tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Should Be Naked More Often

You Should Be Naked More Often


Here's the disclaimer: I'm using fictional names for this story although it could be part of real life. If I get some positive feedback I'll keep the story going after the first couple of parts. Sorry, but there's no sex in this story, but perhaps down the line.

I guess that we're like many other couples that reach a certain stage of life and all of a sudden wake up on day and realize that some adjustments need to be made because married life isn't the best that it could be.

Like so many others we'd reached our mid 40's and we were facing the "empty nest syndrome." Our youngest was now off at college, the others were married had their own lives and that didn't often include us. Although we enjoyed the quiet and peace that comes with an empty house we also realized that we had somehow disconnected over the past years as well.

One day as we were sitting in our back yard having our second cup of morning coffee Karen asked what she could do that might bring some spark and interest back into our relationship. I should here that we were still getting along and very much enjoyed being together but there was something missing.

I looked at her for a bit and then suggested that "you should be naked more often" and that would spice up our lives and put some excitement into what had become routine. She laughed at first but then when she saw that I was serious she pulled her pajama top over her head and tossed it at me with an "is that better?" remark.

I quickly agreed that it was indeed better and that I enjoyed the view very much. Although our backyard is quite secluded we still have neighbors on 3 sides so she was taking a chance that no one would be peeking through the bushes or the fence. After a few minutes she relaxed as the warm morning sunshine warmed her bare breasts.

We talked about her being naked more and she suggested that although she couldn't be nude all the time she would do her best to at least be topless whenever possible. I teased her a little and mentioned that I'm sure the neighbor and the deliverymen would enjoy her being topless almost as much as I would. That got me a punch on the shoulder, but she stayed topless and even walked back inside with her shirt in her hand.

We hadn't realized how much this discussion and those 6 words would change our lives. It was gradual, but it was a definite change. There is much to be said for sitting across the dining room table enjoying a lovely dinner while at the same time enjoying looking at the love of you life sitting across from you either naked or with her breasts bared for you enjoyment.

This also helped to increase our sex life more than we had imagined as now we were having sex 2-3 times a week and previous to this it had been only 2-3 times a month. There's just something about being around a naked women that makes life so much more interesting and so much more fun. I could hardly wait to get home from work knowing that Karen would have already been home for about an hour and that she would already be naked or at least topless by the time I got home.

We'd enjoyed our time together and had realized that having an empty home was a good thing. When the kids came back for a day or a weekend we felt like we had missed out on some fun times! It was also obvious to them that we were enjoying life and each other more but we didn't let them in on our secret.

One day when I got home from work I was surprised to see Karen sitting in her bathrobe instead of being naked. She looked a little upset and when I asked what was wrong she said, "Tom saw me naked today." Tom is our food deliveryman and he comes every two weeks so we're usually ready for him but today for some reason he came about an hour earlier than usual.

Karen hadn't opened the door for him or blatantly exposed herself to him but just as he was coming up the steps to ring our door bell Karen had walked past the front window and ended up facing him from only about 7 feet away. She said that he took the time to look her up and down and then a second look at her tits and pussy before she could run off and get her robe.

She did answer the door as he still had the balls to ring the bell but declined to buy anything this week. She was upset that he always comes to the house so now every time she sees him she'll know that he's seen her naked and that he'll be trying to look through her clothes to see her tits and pussy.

I suggested that perhaps she could solve that issue by staying nude the next time he came to the door. That got me another punch on the shoulder and then she looked right into my eyes and said, "you'd like that wouldn't you?" I thought that honestly was the best response and said, "Yes, if I'm at home and you're not alone."

With that I grabbed her and we rolled onto the couch as I took of her robe and she started pulling off my clothes. It wasn't until she was sitting on top of me riding my cock that we realized the front door, and the window drapes were still open and that anyone walking up to the house could see us. I teased her that she was hoping Tom would come back to make sure she didn't want to order anything.

Even though our sex life had been great the past months that afternoon after she'd been exposed to Tom it was the hottest, wildest, sex that either of us could remember having. We talked about that day over the next weekend and she finally admitted that after the fact it really turned her on knowing that someone had seen her totally nude. I asked her if she wanted to do it again sometime and after a few minutes she asked me if I wanted her to and if I did would I be there with her to protect her. I told her that I have always enjoyed showing her off; she already knew that, but that she had to be willing if it was going to make both of us happy. I didn't want her angry and resentful afterwards.

She finally admitted that it did excite her and that she wanted to do it some more, but only if it looked like it was an accident and not like she was trying to expose herself or like she wanted them to have sex with her. We talked some more and discussed some options for "accidentally" exposing her. We decided to take our time and not rush into things but more or less do things as the opportunity arose.

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