while he began to rub the end of his huge cock tantalisingly across my lips, brushing them with his tasty pre-cum, distracting me with the allure of the cock in front of me from the one behind me.

"Don't worry Gina, I know it's your first time, I'll be gentle," David said. The other guys laughed, they had all heard David's tails of his sexual exploits with so many women, none of them ever involved him being gentle.

There was nothing I could do as he pushed my panties aside and slipped one wet finger into my anus. Despite my fears, I found this hugely exciting, my cock twitched and I let out a little girlish moan as David pushed the finger in as deep as it could go and began to finger my tight warm arse.

"Yeah, you're liking that aren't you Gina? Imagine how great my cock is going to feel in there," he said, pushing a second finger in there.

"Oh, oooo, yesss," I moaned, more in response to the fingering than the question.

He withdrew both fingers from my arse and I could feel it, almost with a will of its own, rising back to meet them, desperate to be filled again. I could feel the head of his cock now at the entrance to my virgin arse. He spat on his hand and rubbed the saliva all over his dick, satisfied that that was enough lubricant. He put his hands on either side of my arse and pulled my arse cheeks open to give him better access and then pushed an inch of his thick, hard cock into me.

"OH GOD! OH FUCK!!!" I screamed out at the top of my voice, I felt like my arse was being torn apart as he pushed further passed my sphincter.

My tight virgin arse clenched hard on his cock, trying to force it out.

"Fuck, you're tight Gina, I don't think I've ever fucked a girl this tight, it feels great on my cock."

I tried to relax my arse but felt like I was about to pass out from the pain of it all and then, before I knew it, all of David's cock was up inside me, impaling me, tearing me wide open. He withdrew all the way and slammed it back in, this time quicker and harder than before. I let out another girlish squeal and this time, Pete used the opportunity to shove his massive beast back deep down my throat so I felt totally impaled between the two cocks. As Pete pulled out of my mouth, David thrust hard into my arse so with a moan I was pushed back onto Pete's cock, there was nothing I could do, they were totally in control of my every move.

It wasn't long, however, before I found myself getting used to it. My tight little virgin arse was torn a little wider and I became number to the pain of David buggering me. Meanwhile I was awoken to the sheer pleasure of feeling his cock pushing deep up inside me stimulating my prostate while I clasped my lips around another, fatter cock. This thrill of being used by cocks at both ends was just what I'd always dreamt of and in practice it felt even sexier. As I really started to get into it, I allowed my arse to rise back to meet David's thrusts and pushed my head forward to slurp on Pete's cock, moaning loudly with every breath Pete allowed me. Soon I felt Pete tense up and empty a massive load down my throat and across my face. My mouth was now free to moan and scream to my heart's content as David picked up the pace, seeming to thrust deeper and harder into me every time, pulling on my long, blonde hair in order to get even greater leverage.

"Fuck, that's amazing," he grunted, "You're loving this aren't you know Gina?"

"Yes, yes, FUCK YESS!" I screamed and panted, "Fuck me David, fuck me harder. I love the feel of you inside my tight arse, taking my cherry. I want you to cum for me. Fill my arse with your hot cum. Make me cream my sexy panties. Fuck, fuck, fuck me! FUUUCCKK MEEEEE!" I let out a wail as I could feel my cock let out a huge stream of cum, soaking my white lacy panties and through to my wedding dress, virginal no more.

All this was enough for David, "Fuck, fuck. Oh GOD!" he cried out as in my orgasm my arse tightened further on his cock and he too blew his load, filling me up with his sticky juices.

I let David's cock slide from my arse and stood up. My wedding dress (or rather, what would be my wife's wedding dress in a couple of days) was torn and sticky with cum. I unzipped it and let it fall to the floor, stepping out of it so I was just dressed in the sensual lingerie, the lacy white corset and matching panties, white thigh highs and three inch heels.

There were only a few of my guests that hadn't had their way with me yet. Apart from my best man Mark, who was holding back despite encouraging the whole thing in the first place, and Jake who seemed to object to it all, there were just my friends Sam, Ben and Joe left and the latter two came over to me now. Between them, they lifted me up and took me over to the coffee table and lay me down on it. Ben stood at my legs and Joe at my shoulders. My cock was already growing hard again at being manhandled by these hot guys. Brushing across it, Ben pulled down my panties, originally white but now see-through, I had got them so wet, and discarded them. He stood between my stockinged legs and pulled them wide open, positioning himself by my arse. I wrapped my legs around him, not wanting to let this one get away and loving the feel of our flesh rubbing together with the soft silk of the stockings in between. As Ben pushed his cock up into my arse, David's cum already in there acting as a sort of lubricant, I wrapped my mouth around Joe's cock and began to suck it.

As Ben began to hump me over the coffee table, we were joined by some of the guys that I had already seen to, their cocks hard once more and ready for action as they gathered round and stroked themselves off over my lingerie clad body. While I continued to suck on Joe's dick, I took two of them in my hands and wanked them in time with my sucking. Meanwhile, to get a better access to my arse, Ben had lifted my legs up so my heels were on his shoulders, he was now stimulating me deeper than I could ever have thought possible. Meanwhile the other guys were rubbing their cocks up against my silk stockings. We were joined too now by my old friend Sam, a little, effeminate, nervous guy, he had held back until now. And rather than joining the seven other men who were all rubbing their hard cocks up against me in some way, he noticed my own hard trembling cock and soon his lips were wrapped around it in the same way that mine were around Joe's. I'd never got a blowjob from a guy before but Sam was pretty into it and it was really turning me on, I guess this must be the way the other guy's were feeling about what my lips could do to them. As some of the guys proceeded to shoot their loads across my face, my chest in the white corset and my stockings, I too felt my hips bucking and cum shooting forth from my cock into Sam's throat. Ben was obviously pretty turned on by this as my quivering hips were enough to result in the second load of cum that had filled my arse that evening.

Joe stepped away from my mouth and took Ben's place, tearing into my arse with even greater vigour and excitement, leaving my mouth free. I expected another cock, instead I got Sam's lips, planting a long, sloppy wet kiss on mine. Nobody had kissed me since Zach, my face and lips were too soaked in cum for them to think this attractive, but Sam seemed to be loving it, pushing my own cum back down my throat as he caressed my tongue with his, before dashing from the room as the other guys laughed at him. I didn't have much time to think about this as he was instantly replaced by the hard cocks of David and Carl in my mouth.

As I was soaked in cum once more and the latest group of guys left me collapsed on the coffee table, I looked up to see Pete sitting in a chair opposite, his monster cock sticking straight up like a massive pole.

"How about you come and park that pretty little arse of yours on my lap, Gina?" he grinned at me.

His cock was far bigger than any I had already taken in my arse that evening, but what the hell, I was loving my slutty new persona and desperate to take see what his big black cock would do to me.

I got up at tottered over towards him in my high white heels, looking every inch the hot blonde bride well and truly fucked and cum soaked with just the semi erect cock hanging between my legs showing me to be anything else. As I swayed my hips in what I hoped was an enticing feminine manner, I gave David a pouting, fuck me look that caused his massive cock to become even stiffer. I turned my back to him, I wanted to look out at the room and watch their reactions as I gave my performance. I straddled his legs with my own in their sticky white stockings, placing the entrance to my newly torn arse over his monster cock. Pete put his hands on my waist and pushed the first couple of inches up inside me, slowly lowering me down his pole.

"Oh, fuck," I cried out. Even with all the cocks that had already fucked me that evening, Pete's was filling me up like nothing I could ever have imagined, and it wasn't even half in yet.

He paused for a moment to allow my arse to get used to his beast and I let out a moan. Eventually, he managed to impale me completely on it. I felt like it was stuck right up through me, stimulating every fibre in my girlish body. Slowly at first, but rapidly picking up speed, I began to ride him, rocking my tight arse back and forth on his huge cock while my own flopped about between my legs, rubbing my white stocking clad thighs against his. I had the eyes of the whole room, even Jake, fixed on me as I threw back my long blonde hair and opened my mouth in a series of louder moans while they watched his monster black cock entering my tiny white arse.

"Oh, ooo, oooooh, fuck," I moaned and screamed as I felt Pete's black hands all over my body, rubbing against my stockings and moving up over my white lacy corset to play with my tiny breasts. "Fuck me, make me your little cumslut," I continued to yell, while the other guys had amazingly got hard again and were stroking themselves off, all except Jake who still looked a little uncomfortable, even though I could see a huge bulge in his trousers. As I gave him a lascivious grin and wink, he flushed red and turned away.

Right at that moment, I suddenly realised that we weren't alone, there was somebody standing just inside the room, somebody I didn't recognise. I was rocking back ever harder on the massive cock that filled me, my free hand beginning to stroke my own, as I moaned out "Oh God, you're cock feels so hard in my tight puss..." In the middle of being about to really go girly and call my arse my pussy, I stopped and stared astounded. Maybe Mark had hired a stripper after all, although this was a particularly inopportune time for her to come in. I might have looked like a hot blonde bride from above the waist but with my panties discarded, the hard cock that I was stroking gave away not only the fact that I was really a guy but also how much I was enjoying being taken by this big black cock. The girl in the doorway was equally hot despite her boyish figure and short dark haircut, and dressed in just some very sexy lingerie. Her little breasts, the match of the humps that my corset had squeezed into place on my chest, were pushed up by the padded cups of a dark blue bra trimmed by lace. This was paired with matching blue satin panties with little bits of lace, over a dark blue garter belt which held up some black stockings. On her feet were a pair of blue platforms with six inch heels. Her make-up was slutty in the extreme, shiny dark red lips and sparkling blue eye shadow. She was certainly gorgeous, indeed a moment of lust flashed across my mind. If I wasn't getting married this weekend, I thought, then I would definitely go for a girl like her, before realising what a stupid thought that was given where I was, bouncing up and down on my schoolfriend's hard cock while dressed in a corset and stockings. Right now, however, I, along with the rest of the room, stopped what I was doing in order to stare open mouthed at the new arrival.

Maybe it was the amount that I'd drank and the head rush of the whole situation this evening, but I didn't recognise her sexy undies, or even who she was until she smiled at everyone and said in a high pitched voice, "Hello boys, I'm Samantha." Suddenly, it dawned on my, I'd lost track of where Sam had disappeared after sucking my cock as I'd been not a little distracted by Pete. Well, now he had come back, totally transformed after following my lead and getting into my future wife's underwear drawers and he looked great. So good in fact that my lust was mixed with a little jealousy, even given how good I knew I looked as a girl.

Sam, or rather Samantha, strode into the room purposefully, not seeming to have any trouble walking in his very high platforms. He headed over to where Jake was sitting awkwardly trying to hide his erection. Samantha placed one hand on his/her friend's shoulder and the other brushed across his crotch. "Here, let me help you with that, honey," s/he said in her femme voice. Jake didn't offer any objection, he was too stunned, staring directly at his friend transformed into a hot girl as she unzipped his trousers and pulled out his throbbing manhood. As she stroked his cock with her hand, making it harder by the second, I noticed that she'd painted her fingernails the same deep red as her lips. Lips with which she now planted a kiss against the swollen purple head of her friend's cock.

"Sam, don't," Jake said, not being very convincing, and not pushing Samantha away from his crotch, "This isn't what I want. I'm not a fag like these guys."

"Well I don't know what you'd call yourself, honey," Samantha responded, licking her long tongue along his shaft like a lollipop, "But this hardness is telling me that you certainly see something in a girl like me."

She wrapped her lips around his cock and began to tease it with her tongue. I knew from what she had done to me earlier, when she was still Sam, what an expert blowjob Samantha could give and I could see in Jake's face the same thing as he struggled to remain calm and not shoot his whole load down his friend's throat. But Samantha wasn't to be satisfied with that as she stood up and stepped out of her dark blue panties. From behind she looked like a totally sexy girl with her stockings and garters nicely framing her little pert arse and puckered little anus. She sat facing Jake with her stockinged legs astride him, her own little hard cock now released and rubbing against his. Rather than a turn off, Jake's cock seemed to twitch even more enthusiastically and excitedly at this as Samantha pulled his face over into a kiss. As she held his interest like this, she shifted her arse so she lowered herself right onto his dick. By the time they broke from the kiss, Samantha was already riding Jake's cock with at least as much vigour as I was Pete's.

It now became a race between the two of us to see who could get our man off first. I had the head start but Pete had already cum inside me once, this was Jake's first time this evening and his first time ever inside a hot boy-girl arse like Samantha's and I could tell just by looking at her that it wouldn't take long for Jake to explode, frankly I admired his restraint that he hadn't done so yet. Even just watching Samantha at work on him, with a hand on my cock and Pete's monster up my arse was enough to almost send me over the edge. In fact, a minute or so later, and with much loud screaming which drowned out Samantha's quieter girlish gasps and moans, I could feel my orgasm spreading right through me, starting in my prostate where Pete's huge cock was thrusting into me, and gradually spreading right through my quivering body, up my spine and into my brain. I threw my blonde head back and my body bucked and shook as my cum shot out all over my hand, my chest, my corset and my living room carpet. I clenched my buttocks even tighter around Pete's cock and he groaned too.

"Fuck Gina girl, you're gonna make me cum as well."

And sure enough, I could feel his cock gushing a huge fountain of cum up into me, I could feel it leaking out of my arse and running down my thighs, further soaking my stockings. A few seconds later and I heard Jake gasp and, holding onto Samantha's narrow waist, thrust deep up into her arse and deposit his own load of sticky white cum. Samantha slid off his lap, gave him a little kiss on the lips and then turned to the room and walked over towards me. I got up and joined her in a sloppy wet kiss, our lingerie clothed bodies pressed together, cum leaking from both our arses. For the guys this was obviously a fantasy come true, seeing two scantily dressed hotties in lingerie kissing so passionately while soaked in their cum, but it was a fantasy with a little extra special twist given what was between our legs, my now flaccid cock being stroked against by Samantha's hard one.

"Would you like to get a taste of Jake?" Samantha grinned, breaking from the kiss and pushing me down to my knees before turning her back and presenting her pert little arse, still beautifully framed by her dark blue garters but with her puckered little arsehole stretched open and full of sticky white cum. I knew what she wanted my to do and I have to say it got me excited again, I'd never eaten the arse of anyone, guy or girl, indeed my fiancee Gina remained slightly prudish about sex so I'd never even got to eat out her pussy. I stuck my tongue out and into Samantha's arse, thrusting it in and around, fucking her with it like as if it was my cock, slurping up the salty taste of Jake's juices. Meanwhile, I could feel more hands on my own arse where it stuck invitingly in the air as I ate Samantha's. Soon, I was filled up with another cock, I couldn't see who it was that was now ploughing into me but from the thickness I guessed Tony.

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