tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBoat Ho Ch. 17

Boat Ho Ch. 17


Alex was slightly limping when she was brought before the Commanding Officer. She had been ten days U.A. (Unauthorized Absence). She was completely spent and humiliated by the way Tyler and Crystal treated her, it was mostly Crystal and he bizarre demands that disturbed her. She didn't want to think about the ten-day ordeal, but she did get paid well, which didn't bother her.

The Commanding Officer was not happy with her being gone for that many days. He set out to make an example of her. She was given 30 days restriction and an Other than Honorable discharge. She wanted to kill the Commanding Officer after he handed down the sentence. She gave him a dirty look as the Master-At-Arms took her away. She was escorted to the Restricted Berthing on the barge. She wasn't the only female in the berthing. Two other girls were there as well. One had a longer sentence than Alex and the other only had 15 days. Alex was not happy and neither were the other two. They didn't talk that much. Only exchanged what they did to end up there. Alex didn't go into detail about what Crystal and Tyler did to her, she felt that should remain with her.

Being on restriction was the worst ever for Alex. The constant musters and inspections. The extra duty wasn't too bad. Sometimes someone from her Division was able to pick her up for extra duty. They didn't have her do anything. Sometimes when Huff had regular duty he took her back to their shop. All she did there was hang out. But sometimes another Division would need her and force her to do dirty work.

It was about 20 days into restriction when a new Master-At-Arms arrived. MA2(SW) Duncan did not like Alex at all. He gave her a dirty look every time he saw her. She couldn't do anything to him and she tried to ignore him. After a particularly bad restriction muster, he followed her. She noticed him following her. She tried to avoid him.

"Lundz," he called out.

"Shit," she mouthed to herself.

"Yes," she replied as she turned around.

"Come with me," he demanded.

She followed him to a small shop. He shut and locked the door.

"What do you want," she asked as she stood in the corner.

"I don't like you," he replied, "I can't stand you. I know all about you and Lois Rivers."

"Not again," she said as she looked at him.

He pulled out his nightstick and swung it hard into her stomach. She fell to the ground and was barely able to break her fall. He stood over her and unbuckled her pants and pulled them down. He pulled out his knife and cut her panties off. He flung them across the room. She tried standing up but he put the nightstick under her throat. He pulled up on it and choked her a bit. He pulled it off and gripped her by the hair. He pulled her up and slammed her against the desk that was in the room. She was bent over the desk and he tapped the nightstick on the desk next to her head. He quickly pulled it across the desk and positioned it behind he vagina. He quickly jammed it in her.

"Fuck," Alex let out as he tried to jam it into her ass far as he could.

"Shut the fuck up," he said as he pulled her hair.

"Fuck you," she said as a tear fell from her eye.

He pulled it out and slowly worked it in her ass.

"Stop," she said as it went deeper into her.

"Dumb cunt," he said as he pulled it out of her.

She looked back at him as he held the nightstick in his hand. She realized it was now or never.

"Fuck you," she said as she stood up and gouged him in the eyes.

He was able to keep the nightstick in his hand as her fingers connected with his eyes. She pushed him back and grabbed his wrist. She reached with her free hand and was able to get the nightstick away from him. She pushed him away from her and he fell into the corner. He suddenly seized up and stood frozen in the corner.

"Please don't," he pleaded.

"Fuck you," she said as she swung it hard into his kneecap.

"Fuck," he let out.

He slumped to the ground and grabbed his knee. He looked pathetic and broken. He looked like he was crying. She pulled it back and swung harder and struck his back. He fell completely to the ground. Alex stood over him and smiled. She kicked him in the gut and knelt over him.

"How does it feel," she asked as she dropped the nightstick.

He remained on the floor as she pulled up her pants and left the room. She looked down on him and decided to get one last shot in. She kicked him swiftly in the balls and walked out of the room. She walked back to the berthing quickly and looked herself over. She still felt a little sore from the nightstick being in her. She smiled in the mirror and made it to her rack. She found her cell phone and turned it on. She could get a signal in the berthing for some reason. She dialed her brother. He answered on the second ring.

"Skyler," she asked.

"Alex," he started, "what's up?"

"You still have the RV," she asked.

"Yeah," he started, "why?"

"I need you to come to San Diego," she started.

"Why," he asked.

"I'm getting kicked out," she replied, "it's a long story, I'll explain when you get here."

"When do you need me there by," he asked.

"A week," she replied.

"I can do that," he replied.

"Thanks," she said as she looked at the time, "shit, I have to run."

"Okay," he said as she shut her phone.

She made it to the Restriction muster on time. A Lieutenant Commander was standing with the Security Chief when she arrived.

"Lundz," the Chief called out as she walked to the muster.

"Yes Chief," she replied as she saluted the Officer.

"This is Commander Mason," the Chief started, "he's going to escort you off the ship."

"Yes Chief," she said as she followed the officer.

He escorted her off the ship and took her to a government car. He didn't saw much in the car, just made sure she was comfortable in the car. He drove her to an office on base. He took her inside and led her to a room. She recognized the name on the door. It was the newly promoted Admiral North. He stood up as Commander Mason left the room.

"Seaman Lundz," he smiled as he pulled out a chair for her, "I'm sorry to hear about you. But that's what I'm here for."

"Thank you sir," she said as he sat back at his desk.

"You're welcome," he replied, "I have a deal for you."

"What's that sir," she asked.

"I can keep you in the Navy," he started, "I don't like the my successor on that ship. He's an idiot and trying to impress people. I can get your discharge upgraded and keep you in the Navy. But..."

"But what sir," she replied.

"You'll have to give up a year on your contract and you can never re-enlist or join another branch of service," he said in one breath, "and you can keep your G.I. Bill. Sound good?"

"Yes sir," she smiled.

Alex knew her career was saved.

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