tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBlushing Bride Ch. 06

Blushing Bride Ch. 06


Chapter Six: Wedding Presents

I was on an incredible high for a couple of days after my wedding. Like many bridegrooms on the day, I had felt very nervous, both about the day itself and the years of married life that stretched out before me. Only, I had a little more to be nervous about than many. It wasn't just my bride-to-be's contrasting virginal Catholic upbringing and sexy clothing choices that made me worry about my wedding night, it was the fact that I wished that I was the one in the short skirts and satin panties. In the end, things went far better than I could have ever imagined. With a little, or actually rather a lot of, help from my best man Mark, my slutty feminine side was brought out and, to my surprise and delight, my new wife Gina shared my desires, once Mark's girlfriend Natalie had made her realise that pretty girls and sexy undies was what really turned her on. After the wedding night on which I got to play the blushing bride in my wife's dress and lingerie, I discovered just how great married sex could be and I began to look forward to all the fun we could have in married life together.

Later that day, we checked out of the hotel where we had held our wedding reception and went for the first time together as a newlywed couple to what would now become our new shared home for our married life. Our friends and family had been very generous in celebrating our union with all manner of gifts and presents for the house that it would take us quite a while to sort through and find places for. On that afternoon, Gina and me found ourselves in our living room, opening gifts and sharing and sorting them. The only people who did not appear to have given us any nicely wrapped parcels were Mark and Natalie.

As if cued up by that thought, just a few moments after Gina mentioned this, we heard the doorbell ring. I went to answer it and Mark and Natalie stood there together on the doorstep. They made an appealing couple, with a friendly, affectionate warmth on both their faces. Tall, elegant Natalie was dressed in a pretty floral print dress that came down to about her knees, the rest of her very long legs shown off thanks to sandals with four inch heels. Her bright blue eyes danced with excited thoughts. Mark appeared more subdued, his grey eyes conveying the reliable, reassuring quality he had always possessed. Although not as immediately attractive as his model stature girlfriend, he didn't look at all bad. His body wasn't totally muscle bound, but he obviously kept in decent shape, as was easily apparent in the casual t-shirt and jeans that he was wearing. Both were holding wrapped parcels in their hands.

Eagerly, I invited them in. They both walked into the living room where Gina was equally pleased to see them. She gave Natalie a very affectionate hug, pulling their bodies close together, before kissing her softly on the lips, a little more like a lover might kiss than a friend. I turned to Mark, I felt like doing just the same to him, I was so grateful to him for all he had done for me and I could not ignore that in bringing out my slutty feminine side, he had also revealed to me just how attractive I found him. However, something held me back from leaping into his arms and kissing him as Gina had with her good friend. Maybe I couldn't quite bring out these feelings when dressed as I was, in my normal, masculine form.

"We've brought you a couple of extra little wedding presents," Mark smiled, holding up the wrapped box that he had brought in with him.

"You didn't need to do that," Gina replied, looking on at our friends with grateful affection, "You've already given us more than we could possibly have asked for, right Rich?"

"Oh yes," I had to agree, shooting Mark another little look, "You made our wedding night something special, something that we'd never have expected. You don't owe us anything more."

"Well, we'd still like to give you this," Natalie said, smiling and giggling as Gina still had one arm around her, "We still want to look out for you guys, make sure things continue as well for you in your married life as they have begun!"

"Yeah, just think of us as your fairy godmothers," said Mark, cheekily, handing Gina the wrapped parcel in his hand.

Cheerfully, Gina tore off the paper for the box and opened it while I craned my neck to see what the present was. As she opened the box, I was thrilled to see inside some very sexy looking lingerie. A purple sheer babydoll that I just longed to feel against my skin. Gina ran her hands over the soft, smooth material.

"But, Natalie," she said, "You've already given me lingerie. On my hen night. Remember?"

"Oh, well, this time it isn't for you," Natalie smiled and giggled.

"We thought that maybe Rachel might want some sexy things of her own," Mark smiled at me, "We thought that this would be a good way for you to begin your married life together."

Gina passed me the box and my heart skipped a beat. My first lingerie that was my very own, bought especially for Rachel, for me! I was thrilled at the thought of Mark going out and searching the shops for just the right items of underwear for me to look my best, my most sexy and feminine, almost as much as I was buzzing with excitement to try it on and see how I would look in my own new undies. Meanwhile, Natalie handed her wrapped parcel to Gina.

"Don't think we've forgotten you though, Gina," she said, as Gina unwrapped her present. In the box was a large, thick rubber cock with the harness to strap it on, "Do you recognise it?" Natalie asked, "It's the one from your party, the one you used to fuck with for the first time!"

Gina blushed a little but smiled with the thought.

"Oh yes," she said, "I remember it very well! Thank you guys for this. You always give the best presents," she giggled.

"Well, I think the least you can do to show your gratitude is to show us how much you enjoy your presents," Mark said, "Why don't you try them on?"

I didn't need any more invitation than that. I took my present and hurried upstairs to get changed, my heart beating faster and faster with the excitement of the situation. I was so happy with the chance to dress as a sexy, slutty girl once more, something I had once thought would never be available to me as a married man. I was even happier to have my own lingerie to wear rather than having to dress in my wife's again. What I was most happy about, was the fact that in wearing and modelling the sexy lingerie that he had picked out for me, I could begin to thank Mark for all that he had done for me. On my stag party, when I had first dressed as the blushing bride, I had enjoyed a hard fucking from the cocks of all my friends except for him. At the end of the night I had kissed him and fallen asleep in his arms. Since then, I had been so busy with my wedding that I had still not been able to let him do to me everything I had wanted him to that night. Hopefully, today, if I could make myself look as sexy as possible in the lingerie he had bought for me, I would finally be able to do it.

Making sure I was at my very best for this special occasion, I took my time. It wasn't like the two times I had dressed as a girl before, with me nervously and hurriedly putting on my bridal lingerie, completely unsure of what kind of reaction to expect, thinking it may be rather hostile. Today, I was confident I was among friends, and possibly something more, people who would be impressed and pleased by my feminine transformation. I took a shower and completely cleaned up my body, deciding also to completely shave my downy, fair body hair to make my legs as smooth and girlish as they could possibly be. I began to feel sexy and confident again, my cock was twitching and quivering just at the thought of wearing my brand new wedding present lingerie.

I opened the box and took out the babydoll, it was a deep purple colour, with scalloped embroidery around the cups and sensual sheer material that came down to just about cover my arse as I slipped it on. I filled the slightly padded cups out a bit further with tissue paper to give me a bit of a bust. The sheer material hung on my hips, it was transparent and the shape of my cock, becoming a little firm already, was clear against it. The embroidered frill around the bottom of my babydoll hung just below where my cock dangled down. Fortunately, the babydoll came with a matching purple thong which I slid up my smooth, shaved legs, and was able to tuck my cock into, to give me back a little bit more of a feminine shape.

Also in the box was a pair of purple lace top fishnet stockings. I loved stockings, I loved the way they felt as I slowly rolled them up my smooth, long legs, and I loved how sexy and womanly they made my legs look. After a shave and some stockings, my man's legs began to look every bit as good as a very sexy woman's. With heels on, the shape of my calves and legs became distinctly feminine and sexy. I found a pair of black pumps that belonged to Gina but she never wore as they were a little large for her, which made them just about right for me.

Finally, I did my hair and make up. With a bit of effort and a lot of styling product, I teased my generally straight long, blonde hair into pretty, feminine waves. With my make up, I went with dark eyeliner and a purple eyeshadow that went with my purple lingerie, plus some long false lashes, all of which made my eyes alluringly womanly. My lips I painted a dark shade of pink to go with the rest of my look. I gave myself an admiring look in the mirror. I looked pretty hot, the sexiest I had ever been as a woman. My heart began to beat fast again with the thrill and excitement of modelling my new babydoll and stockings for my wife and my best friend. What would they think of me?

I came back into the living room and Mark and Natalie were sitting there waiting. There was no sign of my wife for the moment. My friends were too wrapped up in each other to notice my entrance for a moment, they were kissing and Natalie was running her hand down over her boyfriend's body. As soon as I closed the door behind me, however, their attention turned and was all on me. They just stared for a moment, running their eyes over my body. Before, this would have made me nervous but now I was confident in my alluring sensuality in this sexy lingerie, I knew their gazes on me were admiring and perhaps even a little lustful.

"Wow, I thought that was Gina for a moment. That's how convincing you are Rich, I mean, Rachel," Natalie gasped, the first to speak, "I mean, Mark had told me that you made a pretty hot girl, Rachel, but I didn't believe that you would be quite this convincing. I've got to admit, looking at your hot, feminine body in that skimpy babydoll is turning me on a little. I hope that's alright with you, Mark?" she turned and smiled seductively at her boyfriend.

"Perfectly alright, honey," he said, not taking his eyes off me, "I'm a little turned on myself. You are a very sexy woman, Rachel. I don't know if I said it before, but you are definitely one of the sexiest women I have ever seen!"

I sashayed across the room, swaying my hips in the most feminine way I could, loving the feel of my fishnets rubbing together and the babydoll fluttering around my arse and thighs. Mark stood and walked over to meet me. He took me in his strong arms and pulled me into a kiss. I was no longer shy about reciprocating and let myself melt into his embrace, pressing my soft body against the firmness of his. He pressed his lips against mine and instinctively I opened my mouth to let his tongue inside.

"Oooh," I sighed, breaking for the kiss, "Thank you, Mark, thank you for everything, for making me live out my fantasy and become a girl like this. I never got the chance to thank you properly."

"I thought that's what you were doing right now," he responded, pulling me back into another beautiful kiss.

I could feel our bodies rubbing against one another, my cock was grinding against his crotch and getting hard again, rubbing against the thin material of my panties. However, our make out session was momentarily interrupted by a hand on my shoulder, running down the back of my sheer babydoll and over my arse. Mark broke away from kissing me to turn to see Natalie standing beside us, smiling seductively as she ran one hand over my body and the other over his.

"Mmmm," she sighed, "You guys look sooo good together, sooo sexy. I just had to come over and join in."

Mark leaned over and planted a long lingering kiss on her lips. Her hand was still caressing my arse through the thin sheer fabric of my purple babydoll, causing my dick to remain pretty aroused.

"Ohhh, he does kiss well, doesn't he Rachel," Natalie sighed, turning to me, "But you should see what else he can do. You should see his cock!"

She dropped down onto her knees and I did the same. She smiled a sexy white smile, her bright blue eyes were really twinkling with pleasure now and my own feminine eyelashes fluttered with this moment of anticipation, I was finally going to get to touch and kiss and swallow Mark's dick. I watched eagerly as Natalie reached up and unzipped Mark's jeans, dropping them to the floor, and pulled out his cock, stroking her hand along the shaft to get it harder. It was a very beautiful cock, long and thick but not too long for me to manage, uncut and with the head just beginning to peer out of the foreskin as it got hard and the veins began to stand out.

Natalie gave the head of Mark's cock a kiss and then licked her tongue all around it. Her hand was still stroking the shaft and she then held his cock out towards me. Here was my chance. I licked my lips lasciviously and then placed my tongue underneath his dick, at the base just by his balls and licked right up his full length before putting my tongue into his foreskin and lapping around the head, kissing it and then proceeding to kiss all over the shaft while his girlfriend stroked it.

"Oh yes, Rachel, you're such a hot cocksucker," Mark moaned, "I knew it from the moment you began to go down on Zach that night. I knew then that I wanted you to myself, away from all the other guys. I wanted your lips just for my cock. That's it Rachel, kiss my hard dick!"

"You'd better save some of that for me," came a voice and we all turned to see Gina had come back in and was stood watching her new husband dolled up in lingerie, on his knees licking his best friend's cock.

She looked absolutely stunning. Her pert, round breasts pushed up and out by a black and red lace balcony bra, her long legs shown off in a pair of black lace top stockings. Apart from that, her beautiful dark, curvy body was completely naked. She wasn't wearing any panties. Instead, her large rubber cock stuck right out from her crotch as she stood watching the sexy scene before her, making her look like me, a hot girl but with a firm dick.

Seeing her there, Natalie got up and walked over to her. With her boyfriend and me watching, she grabbed hold of my wife and pulled her into a passionate kiss, pushing their bodies together as their hands ran over every inch of each other's curves. Gina reached up and slid the straps of Natalie's loose floral print dress off her shoulders and down her arms, revealing Natalie's quite small but perfect looking breasts, unconstrained by a bra. Gina began to kiss down Natalie's neck and down to her cleavage. She held Natalie's breasts in her hands and began to stroke and massage them while she sucked on her erect nipples.

"Oh Gina, oh yes," Natalie sighed, "Oh my God, you're sooo sexy Gina. I love the feel of your lips on my body."

Not wanting to be outdone by my lascivious wife, I turned my attention away from the sexy lesbian kisses and caresses across the other side of the room and back to the firm cock of my best friend which stuck invitingly in my face. I opened my painted pink lips and let the head just slip inside, letting my tongue explore all around it as I stared up at Mark standing over me. He was looking down on me with a look of gratitude and affection that made me feel even more excited.

"Mmm, Rachel, you look so sexy with your lips around my cock," he said, "Come on and suck me off. Show these girls how a real hot cocksucker like you does it."

This really spurred me on and I began to let more of his throbbing, veiny member slide inside my mouth, loving the warm feeling of his arousal and the thought that it was me, a sexy lingerie clad woman that was making him so turned on, not his beautiful tall, thin, leggy girlfriend. No, she was still hugging and kissing and licking my wife. Having taken all of his warm hardness into my wet mouth, I slowly withdrew the full length of it, admiring the sight of his dick as it slid from my lips.

As I did this, I noticed that Gina was no longer across the room, licking and sucking Natalie's pretty little breasts. She was now standing beside Mark so that I was looking up at her beautiful body, up the length of her long legs towards her round breasts and big strap-on cock. Close up, it looked mighty impressive, especially when sticking out from her pretty, feminine body, but my lips were still drawn to the real throbbing warmth of Mark's member.

"What a good looking cock sucker my pretty new wife is," Gina smiled, "But aren't you going to give me a little of that love too, Rachel, baby?"

I moved my attention for a moment away from Mark and onto my wife, opening my lips to swallow her big, fake cock. I began to go for it like it was a real one, only a real one attached to my beautiful wife. I licked all over the shaft and then began to suck it, bobbing my head up and down the length of the shaft, making the rubber cock wet with my saliva. Meanwhile, Gina, obviously turned on by the sight of her husband/wife on his knees in sexy lingerie, going down on her, moaned with pleasure.

"Oooh, Rachel, Mark is right, you do make a very sexy cocksucker," she sighed, "Mmm, suck my pretty cock, Rachel."

Natalie had now come over to join us too. She stood beside Gina, dressed in just her panties, showing off all of her near naked, long legged beautiful body. As Gina pushed her strap-on into my mouth, Natalie kissed Gina's lips and ran her hands over Gina's breasts, making Gina moan even more and start to thrust more vigorously with her strap-on into my mouth.

Meanwhile, I looked over at Mark's big, throbbing meat to see a tasty look drop of pre-cum glistening on the head. I moved my attention back to him, and flicked the drop of tasty pre-cum onto my tongue. I licked once more around his warm arousal, before letting all of his firm dick back into my mouth and right down my throat. I was getting better and better at taking big cocks in my mouth since my first only a few days earlier. Now, I started to bob my head back and forth and slurp eagerly all around his hardon. After a few more minutes of this, I switched back and did the same thing to Gina's rubber dick. I continued in this vein for a while, eagerly switching my attention, and my mouth, between the real dick and the fake one, like some sexy slut porn star in a gangbang.

"Oh...Ahhh," I said, catching my breath as I slurped around the pre-cum that now dripped from Mark's rock solid hardness, "Ohhh, such sexy cocks. I love to lick and suck and swallow them!"

"What great presents these are," Gina laughed, kissing Natalie on the lips, "My new bride's pretty body looks so sexy in her babydoll and fishnets, and this nice, big rubber cock means that I can fuck that pretty body!"

While I knelt on the floor in front of Mark's cock, gasping and slurping as I swallowed it, I watched Gina move around from sticking her rubber cock in my face so that she was now behind me. She knelt behind me and pulled my body back and up so now I found myself on all fours, my arse in the air, my thin sheer babydoll hanging around my waist. I felt my wife's soft hands on my waist, she slid her fingers under the waistband of my purple thong and slid it down around my knees, giving me a bare, round arse that she began to run her hands over. She opened my arse with her hands and pressed the rubber head of her strap-on against my arse hole. I gasped as she entered me and, in doing so, I wrapped my lips back around Mark's cock.

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