tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBob has Candy Exposed in the Lounge

Bob has Candy Exposed in the Lounge


Candy and Bob - He has his wife expose herself to strangers in the beach hotel lounge!

(Bob's plan begins to take shape as he brings out the exhibitionist in his wife.)

The walk from the beach back to the hotel was an adventure. I had Candy follow me as I zig zagged my way through the crowded beach. There were blankets everywhere and I made sure that I took the longest route through the busiest areas to cause my wife the most discomfort. She was still wearing only her transparent beach cover over her body painted and otherwise naked body.

The painted on bikini top was fine. It was the bottom that was the problem. You see, her excitement earlier caused her pussy to become soaking wet and when I wiped it off with a towel all of the paint was removed with it. Now her naked pussy is covered by only the thin sheer cover that comes down to a point just below her crotch. By making her walk between the blankets anyone sitting or laying on them would have a perfect view of her naked cunt!

I let her carry the tote bag with the towels and she must use it to cover up by holding it in front of herself as she walked. I looked back to see a panicked look on her face as her large 38DD naked breasts swayed back and forth as she tried to keep up.

Once we got back to the lobby we headed straight for the elevator. Passing the little shop that sold us the real bikini I spotted the woman that sold it to us. When she saw us waiting for the elevator she came out to see how things were going with Candy's new swim suit. She looked a bit puzzled by Candy holding her bag in front of herself until she came close enough to see her erect nipples pushing out against her semi-transparent cover. Once she deduced that Candy was actually naked underneath she gushed and started to laugh!

She put her hand over her mouth to stifle herself. She did not want to give it away!

"Oh my! That is so cleaver!" She said under her breath. "You people have a wild side. I like that! Still going to the lounge tonight?"

She came up close to inspect Candy better.

"Oh yes. In think that my wife will need a drink by than!" I replied with a laugh.

Candy blushed and looked down at the floor as the sales clerk walked around her to check the view.

"Oh I can't wait to see what she does with a couple of cocktails in her. I've got to get back now but I really can't wait to see more of you tonight!" She winked at my wife. "Bye now."

She blew Candy a kiss before she turned and headed back into her shop. I could tell that she wanted my wife in the worst way and is hoping that she will get a chance later tonight. The gears started turning inside of my brain as I tried to think of how I can use this to my advantage and humiliate my wife more.

When we finally made it to our room I closed the door and as I turned back candy had already pulled the cover-up off over her head and off. I watched as my now naked wife fell back onto the bed. With her feet flat and her knees raised she spread them apart and buried her hand into her pussy! With eyes closed she rubbed her clit with abandon as I stood looking down at her in shock!

She couldn't wait another minute to masturbate as she had obviously been aroused by her lewd display in public. My cock was ready to explode and I didn't want to waste this opportunity so I skinned down my trunks and lined myself up over her. I then buried my hard cock into her without interfering with her manipulations.

I fucked her hard as she rubbed her clit until we both reached our climax simultaneously! I shot my load into her as she screamed in pleasure. I remained inside as I could feel contractions inside of her hot cunt as she orgasmed. I rolled off as my cum oozed from her gaping hole.

After that we both held each other and eventually fell asleep. We awoke from our nap a couple of hours later and got up to take a shower and I helped remove the body paint from Candy's nether regions. Refreshed we ordered room service for dinner after which we sat on the balcony to relax and watch the view.

Candy was unusually happy as she would constantly hug me and give a peck on the cheek. I on the other hand was trying to figure out a plan to escalate our little game this evening.

I asked what she had planned to wear this evening and she replied, "Whatever you want me to!"

Just what I wanted to hear! She was eager to continue our little game and wanted me to make the decisions. I looked through the clothes that she had packed and didn't find a thing that excited me so it was on with the shorts and back down to the shops to pick out something that works.

We found a woman's clothing store that had everything from casual to fancy evening attire. After looking through a few racks I had her try on a white mini dress. It was short and simple with a halter top. I knew her size and intentionally chose one that was one size too small. Between her large breasts and ass even her own size would have fit her snuggly.

She stepped back out of the changing room shaking her head.

"Bob, this one is too tight I think that I should try the next size up if you really want me to wear this out."

What an erotic site! I don't know how she was able to get into it! It seemed to fit her like a girdle wrapping around every part of her body. The halter top had a plunging neckline and no back. Each of her huge tits appeared to be cradled in individual white sacks which met just below her belly button and her breasts were forced to push out of the opening with a look like they were about pop out at any minute. The short skirt was made even shorter as the stretchy material had to wrap around her large bubble butt causing the material to sink into the cleft defining each individual cheek! The mound of her pussy showed in the front as it sucked in toward her crotch.

It was absolutely perfect for what I had in mind! Without telling her that we were going to keep it I had her go back and put her own clothes back on. As she did I looked for some stockings and decided that a pair of fishnet thigh highs would fit the bill.

When she returned I took the dress from her and went to cash out with the stockings. She gave me a puzzled look.

"You aren't thinking of having me wear those are you? I can't go out dressed like that. People will think that I'm some kind of slut or something!"

"Don't worry. You won't have to wear it outside of the building. Besides you told me to make the choice, and I have, so you have to do as I say. OK?"

She pouted and looked at the floor.

"OK if you say so."

"Good I'm glad that is settled. Besides you will not be just any ordinary slut. You will be MY slut! And as my slut you will do whatever I say for the rest of the trip. Understand?"

She looked a bit shocked at that but thought about what I had just said for a moment.

"Yes. I will do whatever you say but promise me that it won't go too far?"

I had her!

"Sorry Honey, I can't promise anything. Just do as I say and we will both be very happy."

She just nodded her head and didn't speak again. I knew that this is what she wanted too but I had to bring her along slowly before implementing my plan. Now she will do anything that I command her to because I let her off the hook. She wants to continue this game in a big way but she also wants me to control things so that she will not have to act as though she does! Hence I make her a slut and she can deny any responsibility for it!

We went back up to the room to get ready and, once on, the tiny white dress looked even smaller and shorter than it did downstairs. She pulled the stockings up and they didn't quite make it under her skirt. The elastic tops were just showing a little below. When she stood up again her boobs were about to burst out of her top! After readjusting them she just stood and looked at me as if to say "you can't be serious"!

I came very close to backing out. I never, ever, thought that I would be able to get my wife to go along with anything remotely close to this and before this morning she would never have! My innocent wife has been transformed into a slut for me in one day. That has got to be a record! She is so horny right now she would absolutely do anything that I asked if it were to end in her orgasm!

"Ready?" I stood in front of her holding her hands and looking deep into her eyes.

She hesitated knowing that she would not refuse but not acting too eager. Then she looked down, took a deep breath, and spoke quietly.

"Yes. I think so."

I took her hand and we went down the empty elevator. We were standing side by side as the doors opened to the lobby. Suddenly everything was different! There were people everywhere. Candy hesitated and I gave her hand a squeeze before she took a deep breath and stepped out into the busy lobby.

I don't have to tell you that all eyes were upon her as we made our way toward the lounge. The bellman that brought our breakfast this morning was standing by the front desk and I watched as his jaw dropped when he saw my wife from other than the back side for the first time. I was glad that it was only a short walk as I don't believe that I could have taken her much farther dressed this way in public.

We entered the lounge and found it dark and quiet. There were only a few couples sitting at the bar and small tables. I spotted a booth and thought that Candy would be more comfortable sitting there until she got used to the surroundings. The booth wrapped around like a horseshoe with high backs that gave some sense of privacy. I had candy slide in first so that I could sit beside her on the end. As she sat and moved in her skirt came up to well above her stocking tops and some of her thigh flesh showed. Once situated she tried in vain to pull it back down and it wouldn't so she was resigned to the fact that she would be showing even more flesh than she thought.

The waitress came over to us right away and asked what we would like. I noticed that once she spotted my wife's tits nearly popping out of her top her eyes kept glancing over as she asked us for our orders. Candy ordered a vodka and cranberry and I asked for my usual Bombay and tonic. I watched as she went back to the bar and gave her order to the bartender. He was talking across the bar with a man seated at a stool. As if on cue I watched as all three turned in unison to look back at Candy. I'm glad that she didn't see this as she was already self conscious about her attire or lack there of!

The waitress returned with our drinks and continued checking out my wife's cleavage on display. Once she left we sipped our drinks as I enjoyed watching Candy as she would shift her ass as she tried to get her skirt pulled back down.

I watched as the man that was talking with the bartender stood up with his drink and made his way across the floor to a grand piano that was located on the other side of the lounge. He had to pass by us on the way and made damn sure that he got a close look at Candy as he passed. He gave us a smile and a nod as he walked and went to sit at the piano. He introduced himself into a microphone as Sam and then he began to play. I laughed a little when all that I could think of after that was "play it again Sam" from Casablanca. Candy asked what was so funny but I really didn't think that she would get it!

Not long after the music started Tony, from the beach, walked in and looked around. I got his attention and waved him over to our booth. He stopped the waitress and ordered us a round before he got to us. I shook his hand and offered to have him sit across from us. He reached across to shake Candy's as I thought that his eyes would fall out of his head by the way that he looked at her tits!

The waitress came and put our drinks on the table. Again I noticed her looking Candy over. Tony told her to keep the drinks coming and she smiled and said "sure thing!"

After a while the lounge started to fill up. Tony kept ordering drinks and refused to let me pay. He was paying us back for the view and hoping for something a little more I figured. Candy started to fall behind with the drinks.

"Candy honey, you don't seem to be keeping up. I took you as more of a party girl." Tony said with a chuckle.

"Oh I can party! Just you watch!"

She took that as a challenge and wanted to prove that she could handle it so she took her full glass and drank it straight down!

"See? I'm a big girl if you couldn't tell!" She said while wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Oh yes you are!" Tony said. "I like big girls! Excuse me one moment."

Tony got up and walked over to the bar. He said something to the bartender and then headed for the restroom.

"Having fun, Honey?" I patted her on her thigh.

"I think I am. Tony seems to be nice. Do you think he's married?"

"Hard to tell. Why do you ask? Do you want to marry him?" I smiled.

"No. I don't know. Never mind." She blushed and turned away.

He was a good looking man and I could tell that she had eyes for him but I really wasn't ready to allow another man to fuck my wife. Yesterday, this never would have come up but in the last 24 hours things have changed and I want her to do what I want! I decided to play it out and see what happens.

Tony came back followed by the waitress who placed the drinks on the table. Once she moved out of the way and left, Tony slid back into his seat across the booth from us. He leaned forward toward Candy.

"OK 'Big Girl' lets just see how big you are! You downed that last drink pretty fast but do you think that you have what it takes to beat me?"

I knew that he was just trying to get her cocked but I was enjoying the game and as long as I was there I saw no problem playing along. Now Candy can usually hold her own against just about anybody but I found out from someone that had spoken to the bartender later that when Tony went to the bar he asked him to double up on Candy's vodka for the rest of the night and it definitely changed the playing field as the night went on!

"So what do you get if you win?" She leaned over and put her hand on top of his. Her breasts were resting on the table top.

"If I win I get to dance with you." Looking at me for approval. I saw nothing wrong with that and just gave him a shrug.

"And if I win. What do I get? Hmmmm?"

He thought for a second.

"Anything you want. But you won't win so you don't have to worry about that! We go on three alright?"

"OK ready!" She picked up her drink and awaited the countdown.

"One, two..........Three!"

They both tipped their glasses up but Tony slammed his back down on the table before Candy was halfway done. She finally finished and slammed hers down a few seconds later.

"Best two out of three!" She said not wanting to lose a challenge.

"OK you're on!" He replied and gave the waitress a wave. She went right to the bartender and got three more and brought them back to us without even asking what we needed. I hadn't even started my last one yet but I'm not exactly a lightweight in the drinking department either and had no objection with having another. I was wondering just how long Candy could maintain this pace before the effects of the alcohol started to take over.

The waitress placed the drinks in front of us and I watched as Candy and Tony readied themselves for the next round. Judging by the first I figured that he would just beat her out in this round and end it.

"One, two........Three!"

Candy put the glass to her lips and tried to drink it down as fast as she could. Tony on the other hand didn't seem to be quite as fast this time and Candy slammed her glass down seconds before him. I knew that he let her win on purpose to force a third and final round but Candy didn't catch on and started to hoot and holler as she danced in her seat. Everybody heard her and looked as her huge breasts bounced up and down as she showed her excitement. Even the guy playing the piano stopped for a moment to see what was happening.

Tony waved again to the waitress who, like everyone else, was looking in our direction. She brought three more to the table and I found myself well behind the other two now since they had just finished their last two drinks in under 5 minutes!

"This one is for all of the marbles. Are you ready?" he said holding up his glass again.

Candy looked ready to go. She knew that she could beat him now and was looking right into his eyes with a phony scowl as she raised her glass.

"OK. One, two....................Three!"

Tony downed his drink in record time and slammed it down. Candy had to work at hers as she had to take several gulps to get it all before she just placed the glass on the table softly.

"How the hell did you do that?" She asked as it was easy to tell the the alcohol was taking effect.

"It really doesn't matter does it? The fact is that you lost and now you have to dance with me. Unless, of course, your husband objects." He looked over toward me when Candy replied.

"Oh he doesn't mind. He never wants to dance anyway so lets go!"

She looked at me to get up and let her out of the booth as Tony got out the other side. I figured that this should be entertaining so I got up and moved aside as Tony came around to help her out of her seat.

Now up until then Tony had only seen my wife from the waist up and wasn't prepared for the site that he was about to see. There she was with her short, tight mini dress hiked up above her stocking tops. The hem moved higher as she tried to slide her way out of the booth. When she reached the end and swung her leg out to stand her inner thighs and white panties came into clear view of anyone looking from most anywhere in the lounge. What a sight to see! Tony's eyes lit up as he never expected this kind of display from another man's wife out in public!

"Beautiful!" He said reaching for her hand.

He helped her to her feet and she tried to pull the dress back down to a more acceptable length. As before she could not get them below her stocking tops which were to remain in view. Everyone watched as Tony walked her to the dance floor which was basically anywhere they wanted to stop. She acted playful with him and you could tell that she was on wobbly legs as they turned toward each other to dance.

The lounge lizard was singing a slow Barry Manilow song as he held her and they started to dance in the traditional way. It was quite a sight to watch my loving wife in a slutty white dress and fishnet stockings dancing with a stranger that she met only hours ago. This didn't go un-noticed by others sitting around the lounge as they now appeared to be part of the entertainment.

As they danced I noticed that the clerk that sold us the bikini this morning had taken my invitation to meet up with us this evening seriously and was standing in the doorway looking for us. She had an eye for my wife while we were in the store and I thought that it might make things interesting to watch another woman coming on to her. She spotted Candy on the dance floor and came in to sit at the bar. I saw her order a drink and turn on her stool to watch as Candy danced. I got up and approached her.

"Hi, I'm glad you could make it. My name is Bob." I reached out to shake her hand.

"Lesley. You can call me Lez." She replied.

"Figures." I said jokingly. "My wife's name is Candy."

"Sweet!" She said with a laugh.

"Touché!" We both laughed as we broke the ice.

With a look of disappointment on her face she said. "I was looking forward to it but I guess I should have come a little earlier. Have you been here long?"

"No, not really. But I do think that you have some catching up to do."

I ordered her another drink. She didn't seem too interested in talking to me as we both had our backs to the bar and watched as my wife slow danced with her new friend. I could see them holding each other closely as they spoke into each others ear. His hands were on the small of her naked back and their crotches pressed against each other as their hips rocked back and forth, They never lost contact as the song changed. The new song was a bit more up tempo as their bodies moved together more rapidly.

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