Body Painting


Every year at the Eureka Nudist Club, there is a body painting competition. We have entered on three occasions in the past. The first time we were sitting talking to a couple who came from the Isle of Wight. The lady, by the way, had pierced nipples and wore large hooped rings with little bells in them and like me she had no pubic hair so that the lips of her shaved pussy were clearly displayed. Her husband, Brian, had brought some grease paint crayons with him and proceeded ably and willingly assisted by a friend to paint a hand over one breast and another on her abdomen just above her shaved vagina.

Chris asked Brian if he could borrow the crayons to which he agreed and proceeded to draw a large bumble bee on my abdomen with a flower growing out of my hairless vulva lips. We attracted lots of people and photos were taken of us by strangers as I lay there with my legs spread wide knowingly and openly displaying the flower seemingly growing from my sexually excited, shaven cunt, inviting everyone to look at it as Chris coloured the lips. Naturism was a very new experience to me at that time and I felt so wanton displaying my naked body so openly like this. I had a tingling feeling in my loins which made my sex lips feel so nice with so many people looking at my very naked cunt. I'm sure that the main reason for the photos was because unlike most of the ladies I am completely shaved and my lubricating and swollen pussy lips were open and my clitoris was so clearly visible as I was freely displaying myself to anyone who wanted to see me.

With the pictures completed all contestants had to parade before the assembled crowd and the judges. This first year we didn't come near to winning but we agreed to try again next year and that we would give it a bit more thought.

Well next year came around and we had made some preparation by buying some poster paints but what we hadn't agreed on was the subject of this year's picture. We arrived at the club but it wasn't until immediately before the start of the painting that Chris suddenly said this year we'll be very topical and as the newspapers were full of the first all girl crew that had returned after the Round The World Yacht Race he painted the picture of the yacht "Maiden" in full sail on my tummy and abdomen with my breasts, painted white, as clouds. He didn't paint anything on my cunt except the name of the yacht just where my pubes would have been which was enough to draw peoples attention to it and down to my open sex lips. It was otherwise left quite natural, but the shaven, lips were enlarged with sexual excitement and glistening wet with juices I lay there with my legs spread wide showing my glistening and open sex lips off. Once again lots of people took photos of me spread like this and there were also videos as Chris applied the paint. We later found out that one of the videos was an official one made for the club and was later on sale as publicity material for the club, so it is likely that people all over the country have seen me with my legs spread wide open showing my shaven cunt on their TV screens. Much to our surprise this year we were runners up in the competition.

On a third occasion we entered again. This time we had it all planned before hand and Chris painted a spiders web all over my body, back and front with the spider on my abdomen and a fly caught in the web just above my hairless, glistening and as always, aroused, open cunt. Once again photos and videos were made of me blatantly and knowingly displaying my very bare and open cunt lips with the excited and very erect clitoris on show to everyone as I lay on the ground with my legs spread wide as Chris painted the lips. We came second once again. Again a commercial video was made. We have a copy of it showing me with my legs spread wide and Chris' paintbrush caressing the lips and keeping my bare and open pussy aroused as he tickled my clit whilst people watched and photographed us.

It really does give me a tremendous thrill laying with my legs wide apart, proudly showing my bald and open cunt especially if I am aroused enough for my lips to swell so that my large clittie shows for everyone to see, whilst the paint brush tickled my pussy lips. People walking by, stop to admire "the work". My juices start to run and my cunt glistens. I love those admiring glances and the comments of praise thinking that perhaps, when someone says what a super picture it is not only because I am displaying an open, bald cunt but because they also like the picture and the rest of the "canvas", me.

I think it's a bit one sided though and I would like to be able to paint Chris but with all the hair on his front it would be a difficult job to make the paint stick.

I enjoy other people, nudists or not, seeing my naked body and shaven cunt when I am in a nudist environment, in fact I take delight in being admired by males and females alike, so I am happy to open my legs wide and display my open sex to them and with no hair around my cunt it is really displayed and I am proud to show it. I know that Chris loves it especially when non-naturists are able to see my nude body as they do on the beach. Occasionally we go to the textile beach to sunbathe when we both strip naked before putting our thongs on, I am of course always topless.

My thong is very small indeed, crocheted and unlined so that if I didn't shave then a dark patch of pubic hair would not only show through the holes but around the sides of it as well. Chris wants me to have one that is so tiny that it covers only my pussy lips and leaving my mound totally bare therefore showing that I have been completely shaved and another "G" string that covers my pubic mound with just the string passing between my lips leaving them naked completely naked. He would also like me to have a pair of loose, shorts that are cut so high at the front and back so that they show my bum and with virtually no crutch, just a string to hold them together. I don't know if I dare we'll see.

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