tagInterracial LoveBoat Ho Ch. 27

Boat Ho Ch. 27


"I don't know what the fuck the problem is with you two," Chief Hiller exclaimed.

"Chief..." Alex started

"I'm not done talking Lundz," he shot back, "you two were the only ones who failed the gun qualifications. And guess what the two of you are in my duty section. And I don't care if you have six months or six years left in the Navy I'm not going to let that happen. We're short on qualified people. Do you understand?"

"Yes Chief," Alex replied.

"Yes Chief," Airman Furlong replied.

"Now tomorrow at zero eight hundred you and dingleberry are going with G-4 to re-qualify. And god help you if you fail! Is that understood?"

"Yes chief," they both replied in unison.

"Which one of us is dingleberry," Furlong asked in a snide tone.

"I'll let the two of you figure that out. Now get out!"

They both looked at each other and walked out of the office. They didn't say anything to each other until they left the shop and walked onto the mess decks.

"What an ass," Furlong let out.

"Seems that way," Alex replied.

"I don't like him," Furlong said.

"Neither do I," Alex laughed.

They quickly parted ways and Alex walked down to her berthing. She felt like an idiot not being able to get qualified on the M-16. Chief Hiller even made a reference to her short time left in the Navy. She thought she could skate by the last few months she had left. Yet the Navy made it difficult for her to do that. But then again she had issues getting respirator qualified. It took her three times to do that. She'd been hunting a few times and didn't have a problem handling a rifle in her younger years, but she couldn't figure out why she did as poorly as she did. She made it to her rack and exhaled. She still smelled like the gun range. She quickly stripped off her uniform and wandered to the head and took a shower. She rinsed off quickly and returned to her rack. She changed into a pair of jeans, tennis shoes, and a Ke$ha shirt. She wandered back to the mess decks and ate. She dumped her tray and was about to walk back to her berthing when she saw Jamie sitting with a female third class petty officer.

"Alex," Jamie let out.

"Hey," Alex replied as she sat down next to the other woman.

The woman gave Alex a skeptical look.

"How have you been," Alex asked.

"Good," Jamie replied.

Alex and Jamie hadn't said much since their hotel encounter. Jamie did break up with her fiancé, but she grew distant from Alex. Alex wanted to be with her more but it never materialized. Jamie was no longer in weapons department; she'd been promptly transferred to AIMD shortly after their encounter. Aside from seeing each other in the berthing they didn't see each other that often.

"Oh," Jamie let out, "this is Megan Eady."

Alex smiled at her and looked her over. She had blonde hair in a similar bob cut that she had. But she looked very plain. She wasn't wearing make-up and her top lip was kind of strange looking.

"Nice to meet you," Alex let out.

"Same here," Megan replied in a snide tone.

Alex wanted to punch her.

"I have to get back to work," Megan said as she stood up.

"I'll see you tonight," Jamie let out.

"Yeah," Megan smiled as she walked away.

"The girl can eat pussy," Jamie said quietly with a smile on her face.

"I'm sure," Alex replied, "I can't believe you."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you've barely talked to me," Alex replied, "I thought we you know...."

"I don't know," Jamie replied, "I just don't think we mesh well."

"Mesh," Alex laughed.

"Sorry," Jamie shot back.

Alex reached out for Jamie's hand on the table but she retracted it.

"What's your friend's rate?"

"Aviation Boatswain's Mate," Jamie replied, "she's in air department. We met a few weeks ago, at the base pizza parlor. I was playing an arcade game and she walked up to me. And you know...."

"I better get going," Alex said.

"I need your help," Jamie admitted.

"With what," Alex asked.

Alex was ready to leave; she was tired of Cindy's rambling about how much she was in love with ABH3 Megan Eady. Alex was the one who helped her become a lesbian and realize what she was and for her to discard her and take up with that stupid dyke wasn't very kind.

"I talked to Cindy," Jamie said as Alex began to stand up.

Suddenly Alex leaned forward and her eyes opened wider.

"What did she say," Alex asked excitedly.

"She wants to see you again," Cindy replied.

"Are you serious," Alex replied.

"One hundred percent," Cindy smiled, "she said she felt awful leaving you in that hotel room in San Francisco."

Alex had to risk it. She hadn't told Cindy about that incident. She must be telling the truth.

"Where is she," Alex asked.

"Still on the east coast," Cindy shot back, "we talked last week. I mentioned I met you and she told me about what all you did. If you help me I'll give you her phone number. She said you could call anytime. She's not going out to sea for a while."

Alex pondered the deal quickly. She had to take the risk. She wanted to be with Cindy again, even if only for one night.

"Okay," Alex replied, "you have a deal."

"Thank you so much," Jamie replied.

They both got up from the table and walked back to their berthing. Cindy went over her crazy plan. It involved Alex waiting in Emmitt's hotel room until he got back. He would be drunk and Alex would have sex with him. And at the right time Jamie would barge in and find them together. It was a pretty stupid plan. Even Alex, with her below average intelligence could see that it was a pretty dumb to begin with. But Cindy wanted Alex to dress very provocatively, something that would get his heart racing. Alex agreed and thought up a good idea for what she should wear.

The next day Alex went with G-4 in the duty van and went to the gun range. It was a Thursday. All she could think about was Saturday night and what she was going to do with Cindy's fiancé. For a few brief moments she was able to push it to the back of her mind. She listened to the safety brief. She all ready knew how the gun worked. So it wouldn't be that difficult. She was one of the first people to shoot that day. She was happy to get it over quickly. And as quickly as it began, it was over. She looked over her target and realized she had passed the qualification. She handed it over to one of the people working the range. He was impressed with her shooting. The Chief running the gun shoot was impressed as well. Alex was back at the ship around 1400. She ended up back in the shop. She and Furlong were greeted by Chief Hiller as they made their way into the shop.

"Congratulations dingleberries," he laughed.

"How did you know," Furlong asked.

"Chief Cruz sent me a text," he replied, "so be ready for Saturday. I'll probably have you guys stand a late watch."

"Yes Chief," Furlong replied.

"Now go back to your magazines," he laughed.

They followed his orders and found their way back to their respective magazines. Alex slept most of the afternoon. She was happy when muster was over.

Alex took the trolley downtown and found her way to Hustler of Hollywood. She hadn't been there in a while, she couldn't remember if she went back after the incident with Tyler. The odds of seeing him there would probably be very slim. She wandered around the store with a bit more confidence. She didn't feel strange about trying to sneak something onto the ship. She looked around and tried on a pair of patent leather boots. The heel was flat and not pointed and when she put them on with her pants on they were barely noticeable. She decided to buy the boots but let the staff let her wear them around. She found a black choker and tried it on. She liked it. She paid for the boots and choker and left the store. She found her way to the mall and bought a pink bra from Macy's. She liked her outfit and figured it would get him going. She disposed of the boot box and put her shoes in the Macy's bag. She got back to the ship around seven.

It was early Friday afternoon when Jamie gave Alex the key to her fiancé's room. She gave her further instructions. Alex told her what she had in mind for him. Jamie seemed pleased.

Alex was happy that the hotel was so close to base. She got there around six. She found the room quickly. She looked around and realized it was pretty small. She looked around the room and found Emmitt's bag on the floor. She unzipped it and looked through it. Nothing that interested her was in the bag. She looked around some more and found a robe. She threw it on the bed and threw her bag next to it. She opened the curtains and looked out. She quickly stripped her clothes off while looking at the setting sun on San Diego. She looked through her bag and found the pink bra and slipped it on. She slid the boots on next. She shut the curtains and put the robe on. She finally put the choker on and sat on the bed. She turned the TV on and watched whatever was on. She was sitting on the bed for nearly 3 hours before she got a text from Jamie. She said they were on their way back. She turned the TV off.

"Shit," Alex said to herself before taking the robe off.

She looked herself over in the mirror quickly. She smiled and jumped on the bed.

"I'm fucking ready," she said quietly.

Emmitt walked back into the room and quickly looked himself over in the mirror. He felt the night went well, he sensed that Jamie would want to get back together again. He quickly washed his hands and picked up his cell phone. Alex heard part of a conversation. She couldn't tell what he was talking about. She only made out a few words. As quickly as it had begun he hung up. He put his cell phone away and walked into the bedroom.

"Fuck," he let out as he looked at the bed.

All he could see were a pair of legs in a pair of patent leather knee high boots. Alex was on her back her legs were crossed at the knee. He couldn't see her face. He walked cautiously towards the bed. Suddenly Alex sat up and looked at him. She was only wearing a pink bra and the boots. She remained seated and couldn't tell if she had on anything else.

"Hey," she smiled.

"Who the fuck are you," he said in an angered tone.

"A friend," Alex replied.

"How did you get in here," he asked.

"I have my ways," she replied.

"What do you want," he asked.

"What the fuck do you think," she laughed.

She sat up some more and quickly spread her legs. He realized all she was wearing was the bra, boots, and a black choker around her neck. He looked down at her pussy. He couldn't do it. He couldn't fuck her.

"You have to leave," he said in a stern tone.

"I don't think so," Alex laughed as she finally got off the bed.

She walked up to him in an awkward fashion. He could tell that she hadn't worn them for long. He took a step back towards the wall, but she kept pursuing him. He eventually hit the wall as Alex walked up to him. She kissed him quickly.

"You know you want me," she smiled as she pulled away.

He couldn't resist her much longer. She walked away and turned around. She bent over and spread her ass a bit.

"You want my white pussy," she laughed while looking back at him.

He looked her over and bit his bottom lip. She stood upright and turned around. She slowly walked back to the bed and sat back down. She slid up the bed and spread he legs apart. Her pussy was in full view now. She motioned him to come closer with her right index finger.

"Wanna see my tits," she asked.

He stood there motionless. Alex let out a smile and quickly reached into her bra and pulled out her breasts. They flopped out quickly. She quickly tweaked her nipples. They were erect; she quickly grabbed her breasts and let go.

"Come on," she said, "fuck me with that big black dick!"

"I can't," he replied.

Alex realized he wasn't drunk like Cindy said he would be. Maybe they didn't drink at dinner. Alex realized this was going to be a bit harder than she thought. She had to do it somehow. Alex knew her body was sexy and people liked it. She walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Pretty please," she begged in a childish voice as she pulled closer to him.

"No," he exhaled, "I'm in love...."

"With me," she asked as she inched her face closer to his.

"I'm not," he replied.

"With who then," she asked.

She slid closer to his face and kissed him on the lips. She slowly pushed her tongue into his mouth. He met her with resistance but gave up quickly.

"I can't resist white pussy," he laughed.

Alex slinked down the length of his body and squatted down by his crotch. She looked at his hip-hop clothing pants and smiled. She thought in her mind he was a typical black guy.

"I haven't been with a black guy in a while," Alex laughed as she undid Emmitt's zipper.

"Careful," Emmitt said as she gripped his flaccid penis.

"Quit being so fucking uptight," she snapped back as she began to stroke the limp monster.

She spit in her hand and began to stroke it harder and harder. It took him a while to get to a full erection. He finally reached a full erection after nearly five minutes of stroking him. She looked it over and realized he was at least eleven inches! Alex looked up at him and noticed the strange look he had on his face. He did like it but didn't want to show that he was enjoying it. She quickly put her mouth on the tip. She gingerly dug her teeth into the tip of it.

"Shit," he let out.

"Did I hurt you," asked as she pulled away from him.

"No," he replied, "keep going."

She complied and put her mouth on his large penis. She worked a few inches into her mouth, but couldn't get more than three or four inches into her. Emmitt finally let go and undid his belt and let his pants hit the ground. She sucked on him for nearly ten minutes. He got light headed and pulled his penis out of her.

"Get on the bed," he ordered.

"Yes," she replied.

She quickly pulled of her bra and jumped on the bed. She spread her legs and smiled. He slowly inched his large penis into her vagina.

"Holy shit," Alex laughed as his penis made it into her.

"You like that," he asked.

"Fuck yeah," she replied, "I love big black cock!"

He slid the length of his penis into her pussy. She looked up at him and kissed him. He pulled out of her slowly and slammed into her hard. He did this several times. Alex gripped his firm ass as he jammed his penis into her.

"What do the tattoos above your pussy mean," he asked nearly out of breath.

"Slave," Alex laughed.

"Really," he replied.

"Yeah," she smirked as he slammed back into her.

He fucked her harder and harder. He kissed her a few times. Alex went limp for a few seconds and let her head hang off the bed. She looked herself over in the mirror and smiled again.

"I want that," Alex started.

"Want what," he asked as he thrust into her.

"I want it in my ass!!"

"What," he asked in perplexed tone.

"Fuck my ass," she said as she gritted her teeth.

Alex pushed him off of her and stood up. She reached under the bed and pulled her bag out and routed through it furiously.

"What are you looking for," he asked while standing up.

"Lube," she laughed pulling out a bottle of it.

"You sure about this," he asked.

"Fuck yeah," she replied sternly.

She placed the lube on the nightstand. She jumped on the bed and got on all fours. Emmitt grabbed the bottle of lube and poured some of it on his penis. He worked it in good. He began to pour it on Alex's asshole. But it dripped on her left buttcheek a little.

"Don't," Alex said as she looked back at him.

"It may hurt," he replied in a cautious tone.

"Just go slow," she laughed, "I've done anal before."

"Okay," he replied.

He guided his penis towards her asshole. He looked it over he placed his left hand on the small of her back. Alex shuddered as his penis grazed her ass. He slowly slid the tip in. Alex looked at herself in the mirror and bit her lower lip. She felt the familiar burning sensation of something entering her ass. She liked the feeling and knew it would get better with him entering her. Emmit kept a close eye on how he was doing.

"Uh," Alex grunted as he slowly worked inside of her.

"You okay," he asked.

"Keep going," she replied as her hands clenched the comforter.

He complied and worked deeper into her. He never felt anything like this before. Her ass was tight and she was doing good handling his large penis. He noticed her head looking down on the bed. She quivered each time he reached deeper into her.

"Keep going," she exhaled.

He complied. He reached forward with his right hand and grabbed the choker. He pulled it ever so slightly, leaving a little room for her to breath. He slowly inched into her as he pulled on the choker. Alex's breathing became difficult and she attempted to swat his leg to signal him to stop. He complied and let go. He worked his hand back down her body. He looked down at her ass and realized her was nearly halfway in her.

"How big are you," Alex grunted as he pushed into her.

"About eleven," he exhaled, "I measured myself once."

"OH," she let out as he slid deeper into her.

"You okay," he asked.

"Yeah," she exhaled, "jam it in there."

"You sure," he asked.

"Yeah," she laughed, "force it into my tight fuckhole!"

He gripped either side of her hips. She jutted her ass up a bit. He slid into her a bit more before finally thrusting the full length of his penis into her.

"FUCK," she yelled out.

Emmitt was caught off guard. He pulled out a bit.

"Keep going," she demanded.

He slowly pushed back into her. She twitched and quivered as he thrust into her.

"Oh fuck," she let out.

He kept up and thrust in and out of her several times. He was worried he was hurting her but she seemed to enjoy it. He poured some more lube onto his penis and slid into her again.

"Wait," Alex let out.


Alex slid off of his penis and flipped over on the bed. She gripped it and slid her mouth on it. She tasted herself on him. She looked up at him and smiled. She got off the bed and walked behind him and lay down on the bed. She spread her legs and he turned around. He looked down at her asshole. It looked nearly perfect again. He slid his huge penis back into her.

"YES," she yelled out as he worked the length of his penis back into her.

She looked up at him as he continued to fuck her. She reached up and kissed him quickly. He leaned in and sucked on her right nipple. He kept furiously fucking her in the ass. Soon it felt natural and normal. He liked the feeling of her tight ass around his dick. She kissed him again. He looked down at her and smiled. She felt beads of sweat falling on her. She gripped his ass and pushed him deeper into her. She loved it when his hips collided with her ass. He quickly fingered her vagina. She kissed him again and noticed he didn't look too good. His face contorted several times.

"I don't feel too hot," he let out.

"Gonna cum for me baby," she asked in a babyish voice.

"Yeah," he labored.

"In my mouth," she smiled.

He pulled out and she sat up. She wrapped her mouth around his large penis. She got the tip in her mouth and stroked it two or three times. His seed surged out of his penis. It gagged her for a second but kept it in. He tasted very sour but wanted to swallow it. He pulled it out of her mouth for a second.

"Nice," she said with a mouthful of semen

He looked down at her as she swallowed his entire load. She leaned forward and wrapped her mouth on it again. She dug her teeth in gently.

"Careful," he exhaled.

"Got another one in you," she asked in a babyish voice.

"I don't think so," he replied.

"Awwww," she said in the same voice before she put her mouth on his penis.

Suddenly a flash of light illuminated the room.

"The fuck," Emmitt let out as Alex continued to work his limp penis with her mouth.

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