Boardroom Fun


Harry had an important meeting to attend, and he requested Lisa his secretary to be present to take minutes. Harry entered the boardroom to find Lisa surrounded by his senior managers. She was obviously enjoying the attention that they were pressing upon her.

Harry greeted his staff and made his way to the head of the table and sat down, next to Lisa. Harry noted that Lisa was wearing an extremely short dress with a zip, which ran from the middle of her ample cleavage down to the hem of her dress; also her beautifully shaped legs were bare. He now understood why his senior staff paid her so much attention. As different member of his staff stood, and gave a report, Lisa would make notes and pause every now and then.

Harry's mind wandered, he was daydreaming about Lisa's curvaceous body and of how he would like to lean her over the table and fuck her there and then in front of all his staff.

Suddenly Harry came back to reality as he felt a hand move across his thigh and snaking towards his cock. He looked down and saw Lisa's hand delicately grip the outline of his trouser-covered cock. He looked around the table and noted that most of his staff had also lost interest in the meeting and were in various stages of boredom. He relaxed as he realised that his cock and Lisa's hand was hidden underneath the board table.

He could feel a tugging sensation and then cool air on the head of his now semi-erect cock. Lisa had managed to lower his fly, and her hand was now encircled around his hardening shaft. Harry looked across at Lisa and she returned the look of total innocence. Her hand continued to pump his cock, the head deepening in a scarlet colour. He concentrated on keeping a normal appearance to his staff. Lisa removed her hand from around his cock, and burrowed down into his boxer shorts and eventually found his balls. She began gently pinching each one slowly increasing the severity until Harry could barely control his demeanour and started to jump in reaction to the pressure being applied to his balls. His staff noticed his discomfort and stared at his strange display. Lisa eventually moved her hand back to his cock and rubbed a thumb over the now moist purple swollen head, playing with the pre cum that was escaping from it. The meeting then resumed and the monotonous drone continued.

Harry was enjoying Lisa's attention, but was worried his staff was going to notice. He was unsure if this was turning him on or not, but as his cock was hard, he realised that he was loving it. Suddenly Lisa removed her hand and stood up, and made her way to the door explaining that she needed to powder her nose. Harry watched her voluptuous arse move as she made her way out, just before the door closed Lisa turned to him and winked. Harry sat there with his hard cock exposed under the desk desperately wanting to feel Lisa's touch. His balls were churning over and over, swollen with cum. He looked up and winked at the security cam. He knew Ian, his chauffeur and head of his personnel security would be watching.

Eventually the door opened and Lisa returned smiling at everyone present and apologised for the disturbance. Lisa sat on her seat and bent down to place her handbag on the floor. As she did this, Harry felt Lisa's hot mouth on his cock and she sucked it hard and then sat upright. Harry groaned at the sudden pleasure and he wanted it so much more. Lisa again moved her hand across his thigh and gripped his hard cock, but it felt very different. Harry looked down and noticed that Lisa had wrapped her damp black panties around his cock and was now stroking his cock with renewed vigour.

His cock was throbbing and the swollen head was glistening with his leaking fluid. He badly needed to cum. Harry moved a hand down between Lisa's thighs, which she opened to allow easier access. His fingers moved up and found Lisa's pantiless pussy. His fingers slipped straight in, as Lisa was obviously enjoying herself as her pussy was soaked with her juices. Lisa increased her pleasure by grinding her pussy on Harry's open palm, which was rubbing against her clit.

Harry realised that Lisa had left the room purely to remove her damp panties, which were now wrapped around his cock. This was just too much for Harry. His cock swelled one final time; his balls tightened and released his hot cum. Lisa could feel his cock begin to spasm and she moved her panties over the head of his cock. Harry's cock spurted cum into the panties flooding them; he held his breath not wanting his staff to witness his orgasm. Lisa continued to milk his cock until she had captured every last drop, she then grasped the panties and slid them into Harry's pocket. Lisa delicately raised the zip on Harry's trousers and again adopted the air of all innocence.

Harry managed to regain his composure just as the meeting came to an end. His staff slowly left one at a time through the door. Lisa stood and started to make her way out. Harry then spoke,

"Lisa, would you mind staying behind for a moment. I wish to review the minutes with you."

As the last member of his staff left and closed the door, Harry turned to Lisa and said,

"Shall we continue?" He removed the cum drenched panties from his pocket and locked the door.

Ian switched off the CCTV monitor, and made his way to the Boardroom, checking that the bulge in his trousers from his cock wasn't showing too much.

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