Bobby's Hairy Mom


"How's this look?" she said as she hovered over him.

Bobby trembled and gasped for air as his mother lowered her massive chest to him. Her breasts were enormous in his face now, and she continued to lean in and down toward her son, who was now gripping his cock for all he was worth.

Norma slowly lowered her heaving chest until her breasts were directly above Bobby's cock, and then she brought herself up to meet his gaze. Bobby could smell her; and he grew dizzy with excitement.

She brought her armpit up to Bobby’s face, and tickled his lips with the hair. Bobby inhaled her musky scent and licked his mother’s armpit as she pulled away, getting a very exciting new taste on his lips…

She went in again, lower this time, and as she grazed the tip of her son's cock with her nipple, she felt a tingling jolt of sexual electricity.

"Do you like that?" she asked.

"Nnnngh...." Bobby groaned. "Oh, god, Mom! Do it again", he whispered.

Norma lowered her massive chest slowly down toward Bobby's straining cock. Bobby pushed upwards until he felt first his mother's nipple, then more and more of her soft, satiny, warm spongy breast until his drooling cock was engulfed by his mother's bosom. Norma cradled her son's cock between her breasts, pushing them together as she allowed him to slide his cock back and forth. Norma put Bobby's hands on the sides of her breasts and let him wrap her tits around his cock. She leaned her face down and drooled onto his cock, making it nice and slippery.

As he rocked faster, Bobby reached up and felt the hair under his mother's arms with his fingertips. As buried his face in his mother's sweaty armpit, she began to moan.

Bobby had a spontaneous orgasm right on the spot. His rigid cock began to spew out jet after jet of thick white jism; the first couple of spurts spraying on his mother's neck, and her breasts, and trickled down her sides to her armpits.

"Ohhh, Bobby, yessss!" Norma purred, "yes - oh, cum all over my breasts! Mmmm, that's right, honey! Rub it on Mommy's nipples! Mmmm, that's right. And rub it in my hairy armpits! Oooh, that's good, Bobby!"

Hearing his mother's exhortations caused Bobby's cock to renew its spasms, sending even more thick cum shooting forth onto her heaving bosom, and into her thick armpit hair.

As the orgasm began to lessen, Bobby's mother reached over with her hand and gently stroked her son's cock around her cum-covered breasts and under her arms and said, "Mmmm... that was nice..."

Norma then quickly gathered her blouse and bra and gently disengaged the pictures from Bobby's grip.

"Now, why don't we clean up and have dinner, OK, sweetie?" Norma kissed Bobby on the lips and departed the bathroom.

Bobby lay back against the toilet seat, eyes scrunched closed, recovering and considering what just happened and what the future might possibly hold...

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