tagIncest/TabooBobby's Mom Ch. 1

Bobby's Mom Ch. 1

byBobby T©

Alicia is a very special person in my world. She is a great many things to me. She’s my best friend, my confidant, my girlfriend, my lover and my mom. Mom seems to really love her role as my own personal cumslut and is always there for me whenever I need to get off. Lately, I’ve been able to forget about my alarm clock because every morning I awake to the feel of warm, wet lips sucking my cock. Let me tell you, it’s a great way to start the day!

Mom and I live alone and there is no dad to talk about. He took off and left mom barefoot and pregnant with twins. Mom raised my twin sister and I all by herself and along the way, managed to pick up a couple of degrees. She now makes a very comfortable living as a comptroller and senior executive for one of the Fortune 100 companies. She is the best.

Today, mom and I were enjoying one of our many rituals, a summer picnic in the park. As usual, we had chosen a very secluded area of the park where it would be unlikely that we would be disturbed. Our picnic blanket was spread out and we were enjoying the sunshine as we finished our lunch and started to clean up our dishes. This would the last chance for the two of us to be alone together for a little while because my twin sister was coming home tonight and would be staying with us for a two-week visit.

Tammy, my twin sister, was a highly paid fashion model and had been away from home and working steady since she was discovered at the age of 13. All her schooling had been achieved through tutors arranged for by the modelling agency she worked for. Like me, she had just reached the ripe old age of 18 and was returning home for a little rest and relaxation before heading back to Europe. We were supposed to be at the airport at eight o’clock this evening to pick her up from her flight from New York.

My sister has no idea that mom and I enjoy each other’s company on an intimate basis and we have been very careful to make sure she never finds out. Both of us are worried that she might freak out and never want anything to do with either of us again.

Mom was bent over on her hands and knees as she tidied up and I never grew tired of looking at her very deep cleavage and especially the way her heavy tits swung back and forth in her low-cut summer dress. Fuck I love big tits! Mom’s were bigger than big, they were fucking huge and I considered myself very lucky to have a mom that was blessed with such huge mammaries.

She looked up at me and caught me staring at her tits.

“You really have a thing for these big babies, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes I do. You’ve got the biggest and nicest tits I’ve ever seen and I love them more than I can tell you. Look at the fucking hardon they’re giving me right now!”

I leaned back a bit to show her the outline of my cock that was plainly visible through the thin material of my running shorts. My cock looked positively obscene and my fat fuck stick ran up towards my hip. I pulled up my t-shirt to show mom the big mushroom shaped head that was sticking out of the waistband of my shorts by a couple of inches.

“Have I told you lately what a great cock you have son?”

“Yes, although I never get tired of hearing you say it.”

“Well, then I’ll say it again. You’ve got the biggest, nastiest big hunk of horse cock I’ve ever seen and it makes my little pussy soaking wet every time I think about it.”

“Aw mom, you say the nicest things.”

“Smart ass! You know how much I love it.”

“Prove it!”

Still on her hands and knees, she crawled over to where I was sitting on the blanket and made sure that her big tits swung all over the place. She dipped her head down and forced her mouth over the head of my cock and sucked very hard. She slid her mouth down several inches until it ran into the waistband of my shorts. She sucked my cock deeply and bobbed her head up and down to suck off the part of my shaft that was exposed. She promptly sat up and asked if I believed her now.

“You little tease! You know that I can’t let you stop now. Look at my cock for fuck’s sake.” The head of my cock was an angry red/purple color and a large amount of precum was starting to leak from the head. She dipped her head down once more, licked the precum off the head of my dick, stuck her tongue into my piss slit and then sucked a couple inches of my cock into her mouth. Then, just as before, she lifted her head off my cock and sat back on her haunches.

“You’re just going to have to behave yourself until we get home young man.”

“Aw mom, you can’t leave me hanging like this.”

“I’m sorry baby but we can’t take a chance that someone will see us. It’s just too risky. But I’m really horny too. I need a big load of cum from you right now. Why don’t we pack up and go home right now so we can fuck our brains out.”

“Works for me!”

She leaned down to tidy up some more and I sat back watching her big tits move around.

“I really like that dress mom. I love the way it lets your big tits move all over the place. I hate those tops of yours that keep your tits from moving around.”

“You mean you like it when they do this?” With that she shimmied from side to side causing her huge tits to sway back and forth and she did it in such a way that they kind of crashed into each other.”

“You know I do you little slut. I should just bend you over and fuck your juicy little cunt right here.”

“Now where are your manners young man? You know you shouldn’t fuck mommy before she gets to eat a big load of yummy hot cum!”

We both laughed and decided that the picnic was pretty much over. We started to clean up the rest of the stuff in preparation for heading home for some great sex.

“Mom, would you do me a favour?”

“Sure sweetie, what is it?”

“Would you pull down the top of your dress, just for a minute, bend over and let me see you swing your big tits around?”

“I don’t know Bobby, it takes me a few minutes to stuff these babies back into my dress. I don’t think we should take the chance that someone might come along and catch us.”

“Aw come on mom, just for minute. You’re driving me crazy and I need a big tit fix right now. You know how much I love to watch them hang down. I just want to feel them and hold your heavy tits in my hand for one little minute. Then, I promise I’ll behave myself and we can go home.”

“You know, it might be better if we behaved ourselves and just went home now. After all, the sooner we get home, the more time we have to fool around before we have to leave to pick up Tammy at the airport.”

“I know you’re right but I just need a quick peek. I really need it, come on mom!”

Mom looked around and scanned the area to see if anyone was nearby. “Well, just for a minute then.”

She peeled the thin straps off her shoulders and pulled down her top. She had to squish her tits to get the top down and over them but she managed. I loved the way her big tits moved like big bowls of jello.

“Here you go you dirty young man. Take a quick look and then we’ll get going.”

With that, she bent over on her hands and knees to let her huge tits hang down and she started to shimmy from side to side. If I had to pick my number one fetish (and I have many of them) it would be watching an extremely large set of tits that are hanging down while their owner was on her hands and knees. I’m not sure what caused this particular obsession but it was very real. Nothing turns me on more. Perhaps it’s because of the shape a large pair of tits takes on when they are allowed to hang or perhaps it was because of the soft feel of the tits when you brought your hands up and under them to hold them, heft them and weigh them in your hands. You can apply as little or as much pressure as you want and the soft, silky smooth skin feels so good. And. if they were really big huge fucking tits like my moms, you could feel your fingers getting lost in the mountain of soft breast flesh as you closed your fingers.

My cock was getting so hard it hurt. Mom was swaying her body gently back and forth so that her tits would sway around. They started to gather momentum and looked so inviting I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and couldn’t just sit there and watch. I reached under mom and gently hefted the nearest breast with my hand. It felt like it weighed 10 or 15 pounds. So heavy, so soft and so smooth!

I could feel mom’s nipple harden in the palm of my hand and knew that she enjoyed this too.

“You like this don’t you mom?”

“You know I do Bobby. Some times it makes me feel like a cow but it sure feels nice.”

“Sometimes I wish you could give milk like a cow. I’d love to have you hang those big babies over my face and let me suck and milk them dry.

“I used to do just that when you and your sister were babies. I would put one of you on each nipple and the two of you would suck forever.”

“Did it feel good?”

“I’m a little ashamed to admit it but I used to have little orgasms while you two sucked on my big tits. It made me so horny that after you two finished sucking, I would put you to bed and go and fuck myself with a big bad dildo.”

“Fuck you turn me on mom.”

“Well, you turn me on too baby. Your hand feels really nice on my breast. I think fair is fair and if you’re going to feel me up, then I think I should be able to do the same to you. Your big balls hang just as low as my titties. Why don’t you slip them out of the leg of your shorts and let me hold them while you feel me up?”

“Well, if I have to!” Towards the top of a very long list of things that really turn me on was squatting and letting my big balls hang low. When mom cupped the soft, silky sack in her hands, I imagined her pleasure must be similar to the enjoyment I get out of cupping her big tits. I reached up the leg of my silk running shorts and pulled the liner off to one side. Gravity took over and my big balls flopped out of the leg of my shorts and hung nice and low, just the way mom liked them. I have a really big pair of balls but the nicest part is that they are in a sack that is so big that they can hang as far away as eight or ten inches from my body (on a really warm day!)

As I continued to fondle mom’s big tits, she reached under me with one hand and cupped my balls. Her hand is so small it was all she could do to gently balance them in her hand. A lot of meat and flesh overflowed her hand and she began the slow rolling motion with her fingers that she knows I love so much. This turned me on even more and my cock continued to grow so much I had to shift the head of my cock more off to the side because it was digging into me.

We stayed there quietly enjoying our mutual feel-up session. I could never get enough of feeling my mom’s tits and evidently, she felt the same way about my balls.

On the 1 out of 10 horny scale, I was rising past 7 with a bullet and was on my way to a 12. I took a quick look around and decided that the coast was clear. Even though I was reluctant to move because it would mean mom would have to let go of my balls, I scooted around behind my mom and lifted the back of her skirt over her back. She had on one of her nicer thongs and I slipped the crotch off to one side and sunk a couple of fingers into her sopping pussy to “wet test” her. There was no time for foreplay but I didn’t want to hurt her.

“Bobby, stop that. Stop that right now!”

I said nothing and continued to saw a couple of fingers in and out of mom’s very juicy cunt. No problem with lubrication here I thought, snickering to myself.

“You know you want me to shove my big cock in you. Your little cunt is soaking wet. Don’t tell me you don’t want it.”

“You know I want it Bobby. I just don’t want us to get caught. Let’s go home right now and you can fuck my brains out.”

“I can’t wait mom. There’s nobody around and I need to stick my cock into that hot, wet little cunt of yours right now.”

“Oh Bobby, what am I going to do with you?” As she was saying this, she was starting to hump back against my fingers. I could tell that with her state of arousal and the excitement of being in a public place, I should be able to get her off pretty quick. I knew I wouldn’t be far behind and right now, all I wanted to do was fill her cunt with my cock and blast a big load of sperm deep inside her.

I pulled my cock out through the leg of my shorts. Holding the crotch of her thong off to one side, I eased the head of my cock into the very wet lips of her pussy. I slid it back and forth getting just about an inch or so in with each stroke. The head of my cock was nice and slick with cunt juice and I loved feeling the big head slide back and forth past her pussy lips.

“Quit teasing me and give me that big thing. Fuck me Bobby! Shove your big hard cock deep into my little pussy. Fuck your mommy. Fuck me good.”

I did about another dozen short strokes and finally couldn’t take it any more. I pulled back until the head of my cock popped out, I shoved it back in until just the head disappeared, stopped for a split second and then with one mighty lunge, I sank it deep into her cunt until I felt the cheeks of her ass touching my legs.

She let out a deep grunt. “Fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me. Fuck my cunt hard Bobby!”

I decided to be a cheeky little bastard and pulled my cock out very, very slowly and then after hesitating for a second or two, I rammed it right in to the hilt again. Out really slow, in really fast and hard. I knew this usually drove my mom nuts and it was working this time too. I could tell by her breathing that her first major orgasm was but moments away.

I knew what I could do to push her over the top and reached under her with both hands and grabbed a big nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. I pulled hard on her nipples and began to twist them back and forth. Mom loved rough tit play and sometimes, the harder the better. Today was no exception.

“Pull harder you fucking stud. Pull my nipples right off for fuck’s sake. Pull them off Bobby. Twist them and pull them hard, please Bobby!”

Fuck! I was already pulling and twisting so hard that I thought they just might come off. I increased the pressure and pulled her nipples back towards me distorting her huge hanging tits. Her tits were so big I could pull her nipples back into her legs in this hunched over position.

I had released my grip on her thong so I could get both hands on her tits. The thong had slipped back and was pressing tightly into the side of my cock and in a weird way, it felt really good. I started to fuck her harder now and she began to slam her ass back into me with each long stroke. She arched her back up and I hung on to a big tit in each hand as I rammed my cock deep inside her.

She flopped back down on all fours and I picked up the pace. I was slamming hard into her little pussy and as I watched the length of my cock disappear and then reappear over and over again, I remained amazed that my huge cock would fit so well in her tiny little cunt.

I could feel that familiar tingle in my balls and was glad that mom’s orgasm was well on its’ way. I didn’t think I could last much longer and besides, we had to get the fuck out of there before someone caught us.

“You’re such a good boy Bobby. You are so good to your mommy. Be a good boy and fuck your mommy’s little cunt hard Bobby. Fuck me with that big cock and fill my cunt with my baby’s cum.”

It was obvious that the taboo nature of our relationship made her all the more excited. I couldn’t blame her. It did it for me too. I loved fucking my gorgeous mom. I loved covering her in sperm. I loved the way she became my little cumslut. I loved watching her suck my big cock and most of all I loved her enormous tits. I loved everything about her.

I was nearing the gravy strokes now and a few more deep thrusts were all it was going take to get my rocks off. Mom was starting to make that little crying sound that she made just before she came.

And then the sky fell! I felt a tap on my shoulder and was scared out of my wits. I whipped my head around and there was a fucking cop tapping me on the shoulder with a big black nightstick. Fuck me, we’re in deep shit! Why didn’t I listen to my mom?

“Just what the hell do you two think you’re doing acting like a couple of barnyard animals in the middle of the park!”

I didn’t know what to say or do. Not a fucking clue. Then I realized that the voice coming from behind the uniform and the big sunglasses was a female voice. I looked up at her face and must have appeared to be a complete idiot because, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t form any words. My mom had her head down and it was mostly covered by the long skirt part of her dress (which I had whipped up and over her back to expose her ass and cunt so I could fuck her). She was saying nothing and I had to hold her hips tightly because she was still softly humping back onto my cock. I couldn’t believe my cock was still hard and I wasn’t sure whether I was better off leaving it in her or taking it out.

“I asked you a question young man!”

“Um, er”, I stuttered, “Um, I’m really sorry but we just got carried away. We were all alone and didn’t think anyone would see us. We were just trying to grab a quickie before we went home.”

It was then that I noticed that the uniform wasn’t a police uniform, but a park security uniform. I didn’t know if it made any real difference but I felt a glimmer of hope.

“Please forgive me and my mo…, my girl friend. We didn’t mean any harm. We’ll clean up and get out of here right now. Please forgive us!”

“Not so fast young man. Take your disgusting thing out of your girlfriend right this minute!”

She walked around to the side of me and it was obvious she was going to be able to see my cock when I pulled it out of mom’s pussy. I really didn’t know how to do this gracefully so I just slowly, very slowly eased my big cock out. I was looking up at the security guard with my best pleading and I’m really very sorry look. I pulled about six inches out of her cunt and slowly kept revealing more. The security guard lowered her sunglasses and stared at my cock.

“Get that big thing out of your girlfriend’s cunt right this second.”

I slowly pulled the rest of it out and although the fear factor had taken much of the starch out of my hardon, it still hung heavy and roughly horizontal. This is what it was usually like just after I came and it was mom’s favourite time to slurp it up and feed it slowly down her throat.

I saw the security guard’s eyes widen when she finally got to see all of my cock. I had seen this look before and the glimmer of hope grew larger.

“Look, I’m really, really sorry. We should have known better. Please just let us gather our things and go home and we promise to never do this again.”

“You know, I’m supposed to detain you and report your behaviour in on this little two-way radio of mine. Park policy sates that I’m supposed to handcuff you and wait for the police to arrive. Public indecency and lewd behaviour are very serious offences you know.”

“Yes, I’m sure they are and we should have known better. If we thought that we would be seen by anyone, we wouldn’t have done it, honest miss. We just got carried away with the moment. Please forgive us. Luckily, we didn’t hurt anyone and no harm was done. Do you think you can find it in your heart to overlook this and let us be on our way?”

“It would be a breach of departmental policy. I’m supposed to follow the rules and if I overlook this, I’ll be just as guilty as you two perverts.”

“Surely there must be someway we can prevent this innocent act from becoming a very embarrassing situation. I would hate to have a police record for something like this. What if we volunteered to work in the park for nothing? There must be something we can do?”

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