tagBDSMBMOC: The Shopping Trip Ch. 01

BMOC: The Shopping Trip Ch. 01


This is a stroke story. It's ridiculous and unrealistic. No one is worried about STDs, sizes are exaggerated, everyone is bi (or at least the women are) and people can fuck for hours without chafing. This chapter has simulated non-consensual sex and unsafe BDSM practices (seriously, people, use safe words). Caveat reader.


It was a bit past two AM when I crept into my professor's house.

I used her key to unlock the door, taking care to move quietly. I was carrying a small bag of zip ties, some bondage tape, a blindfold, and a pocketknife. I knew she would be asleep and alone as I crept silently to her bedroom. When I got there, I took a long look at Dr. Carrington as she lay peacefully on her bed.

Anne Carrington was indisputably gorgeous. I figure most of her male students (and more than a few ladies) fantasized about doing what I was about to do. She was 29, a bit below average height, and slender without sacrificing curves. Her strawberry-blonde hair was scattered around her head like a halo. Her perfectly formed breasts, each just a bit more than a handful, were currently covered by her black negligee, rising and falling slowly as she breathed. It looked like she had kicked off her blanket; it was pooled around her feet and left her long, pale legs bare. She was also wearing a sleep mask, which made the blindfold unnecessary. She was laying on her side, her knees pulled up slightly, with her hands clasped in front of her as if she was praying.

Up until a few weeks ago, Dr. Carrington had been a bitch with a capital B. She had a degree from some Ivy League school and thought that teaching the hicks and hillbillies who attended my small Southern college was an insult. But recently, her attitude changed. No one knew why, except me. Her attitude changed because I cornered her in her office after class and fucked her into total, abject submission. I took the things that made her proud and destroyed them. Dr. Carrington had a deep-seated need to be dominated, and I did just that.

I made her give me a key to her home so I could use her at my discretion, but up until now I had always showed up early in the evening. For the past few days, I hadn't seen her at all; I didn't even come by her office for my morning blowjob. She had tried calling me, but I ignored her. There were two reasons for my callous behavior: first, I had been fucking Alyssa and Melanie, two roommates who had devoted themselves to satisfying my carnal needs, and so I didn't need the services of my slut professor. Second, and more important, was that by ignoring her I could drive her crazy with need for me. When I decided to show up and take her again, she'd be so desperate to please me that I could get her to debase herself in all kinds of new and interesting ways.

At least that was the plan, and why I was sneaking into her house with a whole bunch of scary gear. Her confidence would have been shaken by my disappearance from her world, and my sudden return would make her even more confused and needy.

I quickly grew bored watching her sleep. I took the zip ties out of my pocket and put them down on her bedside table. Then I lunged for her, clapping one hand over her mouth before she really woke up. She quickly tried to scream, but it was muffled and barely audible under my hand. She started to thrash about under me. I put my lips close to her ear and growled, "Stop moving, whore." She instantly stopped struggling, but she also reached for her sleep mask at the same time. I slapped her hands away, then backhanded her across one cheek. "Are you too stupid to understand orders, slut?" Dr. Carrington froze completely, whimpering in pain and terror.

I let her panic continue for a few sublime moments. Then I started giving her orders: "I'm going to let go of you. I want to you roll onto your stomach and clasp your hands behind your back." She nodded a bit; it was barely visible, but I felt her move beneath my hand. I backed off, and she rolled over quickly, folding her arms behind her back so that her left elbow rested in her right hand and vice versa.

Reaching over to the bedside table, I grabbed the bag of zip ties. I looped one around her arms near her right wrist. As I did, Dr. Carrington started to ask a question. I figure she was going to ask what I was doing, but she only got as far as "what" before I smacked the back of her thighs with my open hand.

"Did I say you could talk?" I asked. She whimpered again and shook her head in a very small movement, as if she was afraid to draw more punishment. I pulled the zip tie tight around her arms, and then added two more—one by her left wrist and one in the middle. Then I pulled out my pocketknife and flicked it open, right by her ear. She twitched and seemed to want to bury herself in the bed. I ran the blade (the dull side—I'm not going to risk slicing anyone open) down her skin, from her ear, following her jaw line, down the side of her neck, along her back, all the way to her hips. Then I made two quick cuts, severing the sides of her lacy black panties. I yanked them off her and balled them up. "Open up," I commanded. When she hesitated, I let her feel the cool metal of the knife blade again and she promptly obeyed. I shoved her panties into her mouth and pulled out the tape. A few moments' work was enough to give her a makeshift gag.

The last thing to do was secure her legs. A light slap on her ass and a barked command got her to bring them together, and then I bound them with more zip ties around her ankles, under her knees, and at mid-thigh. Once she was bound and gagged, I quickly cut her negligee off her, leaving her naked except for her sleep mask, which was currently serving as a blindfold. I took a moment to admire my handiwork. My professor was lying on her stomach, arms bound behind her back, legs tied together, gagged with her own underwear, and unable to see what was coming. She was quivering in terror, but I sensed her need underneath the fear. Her bare pussy had started to get wet from my slaps and commands, and her nipples were prominently erect. I didn't know or care if she knew that I was the one doing this, or if she thought it was a genuine home invasion.

I folded the knife back up and tossed it aside, along with the zip ties and tape. I took off my belt and grabbed both ends in one hand, took the middle of the belt in the other, and jerked both hands in opposite directions. This made a loud POP! and Dr. Carrington started to squirm. I did it again, closer to her ear, and she let out a small scream around her panty gag. I swung the belt down and struck her bed, right next to her ass. She recoiled, rolling partly on one side and pulling away from the last place the belt struck.

I'm told that interrogators have a saying: violence perceived is violence achieved. They're right. Dr. Carrington couldn't know exactly what was happening, but she could hear the crack of the belt and the sound of its passage. She could feel it when it struck the bed next to her. She knew that something could happen to her, and that was frightening, and that's why she moved away from the belt—but since I told her to stay still, that meant she had disobeyed me. I clucked my tongue and used my booted foot to roll her over on to her back.

"God, you must be the dumbest whore in town. I told you to stay still. You disobeyed once already, and you were punished for it. But clearly that didn't sink in, since you've done it again." I paused. "What sort of punishment should I use this time?" I paused again and walked around the bed to stand at her side. Then I brought the belt down on her exposed stomach, hard enough to leave a red line across her midriff but not quite hard enough to raise a welt. Dr. Carrington screamed again, this time fairly loud even with her gag. "And I told you to be silent. You really can't follow instructions at all, can you?" I whipped her with the belt again, this time across her thighs. She trembled, but managed to keep still and silent. I waited for a few seconds and then whipped her legs again, then the top slopes of her tits, and finally her stomach just her cunt, all in quick succession. I could see tears running out from beneath her blindfold, and she was shaking all over in her efforts to stay still and restrain her screams, but she managed to hold together.

I sat down on the bed by her head and started gently stroking her strawberry-blonde hair. "You know you deserved that punishment, don't you?" I said, quietly. "You can nod." She did. "Are you sorry?" She nodded again. "Good little slut." I continued to sit by her, stroking her hair and comforting her, until she stopped trembling. Still speaking quietly, I asked her if she knew what was going to happen next. She shook her head. "I'm going to take you. I was going to let you choose how. Do you think you deserve that?" She shook her head again. "That's right. Remember that you're an undeserving cunt. Every time I take you, I'm giving you a precious gift." She nodded. "Now get on your knees here on your bed."

Dr. Carrington struggled to obey. She rolled over onto her stomach and eventually managed to get her knees under her, which let her rise up to a kneeling position facing me. I took my belt and looped it around her slender throat, making it into a combination collar, leash, and choke chain. I yanked her forward, almost making her fall face-first onto her bed. I let out a sigh of disgust. "I want to give you a gift and you're acting like this? That's not very good behavior." I saw a fresh tear slide down her cheek from under her blindfold. That brought out an evil grin from me.

I picked her up bodily and positioned her where I wanted: kneeling, on the edge of her bed, facing out. I got on the bed as well and knelt behind her. I took up one end of the belt around her neck in one hand and with the other pushed gently on her back, making her bend at the waist so that her upper boy hung out in empty air over the edge of the bed. With her arms legs bound, the only thing that kept her from falling was my belt, which was securely wrapped around her neck. But she couldn't let it support her weight entirely without cutting off her air. After a few seconds, I heard her breathing hard and saw the muscles in her lower back tighten as she attempted to find a way to breathe comfortably without straining her back.

Enough foreplay, I thought. I unzipped my pants and hauled out my rock-hard pussy wrecker. At 13" in length, that was easier said than done. I lined up my cock with Dr. Carrington's slick gash and drove it home in one powerful thrust. The impact forced her forward and I heard her struggle to take in air. I pulled out, slowly, leaving just the tip of my cock in her, and then plowed into her again, timing my thrust to interrupt her efforts to take a breath. Then I did it again, and again, and yet again. Her face had gone red by this point, and I could feel her cunt juices dripping from my balls as the fear, loss of control, and arousal combined to push her close to climax.

I started to fuck her in earnest then, slamming my hips into her ass twice a second as she choked and fought to keep from screaming. I couldn't help but be proud of my bitch for keeping that order in mind, even though I hadn't planned on enforcing it once the fucking started. She came first, as usual, her back arching and her cunt squeezing down on my cock like a fist. I followed her into orgasm, pumping my first batch of cock cream into her hot tunnel, then pulling out to shower her back and shoulders with a dozen thick white lines of hot spunk. My jizz ran down between her shoulder blades and pooled in the small of her back, its flow dammed by her bound arms.

I got off the bed then and stopped holding her up with the belt. For a moment Dr. Carrington fell forward. She let loose a panicked squeal behind her gag as she fell, but I caught her by the shoulder before she was in danger. I pulled the tape from her lips and removed her panty gag. I used my toes to pick up her discard negligee as well. Holding her in place with one hand, I used her lingerie to mop up my spunk from her back. There was more than enough of it to thoroughly ruin both garments (even if they hadn't been cut off her). I pushed her back onto her bed and tossed the sodden mess onto her stomach, where it landed with a wet slap.

"What do you say?" I asked.

Dr. Carrington managed to choke out her answer. "Th... thank you for your precious gift."

"And what are you?"

"An undeserving cunt."

"Very good. I'm going to give you another reward. Do you want to know what it is?"

Dr. Carrington was still panting as she struggled to get her emotions under control. She didn't answer me immediately. "Please tell me what it is, sir."

Before I answered, I stripped off my clothes and picked up the knife. I got into the bed and sat beside her. Finally, I took off her blindfold and cupped her cheek gently. Her eyes were wet with tears as she looked at me longingly. "I'm going to cut you loose and spend the rest of the night with you. Does that sound nice?" She nodded, somewhat tentatively, as if it was too good to be true.

"Of course," I continued, "you'll have to show your gratitude." She nodded again, eagerly this time. I rolled her on to her side, flicked open the knife once more, and cut away the zip ties that kept her bound. Once she was freed, Dr. Carrington instantly wrapped herself around me in a tight embrace.

"Thank you, sir. You won't be disappointed," she said. I gently guided her head down to my prick. I had let it go flaccid after our fuck, but it was still longer and thicker than most men when erect.

"I want to go to sleep with you suckling on my cock like it was your mother's teat. I expect to wake up the same way. Try to get some sleep because we've got a big day tomorrow." She nodded once more and then set to work, taking my cockhead into her mouth and sucking on it gently. I put my arms behind my head and dozed off. A few times during the night, I felt myself stiffen in Dr. Carrington's mouth. Each time I started to thrust gently, waking her from her own slumber. She responded quickly, if somewhat dazedly, and sucked and jacked me off until I filled her mouth with a hot load. Then I drifted off back to sleep.

Dr. Carrington's alarm went off at 6:30. I should have known that the bitch woke up early. I was a bit startled by it, so I slammed my hand down on the snooze button with a bit more force than I intended. I heard something crack and the alarm started blinking 12:00. The whole thing put me in a bad mood, and I took it out on my bedmate. She had my cock in her mouth all night, and I had planned to have her wake me with a long, slow, deep-throat blowjob, but her god damned alarm ruined that plan. So I grabbed her hair and yanked her off my morning wood. She seemed confused; I guess the alarm surprised her too.

Without offering any explanation, I dragged her from bed and out to her living room. Dr. Carrington had a nice place; the living room was spacious, and it had a pair of large windows offering a lovely view of her front yard and the street she lived on. The windows had curtains, but at the moment they were open. Any one walking or driving down the street could see in, and the houses across the way had a lovely view as I strode angrily into the living room hauling the dazed Dr. Carrington behind me. I threw her up against one of the windows, pressing her tits against the cold glass, and roughly forced my cock into her unprepared ass.

Dr. Carrington let out a pained squeal as I stretched her ass around my cock. She hadn't expected this, which was both good and bad for her—good, because it all happened too fast for her to tense up, which would have made that first penetration much more painful, and bad, because she didn't have time to get set, mentally, for the experience. So she spent the first few seconds of her frenzied anal pounding simply trying to process what was going on, while I violated her and put her on display for anyone who happened to be watching.

My thrusts drove Dr. Carrington up against the window. I had more than a few inches on her, and my initial penetration had driven her up on her toes. Pinned between the window and me, she couldn't get her feet back under her, and so each time I drilled myself into her, she wound up almost completely impaled on my cock. She started to protest. "Please not here... anyone could see... my neighbors will know what I am."

I grunted as I continued to fuck her, adding the occasional slap on the ass for emphasis. "That's the idea, bitch. You should have told me about the alarm, but you didn't. You should always think of me and my pleasure first. And now you're paying for it."

She started to whine and beg. "Please let me make it up to you some other way. I'll cancel my classes and you can spent all day punishing me, just not where people can see!"

"If you don't want everyone to know what kind of whore lives here, you should concentrate on getting me off. Fuck yourself on my cock and make me cum, then I'll let you down." That seemed to motivate her. She pushed back against the window, hard enough to drive me back and step and let her get her feet solidly planted. Then she started to slam her ass into my hips with just as much force as I was using a moment ago. As she did, she started to rhythmically tense and relax her ass, trying to heighten my pleasure. She even added a new trick; as she pushed herself down on me, she added a circular rolling motion to her hips and a little bit of grinding when I was fully inside her.

It worked. I could have held out for longer, but Dr. Carrington was trying her best, so when I felt my balls churning out a fresh batch of seed I didn't resist. But I wanted to prolong her humiliation a bit more, so just before I came I pulled out of her and pushed her to the side. I grabbed my cock and stroked myself to completion. Dr. Carrington watched helplessly as I sprayed my seed all over her windows, leaving pearly white streaks dripping slowly down to the windowsill. "Now clean it, you dumb slut." I grabbed her hair and rubbed her face in the slowly cooling mess, smearing it across the window and all over her face. I let go of her hair, and she opened her mouth and starting licking it up. She was moving slowly, and I saw that she was once more on the verge of tears. I decided to bring it home. "I guess you want everyone to know that you'll lick up my spunk. I think I saw someone moving in the house across the street. Maybe I should send you over there so you can give them the same treatment? Or are you just too stupid to realize that the longer you spend doing this, the more likely you'll be found out?"

Dr. Carrington sobbed, but she started moving faster. Her eyes were closed as she lapped up my spunk. She got quite a bit of it, but eventually she was really just smearing it around. I let that continue for a few more moments before pulling her back from the window and letting the curtains fall. I knelt down by my professor and hugged her close. "Did you cum from that?" I asked.

She wasn't able to answer me immediately. When she got herself under control, she answered: "Yes, sir."

"That's good. Do you see what happens when you try to please me? You did your best to satisfy me, and you got to have a good cum." I held her for a few more minutes as her sob subsided. Then I stood up and she rose with me. I kissed a clean patch on her forehead and said "Now go cancel your classes. I told you last night that we've got a big day ahead of us."

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